11 Best Adobe Capture Alternatives to Install in 2023

By Ann Young 17 days ago, Apps and Software

While Adobe Capture has a variety of tools for creating vector shapes, it’s available only for iOS and Android devices. This is why many users are looking for a reliable Adobe Capture alternative that comes with a similar set of features but can be accessed from other platforms as well, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Top 11 Adobe Capture Alternatives

If you are a beginner designer, you might face some difficulties when trying to figure out how to use Adobe Capture. This vector image converter allows you to create patterns, fonts, brushes, and shapes based on your photos. On this list, you will find a range of Adobe Capture alternatives that come with powerful graphic design tools.

Top 3 Adobe Capture Alternatives

In this article, I will tell you about programs that are suitable for professionals and beginners alike. The list includes desktop software and mobile photo editing apps.

Also, the Article Considers:

1. Vector Magic

Vector Magic is a convenient SVG converter that enables users to prepare their works for printing, transfer images to embroidery, or cut images out. It automatically converts raster images in JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats to clean, easy-to-scale vector images in EPS, SVG, and PDF formats.

vector magic adobe capture alternative interface
  • Online and desktop versions
  • A variety of graphic design tools
  • Automatically vectorizes images
  • Basic interface
  • No version for mobile devices

Main Features of Vector Magic:

  • Auto-adjustment options
  • Quick tracing
  • Easy-to-adjust settings
  • A powerful PNG to SVG converter

The program is extremely easy to use. Vector Magic analyzes your image and automatically selects the right settings to vectorize it. Then, it traces all the shapes and creates a full-color vector image.

To start working, you just need to upload your raster image. Once everything is ready, you can preview an output vector image in SVG, EPS, and PDF formats, adjust its settings and continue editing it until it meets your requirements.

Vector Magic allows you to perform full-color tracing to recreate your image without quality loss. It allows you to trace any image and keep all the important details.

What makes it one of the best Adobe Capture alternatives is that you can use your photos to create artistic effects, vectorize charts and maps, convert scanned images and perform other tasks. After tracing your photo, you can delete all the unwanted elements as well as enhance lines and shapes with the help of the in-built editor.

2. CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is a vector graphics program with an extensive set of tools for creating and enhancing images. This cross-platform vector graphics software comes with a variety of graphic design features that will come in handy to digital artists, illustrators, and designers.

coreldraw adobe capture alternative interface
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful graphic design tools
  • Supports many fonts
  • A variety of effects that can be applied in one click
  • Takes up too much space

Main Features of CorelDRAW:

  • Streamlined user interface
  • Allows creating templates
  • Supports layers
  • Useful tips that help users quickly create designs

If you compare Adobe Capture vs CorelDRAW, you will notice that the latter allows creating vector illustrations, designing layouts, etc. It has more features for solving a variety of tasks, from creating logos and illustrations to resizing images without quality loss and preparing them for printing.

You can use it to create attention-grabbing posters, postcards, and images for social media for photographers. This graphic design software is easy to master thanks to useful tips that will help you learn how to use its tools. You can customize each element by adjusting its settings in a new window. Here, you can hide, rename objects, search for them, and change their order.

With this software, you can create a complex design using shapes and lines. Use the available shaping and drawing tools to create curves when working on vector graphics.

3. Inkscape

Inkscape is a convenient, open-source vector program for Mac that can be used free of charge. Use this cross-platform vector graphics software with extended functionality to create complex designs.

inkscape adobe capture alternative interface
  • Open-source software
  • Free of charge
  • Convenient interface
  • Compatible with a variety of formats
  • Occasionally crashes
  • A limited set of features

Main Features of Inkscape:

  • Convenient even for beginners
  • Allows saving projects in different formats
  • Vectorizes raster images
  • Customizable themes

If you compare Inkscape vs CorelDraw, you will notice that both software are basic vector graphic editors. However, the former has an open-source code, which allows users to improve it.

Whether you are an illustrator, web designer, or creative professional who needs to create vector images, you can use Inkscape for solving any task as it comes with a set of drawing tools. It allows you to create dialog boxes and use a command palette. You can pin dialog boxes and save your preferences. In addition, the program supports a range of exporting formats.

This Adobe Capture alternative lets you change the position of nodes and use the Bezier curve tool. You can use it to transform and move various parts of your objects.

