25 Boudoir Photo Ideas – Sensual and Pretty Boudoir Photography Ideas

Boudoir Photo Ideas

Look though these 25 boudoir photo ideas if you’re planning a boudoir photoshoot but don’t know how to prepare for it. What outfit, lingerie or props to use, what are the best poses for any figure, and what boudoir photo ideas will make any husband surprised.

25 Boudoir Photo Ideas

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If you shoot in boudoir-style, you will find many creative boudoir photo ideas for any woman. At the same time, it is not necessary to have ideal body or hide tattoos to get artistic pictures.

1. Shooting at Dawn

boudoir shooting in the forest

I recommend doing such type of photoshoot during the first hour after sunrise. In this case, it is better to bring see-through clothing. This boudoir photography idea will be great for daring and confident ladies.

2. In the Bathroom

boudoir photography in the bathroom

In the bathroom you can realize various boudoir photo shoot ideas. It is possible to fill the bath with petals of flowers, place round dozens of candles or even fill it with milk. Moreover, you can do all at once!

3. In the Sea

boudoir photography in the sea

It is better to shoot in the evening during sunset, so the lighting will be quite interesting and it will make the photo more vivid. Bring a pair of favorite swimsuits, see-through clothing and take a few photos against the sunset.

You can lie on the beach, so that the waves wash your body or stand waist-deep in the water.

4. Landscape Background

landscape boudoir photography

Who said that boudoir photoshoot should be organized only indoors? You may take advantage of shooting against a landscape background. It is better to do it during the golden hours, one hour before sunset or one hour after sunrise.

Install a Golden Hour app (Android or iOS) that will help you understand when to take photos. During this period of the day, outdoor lighting is the best. Just think in advance about the location without any tourists.

5. Taking Shower

boudoir photography in shower

Take a couple of stunning boudoir photos for husband while taking a shower. There is no need to be completely naked. It will be interesting if the model wears a white loose shirt and is staying under running water.

Also, it is possible to hide behind the shower door. In this case, you should turn on hot water beforehand to get a necessary effect.

6. In Deserted Alleys

boudoir photography in deserted alleys

If you like the idea of shooting outside, but it’s hard to find a breathtaking landscape, you can search for deserted side streets with stylish arches. Take stunning photos with buildings in the background.

If you can’t find an appropriate background, you can shoot on a bright sunny day. In this case, the background will be lit, and there will be more artistic shadows in the image. I recommend bringing a light scarf or wrap.

7. Near the Window

boudoir photography near the window

The photos taken near the window are mysterious. They give excellent light and allow you to play with shadows. It is important to trust the photographer in order to create a beautiful composition.

You can bring your favorite lingerie and jewelry. In case you want to take sexy bride photos, do not forget about the veil. Also, the corset and stockings will harmoniously suit such type of photo session. Another great idea is to shoot at home with a blanket, favorite toy or wearing a nightgown.

8. On the Roof

boudoir photography on the roof

This is one of the most extreme but truly creative boudoir photo ideas. The perfect time is the evening when the switched-on headlamps of passing cars and city lights are clearly visible.

9. On the Balcony

boudoir photography on the balcony

In the evening or at dawn, it is possible to take a couple of shots on the balcony. The photo will be lit by the evening lights of the city and cars, and the rays of the sun will create their patterns on the model’s body.

I recommend using a white sheet as a garment to create a homely atmosphere.

10. Make Photo Retouching

boudoir photography retouching boudoir photography retouching

All nude photos should be edited before giving to the model.

Starting from color correction to skin airbrushing, you need to get realistic and professional results.

If you're not a pro in Photoshop, outsource photo editing to online services like Fixthephoto and get image retouching help for about $5 per image.

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11. Use Veil

boudoir photography use the veil

This is a perfect wedding boudoir photo session idea. It is possible to take a confiding and, at the same time, a mysterious image using a veil. If you are doing a regular photoshoot, you can replace this wedding attribute with thin see-through clothing.

12. Favorite Jewelry

favorite jewelry boudoir photography

You can put an emphasis on your favorite jewelry. In this case, you can shoot either individual parts of the body or take a full-length photo. I recommend you to use one-color lingerie or see-through fabric.

13. Wedding Preparation

wedding preparation boudoir photography

To take excellent wedding boudoir photos, invite a photographer and ask him/her to capture all the preparation moments before the wedding.

Start from waking up and finish with the moment you are dressing. Think about the underwear, jewelry and natural morning makeup in advance.

