13 Best SVG Converters in 2024

You can create highly qualitative scalable vector (SVG) graphics, using any text editor. SVG converters make the process of converting SVG to any file format and vice versa easier. They allow for easy and quick file conversion online or using desktop apps.

Top 13 SVG Converters

  1. Adobe Express - SVG conversion without quality loss
  2. RealWorld Paint - Portable version
  3. Aurora SVG Viewer & Converter - Batch conversion
  4. Inkscape - Compatible with various platforms
  5. Converseen - PDF file import
  6. GIMP - Easily expandable
  7. Gapplin - SVG animation previews
  8. JPG To SVG Converter - 100% protection of image conversions
  9. CairoSVG - Detecting insecure files
  10. Cloudconvert - Works with cloud service
  11. Grumpicon - User-friendly
  12. Convertio - Quick conversion
  13. Online-convert - Simple commands

The software listed here can convert SVG or EPS file in a variety of other formats. Many tools support up to 200 file types. The majority of selected programs offer an unlimited number of conversions, but the trial versions of some tools impose limits on the number of conversions. All programs are easy to use and suitable even for beginners.

1. Adobe Express – Our Choice

SVG conversion without quality loss
  • Turns vector into raster formats
  • Speedy and straightforward conversion process
  • Can resize files
  • A choice of editing options
  • None

Verdict: Adobe Express is an intuitive JPG or PNG to SVG converter with extensive functionality. Thanks to many picture editing options, it can help you fine-tune every part of your photo without problems.

It is great that a conversion process is rather straightforward. You need to import your images, launch conversion and save the output files. Once your SVG file is ready, you can share it on social media networks. The in-built editing features allow deleting or altering the backdrop, highlighting the subject, refining a picture with original effects and filters, creating GIF animations, etc.

A range of design options is another winning aspect. Numerous ready-to-use templates provide an excellent basis for developing sophisticated projects in Adobe Express or other Adobe products.

adobe creative cloud express svg converter interface

2. RealWorld Paint

Portable version
  • Supports many image formats
  • User-friendly interface
  • Doesn't use much hardware resources
  • Is capable of editing vector graphics
  • Not found

Verdict: RealWorld Paint is probably the best SVG converter as it is free and offers rich functionality. The main task of this program is to create vector graphics, illustrations, adding touch-up to images, etc. When you create a vector image with RealWorld Paint or upload a rasterized photo, you can save the file as SVG, and the software will take care of all the calculations and changes in the background.

RealWorld Paint has other functions and features including support for animation, fills, shapes with effects, brushes, cropping, and many more. All these features allow editing the project before converting fast and easily.

The converter can work with psd, jpeg, gif, png, xcf, pdn, webp, and other image formats. Besides, it has a portable version so no installation is required.

realworld paint svg converter interface

3. Aurora SVG Viewer & Converter

Batch conversion
  • Custom area transformation
  • Multi-platform
  • Easy folder selection
  • Fast setting of conversion quality
  • Complicated for beginners
  • Only paid version

Verdict: Aurora SVG Viewer & Converter is great SVG converter software that can transform SVG files into TIFF, PNG, JPG, GIF, TGA formats. Users can view SVG as well as convert SVGZ and SVG animation. This highly functional tool supports batch conversion.

You need to create a list of images, then convert them and save the resulted files to the other folder. The output resolution is easily configured using free scaling.

If you don’t need to convert the whole image, you can use the tool for transforming any area of the SVG canvas. A custom area transformation is not complicated: you need to select an SVG image area and then convert it.

The converter can work on both Windows and Mac OS devices. A simple selection of a folder and a quick setting of the conversion quality are time-saving and handy features.

aurora svg viewer & converter interface

4. Inkscape

Compatible with various platforms
  • Great positioning and path tools
  • Output to PMG and HTML format
  • Free and feature-rich
  • Document cleaning function
  • Doesn’t support keyboard shortcuts
  • No CMYK color types support
inkscape svg converter logo

Verdict: Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics tool fitted with a variety of features, including object creation and management, rendering, text support, fill, and tracing. This is probably the best SVG converter for design professionals, who are active in a wide variety of industries that require SVG file converting.