4. Sketch

Sketch is a software for working with vector graphics that allows you to create professional-looking designs. Thanks to its powerful vector editing features, in-built prototyping tools, and other options, Sketch makes it easier to implement projects of any complexity.

sketch adobe capture alternative interface
  • For beginners
  • Collaborative mode
  • Advanced exporting capabilities
  • Emoji support
  • Only for Мас

Main Features of Sketch:

  • Allows creating libraries of symbols, text styles, and layers
  • Collaborative editing in real-time
  • Dark and Light modes, customizable themes
  • Design system management

Thanks to its set of intuitive tools for editing vector images, you can perform iterations when creating icons or other innovative elements at every stage of your project.

The symbols, colors, and styles that you are using become a part of a design system. Sketch provides you with convenient management tools that allow you to view, organize, and enhance various elements. You can quickly add various elements by using the Insert Window and advanced search options.

Thanks to the in-built library of plugins and iterations, you can make your designs more accessible and create animated interactions. Besides, you can easily create your own extensions.

5. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a powerful tool for creating innovative illustrations. Use it to create vector and raster designs. This software has a speedy performance and allows you to make precise adjustments to create engaging designs. It runs under Windows and macOS.

affinity designer adobe capture alternative interface
  • Easy to master
  • Intuitive UI
  • Quick importing and exporting
  • Impressive printing capabilities
  • No free trial

Main Features of Affinity Designer:

  • Convenient character sets
  • Customizable workspace
  • Content-aware scaling
  • Advanced masking tools

Affinity Designer supports the newest technologies, which allows you to use it on Mac, Windows, and iPad devices. This Adobe Capture alternative is suitable for creating concept art, printed projects, logos, icons, user-interface design, layouts, etc. The program comes with a range of vector and raster design tools for beginners and professional illustrators, video game developers, and other creative professionals.

If you compare Adobe Capture vs Affinity Designer, you will see that the latter comes with more advanced tools and doesn’t have a subscription. You can purchase it by making one payment.

It lets you use Photoshop brushes and various plugins. With it, you can create complex templates, make precise adjustments, and customize tools to get high-quality results.

The program is extremely easy to use. Affinity Designer supports pan and zoom at 60 fps. You can use various gradients, effects, and settings as well as preview your edits in real-time.

6. Adobe Express

Adobe Express includes a set of apps for creating multimedia content for mobile devices and online platforms. With the help of this web-based app, you can easily create engaging graphics for social networks on the go.

adobe express adobe capture alternative interface
  • Convenient interface for beginners
  • Professional graphics
  • Library of free illustrations
  • Themes in different styles
  • Impossible to adjust some settings
  • Free version is limited

Main Features of Adobe Express:

  • Professionally designed templates, filters, and icons
  • AI and machine learning resizing tools
  • Allows sharing files on social networks
  • One-click background removal

Adobe Express will help you create various types of content, including square-shaped posts for your Instagram feed. This software makes it easier to design headers and covers for Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, you can use it to share infographics.

Adobe Express comes with a variety of creative tools as well as ready-made design elements that can be further customized to your needs. You can add your images, graphics, and text to the available templates to speed up your workflow.

You can use an extensive library of professionally designed templates and assets for creating graphics, stories, logos, and social network content. Here, you will find the trendiest images, stickers, and backgrounds for promoting your business.

7. DesignEvo

DesignEvo is one of the best 3D text and logo makers that lets you create logos from scratch even without any prior experience. You can export your logos in high-quality file formats, such as PNG, JPEG, JPG, etc.

designevo adobe capture alternative interface
  • Supports layers
  • For beginners
  • A variety of templates
  • Doesn’t require signing up
  • Limited design settings

Main Features of DesignEvo:

  • A fully customizable system
  • Allows creating 3D logos
  • A huge collection of fonts, shapes, and icons with advanced search options
  • Runs on Mac and Windows devices

DesignEvo has a basic interface that enables you to quickly create a range of professional designs and digital assets with little to no effort. You don’t have to install it to use the available tools.

This program includes a library of images and has many drag-and-drop features. The design tools were created specifically for beginners. Use them to create a project from scratch and optimize your workflow.

By using the digital assets available in DesignEvo, you can create marketing materials to promote your company on a variety of social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram.

