Retouchup Review 2023: FixThePhoto vs Retouchup

retouchup or fixthephoto comparison

Have you been using Retouchup service for some time, but are thinking about finding an alternative company with more affordable prices and higher quality? I have studied the peculiarities of this platform and now I am ready to share my opinion concerning services offered, their pricing policy and the possibility to enjoy various promo codes and discounts.

Have a closer look at the post and you will understand which service is more suitable for your needs.

  • Supports all file formats
  • Fast delivery time
  • Need to fill in much info
  • Too long photo uploading
  • Few image samples
  • If retouchers are busy, the turnaround can be long
  • There is a “queue” during wedding seasons
  • One order = one level of editing

Retouchup appeared thanks to the efforts of guys from Hollywood FotoFix. Inc, who made a name for themselves, restoring images for the retail photo industry. They have been in business since 1993 and decided to create a platform oriented at professional photographers.

Later in 2001, when image retouching has been quite widespread, they went even further, cooperating with those photographers, who were really famous for their works. They were like “behind the scene” guys doing time-consuming and monotonous part of the job.

Retouchup Quality of Work

  • retouchup and fixthephoto quality of work
  • retouchup and fixthephoto quality of work
  • retouchup and fixthephoto quality of work

    Most users, me included, when they first open the website of an unfamiliar company, look for the section with the examples of edited photos. Actually, it is the simplest and fastest way to evaluate the level of their professionalism and understand what you can expect from them.

    When addressing Retouchup, you don’t see the gallery straight away. It becomes available only after you look through the price list. While examining sample pictures, it is difficult to figure out who you are dealing with – pro retouchers or beginner freelancers.

    Most photos are slightly retouched shots of questionable quality. There is also a separate type of photo retouching, which is rather expensive. But in this case, you can expect object removal, sky replacement, and basic skin retouching – that’s all.

    retouchup review retouchup review

    Hesitate what Service to Address?

    Test FixThePhoto services and use a $12 credit free on your 1st order. Send several pictures for editing to insure in their professionalism.

    The first thing that catches the eye, is that Retouchup unlike FixThePhoto won’t suit portrait shooters, as there are only 3 levels of portrait work. This is a light photo editing called Complete Retouch with basic services like teeth whitening, skin retouching, etc. and Special Services, where you can order retouching to your taste.

    • fixthephoto vs retouchup portrait editing fixthephoto vs retouchup portrait editing
    • fixthephoto vs retouchup portrait editing

      Speaking about FixThePhoto, the gallery of photo editing examples consists of multiple impressive before and after images all of which prove that these retouchers are real experts.

      FixThePhoto includes High End retouching with elements of the Clipping Path technique. Thus, you can ask a retoucher to change the color of the background or outfit, get rid of wrinkles/unevenness and even give a body a tanned look. The results are deserved to be placed on the magazine cover.

      Retouchup Sign-Up Process

      The peculiarity of Retouchup, which is often praised in Retouchup reviews, is the area on the site called “Default Retouch Notes”. This is the place, where every client can specify his/her unique requirements concerning the order. It is a really smart decision that makes the service look more user-oriented. This is what Retouchup calls its difference from other companies providing similar services.

      The ordering process is very confusing. You get to a large page where you need to fill in more than a dozen fields, starting with the first and last name, ending with the address, place of work and data of your card. When you try to open this page on your smartphone, you’ll get totally lost because it isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

      fixthephoto vs retouchup sign-up process

      FixThePhoto understands the needs of clients, who want to get a quick response without wasting time filling out numerous fields. Here you can place an order by clicking a single button on the main page of the website. You immediately get to your personal account, where you can choose the type of photo retouching, specify your requirements, order additional services, etc.

      Similar to Retouchup, these specialists allow you to describe what you want to get as a result, by highlighting areas in an image. To pay for an order, you can use your card or PayPal.

