23 Best Free Image Converters in 2024

23 Best Free Image Converters

Are you still looking for the best free image converter to transform files into a format that is supported by your OS? I’ve collected 23 software options whose functionality isn’t limited to converting image formats. You can also adjust brightness, contrast, etc. Pick the best option for your needs from the list below!

1. CleverPDF

27+ conversion tools
  • 27+ helpful tools
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Archives files
  • Allows adding images, audio and video clips
  • None

Verdict: If you need to convert PDF documents into DOC or DOCX formats without paying a dime, try using CleverPDF to quickly solve this task. This free online service can be accessed from Mac and Windows computers as well as from iPhone or iPad. You can select any of the available 27 conversion tools to perform the automatic correction, sort your files, translate documents, edit page titles, split files, encrypt PDFs, add bookmarks or page numbers, etc.

The key advantage of this software is its intuitive UI that makes it easy to use. It doesn’t have any restrictions, supports over 100 languages and allows working with any initials. By using CleverPDF, you can add images, video and audio clips to a PDF document and convert a file into a format convenient for reading or printing. Besides, this service allows you to archive PDF files found on the Internet.

cleverpdf free image converter interface

2. Adapter

Batch image converter
  • Allows converting photos in batches
  • Can combine picture sequences into a video clip
  • Large number of supported video formats
  • Can apply watermarks in batches
  • Doesn’t support FLAC and WMV
  • Beta version has occasional performance issues

Verdict: Adapter is free image conversion software for converting all kinds of audio, video, and image formats. It allows users to preview the conversion result and compare it to the original. Unlike other free software, Adapter doesn’t take up a lot of space, doesn’t require third-party software, and doesn’t add its own watermarks.

The software has a batch conversion mode that only requires you to add files to a sequence, pick the settings, and press “Convert.” Thanks to this mode, you can make all photos the same size, apply watermarks, etc.

adapter interface

3. DVDVideoSoft's

For batch conversion
  • Allows changing the size and names of the images
  • Batch editing and conversion
  • Can reorder images according to set parameters
  • Adjustable dimensions
  • Can only convert into 6 picture formats
  • One format for all files in the queue

Verdict: DVDVideoSoft's Free Image Convert and Resize is desktop photo converter software that converts separate images and file folders into the needed format, changing their name, size, and order according to your chosen parameters.

This software supports popular image formats and is available for Windows. You can import large volumes of images without any drops in the software’s performance. The converter can separate images from other files in a folder and change their settings without any problems.

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4. SendTo-Convert

For automatic conversion
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Fast image conversion
  • Can set all of the conversion parameters manually
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Can only convert images into 5 different formats
  • Hasn't been updated since 2015

Verdict: SendTo-Convert is possibly the best free image converter that can be fully automated. You can set the export format, quality parameters, size, and export folder to convert photos quickly, without repeatedly opening the settings. Additionally, you can convert files without even opening the software. Simply drag the file onto the software’s icon.

However, despite its benefits, this software only supports 5 popular photo formats, but you can expand its capabilities by using plug-ins. SendTo-Convert also supports batch actions that allow you to process several images simultaneously.

sendto-convert interface

5. Easy2Convert

Pro batch converter
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Can convert Photoshop files
  • Batch conversion support
  • A useful Help section
  • No additional options
  • Watermarks added to images when using the trial version

Verdict: Easy2Convert is a series of image convert freeware for processing images in different formats from GIF file to ISO. The software has two conversion options: you can change the quality of the image and its size. The conversion, along with the file upload, doesn’t take a lot of time.

easy2convert interface

6. CopyTrans

For HEIC files
  • Instant HEIC To JPG conversion
  • Display and look through HEIC thumbnails
  • Keeps EXIF metadata in HEIC images
  • No online HEIC To JPG conversion
  • No macOS based HEIC To JPG solution

Verdict: CopyTrans has released free software for converting HEIC/HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) images into formats supported by Windows devices. Thus, those owning PCs can now view such images that have replaced JPEG files in iOS 11.

The thing is that computers running Windows can’t open HEIC images, so when you try to open such a file, you simply get its JPEG version. Though there are some other programs that allow opening HEIC files on Windows platform, only CopyTrans ensures native support.

copytrans interface


Converts multiple JPG
  • You can combine JPG files into a single PDF file
  • Fast conversion
  • Works without Acrobat PDF
  • Rich image format support
  • Some conversion limits

Verdict: JPG To PDF is popular among Windows users who need to quickly convert images to PDF. In addition to file-by-file conversion, you can convert several JPEG images to a single PDF file. There is also an integrated Image Analyser, using which you can turn JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF, ICO, PSD, TIFF and JPEG into PDF documents.

