Young Teens Pictures After Photoshop

Young Teens Pictures After Photoshop

Nowadays, young teens pictures on Instagram are overphotoshopped that it seems like beauty is becoming less and less achievable. That`s especially true for teenage girls who are just trying to find themselves, accept who they are. In this article, I will tell you about the danger of too much Instagram masks and photo editing, the trends in the young teens picture editing, as well as give examples of photo retouching done by teenage girls at our request.

young teens pictures after photoshop

Modern Editing Trends and Adolescent Age Complexes

teens self pictures editing

Most photos of teen girls that we see in the media are the result not only of professional make-up and successful lighting during the photoshoot but also of photo editing, known as Photoshop retouching, which is done to photos before their publication. Images are usually changed so intensely that the girls captured on them are pretty different from how they look in real life. Take into account the headlines criticizing those who do not match these idealized shots, and you will immediately understand why girls tend to have a fabulous, retouched appearance.

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The image of the "ideal" woman promoted by the media has a direct impact on the girls’ confidence in their beauty. A study called "Body Culture" found that when looking at the pages of glossy magazines for only 60 minutes, the self-esteem of 80% of girls lowers.

Our culture speaks so much about appearance as a key factor of success and happiness that we can`t even recognize how much time do we spend to make an ideal image of yourself for social media and how greatly it influences the teenagers self image.

teenage selfies editing

Several teenage girls were asked to edit their photos so that they could, in their opinion, post them on the Internet. Although at first, the ladies claimed that they love naturalness, in fact, it was quite different.

teenagers self image editing

Most of the girls added volume to the lips, made the nose narrower, the tone of the face became more even and smooth and most freckles disappeared. In addition, almost every teenager, who participated in the experiment, added makeup to their selfies teens. Even a small change was visible and influenced the overall look a lot. All girls tried to make a cartoon character from their shot.

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Most young people are under pressure from society. Social networks have reached the peak of their perfection. Now posting young teens picture where at least one flaw can be visible is unacceptable. Instagram filters are something like Photoshop, but easier and more accessible. It`s like providing a teenager with Photoshop expert. It is time to recognize the devastating impact that social media has on people's self-esteem.

Surveys about Beauty Photo Editing in Mass Media

small teens pics survey

According to Girl's Attitude Survey 61% of girls feel rightless when a woman is portrayed as a "sexual object".

young teen picture survey

About half of the girls who participated in the survey Pretty-as-a-Picture conducted by the British analytical center "Credos", agreed with the statement “when I see an advertisement with a thin model, I think about how I look, and I want to go on a diet/lose weight.”

photos of teen girl survey

In their study, Pretty-as-a-Picture analytical center "Credos" asked the girls to compare four different photos of the same models that were processed on a computer in order to change the parameters of their body. The majority (76%) preferred either a natural or slightly edited image rather than a heavily retouched photo. The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report found that 7 out of 10 (69%) women and 6 out of 10 (65%) girls believe that the media sets an unrealistic standard of beauty that is unreachable for most women.

Shocking Instagram Trends for Teens Self Pictures

Instagram is the easiest way to express yourself, your hobbies and even your preferences with the help of photos. It has become a real storehouse of lifestyle trends. Bloggers on Instagram do not get tired of surprising us with new unusual ideas, having an immense influence on worldview and self-perception of the audience. The ideal look of the picture makes ordinary girls from all over the world resort to intense photo post-processing, changing the way they actually look. Let's review the most shocking trends in young teens picture.

Phosphorescent Mask

teen self images instagram trends

The bloggers’ new favorite Instagram filter is a phosphorescent mask Beauty3000. More and more often you can see teens taking selfies using this mask. It makes you look like a warrior from a science fiction movie. Beauty3000 filter hyperbolizes the theme of artificiality. This mask creates perfectly smooth skin, focusing on lighting. It reflects the concept of the “plastic”, artificial beauty of the future.

This iridescent photo effect was created by 26-year-old Johanna Jaskowska, a designer and one of the participants of the Instagram beta program that gives users a chance to design their own face filters. The girl is inspired by a futuristic design, so it is not surprising that she has decided to make everyone a cyborg.

Masks in Instagram have become an art. Now everyone can create their own mask using SparkAR program and upload it to Instagram. The mask is not only the key to fun and unusual stories but also strong PR tool. When someone uses your filter, a link to your profile is always in the upper left corner of the stories.

Scribbling Out Faces or Using Emoji

teens taking selfies instagram trends

More and more often you can see a teenage girl on Instagram in a nice outfit with makeup and a black scribble over her face. It can look strange for adults but pretty usual for someone who is 13.

You have definitely seen small teens pics with scribbled face or maybe even done the one by yourself. Using a Snapchat or any other photo editing tool, girls scribble over their face before posting a selfie on Instagram. Sometimes it can be only one eye, or chin, or even a whole face. Some photos can show scribbles over the bodies, trying to hide their cleavage or thighs.

