Digital Airbrushing Services for Photographers

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  • airbrush photoshop sample
  • airbrush photoshop sample
  • airbrush photoshop sample
  • airbrush photoshop sample
  • airbrush photoshop sample
  • airbrush photoshop sample
  • airbrush photoshop sample
  • airbrush photoshop sample
  • airbrush photoshop sample
  • airbrush photoshop sample
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    Only $5 per photo retouching. Quick 1-3 day digital airbrushing service. Learn more >>

    Professional digital airbrushing services for amateur and experienced photographers who want to get high-quality airbrushed photos with pure skin. FixThePhoto will remove unwanted blemishes, pores, scrapes, bruises, acne, face hair, scars, etc. realistically and for affordable price from $5 to $10 per image.

    Digital Airbrushing Services We Provide:

    • Skin smoothening

    airbrush in photoshop sample airbrush in photoshop sample
    Various techniques such as Dodge and Burn effect/Frequency Separation are applied to achieve a smooth-looking skin, free of any distracting skin flaws.

    • Blemishes removal

    airbrush your photo sample airbrush your photo sample
    If the skin of the model is problematic, the FixThePhoto retouchers will neutralize all the spots and blemishes that stay in the way of the perfect look of the skin.

    • Wrinkles reducing

    airbrushing service sample airbrushing service sample
    The retouchers will minimize the wrinkles on the face of the model naturally, bring back that young, fresh and healthy look.

    • Stray hair removing

    photoshop airbrushing sample photoshop airbrushing sample
    Hair that sticks out will be successfully removed for a neat look of the model in the portrait or headshot photo.

    • Enhancing the body skin tone

    airbrush photo sample airbrush photo sample
    If the skin looks too pale or its tone seems distorted, the retouchers will adjust it by means of special Photoshop tools.

    • Make up adjustment

    professional airbrushing sample professional airbrushing sample
    The overall make-up is enhanced by means of adding contour/highlights, changing the lip color, highlighting the eyeshadow, lashes and more.

    • Clothes editing

    airbrush photos sample airbrush photos sample
    The retouchers neutralize eliminate all the terrible wrinkles from clothes and make them appear flawless.

    • Background editing

    airbrushing photoshop sample airbrushing photoshop sample
    A masking technique is applied to change/replace the background that will be more fitting for a portrait shot.

    How Does It Work

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    Upload photos
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    Leave recommendations and samples
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    Get your photos
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    Submit for revision if you need

    If you are new in Photoshop and do not know how to airbrush photos naturally, address FixThePhoto who can edit your portrait, family, headshot, wedding or baby photos in the best possible way. Our professional photo retouchers return your outcomes that have a good-looking digital airbrushing where your model’s skin look perfectly edited.

    Just send us your photos, write instructions about airbrushing services you’d like to receive, attach the sample photos and get your airbrushed photos back within several working days.

    Digital Airbrushing Pricing


    Airbrushed Photos Pro
    Airbrush Pics Pro
    Photoshop Airbrushing Skin Pro
    $5.00 per photo
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    Services applied:
    • Basic Retouching
    • Skin smoothening/Airbrushing
    • Blemishes/Acne/Scars Removal
    • Face Skin Tone Evening Out
    • Color Correction
    • Wrinkles Reducing
    • Bruises/Zits Removal
    • Removing Red Eye Effect
    • Stray Hair Removing

    High End

    Airbrushing in Photoshop High End
    Digital Airbrush High End
    Photo Airbrush High End
    $10.00 per photo
    View Examples
    Services applied:
    • Airbrushing Skin
    • Shadows Removing
    • Enhancing the Body Skin Tone
    • Smoothening Out the Backdrops/Clothes
    • Magazine Style
    • Hair Enhancement
    • Make Up Adjustment

    Bulk Services for Permanent Customers

    headshot retouching discount
    Discount for all airbrush services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $300.00 US per 1 order.
    headshot retouching discount
    Discount for all airbrush services during a month who orders from total cost is more than $1500 US per 1 order.

