Vision Color Luts

Vision Color Luts

vision color luts

Vision Color LUTs are a collection optimized for the color spaces of all modern cameras and color grading applications. They are useful for filmmakers, videographers and colorists, who want to speed up the workflow and increase the value of their products by professional and timely color correction.

These LUTs give you a chance to improve the visual appeal of your raw footage without damaging its original quality. This article contains a detailed description of all packs as well as links to 3 free plug-ins resembling the effect of Vision Color LUTs.

Vision Color LUTs Packs Overview

In total, there are 2 handy packages of LUTs called Osiris and ImpulZ. I really admire these LUTs for color grading, because they are 100% helpful in what they were created for.

Osiris Vision Color LUTs Pack

Osiris LUTs pack includes 9 top-quality LUTs that were designed to emulate the cinematic styles of films. In one click they turn ordinary video frames into fascinating cinematic works.

Price: $39 (€99 for Hollywood Bundle)

1. Vision Color LUTs: Vision 4

vision 4 osiris luts Download Mavic Pro LUTs

To bring your video onto a cinematic side, make use of this film simulation LUT. The footage will acquire a warm atmosphere with bluish touches.

2. Vision Color LUTs: Vision 6

vision 6 osiris luts

The most extraordinary and surreal sample of all Vision Color Osiris LUTs. The colors are thoroughly balanced, the frames become sharper and the skin tone is preserved.

3. Vision Color LUTs: Vision X

vision x osiris luts

An ideal LUT if you are engaged in portrait and event videography and need to improve the footage recorded in low lighting conditions. These plug-ins bring dramatic elements to the video and help even out the skin tone.

4. Vision Color LUTs: Prismo

prismo osiris luts

This LUT slightly discolors glares, but doesn’t make the frame more saturated. Looks especially beautiful in portraits.

5. Vision Color LUTs: Jugo

jugo osiris luts

If you think that your videos lack warmth, you can try this Vision Color LUT plug-in. It will add orange shades to the clip. I wish blue color became more saturated to make the entire gamut deeper.

6. Vision Color LUTs: KDX

kdx osiris luts

In case your goal is to turn your regular footage into a vintage video, you will definitely appreciate how effective this LUT for such a mission is. It is absolutely universal and will help you enhance any time of footage.

7. Vision Color LUTs: M31

m31 osiris luts

If you are worried that your video shot on a sunny day looks too bright and there is no way to reduce the intensity of colors, give this LUT a try. I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised with the result. The blue tones will be saturated; the highlights will get warmer, while the blacks will be professionally enhanced.

8. Vision Color LUTs: DK79

dk79 osiris luts Download Orange and Teal LUTs

One of the best Osiris LUTs to make footage warmer. However, not to lose colors of the cold spectrum, you may need to tweak this filter a bit.

9. Vision Color LUTs: Delta

delta osiris luts

If you fancy the noir genre and want to add this special atmosphere to your clips, this LUT will be of great help. I really like how exposed the video becomes. The only thing you need to keep an eye on is the highlights. If they get too high, lower the value.

ImpulZ Vision Color LUTs Pack

Vision Color ImpulZ LUTs are a unique selection of LUTs that carefully emulate 35mm negative film. Using them, you get a video with a film effect of Kodak, Fuji, etc. ImpulZ is not just another collection of LUTs, but a complete set of tools for video editing and color correction!

Price: $85 (€99 for Hollywood Bundle)

10. Vision Color LUTs: Fuji Pro 400

vision color luts fuji pro 400

After you apply this ImpulZ LUT, the video acquires a bluish hue and some saturation. The skin tone is smooth, but without glare.

11. Vision Color LUTs: Fuji Superia 200

vision color luts fuji superia 200

The effect is less saturated that the first plug-in from this Vision Color ImpulZ pack offers. But I personally like such colors a lot.

12. Vision Color LUTs: FujiColor 200

vision color luts fujicolor 200

This is my go-to LUT for nighttime videos. The footage is clear and the color balance is excellent.

