30 Famous Graphic Designers All Over the World

30 Famous Graphic Designers All Over the World

A graphic designer is a person engaged in the graphic design and graphic arts spheres. He/she creates designs by means of image assembling, motion graphics or typography.

A professional designer always follows the more successful representatives of the sphere in order to gain experience, inspiration, ideas and follow global trends. Therefore, I’ve prepared for you a selection of 30 famous graphic designers, whose pages are full of useful and efficient tips.

Top 30 Famous Graphic Designers

Do you know who Massimo Vignelli, George Miller and Chip Kidd are? Actually, these people are some of the most well-known graphic designers in the world.

This article features 30 best graphic designers whom you are supposed to know about. These people with truly creative minds have influenced and shaped the graphic design industry in the way that we know it nowadays.

1. Glenn Jones Behance

Location: New Zealand
famous graphic designers glenn jones Glenn Jones was born in Auckland, New Zealand. He has vast experience (20 years) in the graphic design and illustration spheres, working as a freelancer. Glenn’s work is mainly focused on creating signature styles, packaging designs and illustrations.
The line of his designs for the T-shirt company Threadless was a real hit. That’s why Glenn decided to create his own collection of T-shirt designs called Glennz Tees.
graphic design by glenn jones
Graphic Design by Glenn Jones

2. Mike Kus Behance

Location: UK
famous graphic designers mike kus Mike Kus is one of the best graphic designers from the UK. Aside from graphic design, he specializes in photography and branding illustration. Mike worked with a number of clients around the globe.
His designs can be often spot on the pages of well-known publications. In addition, Mike is a frequent speaker at conferences dedicated to design and tech. My favorite project of his is the one for Getty Images. He created a set of three posters where he tried to combine pictures with typography and graphic design.
graphic design by mike kus
Graphic Design by Mike Kus

3. Jack Crossing Behance

Location: UK
famous graphic designers jack crossing In 2008, Jack Crossing graduated from Bath Spa University with a degree in Graphic Communication. Currently, he resides in London and works as a graphic designer.
Jack is highly appreciated on the Behance platform for the way he approaches graphic design. Among his prominent clients are Warner Music Group, the V&A and WIRED.
graphic design by jack crossing
Graphic Design by Jack Crossing

4. Luisa Rivera Behance

Location: UK+USA
famous graphic designers luisa rivera Born in Chile, Luisa Rivera resides in London. She is an illustrator, who has worked with such big-name clients as Google, Lush, Air Canada and publications like The New York Times, Variety and Middlebury magazines, etc.
Her illustrations were acknowledged by 3x3 Magazine (USA), Latin American Ilustración 3 (USA), Creative Quarterly 34 (USA) Diccionario de Ilustradores Iberoamericanos (Dictionary of Latin American Illustrators; Spain) and London International Creative Competition 2013 (England).
graphic design by luisa rivera
Graphic Design by Luisa Rivera

5. Kati Forner Behance

Location: USA
Kati Forner has 12-year experience in the spheres of print, digital design and production. It the beginning of her career, she was working in Chicago with a number of prolific agencies.
Then Kati moved to Los Angeles and created a studio aimed at developing signature styles for lifestyle, fashion and beauty brands. Her professional graphic designs are characterized by minimalism and elegance.
graphic design by kati forner
Graphic Design by Kati Forner

6. Marta Veludo Behance

Location: Netherlands
famous graphic designers marta vedulo Marta Vedulo is an Amsterdam-based graphic designer, who draws inspiration from folk art, pop culture, Tumblr and dollar stores. She is keen on motion, color and compositions. Regardless of the space she works in – digital or 3D one, she prefers combining varied mediums and subjects to engage the viewer.
Among her renowned clients are Adidas, Reebok, LEGO and Vice. For the latest project, Marta has redesigned the trademark Staples primary school black book specifically for Staples and Departamento.com.
graphic design by marta vedulo
Graphic Design by Marta Vedulo

7. Will Bryant Behance

Location: USA
famous graphic designers will bryant Will Bryant belongs to the graphic designers famous community for humorous and colorful illustrations and installations that bring positive emotions. Currently, Will resides in Austin, Texas.
Among his clients are Adidas, Airbnb, American Express, ASOS, AT&T, Austin City Limits, Converse, Coca Cola, Delta, Facebook, Fast Company, Fiat, Girl Scouts of the USA, Google, HPE, Levi's, MSN, Nike, Nickelodeon, Poler Stuff, Ray Ban, Samsung and many others.
graphic design by will bryant
Graphic Design by Will Bryant