Dani Dyer, an actress, the winner of ITV2’s hit reality show Love Island, expressed concern on her Instagram after she saw young girls scribbling out their faces on photos with her. She was really upset with the thought that teens don`t consider themselves good-looking enough to show their faces in photos. “Stop scribbling your face out, I want to see all of your beautiful faces”, she wrote.

Asian Makeup and Editing Trend

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Asian beauty trends are incredibly successful: each of them finds an army of fans in the US and Europe. Porcelain doll makeup look is not a new trend but lately, it`s been highly popular on Instagram. Every girl who dreamed of being like a doll in her childhood wants to try this makeup. The key details of these teens self pictures are wide-open eyes and smooth skin tone.

In fact, the aim of such makeup is not to highlight the beauty of your face but to create new features with the help of skin extensions, contouring, false eyelashes. For some girls, makeup now means not only emphasizing the beneficial sides of your face but also a complete change of appearance in teen self images with the tricks that can even slightly shock.

The video below, which appeared a few days ago, shows Asian girls taking off their “fake” faces and afterward, most of them become totally unrecognizable.

Halo, Fishtail and Glittery Soap Brows

puberty images instagram trends

The halo brow look suddenly became an Instagram trend in the young teen picture. It looks quite unexpected. Such idea was created by 16-year-old UK blogger Hannah Line. The girl was talking to a friend who was trying to come up with a new makeup idea. Suddenly she thought that the eyebrows could be joined. At first, she just lifted her eyebrows up, and then decided to join in the center. The upper line is drawn with the help of cosmetics. You can use mascara, lipstick or eyebrow pencil. Hannah used lipstick.

adolescent age instagram trends

One of the latest brow trends in teenage selfies is fishtail brows. Beauty blogger from Dubai Huda Kattan came up with a combination of real eyebrows and makeup elements that resemble the shape of a fishtail or devil horns. The “fishtail” trend has become popular among her 30-million Instagram audience. Although the first photo Kattan processed in Photoshop, her followers decided that changing the shape of the eyebrows in real life is cooler.

beautiful girl photo instagram trends

If you follow Instagram trends, you probably have already noticed the strange love of makeup artists to soap — they not only wash their hands but also use it for their eyebrows. 21-year-old British makeup artist Holly Aldous gives brilliant (literally and figuratively) examples of the most fashionable makeup of the season. She regularly posts eyebrows with glitter on Instagram. The main thing is bright, sparkling make-up glitter and a thin layer of solid soap to fix the eyebrows.

Nude and Tinsel Eyelashes

small teens pics instagram trends

While most people put the darkest black mascara on their eyelashes, stick fake ones to increase volume and tint them to keep them black, Emilia Nummelin, a makeup artist based in Helsinki, Finland, recently went in the opposite direction. Instead of trying to compete with a black look, she applied a nude liquid lipstick and pink shadows to create "naked lashes". She posted the final look on Instagram and it went viral.

teenage selfies instagram trends

Instagrammer @coolgirlswearmugler has unveiled a new look for New Year's makeup on her account – tinsel on the eyelashes. She cut small pieces of shiny paper and put them on each eyelash. Of course, the usability of such a non-standard make-up is questionable, but it looks bright and unusual.

young teens picture portrait editing young teens picture portrait editing
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Free Filters for Natural Teenagers Self Image Editing

We are not trying to convince you to stop using photo editing at all. When done naturally, it usually makes the photo smoother and more aesthetic. But this does not mean that during image retouching, it is necessary to work intensely with the face proportions and completely change the appearance of the model. Now I will give you 5 natural plugins for easy photo editing, which will enhance the colors, add freshness to the face and emphasize your beauty.

Instagram Action for Photoshop "Light"

free photoshop actions for photos of teen girl free photoshop actions for photos of teen girl

This action will save you when the photo turns out to be dark. It will fix the lighting flaws, add contrast, saturation, correct shadows. Give your photos a soft, rich glow with this action.

Free Fall Lr Presets "Portrait"

free lightroom preset for teenage selfies free lightroom preset for teenage selfies

This preset perfectly suits autumn photos giving the colors pleasant saturation, bright and vibrant look. If you want to capture the looks of your audience – use this preset.

Free Lightroom Preset "Sunshine"

free lightroom preset for teenagers self image free lightroom preset for teenagers self image

Summer is the time of the most eye-catching, beautiful and sunny photos. The problem is that not every camera can immediately convey all the delights that surround us under the bright sun. Sunshine preset gives you shots a gentle touch of the summer, making it charming and atmospheric. The photos look full of sunlight, gaining rich warm colors along with a stunning depth of shadows and light.

Lightroom Film Preset "Apple Juice"

free lightroom preset for teen self images free lightroom preset for teen self images

If glamorous, luxurious shots seem excessive to you and you just want beautiful, delicate and feminine photos, then this preset is for you. It will add elegant warm shades, delicate tones and soft light, creating a special film effect in your images.

Fashion Action Photoshop "Brighten"

free photoshop actions for small teens pics free photoshop actions for small teens pics

If the photo looks dull and typical, then this Photoshop action will perfectly suit your needs. It makes the colors more vivid, bright and cheerful, gives contrast, adds brightness, transforming colors and making them as realistic as possible.

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