11 Best 3D Text and Logo Makers in 2024

If you need to design a catchy logo for your brand, the first thought that probably pops up in your mind is to use Photoshop. Though this program provides users with an amazing feature set and lots of handy tools, not everyone has prior experience needed to work in this professional software.

Besides, the cost of Adobe Photoshop is another scary point for newbie designers. However, don’t get upset as there are many great tools with intuitive controls and the price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The best 3D text and loge makers are described below, so read till the end and make an informed choice.

Top 11 3D Text and Logo Makers

  1. DesignEvo - High-quality templates
  2. Logogenie - Awesome logo library
  3. Aurora 3D - Impressive 3D effects
  4. TurboLogo - Great logo in three clicks
  5. Crowdspring - 220,000+ expert logo designers
  6. Design Free Logo Online - 10,000+ templates
  7. Techzo - 5 logo formats to use and edit
  8. Vectary - Turn 2D logos into 3D
  9. Xara 3D Maker - Easy to use
  10. BrandCrowd - Multiple logo variations
  11. Photo Pos Pro - Can work with different file formats

This article will be interesting for those users, who are looking for intuitive 3D text and logo generators that allow creating cool logos without complicated manipulations. I have reviewed both paid and free graphic design software favored by famous graphic designers, so look through the list and choose your ideal tool.

1. DesignEvo – Our Choice

High-quality templates
  • Intuitive UI
  • Supports layers
  • Amazing templates
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Poor customization possibilities

Verdict: Being a completely free logo maker, DesignEvo seizes each opportunity to satisfy both beginner and professional designers. It appeals to users with a huge collection of text fonts, searchable icons, and shapes. If you have very little experience designing logos or other types of content, you can take full advantage of the provided logo templates.

Devote some time to studying the library with 3D logos, and get inspired by the works of experts. You can make basic 3D text logos and also produce 3D-shaped logotypes without much effort on your part. Thanks to an abundance of embedded templates, creating an original logo from scratch is a breeze.

designevo 3d text and logo maker interface

2. Logogenie

Awesome logo library
  • Huge library
  • Extensive font & color selection
  • Drag-and-drop customizer
  • Easy workflow
  • Automatic color palette saver
  • Mandatory registration
  • Surcharges for editing saved logos

Verdict: The Logogenie logo maker are a new software that makes it easy to create professional looking business cards, logos, screen shots, websites and much more. It also features a wide range of templates, design options and tools including everything from fonts to textures and colors to logos. This 3D text and logo maker is very easy to use and it does not require technical skills in order to operate it.

This software lets you add text and images to your materials in a variety of different formats like PICT files, PDF files, TIFF files, EPS files and many other file formats that allow you to customize your material and personalize it in any way you like. And thanks to the drag and drop functionality, you can even change the order of your text and image elements to make them easier to find and edit.

logo genie best 3d text and logo maker interface

3. Aurora 3D

Impressive 3D effects
  • Lots of templates
  • Stylish designs
  • Great texts and logos
  • SVF & picture import
  • Free hand shape feature
  • Paid

Verdict: Unlike 2 previous programs, Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker requires some investments, but for that nominal fee, it offers users lots of handy functions and instruments for creating wonderful logos, 3D graphics, and texts. There are lots of templates that can be adjusted to your liking.

Look through the collection of effects including reflections, deformations, mixing, as well as well-elaborated textures (metal, wooden, glass, etc.) and produce attention-grabbing visuals in a simple way. The highlight of this program is its free hand shape feature, which adds flexibility to the entire designing process. Moreover, you can enjoy vast exporting capabilities both in SVG and picture formats. Incorporating the use of the best 3D cameras ensures that you can accurately capture and showcase the intricate details and depth of your designs, taking your creations to new heights.

  • aurora 3d text and logo maker interface
  • aurora 3d text and logo maker interface

    4. TurboLogo

    Great logo in three clicks
    • User-friendly
    • Nice customizable designs
    • Rich logo template collection
    • You can adjust logo after creation
    • Paid downloading of high-res images

    Verdict: Using TurboLogo, you can create 3D logos free and quickly. You only need to pay to download your creations in high resolution. The service has a user-friendly interface and you just need to follow the instructions to make a unique logo. First of all, create an account, select suitable colors, icons, and other elements of a future logo. Add personalized touches and you’re done!

    If you don’t know what to start with, this service is a real finding. There is an extensive set of customizable logo templates, so finding something suitable won’t cause problems. TurboLogo offers an intuitive approach to logo making and has many logo samples to get inspired by.

    turbologo 3d text and logo maker interface

    5. Crowdspring

    220,000+ expert logo designers
    • Ability to give feedback and rate submissions
    • Money-back guarantee
    • Unique designs
    • Complete intellectual property protection
    • Excellent customer support
    • Not the cheapest service
    crowdspring 3d text and logo maker logo

    Verdict: Crowdspring lets you collaborate with experienced logo designers to create an eye-grabbing and professional logo for your brand. You can set the available budget and share your ideas with them, and they’ll create a unique logo in up to 7 days.

    It’s not a traditional logo maker company, where you only work with one designer. This service lets you choose between dozens of options. The creators will submit their designs, and you’ll give them feedback and scores. The best part is that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. After finalizing the logo, you’ll also receive full copyright rights.

    crowdspring 3d text and logo maker interface

    6. Design Free Logo Online

    10,000+ templates
    • No restrictions on the file size
    • Lifetime support
    • Test and pay if you like the program
    • Many customizable options
    • Paid
    design free logo online 3d text and logo maker
    Design Free Logo Online

    Verdict: Though it isn’t a completely free 3D text generator, it allows testing its capabilities without spending a cent and only if you like what the program offers, you can switch to a paid mode. All the templates here can be personalized to create a unique logo for your business.

