24 Best Wedding Videographers in 2024

By Tata Rossi 21 days ago, Video Editing Tips

24 Best Wedding Videographers in 2024

These wedding videographers inspire. They capture the most touching moments of this special day and can make you cry. Who are the most influential wedding videographers in the world? Check out this shortlist of the most talented wedding cinematographers from all over the world.

Top 24 Best Wedding Videographers

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. Of course, you want to have a wonderful visual reminder of this joyous occasion.

Kisses, tears and smiles, you need a skillful wedding videographer, who can capture all those precious moments and convey the essence of your marriage.

In this article, I will tell you about the best wedding videographers in the US and worldwide, who are passionate about what they do.

1. Ray Roman Films

Location: Worldwide

Ray Roman is considered to be the most epic wedding videographer all over the globe. His wedding videos can be compared to popular Hollywood pictures. There are a lot of celebrities among his clients, for example, NBA champions Rip Hamilton and Chris Bosh, F1 star Nico Rosberg, NFL sportsmen Chris Hope, Devin Hester, DeMarco Murray, Lamar Miller, Brian Dawkins, and rapper Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir. I can’t but mention the extravagant wedding of internet guru Sean Parker, which was documented by Ray Roman as well. Being one of the top wedding videographers, Roman organizes workshops, where he explains wedding cinematography essentials and shares his methods of work.

Ray Roman's team of talented cinematographers and editors are dedicated to creating wedding films that are not only beautifully shot but also emotionally evocative. Their work often includes stunning visuals, expertly crafted audio, and seamless storytelling that truly captures the essence of each couple's love and celebration.

2. Sculpting With Time

Location: Worldwide

Sculpting With Time is a film studio that can boast numerous international awards. Such magazines as Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, People, BRIDES, Grace Ormonde and Junebug Weddings featured their works. The commercial movies and documentaries shot by this studio were featured on HBO, CNN and Rangefinder Magazine. In 2019 Alex and Whitney received the prestigious Bill Hurter Excellence Award, which is given to the highest scored photo or film at WPPI. Interestingly, but it was the first time in history when wedding filmmakers won Bill Hurter Excellence Award. Until then, only photographers have been honored to achieve it.

3. The Film Poets

Location: Worldwide

If you are looking for the best wedding videography providers, pay attention to a husband and wife who call themselves the Film Poets. Their works have more than 3 million views and are featured on FOX, ABC, Huffington Post Weddings, Today, Southern Weddings Style Me Pretty and even more.

4. Pacific Pictures

Location: Worldwide

Pacific Pictures received celebrity status from its peer colleagues over a decade ago when a founder of the company Kevin Shahinian first introduced his innovative wedding concept movie “Sno”. A few years later, he released a concept movie City of Lakes, which was shown at Canon USA at CES in Las Vegas. After the premiere, the Hollywood filmmakers were amazed at how Kevin Shahinian managed to pull focus without a focus puller. This was when Canon 5Dmk2 and 7D were very popular. Currently, Pacific Picture is one of the most remarkable wedding videography studios serving weddings worldwide. They specialize in luxury South Asian wedding films. If you want to learn more about South Asian wedding cinematography, Kevin Shahinian is a person, who knows this subject inside out.

5. Dax Victorino Films

Location: Worldwide

Dax Victorino Films are talented wedding filmmakers whose stories are filled with adventure and sincere emotions. Each Dax and Pao’s video is unique and of the best quality. In their work, videographers use photography, music, and first-class graphic design to produce films worth watching again and again.

6. Roost Film Co

Location: Worldwide

Roost Film Co is a boutique film house that produces recognizable, dreamy and exciting wedding movies. The main goal of this husband-and-wife team is to weave all the touching moments into one memorable story. They try to make each video as natural as possible. The portfolio of Roost Film Co is very diverse. In their work, videographers focus attention on pastel undertones, creative frames, and different details.

7. Filmstrong Wedding Films

Location: Texas

This wedding filmmaker is also known as WhoIsMatt. Apart from doing filmmaking professionally, he is a popular YouTuber, who shares his knowledge and innovative videography approaches. If you want to improve your filmmaking skills, you should definitely subscribe to his YouTube channel. Matt is not only an active YouTube vlogger, but he spends a lot of time on professional Facebook forums giving useful tips to aspiring videographers.