8. George Miller Behance

Location: USA

famous graphic designers george miller George Miller has been working in the graphic design sphere for more than 10 years. In his career, he tried to be a designer, photographer, creative and art director, as well as a partner for major projects.
This top graphic designer works exclusively on Mac devices and uses such programs as Illustrator, and Photoshop. Also, George enjoys developing concepts for future or fictional products. These can be applications, operating systems, concept cars, or an AR hologram of the Siri assistant.
graphic design by george miller
Graphic Design by George Miller

9. Chip Kidd Website

Location: USA
famous graphic designers chip kidd Chip Kidd left a mark on the graphic design timeline with his gorgeous book jackets, mostly for iconic publishing house Alfred A. Knopf. He designed covers for the books of such writers as Neil Gaiman, Michael Crichton, James Elroy and others.
One of the most prominent Kidd’s book covers is Jurassic Park and he admits it himself. Kidd says that everyone recognizes the Jurassic Park T-Rex by his logo, which was a part of a movie poster in the 90s and the logo for the park in the movie.
graphic design by chip kidd
Graphic Design by Chip Kidd

10. Rob Janoff Website

Location: USA
famous graphic designers rob janoff Rob graduated from San Jose State University with a major in the sphere of industrial design. When Rob realized that the chosen field isn’t his cup of tea, he made up his mind to try graphic design. Having graduated from college in 1970, he started working as a graphic designer for small Silicon Valley agencies with high-tech clients.
At the beginning of 1977, he got a job at Regis McKenna, a well-respected advertising agency in Palo Alto. The moment when he was selected to design a signature style for Steve Jobs and Apple Computer, Inc. greatly influenced his fate. A legendary Apple logo made Rob one of the most famous graphic designers.
graphic design by rob janoff
Graphic Design by Rob Janoff

11. Michal Parulski Behance

Location: Poland
famous graphic designers michal parulski Michal Parulski has 9 years of experience designing a wide variety of products. By trade, he is a UI/UX designer, web designer, animator, illustrator and graphic designer. Michal’s professional skills are quite impressive.
He is proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Macromedia FreeHand, Macromedia Flash, XHTML, HTML and CSS languages. He has collaborated with such brands as IKEA, Trello, Netguru and others.
graphic design by michal parulski
Graphic Design by Michal Parulski

12. Jason Little Behance

Location: Australia
famous graphic designers jason little Jason Little is one of the graphic design artists with extensive experience. Jason currently resides in Sydney, Australia, where he works as the creative director of several companies. He is also the Chairman of the Australian graphic design association.
That’s why Jason was tasked with rebranding the city of Melbourne, the Australian cancer research fund, the Sydney Pavilion restaurant and other projects in Australia. In addition, the designer transformed such companies as Optus, Seat, One Degree and others.
graphic design by jason little
Graphic Design by Jason Little

13. Carlos Pariente A. Behance

Location: Spain
famous graphic designers carlos pariente Carlos Pariente is a UI/UX designer with more than 8 years of experience. Currently, he is the lead designer at the BBVA Company. Over his career, he has worked with such major clients as Vodafone, Mango, Roca, GrupoPrisa, OHL and others.
Carlos Pariente is a skilled user of Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision, Sketch, Smartsheet, Principle and Basecamp. Moreover, the designer performs educational activity – organizes courses on Sketch, Invision and Principle.
Carlos’ professional skills allowed him to work as a visual and interface designer, lead designer, creative director and made him one of the well known graphic designers.
graphic design by carlos pariente
Graphic Design by Carlos Pariente

14. Jose Hurtado Behance

Location: Venezuela+USA
famous graphic designers jose hurtado Jose Hurtado is a graphic designer and art director of Nestle. In 2002, he acquired a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. In 2014, he moved to California and currently resides in Los Angeles.
Jose’s specialization is branding and product design. He has rich experience in the graphic design sphere and worked for Commercial & Advertising Agencies serving the Entertainment, Corporate Divisions, Confections & Candies, Beverages, Nutrition, Media fields, Beauty Brands and Emerging Hispanic Brands.
graphic design by jose hurtado
Graphic Design by Jose Hurtado

15. Chad Michael Behance

Location: USA
famous graphic designers chad michel Chad Michael has worked as a lead designer in numerous agencies based in New York, like Pearlfisher, Stranger & Stranger and Landor. In 2014, he created a studio named after him. Chad belongs to the top graphic designers in the field of branding and package design.
Among his most prominent clients are Entertainment Weekly and Jack Daniels. Chad’s designs can be spot in more than 20 print publications, such as HOW, CA Magazine, Los Logos and many others.
graphic design by chad michael
Graphic Design by Chad Michael