Since the program is powered by a stand-alone conversion engine, it doesn’t require Acrobat PDF or other PDF software for smooth operation. I like that JPG To PDF can convert dozens of JPG images to a PDF document in virtually no time. Even if files are bulky, the program will cope with the task faster than analogs.

jpg to pdf free image converter interface

8. JinaPDF

Conversion of scanned documents
  • Supports various formats
  • OCR technology
  • Supports scanned files
  • High level of privacy
  • Limited free version
  • Slow processing

Verdict: JinaPDF is a free online converter. It supports various formats, letting users process and convert different files. What’s more, it allows you to convert the most popular photo formats, including JPG, BMP, and PNG, to text.

Besides, due to OCR technology, the service lets you extract text from scanned images. Since the software supports various languages, you can choose the relevant one before starting the conversion. You do not need to download the software on your device, just upload files, select a format, and download the result. Since the developers focus on user data security, the software will automatically delete your files after converting them.

jinapdf image converter interface

9. FileZigZag

Free online converter
  • Online software
  • User-friendly and convenient
  • 15 export formats to pick from
  • Has a free compression tool
  • Limited file size
  • Can only process up to 10 files a day

Verdict: FileZigZag is an online image converter. It allows you to convert up to 10 photos a day as long as they’re not larger than 10MB each. Thanks to the fact that the software is browser-based, you don’t need to download and install any files.

This simple-to-use converter supports a lot of image formats and works faster than most of the online software I’ve tried.

filezigzag interface

10. Zamzar

Easy online conversion
  • Can be used without installation
  • You receive an email after the conversion is done
  • Doesn’t require an account
  • Supports a broad range of formats
  • Conversion takes some time
  • Limited functionality for free accounts

Verdict: This image converting software supports most photo and graphics formats as well as several CAD ones. Upload a file from your PC or link a URL. To receive the results, you need to share your email or wait for a link that will appear on the upload screen.

You don’t have to download this software to convert files. The free account limitations I’ve encountered are the max file size of up to 150MB and the ability to only upload 2 files within 24 hours.

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zamzar interface

11. Convertio

All formats supported
  • No signing in required
  • 11000 supported formats
  • Advanced settings
  • Has an extension for Chrome
  • Limited number of conversions per day
  • Some features are poorly realized

Verdict: Convertio is probably the best free image converter available online that supports literally all possible image formats, with the total number being over 11330. Since the conversion is performed in the cloud, all transformations are completed quickly, within 1-2 minutes and without putting a load onto your OS.

Files are available for download from the cloud for 24 hours after which they are removed. This intuitive tool is available for all users without registration, allowing them to convert images in a single click.

convertio interface

12. CloudConvert

Online files converter
  • Online software
  • Terrific results without corrupted files
  • Over 200 supported formats
  • Nice API
  • Possible errors when processing large files
  • Occasional disconnections

Verdict: CloudConvert is an online converter that supports over 200 image, audio, video, document, e-book, table, archive, and presentation formats.

This free image converter software has an open-source code that lets you adjust the conversion to suit your needs: you can set the quality, size, and other parameters of the exported files. It can be integrated with such popular tools as Google Drive vs Amazon Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive, and several others.

cloudconvert interface

13. Online-Convert

Free media converter
  • Doesn’t require installation
  • Large list of supported formats
  • Has an extension for Chrome
  • Can select a target service
  • No additional functions
  • Conversion settings can be saved only after registration

Verdict: Online-Convert is the best photo converter online that can be used for transforming images, videos, audio files, archives, PDFs, etc. Before you start the conversion, you can pick a target service that you’re changing the file format for. For instance, to convert an image for Instagram, the software will automatically apply a preset with the required size.

online-convert interface

14. BatchPhoto Espresso

For convert and edit
  • Works on smartphones
  • Has photo editing functions
  • Batch conversion feature
  • Massive downloads are saved as ZIP files
  • Images can only be downloaded from a PC
  • Supports only a small number of import formats

Verdict: BatchPhoto Espresso is a batch photo editor online, meaning you don’t need to download any software to use it.

The functions included in this option are file resizing, cropping, rotation, and special effects. You can make a photo black and white, add text, change the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and more. Before saving an image, you can rename it, select the quality and size.

batchphoto espresso interface

15. XnConvert

Open-source program
  • Fast batch conversion
  • Convenient and intuitive
  • Cross-platform software
  • Supports over 500 photo formats
  • Software lags sometimes
  • Preview screen should have been larger

Verdict: XnConvert is a fast, powerful and free cross-platform image converting software with a batch conversion feature. The best thing about XnConvert is that it’s suitable for almost all images since it supports more than 500 graphic file formats.