13. Vision Color LUTs: Kodak Ektar 100

vision color luts kodak ektar 100

This Vision Color ImpulZ LUT adds depth to your video. Applying the filter, you get a beautiful picture with cool shades. The result looks like a frame from famous dramamovies.

14. Vision Color LUTs: Kodak Ultramax 400

vision color luts kodak ultramax 400

Neutral predominates in this LUT. But it is neither saturated nor deep, so the video is quite soft.

15. Vision Color LUTs: Kodak Gold Gen.6 200

vision color luts kodak gold gen

This LUT gives your clip a clear blue and pink tint. Perfect white balance and density.

16. Vision Color LUTs: Kodak Elite Color 200

vision color luts kodak elite color 200

Suitable for footage recorded on any camera type. Makes it beautiful and vibrant.

17. Vision Color LUTs: Kodak Elite Chrome 200

vision color luts kodak elite chrome 200

Most ImpulZ LUTs improve the color depth and this one is no exception. Kodak Elite Chrome 200 puts an accent on a black and white tint in the footage.

18. Vision Color LUTs: LPP Tetrachrome 400

vision color luts lpp tetrachrome 400

Use this filter if you want to give your portrait works, especially the skin tone, a perfect look.

19. Vision Color LUTs: Color Implosion 400

vision color luts color implosion

Greatly resembles other Vision Color LUTs from this bundle. Blues predominate, the color depth is here.

20. Vision Color LUTs: Kodak Vision3 50D 5203 (NEG)

vision color luts kodak vision3 50d

It seems to me that this LUT brings too much gold. If you balance colors a little, the result will be more interesting.

21. Vision Color LUTs: Kodak Vision3 50D 5203 (DP)

vision color luts kodak vision3 50d dp

Colors are very true-to-life. It works great with portraits.

22. Vision Color LUTs: Kodak Vision3 250D 5207 (NEG)

vision color luts kodak vision3 250d

An ideal option among Kodak LUTs for outdoor footage. The video will acquire a slight green

23. Vision Color LUTs: Kodak Vision3 200T 5213 (NEG)

vision color luts kodak vision3 200t

It will make videos sharp and beautiful with perfect WB. The contrast and color depth are present.

24. Vision Color LUTs: Kodak Vision3 500T 5219 (C41)

vision color luts kodak vision3 500t Download Canon LUTs

I wish this LUT was more saturated and sharp. But it may be of no importance for other users.

25. Vision Color LUTs: Kodak Vision3 500T 5219 (NEG)

vision color luts kodak vision3 500t neg

Use this ImpulZ lut to make your footage colder and sharper.

Vision Color LUTs Brand Info

Vision Color brand was founded in 2012 by Patchflyer, who is known among videographers and filmmakers as the biggest and the most successful developer of all kinds of tools for effortless and effective footage editing. Jonathan M. Ochmann is the CEO of the company.

For more than 6 years, this enterprise has been supplying video editing specialists all over the globe with top-notch plug-ins for color grading and motivating them to perceive their regular tasks as an enjoyable activity. The company has already received Videomaker's Product of the Year 2014 Award for ImpulZ LUTs.

The developers state that they keep in touch with other representatives of the fast-evolving global filmmaking community and feel grateful for feedback from their clients, who help them make their Vision Color LUTs even better and come up with new ideas.

Vision Color LUTs FREE Alternatives

If you like Vision Color LUTs and want to get similar effects in your videos for free, use these alternatives.

Cinematic Flavin

free vision color lut inspiredfree vision color lut inspired

Using this LUT, you will get a beautiful video with the filmeffect. The clip will also become slightly saturated.

Color Grading Moment

free vision color lut inspiredfree vision color lut inspired

Make colors in your movies vibrant and juicy with the help of this LUT.

Film Blue Night

free vision color lut inspiredfree vision color lut inspired

Fix white balance and temperature in your footage in a quick way by dint of this filter.

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