Wedding Portraits Tips

Wedding Portraits Tips

Wedding portraits are very difficult to take well from the first time. If you want to surprise and satisfy your first couple, repeat these beautiful wedding portrait photos that are the best in 2024.

25 Best Wedding Portraits in 2024

Other than candid, ceremony and reception shots, your priority as a wedding photographer should be taking couple portraits.

Even though there’s nothing wrong with using some standard poses, you shouldn’t limit yourself to “hug and smile”. With the help of interesting props, background or posing, a simple wedding portrait can become one of the best wedding pictures in your portfolio.

If you’re interested in taking unconventional, emotional and spontaneous wedding portraits, then this Top Wedding Portrait List from real weddings is what you need.

1. Showtime from the Sunroof

wedding portraits in a car Photographer: Lima Conlon

I recommend using this technique when shooting a kiss to get extraordinary pictures of the couple in the car. In addition, the pose creates the additional impression of the lovers floating in their own world. This idea doesn’t suit royal wedding official portraits but it can be used for taking lifestyle photos.

2. Boat

wedding portrais in a boat Photographer: Steven Dray

Do lakes have symbolic meaning to the bride and groom’s love story? If yes, then rent a rowboat and take some incredibly romantic photos that deserve to be included in a weddings gallery.

3. Lying in the Grass

wedding photos gallery in the grass Photographer: Robin Groenevelt

To portray the feeling of sensual trust between the newlyweds and take the most beautiful wedding photo, ask them to lie down in a park somewhere with their faces touching as they face opposite directions. The shot looks even better if the couple has their eyes closed and the bride gently caresses her partner’s hair or cheek.

4. Create Interesting Lightning Atmosphere

beautiful wedding pictures with lights Photographer: Jen Yuson

Romantic garlands of flowers, hearts and other sweet things will make your photos stunning.

5. Run Away Together

creative bridal portrait ideas Photographer: Lima Conlon

During this amazing wedding, the renowned Lima Conlon seized the moment and immediately agreed to work at such a notable location. For this photo, Lima used his surroundings to frame the shot with leaves and convey the feeling of intimacy. He captured the couple’s gentle look while gaining some distance from the action.

6. Center of Attention

wedding portraits at the beautiful location Photographer: Kent Wong

Although the landscape in this photograph occupies a lot of space, all eyes are on the bride and groom skillfully photographed against the backdrop of the rural structures. Center the couple in the middle of the photo, if you shoot from above.

7. Riding a Bike

wedding portraits on a bike

This idea for wedding photography is symbolic and popular among many photographers. The dynamism of the pair together with the correctly selected bicycles will make the photo lively and emotional.

8. Incorporate Textures and Fabric

veil and bridal portraits poses

Adding something new to pictures of brides and grooms kissing is no easy task. Red Sparrow Wedding Photography and Videography Studio from Ohio recommends to add a sense of shyness and purity by having the groom hide under the veil, framing the couple and helping convey the feeling of unity.

9. Bride or Groom With a Horseback

beautiful wedding pictures with horse

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful wedding pose than the bride riding a prideful stallion. If it’s at all possible, try to get a horse for your bridal portraits.

10. Experiment with Shadows

beautiful wedding portraits with shadows

In this particular case, the photographer employs spotlight and shadows to achieve this hauntingly beautiful effect. The added drama and depth will surely help such a photo stand out in any wedding photos gallery as well as in the wedding album of your clients.

11. Umbrella Light

wedding photos with umbrella Photographer: Megan Wilson

At most beautiful weddings, you can find a versatile prop like a white umbrella and use it to add atmosphere and creativity to a shot. If you’re working during nighttime, instruct the newlyweds to hide behind the umbrella and place a light behind them. This will help you capture the silhouettes of the bride and groom in the umbrella for a unique photograph.

12. Street Style

street style wedding portraits Photographer: Lima Conlon

It sounds a bit unusual, isn’t it? This is one of the creative bridal portrait ideas. Capture the bride in a chic wedding dress along with an elegant groom using urban environment as a background. These photos will be an ideal replacement for the traditional landscape images.

13. Use Popping Props

wedding portraits props

Use different holiday props like balloons, and it will help visually improve even the standard wedding portraits poses. Use free Lightroom presets to make high quality color correction.

14. Together with the Pets

best wedding pictures with pet

A dog can make a portrait photograph less formal and give it cheerful notes.

  • If you’re interested in some neon photography this guide deserves your attention.

15. Explore the Dynamics within the Wedding Party

beautiful wedding group photos Photographer: Tom Calton

Even if you’re working at a relatively small wedding, the relationships built within the group will come to life in the most unexpected ways. Letting the dynamics within the wedding party flourish usually leads to incredibly funny and candid wedding portraits that highlight the bond shared by the newlyweds’ friends and family.

British photographer Tom Calton is especially great at taking group photos that are full of life just like the one seen above from Johnny and Laura’s wedding.

