Vision Color LUTs Review 2024

By Tata Rossi 20 days ago, Video Editing Tips

If you need to add a cinematic effect to your videos, then Vision Color LUTs can be your perfect assistant. These LUTs are compatible with all digital cameras and color correction software. Moreover, these tools can be useful to movie directors, filmmakers, and colorists.

Vision Color LUTs Collections

These Vision Color LUTs are based on scanned analog films that were photochemically processed, developed, and evaluated by color grading professionals. Since these tools are compatible with all video editing software for Windows and Mac out there, you can use them whenever and however you want.

Vision 4

vision 4 lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

Use this LUT collection if you want to add a cinematic effect to your video. This bundle is perfect for beginners who are still in the process of learning all the essential video editing tips. It can also be used for the initial video color grading stage or set monitoring. With the help of these VisionColor LUTs, you can enhance your footage with a warm film effect that has subtle blueish tones.

Vision 6

vision 6 lut

Price: $19
Number of LUTs included: 20

If you look at the LUT VisionColor Osiris collection as a whole, then Vision 6 is its most unconventional and surrealistic inclusion. It offers saturated, carefully-balanced colors that increase the sharpness of your footage while maintaining the natural skin tones. This bundle is compatible with most free video editing software and all types of cameras.

If you don’t have experience in video editing or don’t have the time to do color grading yourself, then reach out to our experts. They’ll fix the colors, deal with exposure problems, add glares where needed, and will make all the required changes to your videos for an affordable price.

Vision X

vision x lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

This set is perfectly suited for portrait and event videos, wedding movies, party clips, and love stories. You can also use the provided LUTs to enhance footage that was recorded in suboptimal lighting conditions. These plugins add dramatic elements to the video and help align the skin tone.

Vision Prismo

vision prismo lut

Price: $21
Number of LUTs included: 20

Prismo LUT can become your ultimate assistant when working with portrait videos. These plugins slightly decolor the glares without adding unnecessary saturation to the footage. This set is suitable for both personal video projects and corporate videos from company retreats and office parties.

Vision Jugo

vision jugo lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

This package of color grading LUTs is extremely convenient for working with videos that feature people in different environments. Those can be either short clips about people involved in some activity, dynamic footage about traveling or adventures, etc. This set will allow you to add a bit of warmth to the video, as it infuses the footage with orange tones.

Vision KDX

vision kdx lut

Price: $20
Number of LUTs included: 20

If you need to transform regular footage into a vintage video, you’ll definitely appreciate how efficient this LUT is at this task. It’s fully universal and can enhance any video in just a couple of clicks.

Vision M31

vision m31 lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

This LUT will be of great help if you need to reduce the color intensity of your video. It’s common for footage recorded on a sunny day to be overly bright, almost blinding. After applying this LUT, you’ll see how blue tones become more saturated, bright areas look warmer, and blacks are clear and crisp.

Vision DK79

vision dk79 lut

Price: $20
Number of LUTs included: 20

This LUT allows you to color grade your RAW videos with speed and ease. The combination of orange and teal tones will add much-needed diversity to your footage. This LUT is aimed at adding a color contrast to the video and is very popular among Instagram and YouTube content creators. It’s advised to use such plugins for travel and lifestyle videos.

Vision Delta

vision delta lut

Number of LUTs included: 30

If you’re a fan of the noir genre and want to add a special atmosphere to your videos, then this is the perfect LUT for the job. These plugins are designed for applying soft matte tones to your footage while adding bright and blue tones, subtly adjusting the shadows, and creating an amazing color fade effect. Enhance your videos with a cinematic look to ensure they are as professional and enticing as possible.

ImpulZ Color LUTs Collections

This set of Vision Color LUTs contains unique tools that are perfect for imitating 35mm film. You can use them to receive a video with a cinematic effect that you would receive from Kodak, Fuji, and other film brands. ImpulZ isn’t just another LUT collection but rather a comprehensive toolset for enhancing videosFuji Pro 400 and performing color grading.

Fuji Pro 400

vision fuji pro 400 lut

Price: $19
Number of LUTs included: 20

These premium LUTs allow you to easily adjust the brightness, lighting, tones, and contrast in your footage without having to deal with individual sliders. You can highlight the blue tones or enhance the skin tone. This set is highly functional and can add a vintage or cinematic effect in a single mouse click. The applied changes look particularly appealing on street-style videos since the tones and hues become warmer, deeper, and more eye-catching.

Fuji Superia 200

vision fuji superia 200 lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

This package of Vision Color LUTs is very convenient for working with videos that show people in different situations. Those can be either short clips about various activities, GoPro action videos, etc. These color grading tools guarantee the skin tones will look perfectly even and natural while other colors become richer and livelier or more muted depending on the chosen filter.

FujiColor 200

vision fujicolor 200 lut

Price: $20
Number of LUTs included: 20

All LUTs included in this set serve to change the color scheme and tones in your videos, make the footage warmer or cooler, change its colors, mood, and atmosphere, adjust the lighting, contrast, and other parameters in a matter of seconds. This collection is particularly well-suited for nighttime videos. You can make increase the brightness and contrast of a clip, emphasizing the details without making them look artificial. All provided LUTs can be used by both experienced and beginner moviemakers with equal ease.

