Wedding Photography Classes

Wedding Photography Classes

What makes a good wedding photographer better? If you are a self-educated wedding photographer who doesn’t need an online photography certificate but want to know all the latest trends in wedding photography business, mind the following list of online/offline courses, wedding photography classes, tutorials, wedding seminars and workshops.

We have prepared the review of the most popular wedding photography classes that will be useful for your professional growth.

Professional Wedding Photography Courses

1. The Wedding Story: Capture Creative and Authentic Photos

Main Information:

  • Duration: 56 Video lessons
  • Cost: $99
  • Level: Advanced
  • Instructors: Davina and Daniel Kudish

Davina and Daniel Kudish know the world of wedding photography and are ready to share their knowledge and personal experience to motivate you, who are searching for creative wedding photography techniques. You don’t need to attend a wedding photography school, but keep your ears open to their effective recommendations.


  • