38 Wedding Boudoir Photo Ideas for Any Bride

Wedding Boudoir

Do you plan a wedding boudoir shoot, but have no idea where to start? I went through this stressful process too and know what it takes to get mind-blowing results.

wedding boudoir

That’s why I’ve gathered wedding boudoir photography ideas and tips for sensual bride portraits. Read more about how to feel relaxed at the boudoir wedding photoshoot.

38 Wedding Boudoir Ideas

It is necessary to prepare for a successful wedding boudoir photoshoot in advance, just the same way you prepare for the ceremony. Don’t be afraid to change the concept of the photoshoot according to your bride’s taste. Feel free to add details and combine various ideas.

1. Bath with Flowers

wedding boudoir

Take bridal boudoir photos in the bath with real flowers. Use light white shirts to achieve more intimacy or a veil to cover the most private parts of your body.

2. Use Your Groom’s Things

boudoir photography ideas

You may take several things that belong to your groom to the shooting in order to impress him. It may be his favorite shirt, tie, or some hobby-related objects.

3. Use Veil

boudoir photo ideas

Use your wedding veil as a stylish accessory that will make each boudoir wedding photo an amazing one.

You may cover yourself with it when you stay in front of the window or lie in the bed or on the floor. You are free to take any poses you like.

4. Use Any Light Fabric

boudoir wedding photo

It can be a piece of fabric of any color. The great advantage of this method is that fabric is bigger than a veil so you may cover all the private parts with it.

5. Highlight Your Jewelry

wedding boudoir photo

Boudoir wedding photos will look particularly great with jewelry, especially if it was given by your future husband.

Take your favorite jewelry and use it as the main prop. These may be large earrings, various necklaces, and of course, the wedding ring.

6. Use Stylish Masks

glamour photography Check Masks on Amazon

Lacy masks will add mystery and artistic effect to your bridal boudoir photos. You may choose the colors to match your lingerie or oppose to it making the image bright and colorful.

7. Near the Water

creative wedding boudoir

If you are not shy to get naked outdoors, choose a lake or a river as your photo location.

Doing so, think beforehand where to go and make sure that there aren’t too many eyes. Take a light cover and some accessories with you.

8. Use Over-Sized Clothes

boudoir wedding photo

It may be the favorite sweater of your mate which is too large for you highlighting slim legs and a sportive body.

Use jewelry as additional accessories for such wedding boudoir photos.

9. In Front of the Window

boudoir photo ideas

If you have a big beautiful window at home, ask the shooter to take several shots in front of it.

I recommend taking such boudoir wedding photos on sunny days or in the evening. The shadows will prevail and make the image more enigmatic.

In the evening, city lights will also look great in the shot.

10. In the Bed

glamour photography

Bed boudoir images are rather popular since you may take any pose you like. Use various accessories such as flowers, jewelry, a veil, etc. Cover the private parts with a bed-sheet.

11. Use a Wedding Bouquet

boudoir photography ideas

If your wedding bouquet is ready on the date of the wedding boudoir shooting, use it as an additional prop or just have something similar made for you.

In such a way, you will have the shot with one of the main symbols of the ceremony.

12. Getting-Ready Shots

wedding boudoir photos

You may arrange a mini rehearsal of your preparations before the ceremony. You will get a great number of cool boudoir wedding images in which you do make-up, hair, or try on the wedding dress.

13. In the Car

boudoir wedding photos

One more variant of the street wedding boudoir photography is shooting in the car. The pictures will be especially nice if your sweetheart has an interesting retro model or you may rent it for several hours.

14. Pin-Up Style

boudoir wedding photo pin up

Catchy make-up, large jewelry, various hats, and retro things will create the necessary pin-up atmosphere and turn your boudoir wedding photos into bright and memorable shots.

15. Use a Big Mirror

boudoir photo ideas

Wedding boudoir photos in front of the mirror are awesome with their uniqueness and interesting effects when you are seen from all sides.

You may do make-up or look at yourself, and the shooter will do his/her work.

16. In the Vintage Style

boudoir photo vintage

You may use a corset and do appropriate makeup to achieve a vintage effect in your boudoir wedding photos.