16. Shift the Perspective

bridal portrait poses from above

Play with perspective to make your photos more appealing to the viewer. Try taking wedding portraits from a bird's eye view. In this case, even the ordinary composition will look amazing. You can capture every detail of this memorable day.

17. Use Double Exposure

beautiful double exposure wedding portraits

Bridal Musings blog and the wedding publication The Knot claim that using double exposure (or so-called multiple exposures is one of the popular approaches in modern wedding photography.

This dreamy photo-taking technique will allow you to get an incredible shot even without image post-processing.

18. Conceptualize the Moment

amazing wedding moment shot Photographer: Andrew Jose

Aim your lens not only at the bride and groom but also at other objects associated with the celebration. Of course, traditional photos with parents, friends and vows shots should be your first priority.

However, be sure to pay attention to toasts, hugs, raised arms or moves on the dance floor. All this will help transfer true emotions and atmosphere to the wedding photos gallery.

19. Make the Couple Laugh

most beautiful wedding couple laugh Photographer: Danielle Victoria

To get the best wedding pictures, you need to help your newlyweds relax. After all, not every person feels comfortable in front of the camera.

You may need a lot of time to capture the pose you have in mind. Tell a joke or a curious story to ease the tension and bring a natural smile to the couple’s faces. Danielle Victoria is a true professional who managed to capture genuine joy and happiness in the picture above.

20. The Wrap and Kiss

 wrap and kiss wedding portraits

Wedding portraits of newlyweds embracing are incredibly cute. Ask the groom to kiss the bride on the forehead and capture this moment. This will be an amazing shot.

21. Family Occasion

family wedding photos

This couple combined their wedding with the celebration of their little daughter’s first birthday. It is an excellent example of wedding family portraits, capturing the touching moments of their life. Make up a Wedding Family Portrait Checklist to be sure you won’t miss anyone.

22. First Look

first look wedding portraits Photographer: Lima Conlon

To capture the first glance and the real emotions of the solemn occasion you will need to use your imagination and non-ordinary approach. I advise you to use a pretty blindfold as one of the bridal pictures ideas to draw attention to the portrait.

23. Take Advantage of the Location

beautiful wedding pictures with common location

The photographer decided to use the wide possibilities offered by the outdoor shooting and created an incredibly bold shot of newlyweds. This unusual image is breathtaking. To repeat this idea and take beautiful wedding pictures, find interesting angles and make the most of them.

24. Wedding Portrait from the Back

beautiful bridal poses for photography

Capture the turned bride who looks over her shoulder. Be careful: the chin should be separated from the shoulder.

I also advise you to make sure that the bride does not turn too much. Otherwise, it can lead to a breach of the profile plane. Use this idea for bridal portraits after wedding and supply your customers with wonderful photos.

25. Use the Bouquet

wedding portrait with the bouquet

Use your imagination and include the bouquet for bridal portraits. This accessory is an essential part of the bride’s image so it is just silly not to use it during the shooting. However, you should remember that a girl must keep her hands a short distance from the body.

BONUS Tip: Outsource Wedding Portrait Editing

editing service for wedding portraitsediting service for wedding portraits
Order Wedding Portrait Retouching for $2 per photo

Always enhance your wedding portraits to make them look even better. If you don’t have time to do it on your own, let professionals edit your wedding portraits: improve colors, skin, remove unnecessary objects, etc.

FREEBIES For Wedding Portraits

If you want to get amazing wedding shots without time-consuming image editing, you can take advantage of these free Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets.

Clear Contrast

free lightroom preset for wedding portraitsfree lightroom preset for wedding portraits

This Lr filter for wedding portraits will help you enhance the image and emphasize the beauty of the bride and groom. It corrects vibrancy and contrast and completes the picture. You should not use this preset for saturated and bright photos.

Balanced Saturation

free lightroom preset for wedding galleryfree lightroom preset for wedding gallery

To enhance the cool shades in the picture, apply this filter. It is great for images with a predominance of blue tones. This preset will add a special mood to your pictures of brides. As it is created for outdoor photography, you should not use it for studio shots.

Creamy Tints

free photoshop action for wedding portraitsfree photoshop action for wedding portraits

Most people associate wedding photo galleries with light colors. It can be very bright shades or various blue tones. Use this Photoshop action if you want to add a light burnt effect to your images. Besides, the photo will get a warmer and softer color palette.

Magical Glow

free photoshop action for wedding galleryfree photoshop action for wedding gallery

This plug-in is a great solution for editing dark wedding portraits. It adds a soft light to the image and makes dark parts brighter. Photos look attractive although they get slight roughness. This glow effect looks great with both outdoor and indoor shots.

5. Circular Shine

free photoshop overlay for wedding portraitsfree photoshop overlay for wedding portraits

This overlay adds a shining frame around the subject. Use this overlay for photos with muted colors if you want to get a more harmonious look. Thanks to this plugin, you will create beautiful wedding pictures with an emphasis on the foreground.

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