      Retouchup Prices

      fixthephoto and retouchup prices

      The prices vary a lot. Retouchup offers a price of $2.5, which is lower than the cheapest price of FixThePhoto, but the former offers only two photo processing options and only three prices - $2.5, $5 and $10, and this is a very large price gap, despite the fact that the first option may not be enough for you in terms of the range of services provided.

      FixThePhoto offers users maximum flexibility and freedom when it comes to selecting the level and type of services. For instance, when you have headshot pictures of your employees and you need the service aimed at this type of photo processing – you can easily find it on the website.

      On the website, there is a price list with 5 types of image post-processing and detailed information about changes made. In addition to what is already included in this price list, you can order additional services. For example, you can ask a retoucher to add natural makeup to highlight the model’s most appealing features.

      Retouchup Additional Services

      fixthephoto vs retouchup additional services

      Retouchup offers few additional services since the company is mainly aimed at enhancing portraits. The most interesting services are work with video (editing, color grading), digital oil painting, and photo restoration. The latter is very popular and retouchers of the company treat such manipulations very seriously. If you send them your photos by mail, they will scan each item themselves.

      FixThePhoto offers all types of post-processing services, so it can compete with leaders in any industry, for example, Pixc. The company even surpasses reputable platforms when it comes to product photo editing.

      You can address them for:

      The service shows impressive results in all spheres, having a competitive edge over rivals. In terms of pricing, FixThePhoto is more client-focused, so the cost of service is sure to please you. 

      Retouchup Blog

      Their blog is often mentioned in many Retouchup reviews. It contains helpful recommendations on how to start and develop an e-commerce business.

      It is quite good, but the problem is that they don’t update it on a regular basis. The latest article was published in 2017. This means that the owners of the service are not ready to give customers something other than their services and do not want you to stay on their site, reading interesting articles with tips or hacks.

      Discount and Prices

      Retouchup offers a total of 6 services that you can use and the prices are pretty clear here; you cannot order light image fixing or Culling. The number of services is very limited and for a professional photographer it isn’t enough.

      You won’t face the same problems with FixThePhoto service. There are many levels of portrait image processing as well as many additional operations, which you can discuss with a retoucher.

      Besides, FixThePhoto Company regularly treats clients with discounts, from 15% to 30%. This is another argument in favor of this professional team.

      *By mentioning Average Quality we mean the average quality of editing services at popular freelance platforms. The photos you see in this post were edited by freelance retouchers for $5 per photo. FixThePhoto examples were edited by professional FixThePhoto retouchers also for $5 per photo.

      retouchup review sample retouchup review sample

      Take Your Advantage Right Now!

      All you need to do to receive professionally edited photos is to send your raw photos to FixThePhoto. If it's your first-time order, you will get a $12 credit free.

      FixThePhoto Customers Feedback

      11 Customer Reviews
      4.9 out of 5 stars
      Davina Kent
      Great job! Thanks for the quick delivery.
      Billy C. Northwood
      They helped me a lot when I had to edit photos for a site in a quick way.
      Cody Berkley
      Wonderful quality! Have been using this service for some time and will return again. Thanks for speed and friendly attitude.
      Annie McKnight
      Incredible quality. I am impressed with how colors look now.
      Alistair K. Clayton
      Thanks! Keep it up.
      Elizabeth Levy
      I love your service for its simplicity, quality and affordable prices. Will definitely recommend to my friend-colleagues.
      Carol McGuire
      FixThePhoto is my go-to outsource image editing company! These professionals always manage to exceed my expectations. My photos look awesome:)
      Nancy Martinez
      Real professionals with deep knowledge and great skills. Highly recommend!
      Raymond Smith
      I found this company 3 years ago, and since then I have sent them dozens of shots and always get amazing images.
      Evelyn Black
      Color correction is absolutely adorable! Highly recommend.
      Elizabeth Thompson
      Real professionals! Will recommend them to my colleagues!
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