16. Andrew Fairclough Behance

Location: USA
famous graphic designers andrew fairclough Andrew Fairclough is a self-taught illustrator, designer and art director at Kindred Studio. He began his career with snowboard and skate graphic design. Now he is one of the most famous graphic design artists in the world.
Among Andrew’s well-known clients are American Express, Jack Daniels, Penguin Books and GQ. He draws inspiration from mid-century spot paintings with a mix of comic art and vintage sci-fi. Andrew prefers to work with a limited palette to add a nostalgic feel to his projects.
graphic design by andrew fairclough
Graphic Design by Andrew Fairclough

17. Shane Griffin Behance

Location: Ireland+USA
famous graphic designers shane griffin Shane Griffin was born in Ireland. Currently, he resides in New York, works as an artist and designer. Shane incorporates animation and illustration, photography and film into his creations. His most prominent collaborations are with Adidas, Nike and Bacardi.
Although Shane is a co-founder of Sunday Afternoon, a NY studio and artist representation agency, he calls himself a “free agent”.
graphic design by shane griffin
Graphic Design by Shane Griffin

18. Massimo Vignelli Behance

Location: Italy
famous graphic designers massimo vignelli Massimo Vignelli was one of the most famous graphic artists from Italy. He was engaged in the design of furniture, house ware, public signs and showrooms. With his wife Lella, Massimo co-founded Vignelli Associates.
His clients were IBM, Ford, Bloomingdale’s (he was the author of the well-known ‘Brown Bag’ design used to these days), Saks, American Airlines and others. In 1972, Massimo designed signs and a map for the NY subway.
The digital design started gaining popularity in the twilight of his career. Still, design principles used by Massimo deeply influenced the philosophy of classic and digital design alike.
graphic design by massimo vignelli
Graphic Design by Massimo Vignelli

19. Kate Moross Behance

Location: UK
famous graphic designers kate moross Kate Moross is a London-based art director and designer. In 2008, she emerged in the graphic design world with her signature typography, lively and unsettled drawing style. In 2012, Kate became a co-founder of Studio Moross.
This multi-field design company was launched with the aim to expand the scope of Kate’s work and to cooperate with other creative minds. After the launch of the company, she gained success in the graphic design sphere and created a vast variety of covers for albums, magazines, video, branding and live visuals for the One Direction band.
graphic design by kate moross
Graphic Design by Kate Moross

20. Jessica Walsh Behance

Location: USA
famous graphic designers jessica walsh Being a part of prominent Sagmeister&Walsh, Jessica Walsh belongs to the list of top graphics designers. This New York-based designer collaborated with The Gap, Pepsi, Capitol Records and the NY Times Magazine.
Jessica teaches design & typography at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. She had the honor of winning multiple awards from renowned design competitions, like Art Director’s Club, New York Festivals, Graphis, Type Director’s Club and more.
In addition, Jessica received such prestigious awards as Forbes “30 under 30 top creatives designing the future” and Ad Age’s “Top 10 Visual Creatives”.
graphic design by jessica walsh
Graphic Design by Jessica Walsh

21. Rizon Parein Behance

Location: Belgium
famous graphic designers rizon parein Rizon Parein has extensive 20-year experience designing campaigns for advertising agencies worldwide, cooperating with top-class brands and internationally renowned artists. In 2013, he began working mainly for Nike Brand Design Portland.
Rizon takes special pride in the Air Max Lunar1 campaign where he collaborated with Michael Spoljaric and brought to life an idea of creating an air bubble combined with the legendary Air Max window.
Besides, Rizon initiated the 3D neon design trend with his poster for the Drive movie. Upon this neon-related success, he launched OneMoreNeon and worked for Google, YouTube, Apple, Facebook, Disney and others.
graphic design by rizon parein
Graphic Design by Rizon Parein

22. Petros Afshar Behance

Location: UK
famous graphic designers petros afshar Petros Afshar is one of the most famous graphic designers today based in London. His specializations include not just graphic design but also printmaking, typography, illustration and logo design.
Among his big-name clients are Google, Microsoft, BBC, Disney, Red Bull and such sports brands as Adidas, Puma and Nike. Being a true professional in the sphere and passionate about graphic design, Petros always leaves his clients satisfied, no matter what the task is.
graphic design by petros afshar
Graphic Design by Petros Afshar

23. Leta Sobierajski Behance

Location: USA
famous graphic designers leta sobierajski Leta Sobierajski is a multi-field designer and art director from New York. Her designs are marked by unique combinations of art, photography and styling with rather classic design elements. Leta studied graphic design at Purchase College.
Since 2013, she has been working as a freelance designer. During the annual New Visual Artists Review, Leta occupied a rightful place among 20 worldwide designers under the age of 30, according to Print Magazine. She worked with such major clients as Google, IBM, AIGA, Kiehl’s and more.
graphic design by leta sobierajski
Graphic Design by Leta Sobierajski

