12 Best Free Infographic Makers

By Eva Williams 13 days ago, Software Reviews

12 Best Free Infographic Makers in 2022

Infographics allow displaying information using graphics creating and editing. It can be in the form of an image, video, or web page depending on the purpose and the field of use.

An infographic maker offers visual tools for creating various types of infographics. It is popular among graphic designers, bloggers, visual content makers and photographers.

Top 12 Free Infographic Makers

  1. Adobe Spark – Over 10.000 free templates
  2. Visme – The most customizable
  3. Venngage – For business purposes
  4. Piktochart – Good for maps creating
  5. Infogram – For visualization statistics data
  6. PicMonkey – Good texting features
  7. Snappa – For vector graphics
  8. Stencil – The largest free content library
  9. Tidbit – For visualizing research findings
  10. Mind the Graph – Good for individual aims
  11. Canva – For pro-level editing
  12. Adioma – The most automated

Below, you will get familiar with desktop and web-based free infographic software. Some of these tools provide many free templates and stock photo libraries and some are very simple to use.

1. Adobe Spark

Over 10.000 free templates
  • Simple to use
  • You can create images, videos and web pages
  • Free content
  • Doesn’t have premium paid content
  • Not found

Verdict: Free Adobe Spark is perfect for those who need to create visual content for social networks fast and easily. This is the best free infographic maker as it offers over 10.000 free templates and various free content like fonts, layouts and filters, which you can use to create nice designs.

Adobe Spark is very simple to use as it has a drag-and-drop function. All you have to do is to find a template and edit it. Using this software, you can adjust the background, add text, photos and various images, such as logos. Such an intuitive approach plays a huge role in Adobe Spark vs Photoshop competiton.

You can use this interactive infographic maker on a mobile phone and connect it with many other services such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Photos, Lightroom CC and Dropbox, which can be used as the best cloud storage for photos.

  • adobe spark free infographic maker interface

    2. Visme

    The most customizable
    • Adjustable templates
    • Provides audio and video content
    • Offers tools for animation
    • Can be used offline
    • Lack of 3D options

    Verdict: Visme is web-based free infographic software that you can also use offline. It provides a lot of free fonts, icons, images, backgrounds, and templates. You can adjust each option and tool depending on your projects.

    It supports many formats, which makes it easier to publish infographics on various websites, social networks, or send them through an e-mail. With this software, you can also create visualization video, edit it and add music for free.

    • visme free infographic maker interface

      3. Venngage

      For business purposes
      • Drag-and-drop function
      • Fully adjustable
      • A lot of ready-made designs
      • Supports PDF format
      • The free version offers just 5 charts
      • You can’t export your images in the free version

      Verdict: Venngage is the best free infographic maker as it provides a lot of free templates, fonts, charts, icons, and ready-made samples. They are fully adjustable as the software offers all the necessary tools for editing templates, such as size, images, color, text, opacity, and many more. You can also add your brand logo, typeface or taglines.

      Venngage is a photo sharing site. You can send your ready infographics to various social networks, websites or blogs. You can also share your designs in PDF.

      • venngage free infographic maker interface

        4. Piktochart

        Good for maps creating
        • A big library of templates
        • Integrates with SurveyMonkey, Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
        • High-resolution downloads
        • A map builder feature
        • Limited features in the free version

        Verdict: Piktochart is an open source photo editor that is mainly used for making maps and charts. Due to its Chart Builder feature, you can choose any country that you want to visualize and divide it into regions to make the adjustment process easier for you.

        Another great feature of this map infographic maker is the possibility to download data in the form of blocks. It automatically divides a big piece of information into smaller micro-graphics.

        Due to this, it’s convenient to Twit or to use them for working on individual infographics.

        In the free version, you can import your images and combine them with free ready-made templates.

        • piktochart free infographic maker interface

          5. Infogram

          For visualization statistics data
          • A large library of graphics
          • Animated charts for online presentations
          • Maps creation
          • Access to the team’s projects
          • Few text editing options

          Verdict: Infogram is the best free infographic maker for those who need to work with numbers and statistics data. Using it, you can display complex information as visual charts, diagrams and maps. Also, you can create animated GIF charts there.

          The free version provides over 30 various types of charts, more than 200 maps, and over 20 ready-made designs. You can easily adjust and edit everything. However, there are few text editing tools.

          With this free infographic maker you can also create nice interactive designs via data sets, videos and SlideShare integrations. For sharing your projects, Infogram provides embed codes for webpages and downloads in PDF and PNG formats.

          • infogram free infographic maker interface

            6. PicMonkey

            Good texting features
            • Touch-up options
            • You can create collages
            • Has a mobile version
            • A lot of text tools
            • Limited adjustment options
            • Limited storage

            Verdict: PicMonkey is one of the best free photo editors and offers a lot of features, including infographic creation.

