Orange and Teal LUTs

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Orange and Teal LUTs:

    • Commercial Use
    • Available in .CUBE format
    • Windows- and Mac-compatibility
    • Full support for Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop, Luminar, etc.
  • Comercial Use 20
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Orange and Teal LUTs are incredibly useful tools for bringing new life to videos by improving yellow and blue colors. They look particularly great when applied to footage recorded at a beach, or near an ocean or lake due to a large amount of blues. 

You can use any Orange and Teal color LUT to boost the contrast and saturation, make the shadows deeper and the subjects more eye-catching. It can also give videos a “vacation” feel by making them warmer. Another distinct feature of such LUTs is that they make the model’s skin tone smoother and more tanned, without damaging the texture. 

This set includes 20 high-quality Teal and Orange LUTs in .CUBE format that are suitable for color grading video footage of all kinds. This collection was created by professionals and can be used by both experienced and newbie moviemakers and bloggers, who need to edit travel, lifestyle, summertime, beach, and sports videos. 

Best Teal and Orange LUT

  • 20 Orange & Teal LUTs
  • Compatible with Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, etc.
  • Available in .CUBE format
  • Can be used both on Windows and Mac computers
  • Simple to use

Orange and Teal LUT Pack

These Orange and Teal LUTs are ideal for beach, lakeside, and boat trip videos since the added tones fit their color palette perfectly. These LUTs are also great if you’re editing Hollywood feel and want to make the footage more eye-catching and vibrant. You can also add this effect to outdoor sports videos as it helps highlight the energy and action of high-octane scenes.

Even though a Teal and Orange LUT can enhance most videos, it isn’t suitable for all of them. For instance, it doesn’t look as good on videos recorded indoors, especially if the scene isn’t well-lit. 

Such a LUT can be also useless if the footage has already high contrast and warmth since you don’t want the colors to be oversaturated. Mind that it’s not recommended to apply such a filter to nighttime clips.

Teal and Orange LUTs serve to do the following:

  • Get rid of bleak colors by making them juicier and more popping
  • Add depth and contrast to footage with a lot of blue tones
  • Make the person’s skin tone smoother, more tanned and beautiful
  • Increase the warmth of the scene and add a “summer vacation” feel

The most popular LUT orange and deal options offered in the package include “Skin” and “Classic” as they add the desired tones and depth, while also significantly improving the model’s skin and maintaining a natural look.

Other Teal and Orange LUT Premiere Pro effects you can find in this bundle are “Droplets”, “Deep Colors”, “Tiffany”, and “Teal Highlights”. They can be applied to videos that have an abundance of blue hues, particularly water surfaces and skies.

If you want to focus on increasing the contrast, slightly changing the colors to orange and teal, the “Saturation” LUT is perfect for the task. If you’re after a vintage feel, try the “Retro Tint” Orange and Teal LUT download.

FixThePhoto Orange and Teal LUTs Bundle Includes:

Orange and Teal LUTs:Teal, Droplets, Skin Tone, Saturation, Orange&Teal, Light Colors, Greeny, Autumn, Deep Colors, Orange Shot, Tiffany Color, Classic, Sunset, Breath Sea, Only Orange, Orange Shadow, Seaside, Beach, Retro Tint, Teal Highlights.


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