Ground Control LUTs

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Ground Control LUTs:

    • Commercial Use
    • Available in .CUBE format
    • Windows- and Mac-compatibility
    • Full support for Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop, Luminar, etc.
  • Comercial Use 20
  • Size14.2 MB
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This Ground Control LUTs collection will be a perfect choice for those filmmakers searching for universal video effects. They are suitable for practically all genres and styles, creating a moody or romantic atmosphere in the footage. All LUTs from these Ground Control set effectively cope with regulating brightness, contrast, saturation, enhancing shadows and performing color grading. They will fully satisfy the requirements of professional videographers. 

Create any desired look in your videos – from vibrant and colorful to soft and muted with the help of our LUTs! The collection consists of 20 professionally-made LUTs in the .CUBE format aimed at video color correction. Each Ground Control LUT was developed by a skillful FixThePhoto team. Experienced and beginning videographers, bloggers, photographers, and travelers can easily take advantage of this set and use it for their creative works and experiments in several clicks.

Ground Control LUT Pack

  • 20 High-Quality Ground Control LUTs
  • Compatible with Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, etc.
  • Featured in .CUBE format
  • Supported by Windows and Mac
  • Intuitive in use

Ground Control LUT Pack

You shouldn’t worry that these Ground Control LUTs may not suit your videos. The collection is pretty universal and absolutely perfect for any kind of outdoor footage and theme – wedding, seascape, urban, portrait, landscape, sports, etc. 

Our Ground Control color correction LUTs will be a great and worthy addition to a video post-production toolkit. If you are interested in enhancing your night, wedding or dynamic street footage with warm and vibrant tones or colorful tints, giving them a professional touch, this set is a definite must-have for you.

Get acquainted with some of the most popular Ground Control LUTs from our collection to find out how you can use them for your videos:

  • Exotic Style LUT is ideal for footage shot outside, under the bright sun. It turns the yellow tones into orange, whitens the blue hues and adds a gorgeous purple tint. Apply this Ground Control LUT for a hint of mystery in your video.
  • Aqua LUT was created specifically for fixing color issues in videos recorded near water. Apply it and the water will instantly acquire a stunning turquoise color. Moreover, this LUT adds a cold blue tint to other objects in the footage.
  • Evening LUT. Select this Ground Control effect when you need to edit videos taken in rainy or cloudy weather. It will bring back the color “taken away” by your camera while recording, without making the footage too vibrant, and preserving a moody atmosphere.
FixThePhoto Ground Control LUTs Bundle Includes:

Ground Control LUTs: Moonrise, Skin Tone, Evening, Glow Highlight, Exsotic Style, Ice Tint, Cinematic, Chocolate Shadows, Caramel Tone, Sunrise, Artistic Color, Deeply Matte, Aqua, Wild Nature, Vintage Garden, Matte, B&W, Glimpses Light, Contrast, Cornflower Glow.


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