            Another advantage of this interactive infographic maker is the possibility to use different text tools. You can create interesting text designs using a gradient, shade, opacity tools, etc.

            Italso has a flexible mobile version, so you can work on any device you want. If you find PicMonkey too difficult for you, you can always check out video tutorials that describe all the features.

            • picmonkey free infographic maker interface

              7. Snappa

              For vector graphics
              • You can edit graphics
              • Management options
              • You can collaborate with your team
              • Offers custom fonts
              • Lack of auto-saving option
              • You can’t undo the changes

              Verdict: Snappa is an infographics tool that is intuitive and mostly used for vector graphics, not photos. This happens as graphic elements are more flexible in editing and applying while creating infographics.

              Snappa is also a free graphic design software with a large content library. Also, it lets users upload custom fonts, which allows them to bring all their ideas to life.

              Then you share your design with your team, publish it on various websites or print.

              You can’t undo your changes but since you are allowed to use layers, you can delete the last one.

              • snappa free infographic maker interface

                8. Stencil

                The largest free content library
                • A large stock files library
                • You can add logos and watermarks
                • The automated publishing option
                • Flexible
                • Doesn’t have a mobile version
                • Can’t be used offline

                Verdict: Stencil is a web-based free infographic maker suitable for both personal and business use. It offers a large amount of free content, including more than 650 templates, over a million icons and graphics, about 1.5 million images, over 2000 Google fonts, and many more. Besides, it provides a lot of editing tools such as resizing, previewing, etc.

                Also, Stencilhas up to 38 presets for social media posts, blog images and ads, which can be adjusted. It doesn’t have a particular size lockout, meaning that you can create as many custom sizes as you wish.

                stencil free infographic maker interface

                9. Tidbit

                For visualizing research findings
                • Online-based
                • A well-thought-out UI
                • Free version
                • No offline version

                Verdict: With Tidbit, you can design amazing visual abstracts on your publications without paying a dime and share them with your friends and colleagues. By visualizing data, you can make a better impact with your research. The developers of this service believe that information should be free for everyone. You can use all Tidbits free of charge, download them to your device or share them with other people. Here, you can find Tidbits about journal submissions, presentations, and conferences.

                Humans are believed to process images 60,000 times faster than information in a text form. However, scientists still publish the results of their research in journals. By using Tidbit's infographics, you can reach out to a wider audience and ensure that your findings will be seen by your target audience.

                This service has an intuitive use, which allows you to create engaging infographics even without graphic design skills. Tidbit is a perfect option for professionals and beginners alike.

                tidbit infographics website

                10. Mind the Graph

                Good for individual aims
                • The free version is unlimited
                • Has a private mode
                • You can add extra images
                • Lack of watermarks
                • Not the best customer support

                Verdict: Graph is another free infographic maker that offers free elements for you to be able to create infographics fast and easily. You don’t need to upload anything additionally, because this software has all the necessary elements like templates, fonts, images and text tools.

                You can select from 7 various categories of templates: Diagram, Timeline, Cycle, Process, Fact & Figures, Versus and Main Image.

                • mind the graph free infographic maker interface

                  11. Canva

                  For pro-level editing
                  • Great image editing tools
                  • Provides free templates
                  • Offers design grids
                  • You can create speech bubbles
                  • Limited choice of images
                  • Not intuitive

                  Verdict: Canva photo editor is a widely-used free infographic software that has a lot of picture editing tools. You can choose from 8000 free templates and edit them in order to create your infographics. You can add images, text, design grids, icons, frames, stickers and textures to your projects.

                  Also, this software offers many advanced tools, including image transparency, photo enhancer, speech bubble maker, blur, vignette, etc.

                  Besides, you will be able to change the size. You can crop, rotate and sharpen your project.

                  There is a premium paid version, which is mainly used for business purposes. For a regular user, free tools will be enough.

                  • canva free infographic maker interface

                    12. Adioma

                    Automated infographic maker
                    • Simple to use
                    • Automatic adding of icons
                    • Straightforward UI
                    • The content library is free
                    • Can slow down the computer
                    • Few layout options

                    Verdict: Adioma is a free web design software that it is very convenient to use. All you have to do is to select the template that suits you (like timeline, grid, or cycle), and the infographics are automatically placed around your main text. Thus, you don’t need to spend much time setting up all the elements.

                    Due to its template switching option, you can check how your project will look in various formats.

                    One of the main features of this infographic design maker is a large library of icons. You can also upload your icons, which automatically will be placed in the text while writing.

                    The only disadvantage of this software is that you can use it for free for 7 days only.

                    • adioma free infographic maker interface
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