24. Lauren Hom Behance

Location: USA
famous graphic designers lauren hom Lauren Hom is a designer and letterer from Detroit, a founder of the Hom Sweet Hom studio. The signature features of her style are vibrant colors and whimsical letters. Among Lauren’s reputed clients are YouTube, Google and Starbucks.
Her contemporary graphic design was acknowledged by Communication Arts, the Type Directors Club and the Webby Awards. Lauren wrote a book called Daily Dishonesty and now she runs a popular blog. Her works have been published in such magazines as HOW, PAGE and CMYK Top 100 New Creatives.
graphic design by lauren hom
Graphic Design by Lauren Hom

25.Yurko Gutsulyak Behance

Location: Ukraine+Canada
famous graphic designers yurko gutsulyak Yurko Gutsulyak has been engaged in the graphic design spherefor almost 20 years. Seeing that his projects were highly successful, Yurko and his sister created Gutsulyak.Studio in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2005.
The studio has also succeeded as a major design boutique. In the course of the studio’s development, Yurko received over 100 worldwide awards in the advertising and design industry, for instance, European Design Awards, Pentawards, Red Dot, Dieline Awards and others.
Yurko’s designs were featured in the museum exhibitions in Germany, France, China, Mexico and Poland. In 2017, he moved to Canada where he continues developing his studio. He is included on the list of the best graphic designers in Vancouver.
graphic design by yurko gutsulyak
Graphic Design by Yurko Gutsulyak

26. Rolf Jensen Behance

Location: Norway+USA
famous graphic designers rolf jensen Rolf Jensen is a freelance designer from Norway. Now he lives and works in Lower Manhattan. He has carried out projects for Google, Microsoft, WatsonDG, Basic, and other global companies.
Rolf’s work has won the Awwwards Site of the day, the Webby Awards, The FWA Award and Hive Awards. The artist has created several projects for computer and mobile games. A great example of his achievements in graphic design and animation is the creation of navigation and characters for the game from the Disney Studio called Big Hero 6.
graphic design by rolf jensen
Graphic Design by Rolf Jensen

27. Llew Mejia Behance

Location: USA
famous graphic designers llew mejia Llew Mejia specializes in hand-drawn and computer-generated illustration, pattern and print, packaging and branding. When he was a young boy, his family was constantly traveling between Mexico and the Southwestern United States.
He grew up in a bilingual environment and has its own take on both Mexican and American cultures. As for now, Llew works as a freelance textile designer and illustrator for such companies as Google, Samsung, Target, Adidas Originals, Selfridges, Anthropologie and many others.
graphic design by llew mejia
Graphic Design by Llew Mejia

28. Aurélien SALOMON Behance

Location: France+Canada
famous graphic designers aurelien salomon Aurélien SALOMON is undoubtedly one of the most famous graphic designers known all over the world. He comes from France but currently lives in Montreal, Canada. Aurélien acquired a degree in computer engineering.
He is engaged in UI/UX design: mobile and desktop applications, websites, motion design, AR/VR. During his career, the designer has developed products for Apple, Google, Uber, Tinder, Watson, Universal Studios, Metalab and other global brands. Aurélien takes pride in his redesign of Apple OS/MacOS 2023 on the Macbook called "Edge to edge".
graphic design by aurelien salomon
Graphic Design by Aurélien SALOMON

29. Michaella Dirkes Behance

Location: USA
famous graphic designers michaella dirkes Michaella Dirkes maintains and designs customized sites on the WordPress platform. She acquired a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication. For more than 5 years, Michaella has been engaged in branding, UI design and creation of digital content.
She works from home with Commerce Kitchen, namely their content strategy team, and creates remarkable UI/UX designs for their customized WordPress themes. Michaella and her team start working on a project once they have thoroughly studied client documents and audience.
graphic design by michaella dirkes
Graphic Design by Michaella Dirkes

30. Slava Kornilov Behance

Location: Russia
famous graphic designers slava kornilov Most often, Slava is engaged in designing applications for Android and iOS, as well as web design of news portals. In his professional graphic designs, the designer gives an important role to typography, which often appears in the center of attention. Also, Slava is interested in animation, and he likes combining it with typography.
The redesign of the most famous US newspaper – The New York Times is one of his most prominent works. While creating web pages, he uses motion effects and traditional newspaper typography. While creating web pages, he uses motion effects and traditional newspaper typography like Katie Sanvick, a graphic designer and freelance illustrator from Minnesota.
graphic design by glenn jones
Graphic Design by Slava Kornilov

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