Kodak Ektar 100

vision kodak ektar 100 lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

This collection primarily serves to add depth to your video. By applying these LUTs, you receive a beautiful picture with cool tones. As a result, the look of your footage will resemble popular drama films of the past.

Kodak Ultramax 400

vision kodak ultramax 400 lut

Price: $22
Number of LUTs included: 20

This set of LUTs can be of great help to both beginner and professional photographers and movie producers. It provides a terrific color balance between pastel, matte, and airy tones and can also be used for increasing contrast and adjusting white balance. This means that even if your video was recorded in poor lighting conditions, these LUTs will help transform it into a properly-lit masterpiece.

Kodak Gold Gen.6 200

vision kodak gold gen.6 200 lut

Number of LUTs included: 160

This LUT can enhance any video with a clear blue and pink tone while also providing the perfect white balance and density. This set looks particularly impressive when used on summertime videos that feature sand beaches recorded on a sunny day. It allows you to deal with all color issues, boost contrast, and ensure the video looks natural.

Kodak Elite Color 200

Price: $50
Number of LUTs included: 80

The LUTs included in this collection are universal and can be used for videos recorded with any type of camera out there. Using these color grading tools is easy and just in a couple of clicks you can ensure your video has the perfect contrast and brightness while oozing a sense of professionalism.

Kodak Elite Chrome 200

vision kodak elite chrome 200 lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

Most Vision Color LUTs improve the color depth of the video and this one isn’t an exception. The included tools are designed to emphasize the black and white tones of the recorded footage. Such LUTs can be of use to video editors, YouTube bloggers, photographers, videographers, and travelers regardless of their experience level.

LPP Tetrachrome 400

vision lpp tetrachome 400 lut

Price: $21
Number of LUTs included: 20

If you like to experiment, you can use this LUT collection to edit any type of video content, as it provides equally great results for landscape, sports, and underwater footage. If you want to add a winter, matte, or vintage feel to your clips, then these are the perfect tools for the job.

Color Implosion 400

vision color implosion 400 lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

These color grading tools are suitable for nearly all genres and styles, as they can help establish either a somber or romantic atmosphere. This LUT pack is efficient at adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, and shadows while also performing quality color correction.

Kodak Vision3 50D 5203 (NEG)

vision kodak vision3 50d 5203 neg lut

Price: $21
Number of LUTs included: 20

This LUT collection adds warmth to the footage, improves the lighting, makes the red and yellow tones more pronounced, and slightly boosts the overall contrast. The included effects also enhance the brightness while making the water and skies in the video more detailed.

Kodak Vision3 50D 5203 (DP)

vision kodak vision3 50d 5203 dp lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

It’s advised to use these film-themed LUTs on footage recorded outdoors in broad daylight, for instance, when editing wedding, beach, fashion, or landscape videos. These color grading effects are also suitable for footage recorded indoors, especially if its colors look too cold and blue and you want to make them warmer.

Kodak Vision3 250D 5207 (NEG)

vision kodak vision3 250d 5207 neg lut

Price: $21
Number of LUTs included: 20

These color grading tools provide the best results when paired with documentary footage about nature. You can use these effects to fix white balance and correct exposure in winter landscapes, strengthen the green tones of trees and grass, and restore the natural colors to water and skies if the footage was recorded in poor lighting conditions.

Kodak Vision3 200T 5213 (NEG)

vision kodak vision3 200t 5213 neg lut

Number of LUTs included: 20

This collection was designed to make the colors in a video look sharper while providing the perfect white balance. The contrast and color depth are also enhanced. It’s also worth noting that these tools are perfectly suited for footage recorded at twilight or sunrise.

Kodak Vision3 500T 5219 (C41)

vision kodak vision3 500t 5219 c41 lut

Price: $20
Number of LUTs included: 20

This bundle is a terrific fit for all kinds of video genres including travel, romance, street, nature, etc. It provides the best results when used for dark or nighttime scenes, landscape clips, movies about wildlife, travel videos, etc.

Kodak Vision3 500T 5219 (NEG)

vision kodak vision3 500t 5219 neg lut

Number of LUTs included: 260

By downloading this huge LUT collection, you’ll receive quality plugins that can be used with different types of videos. The provided color grading tools are suited for clips about nature and travel, romantic and wedding videos, and beautiful cityscape footage.

Vision Color LUTs Brand Info

VisionColor is the leading developer of a technology that emulates digital film. Both VisionColor and are supported by Patchflyer, a software development company that was established by Jonathan Ochmann. The company provides state-of-the-art, fully-integrated software solutions for all creatives who want to dive into the world of color and go beyond the traditional color editing methods.

Thanks to continuously combining scientific research and artistic intuition, the company creates products that improve existing technologies and allow users to constantly change the digital media landscape. Their products have been used for tens of thousands of productions and expand the capabilities of people who create blockbusters, TV shows, music videos, games, and advertisements.

Bonus Tools

free luts collection fixthephoto

If you’ve liked the tools covered in this Vision Color LUTs review and you want to receive similar effects for your videos for free, then use these alternatives. These free LUTs will be of use to both experienced videographers and those who have only recently begun to learn the art of editing videos and performing color correction. This collection offers over 200 LUTs that can transform the color grading process into a fast and pleasant activity.

Note: All tools we share were created by FixThePhoto experts. We do not copy and share third-party products.