Inkscape can import Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw files, as well as other popular formats. If your files are tied to the screen (they will be used for a website, tablet, or application design), you can export them as an optimized SVG, PMG, or even HTML files. With the Clear Document feature, you can enhance a file by deleting unnecessary data stored from earlier design steps. To do this, you should edit the code directly in the XML editor panel.

inkscape svg converter interface

5. Converseen

PDF file import
  • Uses ImageMagick
  • Allows setting compression level
  • Management of background-color
  • Import of Windows icons
  • No advanced editing tools
  • Doesn’t allow putting watermarks
converseen svg converter logo

Verdict: Converseen is a popular SVG converter app that allows for batch conversion. Source files can be of different formats. As long as they are added to the task list, they can all be converted in one simple step.

In addition, Converseen uses ImageMagick, which is present in almost all major distributions. This ensures that the app can work with images of any format, and the developers affirm that the number of such formats exceeds 100.

Besides, the number of images that can be downloaded to the app is unlimited, and you can launch the import process again for various folders. The Dimensions and Rotate tabs allow users to resize images in percentage or resolution or flip them in a variety of ways.

converseen svg converter interface


Easily expandable
  • Can work with PSD format
  • Advanced features and effects
  • Free plug-ins
  • Shortcuts flexibility
  • A bit cluttered UI
  • Minor failures when works for a long time
gimp svg converter logo

Verdict: GIMP is considered by many users as the best SVG converter as it offers extensive functionality, which is great for professional use. This is rather an advanced tool for vector graphics generation that has a useful function of converting any image to SVG with minimal effort.

In addition to SVG, GIMP can also work with PSD files. The program can import Photoshop color palette files. Moreover, GIMP will be useful for those, who are looking for an SVG editor online free to edit files before conversion.

GIMP has such advanced features as layer styles (various effects you can apply, including shadows, borders, embossing effect), a red-eye effect removal tool, and watermarking. GIMP provides many great plug-ins that can be added to extend its functionality – image compression for the web and batch processing to automatically add changes to many files.

gimp svg converter interface

7. Gapplin

SVG animation previews
  • Is compatible with all latest Mac OS versions
  • WebKit rendering engine
  • Quick Look support
  • AppleScript/Automator support
  • No zoom option
  • Sometimes lags during conversion
gapplin svg converter logo

Verdict: Gapplin is Mac SVG converter software that is widely used for viewing SVG files. However, you can also use the program to preview animated content from SVGator or similar platforms if they are recognized as source files.

Besides, you can use Gapplin to export scalable vector graphics images to PNG, TIFF, and PDF with alpha channel. The software uses WebKit as a rendering engine. So, you can get images exactly as you see them in a web browser. You can also process several SVG files or related Automator actions.

In addition, there is Quick Look feature for SVG/SVGZ files and a built-in auto-redraw.

gapplin svg converter interface

8. JPG To SVG Converter

100% protection of image conversions
  • Straightforward UI
  • Save for free
  • Works on multiple platforms
  • Uses HD images
  • No advanced editing tools
jpg to svg converter logo
JPG To SVG Converter

Verdict: JPG To SVG Converter is a great tool to turn JPG files into SVG format without manual intervention. The program will surely satisfy beginner users with its super intuitive interface, while professionals will appreciate its set of features. In addition to standard conversion, the service guarantees the utmost protection for all your files. In fact, it deletes both uploaded and downloaded files permanently after the conversion process is over.