8. White In Revery

Location: USA

White In Revery is a group of skillful and talented filmmakers, who began their artistic path 6 years ago in a small city of Orlando, FL. Calen and Kristine are in complete awe of wedding videography because they appreciate family values. When they moved to Colorado, they met Colton and Levi which resulted in a strong creative union. White in Revery’s videos are constantly shared and appreciated by many wedding filmmakers worldwide. The distinctive style and approaches of this company are a force to be reckoned with in the world of wedding cinematography.

9. Fiore Films

Location: USA

Fiore Films is a popular company that is highly appreciated by its peers. This wedding film studio is absolutely unique. Its founder, Sharrone Calafiore, pays attention to every detail in her movies delivering the best results possible. A lot of people say, “When you have watched the wedding video by Fiore Film, you just want to give up shooting weddings.” Having an exceptional talent, Sharrone is one of the funniest people in the world. Some of the most essential elements that make her wedding films so sensual and expressive are audio, pacing, composition, and color.

10. Pen Weddings

Location: Missouri

Pen Weddings is one of the leading wedding film production companies founded by a married couple Sarah and Rick. They may have had their videos stolen by industry peers more than any other wedding videographers. It sounds rather weird, but this is a great achievement when other filmmakers steal your works for their website since it means these videos are worth paying attention to. Sarah and Rick have managed to put their wedding videography storytelling skills to the highest level, which makes them one of the best wedding videographers in the world. The combination of innovative interviewing techniques and creative visual shots makes their works unique. Sarah and Rick often share their experience and knowledge at meetings and their own Wedding Film Retreat workshop.

11. Forestry Films

Location: California

When you are watching videos by Forestry Film, several seconds will be enough to see their professionalism. They perfectly choose the composition, color, and lighting to make their stories as appealing as possible. These filmmakers mainly work with those clients, who are all about adventures. Forestry Films team calls themselves adventurers, dreamers, and storytellers. For them, the final result is as important as the way they achieve it. A lot of beginning videographers got inspired by Forestry Films’ videos.

12. Karvisual

Location: USA

He might become a successful engineer, but a lot of couples are happy that Karvisual started the wedding cinematography career. In his work, this wedding filmmaker tries to capture the magic moments of the event and the real emotions of people. Karvisual’s experience in filming music videos and commercials greatly complements his creative video editing approach. Just watch some of his works and see everything for yourself.

13. Films By JNL

Location: Miami

Jay and Lester know for sure what it really means to be in love. They fell in love being teens and got married when they were 20. Moreover, these guys know a lot about filmmaking. Their wedding videos depict youthful excitement and the joy of being in love, regardless of the age of the partners. Jay and Lester are passionate about this type of storytelling. They try not only to match spouses’ desires but also exceed their expectations of what the wedding video would look, capturing that magic for couples. Their wedding films are not just ordinary works you often see on the web but real masterpieces.

14. Alex Martinez Films

Location: Miami

Alex Martinez is a Miami-based wedding filmmaker, who started his career in 2012. He has filmed stunning movies for more than hundreds of couples. In cooperation with David Escorcia, Alex Martinez creates videos that become priceless family treasures. Both Martinez and Escorcia are talented videographers with vast experience, so hiring them to document your wedding is a nice choice in terms of quality and creative approaches. They shoot in the most outstanding locations across Miami. From Key Biscayne Lighthouse to Key West Harbor, those magnificent views will be a nice addition to the wedding highlights. Alex Martinez and David Escorcia produce sharp, vivid and technically perfect films where they demonstrate Miami landscapes and unique love stories.

15. ZionProduction Films

Location: USA

Andrey Voskres’ works can be described using one word – spectacular. He follows his own distinctive style, mixing all types of editorial approaches with up-to-date technologies. His ZionProduction Films studio offers high-end and daring wedding films complemented with appropriate music, split-screen techniques, and various FPS settings. Andrey’s travel and destination wedding movies showcase the marriage as the greatest adventure of our life.