    Fast Photo Airbrushing Services Quotation Without Registration

    If you are ready to place an order but want to know the exact price on your airbrush photography editing order, attach images up to 100MB here (all photo formats are available). Write your instructions, sample photos, mark out what you want to enhance and leave unedited. This is the way you can know your photo editing price without signing in just entering your name and email address.

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    Professional Skin Airbrushing

    Our skin airbrushing services are a good choice for various customers, from fashion models and photographers who wish to improve their beauty portfolios, to anybody who just needs to look nice on their Instagram photos.

    Trust your photos to our retouchers who will clean up your photographs manually and keep photos look realistic as if no photo retouching was done. Professional results are 100% guaranteed.

    If you want to get rid of flyaway hair, smooth out the wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth, you can either spend hours in Photoshop or entrust this task to the FixThePhoto retouchers.

    To enhance your model’s natural beauty, they will even out the skin tone, fix lighting issues, transform the background and give the face a fresh look. The professional retouchers can also remove blemishes and skin imperfections without affecting the skin texture.

    Airbrushing services applied:

    • Picture color enhancement
    • Dodge & Burn effect
    • Natural Photoshop airbrushing skin
    • Background editing
    • Image stylization
    • Stray hair removal

    Portrait Photo Airbrush

    If you need a professional studio/lifestyle/outdoor portrait with balanced colors, smoothed skin, a Hollywood smile, volume hair, and good-looking clothes, let FixThePhoto airbrush photos professionally and as you want.

    We keep skin texture natural but without distracting blemishes. These portrait photos receive a magazine and fashionable look, so you may publish and print your photos without worrying about its resolution and visible Photoshop skin airbrushing.

    Nowadays, it’s not only celebrities and social media influencers who benefit from airbrushing photos. If you have a lot of clients who order portraits, you can save time by using professional services.

    To liven up your outdoor portraits and make your studio photos look more aesthetically pleasing, our retouchers use a wide variety of filters. They can create a soft light effect, make the foreground look dreamier and ensure that outfits complement the background.

    Airbrushing services applied:

    • Photo color correction
    • Skin airbrushing
    • Make-up correction
    • Stray hair removal
    • Background improvement
    • Magazine style editing

    Studio Photo Airbrushing Service

    Have many studio photos that lack professional photo airbrush in Photoshop but you don’t have time for doing it on your own? Trust your numerous studio portraits to FixThePhoto and let us reduce all skin wrinkles or eliminate them realistically and fast for you to meet your clients’ deadlines.

    We will adjust incorrect shadows near nose and eyes, fix white balance, remove flyway hairs, etc. and will send you high-quality studio photos that can be printed in high resolution.

    If you want to master the art of studio photo storytelling, your projects will benefit from beautifully edited images. By applying complex airbrushing techniques, our experts will make the beauty of every person in a photo shine through.

    Whether you want to make your studio photos dodge & burn or give them a classy look worthy of a glossy magazine cover in the shortest time possible, the only thing you need to do is outsource your photos to us. Just contact our team and we will enhance your photos in a breeze!

    Airbrushing services applied:

    • Cropping
    • Image color correction
    • Photoshop airbrushing skin
    • Digital makeup editing
    • Stray hair editing
    • High end retouching

    Male Photo Digital Airbrushing

    If you take photos outdoors, you may face many lighting problems like under-eye shadows, yellowish teeth or flyaway hair. To solve these problems, choose our airbrush photos’ service to make your outdoor male portrait pop and pretty.

    Within 2 working days you will get your outcomes that can be changed until you’re fully satisfied with results. We always follow your photography style, so, please, don’t forget to mention what face/body blemishes you want to leave unedited.

    Making male portraits look perfect might be tricky unless you entrust this task to professional photo editors. By cropping an image and enhancing colors, we will improve the overall composition and make your photos more vibrant without affecting skin tones.