Take vinyl records, small black hats, an old suitcase, and everything you find in your attic from the past epoch to the shooting.

17. Silhouette Images

glamour photography silhouette

If you want to have mysterious wedding boudoir images, ask your shooter to arrange a silhouette photo session.

In such a way, naked parts of the body will not be seen and you will get only a beautiful silhouette. Such a photo session may take place outdoors and indoors.

18. Use Lights

boudoir photo ideas Check Fairy Lights on Amazon

If you have garlands, take them to the shooting. It is a type of silhouette photography when separate parts of your body will be lit with small lights, while the other ones will remain out-of-focus and beyond human curiosity.

19. On the Balcony

creative boudoir photo

Such wedding boudoir shouting should take place early in the morning when the city is still empty or in the evening when the passing cars and city lamps will add a special hint to each image.

If you are not shy, you can be absolutely naked or use a light transparent cover.

20. Flower Hat

wedding boudoir photo with flowers

Ask your shooter to make a flower hat for you. It will be an interesting and original accessory for wedding boudoir photography.

You may put it on your head as well as on other parts of your body combining it with various props, a veil, and jewelry.

21. With Rose Petals

original wedding boudoir

Rose petals have always been the symbol of passion and seductiveness. This makes them a perfect prop to use during a wedding boudoir shoot.

22. Decide on the Date

Everything depends on whether you will have special cosmetic services done before your ceremony. If yes, then I recommend shooting a week after you finish all procedures in order for you to look gorgeous.

Mind that it is better not to carry out the photo session during the lady phase. In addition, do not plan a boudoir bridal photoshoot just the day before the ceremony because you will have a lot of other things to do in such an exciting period.

23. Find a Photographer

Many wedding photographers often offer brides to take wedding boudoir photos and include this type of photo session in a contract. To start with, ask the photographer who will shoot your ceremony whether he/she offers this type of services and view his/her ready-made pictures.

Otherwise, you can search for the necessary photographer on the net. There are professionals who offer such services in almost every city.

24. Decide on the Location

You can organize the wedding boudoir photo shoot in unusual places. In addition to the standard studio or your apartment, you can choose other locations like a forest, deserted region or shore.

Also, it is possible to shoot on the roof of a building or at an old construction spot. There are a lot of places to take stunning images, so everything depends only on your preferences. I recommend you to check the weather forecast beforehand and choose the optimal time of day.

25. Prepare Outfit and Accessories

glamour boudoir photo ideas

Prepare the outfit in advance. The veil, all kinds of corsets as well as sexy and cute lingerie. Also, take a few bright clothing, so that you will be able to combine them with each other.

Do not forget about such accessories as caps, headbands and face masks. The most essential attribute of bridal boudoir photography is jewelry, especially the wedding ring.

26. Pick Shoes

boudoir photo ideas

Think carefully about the shoes. High heels are a must-have attribute of any boudoir wedding photo session. Even if you are wearing jeans or a swimsuit, high-heeled shoes will fit your look.

In addition to the visual lengthening of the legs, high heels make the posture more aristocratic. Moreover, the model’s ass and hips will look tight and feminine.

27. Take Someone with You

If you feel nervous, then think about taking a close friend with you who will be able to calm you down or give a piece of advice. It is normal to worry if you pose for the first time.

Besides, you can ask a photographer to take some joint shots, so make sure that your friend also brings the necessary things for the wedding boudoir photoshoot.

28. Wear Loose Clothing Before the Shoot

Two or three days before the shooting, do not wear any tight clothing that can leave marks on your body. Of course, most of them can then be removed with the help of Photoshop, but you will have to spend more time on image post-production.

Moreover, during the photo session, you should feel confident. Also, bring a comfortable and loose dressing gown, which brings some mystery to your wedding boudoir photos.

29. Professional Make-Up

During the wedding boudoir photoshoot, the photographers usually use various lamps, take close-ups and offer various poses, so a modern camera can capture the texture of your face and your make-up in detail.