Initiating conversion is very easy – upload your JPG file by clicking on the designated toolbox or use a drag-and-drop method for the same outcome. The best part is that you can convert several files at once. Another advantage is batch conversion capabilities. Therefore, users can convert multiple JPG images into SVG format simultaneously.

jpg to svg converter interface

9. CairoSVG

Detecting insecure files
  • Regular updates
  • Is compatible with Linux
  • CSS support
  • Free
  • Complicated interface
  • Requires skills of working with other programs
cairosvg svg converter logo

Verdict: Many users consider CairoSVG as the best SVG converter as it can easily export your files to PDF, PNG, and postscript formats. The software receives regular updates, offering new features to achieve better results. Besides, this tool is absolutely free.

The software has a command-line UI with a Python 3.5+ library for Unix-like OS and Windows. CairosVG is written in Python and is based on Cairo's well-known 2D graphics library. It is tested on SVG samples from the W3C test suite.

It also uses tinycss2 plus cssselect2 to apply CSS and defusedxml to identify insecure SVG files. Built-in bitmap images are processed by Pillow. 

cairosvg svg converter interface

10. Cloudconvert

Works with cloud service
  • Doesn’t require downloading
  • Various formats support
  • Can capture web-pages
  • Qualitative image conversion
  • Needs stable Internet connection
  • No apps for mobile devices
cloudconvert svg converter logo

Verdict: Cloudconvert is one of the most popular file converter software. It also functions as an SVG converter for Windows OS. This software supports a huge number of formats (more than 200).

Moreover, Cloudconvert is capable of high-quality conversions that don’t reduce pixels of the source image. CloudConvert has a handy website capture feature that allows you to save the entire web page in PDF or PNG and JPG image formats.

Besides, it allows importing files directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can sync with your Gmail account and therefore make a conversion of the files you used previously. The program has no restrictions on file formats or types, and can save the processed file to the cloud.

cloudconvert svg converter interface

11. Grumpicon

  • Result preview
  • Generation of files for posting on a site
  • Uses HD images
  • Vector graphics support
  • Isn’t compatible with all browsers
  • Confusing width and height settings of PNG files
grumpicon svg converter logo

Verdict: Grumpicon is an easy-to-use and affordable SVG converter app. You can simply drag and drop the file to the converter to get the desired results. The software allows you to use vector illustrations, icons, and background images in HD format in your web project without compatibility issues.

The program processes a set of SVG files, generates back-up PNG images for legacy browsers, and exports a demo page showing how to use final icons.

After uploading files, you can see a preview of your icons and their class names. To integrate the content into your site, you can drag and drop exported files to a folder on your site and paste the contents of grunticon.loader.txt into the head section of your HTML templates.

grumpicon svg converter interface

12. Convertio

Quick conversion
  • Supports a great variety of document types
  • Convenient pricing
  • Great design
  • User-friendly
  • Cannot load heavy files
  • Extra features are only in the Premium version
сonvertio svg converter logo

Verdict: Convertio is user-friendly software for converting various file types, including SVG. Widely regarded as one of the best RAW file converters, Convertio supports more than 45 formats of documents, images, electronic tables and books, archives, presentations, audio and video files.

Convertio offers numerous options and even includes OCR. It can fulfill various tasks online, in any browser (tested in various versions of Linux and Windows). The design of this program is nice and user-friendly.

One more advantage of Convertio is a pleasant pricing policy: if you don’t use the software often, you can adjust the conditions of your subscription to suit your needs. The developers provide up to 10 free conversions per day. The converted files remain in the cache and can be recovered later during the day.

сonvertio svg converter interface

13. Online-convert

Simple commands
  • Improves images with the help of effects
  • Doesn’t require registration
  • Great technical support
  • Can merge multiple files
  • Contains ads
  • The website works slowly
online-convert svg converter logo

Verdict: Online-convert is a great free image converter that can transform your files into SVG format fast and easily. You don’t need to register to use this product. You can simply drag a file into this converter to get the desired result.

You need to select a file or insert a link to a specific file meant for conversion. The commands are very simple. Use them to add effects and improve the image according to your needs.

The number of files weighing up to 2 GB can be converted without limits. Many users consider Online-convert as the best SVG converter as it can also process audio files. Besides, it features a user-friendly interface that is a great advantage.

online-convert svg converter interface