8. Snappa

With the help of Snappa, you can quickly create graphics for social networks, ads, and blogs even without any design skills. You can use thousands of professional templates that will help you engage new clients and grab the attention of your target audience.

snappa adobe capture alternative interface
  • A wide choice of templates
  • Free photos and graphics
  • Quick performance
  • No steep learning curve
  • Some ads
  • Impossible to adjust settings

Main Features of Snappa:

  • Allows adding text, graphics, and effects
  • Free, high-resolution stock photos
  • Thousands of professional templates
  • Allows sharing graphics on social networks

This infographic maker has a streamlined interface that makes it easy to design a logo within the shortest time possible. It makes this program suitable for beginners without any design experience.

Snappa lets you use a range of fonts and customizable logo templates. This service is available free of charge.

Unlike other programs similar to Adobe Capture, it provides access to 5mln+ free stock photos in high resolution. Besides, the in-built library includes 200+ fonts, 100,000+ vectors and shapes as well as a variety of photo effects. You can apply them even without any experience.

In addition, you can quickly convert your Twitter header into a Facebook cover, share your Instagram post on Pinterest, or create a Facebook ad. The program allows you to resize your graphics in a few clicks.

9. Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is an online vector creator for creating designs without paying a dime. With it, you can change SVG files, create presentations and resize your documents. Besides, this software supports 19 preset dimensions for printing.

gravit designer adobe capture alternative interface
  • Cross-platform
  • Works offline
  • A modern sensor interface
  • Advanced export options
  • Sends reminders nudging you to buy the paid version

Main Features of Gravit Designer:

  • In-built libraries and templates
  • Exports multi-page PDF files with 300 DPI resolution
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • You can easily add and remove effects

Gravit is perfectly suitable for creating leaflets, posters, and other designs. Here, you will find all the necessary tools for working with vector images, layers, and drawings.

Gravit Designer has a well-structured layout and supports various OS. You can customize a range of parameters to create engaging marketing materials.

This free graphic design software also has a desktop version. The program is easy to master. Besides, you can always contact the developers if you need help.

When using this open source design software, you can save your projects and then continue editing them whenever you have time. Your files will be securely stored and synchronized with the Gravit Cloud. Thanks to it, you can access your projects from various platforms and restore the earlier versions of your designs.

10. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is a free online service for editing vector images. It was designed for those who need to customize Vecteezy content and create stunning vector images from scratch right in the browser.

vecteezy adobe capture alternative interface
  • Intuitive interface
  • Extensive functionality
  • Integrates with other services
  • Allows working with shape outlines
  • Requires a Facebook profile

Main Features of Vecteezy:

  • Creates illustrations from scratch
  • Supports shortcuts and advanced editing
  • Importing of SVG files
  • A wide choice of shapes and cliparts

While this service was aimed at beginners, it’s used by professionals as well. There is no need to download and install Vecteezy. You just need to visit the website to get access to illustrations, vector graphics, images, icons, and backgrounds. Thanks to the in-built asset library, you can download millions of free high-quality images.

This Adobe Capture alternative is especially useful for those who need to quickly edit vector images in the collaborative move. It has a well-thought-out interface with a variety of image adjustment features.

This Adobe Illustrator alternative is suitable for users who have never created designs or edited images. You can customize your designs by changing color, shape, size, etc. Unfortunately, this service doesn’t support a wide range of formats, so you might face some issues if your preferred format is not supported.

11. Adobe XD

Adobe XD will help you create a variety of realistic prototypes to tell a story and implement complex ideas. This all-in-one solution can be used for creating layouts and sharing them with other developers.

adobe xd adobe capture alternative interface
  • Streamlined interface
  • Regular updates
  • Simple sharing tools
  • Creative Cloud integration
  • Requires plugins for editing CSS

Main Features of Adobe XD:

  • Supports keyboard shortcuts and gamepad controllers
  • Allows creating side-out menus and dialog boxes
  • Collaborative editing
  • Quickly saves files to the cloud

Adobe XD allows you to create image carousels and lists. You can quickly customize them to your liking by dragging elements in any direction. The program lets you move and resize elements as well as enhance your files automatically.

There is no need to adjust settings manually. You can create stylish effects using layers. Use a library of thousands of fonts and synchronize your projects with Creative Cloud.

The program allows you to draw shapes, paths, and lines to create various interface elements and layouts with the help of advanced vector drawing tools. You can emphasize specific parts of your designs by applying various effects.