The software allows you to automate the editing of photo collections. Pick one or more of the available 80+ options (for instance, you can change the size, crop, adjust color, apply a filter, etc.), and then save the presets to repeatedly use them for converting other images.

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xnconvert interface

16. FastStone Photo Resizer

For convert and rename
  • Can add numerals when renaming files
  • Allows finding and changing text in image names
  • Works with images from both folders and non-folders
  • Useful text and watermark tools
  • English is the only supported language
  • Exclusively for Windows users

Verdict: FastStone Photo Resizer is probably the best free image converter and renaming tool that allows converting, renaming, resizing, changing the depth, cropping, rotating, adding text, and watermarks to photos in a quick and convenient batch editing mode.

You can take large folders of images that have confusing names and convert them all into JPEGs (or another format) in a single step, while also changing their name and size. Another thing I like about this program is that it’s available completely for free.

faststone photo resizer interface

17. CoolUtils Online Image Converter

Web-based converter
  • Online software
  • Can convert files from your PC, Google Drive, and Dropbox
  • Allows changing size and rotating
  • Can save photos straight from the website
  • Can only convert one image at a time
  • No preview feature

Verdict: CoolUtils Online Image Converter is another decent web-converter on my list. Unlike most other online software, it converts images in real-time, meaning you don’t have to wait for an email with your download link.

Before converting an image, you can rotate it or change its size. Developers also offer a paid desktop version of this software that supports batch processing and an offline mode, making it a great batch image converter.

coolutils online image converter interface

18. Movavi Video Converter

Professional Converter
  • Intuitive UI
  • More than 180 supported multimedia formats
  • High converting speed
  • Works on over 180 devices
  • Small number of editing features
  • Watermark is applied to exported videos

Verdict: Movavi Video Converter is a video, music, and image converter. It’s often considered to be the best free image converter capable of quickly converting images while maintaining their high quality. The converter includes editing tools that allow you to rotate, crop, and change the quality of files.

movavi video converter interface

19. IrfanView

For view and convert
  • Takes up little space (only 3 MB)
  • Batch conversion and size changes
  • Slideshow feature
  • Simple cropping and resampling
  • Unintuitive user interface
  • Slightly dated interface design

Verdict: IrfanView is small image conversion software for viewing and converting images. It’s available free for non-commercial use and is compatible with Windows. You can convert, rename, and resize several images simultaneously. You can also create a slideshow that can be viewed on any other PC.

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irfanview interface

20. iLoveIMG

Fast online converter
  • Conversion speed of 1-3 seconds
  • Can compress multiple images
  • Add photos from your Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Supports all languages
  • Restrictions for free users
  • Not that many supported formats

Verdict: iLoveIMG is a bulk image converter online that processes photos with a record speed of up to 3 seconds. It supports such popular photo formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and RAW. The developers also created separate software for converting PDF files.

Other than conversion, the software can also resize, crop, and compress images, generate memes, add effects and watermarks to the photos. Additionally, it allows you to convert several photographs simultaneously.

iloveimg interface

21. Pixillion

For quick convert
  • Lots of supported formats
  • Can convert files in batches
  • Editing functions
  • Has a preview function
  • Free trial only lasts for 2 weeks
  • Installs third-party apps

Verdict: Pixillion is an image converter for Windows and Mac. Other than photo conversion, this software has a compression function, watermark and text tools, resizing, image merging, and more.

Before the conversion, you can preview the image, its format, size, and compression settings. With Pixillion free, you can convert, resize, and add watermarks to photos simultaneously to avoid wasting time on routine tasks.

pixillion interface

22. Image Converter

Converter for Android
  • User-friendly and convenient
  • Free smartphone app
  • Over 200 export formats
  • Resizing feature
  • Exclusively for Android devices
  • Can convert 5 images simultaneously

Verdict: This image converter app was developed for smartphones with Android 6.0. You can convert images into over 200 formats. However, a free version has a limitation of 5 files at a time. Premium users can pick more than one export format and turn off ads.

image converter interface

23. The Image Converter

Support major formats
  • Simple to use
  • Supports all main image formats
  • Conversion is done on a secure cloud server
  • Supports 23 languages
  • Can’t save the type of the converted file
  • Doesn’t offer bulk conversion

Verdict: The Image Converter is an iOS free image converter that can convert a photo into almost any popular format. Upload the file or share it from another app, and once the conversion is done, you can open it on your device.

The conversion is done on a protected cloud server and files are deleted immediately after the conversion, which is why the process doesn’t take a lot of time.

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the image converter interface

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