16. CinemaCake Filmmakers

Location: Philadelphia

Imagine the shock and happiness in the eyes of a bride, who was astonished by the live performance of her favorite singer at her wedding. Fortunately, one of the best wedding videographers CinemaCake Filmmakers were there to capture her reaction on video as well as that touching father and daughter dance. CinemaCake Filmmakers company is created by married couple Dave and Sheryl Williams 18 years ago. They are true professionals in terms of sound quality and customizable wedding videos. The distinctive feature of their work is the way they intrigue their clients. They usually send them a 3-minute “Coming Soon” preview of the final product with the funny moments of their special day.

17. Stagger Films

Location: Philadelphia

Stagger Films is a company in Collegeville where filmmakers Melissa and Michael McManus tell love stories of couples in love. These guys follow organic videography style, demonstrating natural hugs, kisses, smiles, and interaction between people. They don't set up each scene like a Hollywood movie. Moreover, they create so-called mini wedding films. Thus, their clients can watch peculiar moments of their wedding, so they don't need to fumble with the remote to fast-forward through scenes.

18. Maru Films

Location: Nederlands

Maru Films is not only a creative wedding cinematography studio but also a team of skilled wedding video editors. Their goal is to tell the clients’ story in an emotional, touching, artistic and personal wat. These top wedding videographers pay attention to every detail by creating the perfect synergy between sound, pacing, music, composition, location, and lighting. Their wedding videos are focused on transferring pure emotions and telling unique love stories.

19. Martin Kacvinský

Location: Czech

These videographers have a unique style which they call “documentary” with a large influence of high-end cinematography and fashion. Each wedding day has a gamut of different emotions. So, rather than staging a scene, these guys focus on special wedding moments and capture them. While filming, they usually behave as spectators, not videographers. The main goal of this team of professional filmmakers is not to draw attention to themselves in order to capture pure feelings and emotions.

20. Jason Magbanua

Location: Philippines

The WEVA conference 2006 opened a new star in wedding videography. Jason Magbanua is the first wedding filmmaker, who produced a same-day-edit at a higher caliber. Any company or director couldn’t repeat his success that year. Nobody could imagine he would pull that off the same day, but he managed to do that. Jason’s experiments with framing and color were highly appreciated by colleagues. Working in Philipines, Jason Magbanua has an array of international awards as well as hundreds of happy clients. Considering his recognition, Jason remains a kind and modest person.

21. Bob Nicolas

Location: Philippines

Many videographers got inspired by the extraordinary style of Philippines-based filmmaker Bob Nicolas. His wedding videos are impossible to break away from. The way he tells love stories of different couples is amazing. Already at the age of twelve, Bob learned to film weddings and other celebrations. After that, he decided to take up photography as well. Being rather experienced in both spheres, he performs first-class shooting and scene framing. Bob Nicolas is an ultimate self-learner without proper education, but he managed to develop his own recognizable style and achieve success in his work.

22. Zaneta Van Zyl

Location: Australia

Zaneta Van Zyl is one of the best wedding videographers in Australia. Her cinematic-style wedding videos are just breathtaking! She tries to capture candid moments with genuine expressions to turn a love story into a spectacular film. In her work, she uses picturesque views and natural light. Moreover, Zaneta Van Zyl carefully plans each frame and scene to capture the moments in the most creative way. Also, Zaneta offers photography services and is happy to work with couples all over the world.

23. Forte Visuals

Location: Singapore

A time capsule is an apt description of what Forte Visuals creates in its wedding videos. The works of the company were featured in many publications and they have a lot of rave reviews from happy clients. Being established by Junior Chew in 2014, the company is known for its entertaining documentary style. The wedding films by Forte Visuals are created as candid and artistic storytelling. The distinctive feature of these filmmakers’ approach is their frankness and attentiveness when meeting couples and listening to their stories. Junior believes that each couple’s story is unique, so he lets them express their feelings and emotions during the interview.

24. Momentold 

Location: Singapore

Supporting the idea of “Dialogues encapsulate relationships”, a team of skilled filmmakers creates awe-inspiring wedding videos backed by dialogue. From the words of the blessings and the casual conversations to the moment of taking vows, these details come together creating a one-of-a-kind story. Momentold has been offering its services since 2012. The company produces pre-wedding films, wedding day highlights, and full wedding films. Clients appreciate their effective work and dedication as well as the way they make everyone feel comfortable during the shooting. You can read more customer reviews here.