    As not all photoshoots take place in the comfort of home, clothing can become wrinkled. We will make outfits look perfect and send your gorgeous glowing photos in no time. You can also provide a reference photo to the FixThePhoto team and we will send you a stylized version of your picture.

    Airbrushing services applied:

    • Cropping
    • Color enhancement
    • Clothes smoothening
    • Skin airbrushing
    • Shadows balancing

    Headshot Digital Airbrushing Service

    Forget about long and boring digital airbrush of hundreds photos at night in from of your laptop! Let FixThePhoto retouchers help you relax and spend time with your family and friends instead of editing multiple photos.

    We use different airbrushing Photoshop techniques that will suit all photo genres and lighting. If you have a headshot photo that should be flawless, we will make photo editing fast and of the best quality. A magazine look is guaranteed.

    Whether you need to enhance business or casual portraits, we will solve any task quickly. To give your headshots a sense of dimension, our photo editors can make shadows more defined or soften the light.

    By emphasizing the eyes and removing unwanted shadows under the chin and around the nose, we will make your photos look more flattering.

    As some people don’t pay special care to preparing their outfits before going to the photo session, our retouchers will smooth out all the wrinkles on the clothing to ensure that your model looks gorgeous.

    Airbrushing services applied:

    • Photo color correction
    • Cropping
    • Photoshop airbrushing skin
    • Background editing
    • High end look

    Couple Photo Airbrush

    If you need warm and clear skin on your couple and engagement photos, order Pro digital airbrushing services for $5 per photo. Our retouchers are true professionals that can edit everything you need and make photos pop. Be sure, that your airbrushed photos will have personality and look naturally.

    When it comes to couple photography, it’s vital to make photos memorable by giving them a happy and airy feel. We can enhance romantic shots by bringing more light and transforming the overall mood of a picture. You won’t need to worry about small skin imperfections, as our retouchers will remove all the skin blemishes and fix any makeup issues.

    If you have already developed a distinctive photography technique, we can edit your photos in your signature style. Just send us the photos that you need to enhance and our managers will contact you right away!

    Airbrushing services applied:

    • Digital color correction
    • Background editing
    • Teeth whitening
    • Facial hair retouching
    • Photoshop airbrushing skin
    • Clothes smoothening
    • Following photographer’s style
    • Natural blemishes removal

    Magazine Photo Airbrushing Services

    If you’re looking for airbrushing services that edit photos for publishing in magazines or advertising, send your photos to FixThePhoto. Our photo retouchers know how to airbrush photos professionally and without ruining photo quality and resolution.

    Our experts use their experience and expertise in magazine photo retouching to carefully airbrush each part of your portrait, making it look its best, but realistic at the same time.

    Whether you are a high-fashion photographer or a content editor at a glossy magazine, you will benefit from using professional services. You won’t need to spend hours watching high-end retouching tutorials as our team knows how to perform natural skin retouching, give your model a Hollywood smile and mask all the unwanted details by using low-opacity tools.

    As magazine photos require advanced editing, we will meticulously airbrush each of your photos to give them a polished look.

    Airbrushing services applied:

    • Image color enhancement
    • Realistic Photoshop airbrushing skin
    • Make-up enhancement
    • Face dark spots removal
    • Background editing

    Airbrushing Photos Services Benefits

    • Realistically airbrushing Photoshop services by professional photographers and photo retouchers.

    • Affordable prices from $5 to $10 per image.

    • Fast and convenient order placement and turnaround without lags, delays, and spam.

    • Our photo retouchers always follow your photography style. You may place your photos in the order form for us to edit them in one style.

    • No matter what photography light you used, we will make your photos dramatic/warm/cool as you want.

    • 24/7 online customer support to answer all your questions concerning digital airbrushing, order placement, deadlines, and discounts.

    • Our retouchers will remove/leave skin blemishes according to your clients’ preferences to make them fully satisfied with results.

    Airbrushing services applied:

    • Color correction
    • Stray hair removal
    • Skin smoothening
    • Dodge & Burn
    • Make-up enhancement

    Fix The Photo Airbrushing Services Reviews

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