In order to receive high-quality pictures, hire a professional make-up artist who will help you with make-up before shooting. Moreover, she/he should do everything possible, so that in a few hours your make-up won’t be spoilt under the studio or natural lighting.

You can also watch tutorials on YouTube and put on make-up yourself if you want to save money.

30. Discuss the Final Result

If you want to see the source images before they will be retouched, discuss it with the photographer in advance. You may not have the same views on which shots are the best. Perhaps, you will want to have all the source pictures.

If you want to discuss color correction/ image retouching, then also do it beforehand. You can ask to show one ready-made picture and agree on all the nuances before the photographer proceeds to retouching the rest of your boudoir wedding photos. Also, don’t forget to ask a shooter about the terms of delivery.

31. Outsource Photo Editing

free photoshop cloud brush wedding boudoir editing

If you like a photographer but its processing does not quite suit you can always use the professional photo editing services that will happily process your images.

Order Photo Retouching

32. Think About Food

It is necessary not to be full up before the photoshoot. If you are shooting in the afternoon, have a hearty breakfast. You can have a snack before the photo session if you are hungry. If you know that you are going to shoot for a long time, bring a snack with you.

33. Show the Examples of Photos You Like

ring the picture samples or the magazines with your favorite wedding boudoir photography poses. Show them to a photographer and he/she will help pose you the same way as in the photo.

34. Relax Your Hands

correct boudoir wedding

While posing, you should always remember about your arms, especially hands. Make sure you don’t hide them behind the body or hair.

Try to relax your hand as much as possible so that it resembles a graceful ballerina’s hand and does not look like a bird's foot.

35. Accentuate the Eyes

Pay special attention to your eyes. Eyes are one of the most important parts of the bridal boudoir photos. The success of the photoshoot is directly related to how you manage to control your eyes.

Experiment with your emotions: smile, joy, laughter, pain, anger – this is not a complete list of what a person can express with the help of their eyes. Do not be afraid to appear silly – identical emotions are worse.

36. Choose the Right Angle

wrong boudoir wedding pose

For most people, one of the best viewing angles is a semi-profile. But even here you can go too far: do not turn the face too much. You should feel comfortable looking at the camera, then, the eyes will not be crossed and the photographer won’t capture cheeks only.

A common mistake is to set your elbows forward. Such an angle distorts your hands, making them too massive.

37. Pose Your Back and Hips Properly

best wedding boudoir photography

The most important moment in posing while taking a full-height wedding boudoir portrait is the position of the hips and back. The back should be straight, even if the photograph is taken full-face.

You need to pull the top of the head up while moving the pelvic bones back. Thus, the figure will look perfect from any angle.

38. Think About How to Pose Your Legs

bad boudoir photos

When shooting wedding boudoir portraits, you don’t often pay attention to the legs. Nevertheless, you have to remember that the legs shouldn’t be parallel to each other when you are sitting.

Moreover, they shouldn’t be closer to the photographer than the body. Do not sit on your legs. If you cross them, you can visually achieve greater harmony. In case you move the legs closer to the body, your feet won’t seem disproportionately large.

Free Presets for Boudoir Photo Editing

Wedding boudoir photos require special image post-processing in order to emphasize the mystery of the shots, as well as to make them more interesting. With these free presets, you may edit your favorite pictures in a certain style.

Free Lr Preset “Soft Skin”

This free preset will help you even out the skin tone and improve each boudoir wedding photo you have after the shoot. Besides, it perfectly adjusts the white balance.

Free Lr Preset “B&W Essential”

Bridal boudoir photography in black and white style has always been rather popular. This preset will quickly and efficiently convert the shot into monochrome one without losing the quality and depth of the expressed idea.

Free Lr Preset “Contrast Warm”

This free preset will improve the contrast of bridal boudoir photos and will eliminate unnecessary shadows.

Free Lr Preset “White Balance”

This preset will make wedding boudoir photography more stylish, bright and saturated. In just a few seconds, the tool enhances the color tone and contrast of the shot.

Free Lr Preset “Cold Shadows”

This preset is suitable for portrait boudoir wedding photos. With its help, you may get more mysterious pictures. It increases the contrast of the shot and improves the model’s skin tone.

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