14. In His Shirt

boudoir photography in his shirt

A men's shirt on a graceful woman’s body will add elegance and femininity to the picture. For such photoshoots, the model wears only a men's shirt. There shouldn’t be any pants, skirts or shorts.

It is not necessary to carefully style your hair, put on bright makeup and wear gaudy jewelry. I recommend using poses, which will accentuate separate parts of the body, for example, slender legs, hands, collarbone, neck and shoulders.

15. Use Masks

use masks boudoir photography

Use lace masks, which are the same color as underwear in order to achieve an interesting result. This way, you will get a more sensual image and a more mysterious look.

I recommend purchasing several masks. You can buy either simple or “Venetian” mask. Do not forget to pick up the appropriate underwear or semi-transparent clothing as well as jewelry.

16. New Look

new look boudoir photography

You can try a new extraordinary look wearing a firefighter, policewoman or military outfit. A delicate lady in large and loose apparel looks always amazing. For such a photoshoot, it is better to rent work clothing.

You can also wear one-color underwear, elegant shoes and various jewelry. In addition, you can paint black eye shadows on the body as if you have just returned from a dangerous mission.

17. Sports Props

sports props boudoir photography

In your boudoir photo shoot, you can always show that you are a fan of a particular soccer club. Also, it is possible to use your favorite soccer team attributes.

Along with a T-shirt, you can use a soccer ball and a hamlet.

18. Pin-Up

pin-up boudoir photography Buy Hairbands on Amazon

This is a cult American style, which is ideal for boudoir photo shoots and will allow you to get bright and stylish photos. It is necessary to create a special look having long eyelashes, deep red lipstick and scarlet blush.

I recommend making fluffy hair, voluminous and unruly curls, and use hairbands. Choose such accessories as handbags, hats and bright jewelry. Also, it will be interesting to use a couple of vinyl records, an old suitcase or a disc phone.

19. Use Lights

use lights boudoir photography Buy LED String Lights on Amazon

This is one of the most extraordinary boudoir photo ideas. Use little LED lights on the model’s body to highlight some parts. Everything else will be in the shade to create a mysterious look.

I recommend using LED string lights of the same color. The ideal option is the lights of white color.

20. On the Eve of the Holiday

boudoir photography on the eve of the holiday

This is a great idea to organize a photoshoot on the eve of a particular holiday. You will need to prepare certain props to create a festive atmosphere.

21. Bright Paints

bright paints boudoir photography Buy Fluorescent Paint on Amazon

You can stock up with multi-colored paint and create bright details on your body, which will emphasize it and make the photos more vivid. Dip your hands in paint and leave traces of your palms all over the body.

It is better to use face-paints. If you want to make your photos more creative, then use fluorescent paint to take a couple of shots in the dark.

22. Favorite Hobby

favorite hobby boudoir photography

You can take all your favorite things and use them in the sexy boudoir photoshoot. Books, musical instruments and sports props will make your photos more attention-grabbing.

23. In Flour

boudoir photography in flour Buy Holi Colors Powder on Amazon

These are very dynamic sexy boudoir photos. You will surely remember the pre-shooting process and the ending result. For this kind of photo session, you will need to use flour and one-color clothes. I recommend you not to style hair.

You will often shake your head, so hair should look natural. It is better not to put on too bright makeup. You can bring some bright things such as jewelry, headbands to make an emphasis on color. Also, it is possible to use Holi colors powder.

24. Retro Style

retro style boudoir photography

It would be great to turn into Merlin Monroe or Coco Chanel to experience what the sexiest woman in the world looks like. It is necessary to get a similar hairstyle, put on appropriate makeup and wear neutral accessories, which resemble another era.

25. Couple Photos

couple photos boudoir photography

It is a great idea to organize a sexy photoshoot for husband and wife or for unmarried couples. The pictures will be lively, emotional and candid.

I recommend bringing several favorite and important things for both partners in order to put the main emphasis on them. The woman can wear the man’s shirt, and he can wear jeans with his shirt off.

Boudoir Photo Editing Freebies

You can easily enhance your shots by downloading Ps actions, Lr presets or Ps overlays for free. They will make your boudoir pictures more attractive in several clicks.

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Brighten Free Light & Airy Lightroom Preset

This LR preset will make your pictures lighter, brighter and deeper. If there weren’t enough light during the shooting and the photos were dark, this filter would allow you to improve them.

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This PS action allows you to change the contrast settings. Moreover, it makes the photos sharper and more appealing.

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