    Check the Logo-Shop and select a free template as a jumping-off point. In total, there are more than 10,000 top-notch templates, and while most of them are paid, you can still find decent free options. While designing a logo, you can alter fonts, color, etc.

    It is possible to experiment with multiple templates without logging in. But once you’re done creating a logo and want to export it, you need to pay 19 dollars. Then you can use it for advertising purposes. The software removes limitations on HD file size after you upgrade your package.

    design free logo online 3d text and logo maker interface

    7. Techzo

    5 logo formats to use and edit
    • Customizable EPS
    • All rights belong to you
    • Unique logos
    • You can make any edits
    • Price can be intimidating to aspiring entrepreneurs
    techzo 3d logo

    Verdict: Techzo isn’t an application, but a service that you can use to get the cleanest high-quality logo. The company employs dozens of professional designers, and the work is done on time. Moreover, all the logos are unique and directly related to your business.

    After completing the order, you will receive a full-color high-resolution file in JPEG format, a black and white version of the logo in high resolution, a color version with a transparent background, as well as a PNG file, a PDF file of your brand guide with highlighted color codes, fonts, patterns, and an easily customizable EPS file.

    It is important to note that all rights belong to you personally. You can use the logo for any purpose and edit the logo as you like.

    techzo 3d text and logo maker interface

    8. Vectary

    Turn 2D logos into 3D
    • Drag-and-drop performance
    • Co-op tools
    • 800+ fonts
    • You can order a physical print of your 3D logo
    • A $12-fee for each new team member
    vectary 3d text and logo maker

    Verdict: Using this online 3D text maker and logo generator, you can easily develop your brand’s identity and attract even more clients. It is possible to create a logo from scratch or transform your existing logo into a 3D masterpiece.

    Once the designing part is over, you can order the printing services and get your physical 3D print delivered right at your doorsteps. What makes this program so popular among designers is a huge variety of fonts from the Google Fonts library. Besides, a simple drag-and-drop functionality appeals to beginners.

    You can insert text, remove or modify elements, apply textures, edit fonts, etc. Moreover, there is a special section with instruments for teams of designers, so working on a single project can be as stress-free as it should.

    vectary 3d text and logo maker interface

    9. Xara 3D Maker

    Easy to use
    • Well-design workspace
    • Allows creating 3D animations
    • Simple and efficient controls
    • Full anti-aliasing
    • UI calls for updating
    xara 3d text and logo maker
    Xara 3D Maker

    Verdict: The developer claims that Xara 3D Maker can fully replace the rest of the similar programs and satisfy all users’ needs when it comes to 3D design. The software comes with handy tools for creating headings, titles, logos, and buttons.

    A cool feature is that it can transform any font on your system into a 3D form, and animate it frame by frame. Thus, you can give your pages, presentations, and other projects a recognizable finishing.

    All images are fully anti-aliased, so the result you get is smooth and professional.

    Xara 3D Maker has also gained reputation of robust 3D animation software, so if you need to create GIFs, AVIs, and simple Flash movies sequences, don’t hesitate to use it. The output options are numerous including a regular screensaver.

    grumpicon svg converter interface

    10. Photo Pos Pro

    Can work with different file formats
    • Editable layers
    • Allows making projects from scratch
    • Great support and numerous educational material
    • Supports different formats
    • Some features call for improvement
    photo pos pro 3d text and logo maker
    Photo Pos Pro

    Verdict: Photo Pos Text Effects is a highly functional service with multiple handy features. The toolkit contains many options for color correction, collages, and business cards for web page creation. Use layers, custom brushes, and healing tools for effective image retouching. Photo Pos Text Effects can help you remove various defects like acne, pimples, or red eyes. Besides, the service offers a great variety of effects, textures, and gradients for creating original projects from scratch.

    Photo Pos Pro can edit images in an artistic and inventive way. Take a look at the Tools palette to ensure the professionalism of this service. Users get a vast selection of tools for professional photo editing. With the help of these instruments, you can draw, select the necessary area, alter a size, add text effects, erase unnecessary elements, etc.

    3d text and logo maker photo pos pro

    11. BrandCrowd

    Multiple logo variations
    • Good value for money
    • Lots of methods to personalize a logo
    • A bunch of templates
    • Instruments for social media design
    • No free edits once you’ve bought the logo
    brandcrowd 3d text and logo maker

    Verdict: BrandCrowd is aimed at start-ups, enterprises and businessmen looking for an efficient online logo generator. It allows making interesting logos in a matter of minutes.

    The navigation is on point, while the compilation of templates is truly awesome. The Logo library is full of top-quality logos and the program allows customizing them the way you want.

    Once you decide on a 3D logo, you can alter colors, fonts, remove or add objects, etc. Though this isn’t a completely free program, the price is well justified considering the abundance of features you get.

    Just make sure you like everything about the chosen logo as you can’t make changes after you pay for it.

    brandcrowd 3d text and logo maker interface
    • • Do I need any design experience to use a 3D text and logo maker?

    Not at all! 3D text and logo makers are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Even if you have zero design experience, you can still create jaw-dropping designs. With pre-made templates, easy-to-use tools, and helpful tutorials, unleashing your creativity becomes a breeze.

    • • Can I import my own fonts and graphics into a 3D text and logo maker?

    Yes, most 3D text and logo makers allow you to import custom fonts and graphics, giving you the flexibility to incorporate your unique branding elements or personal style. This ensures that your designs truly reflect your vision and stand out from the crowd.

    • • Can I animate my 3D text and logo designs?

    Yes. Many advanced 3D text and logo makers offer animation features that allow you to breathe life into your designs. Whether it's rotating letters, dynamic transitions, or even creating animated logos, you can add that extra wow factor to your creations.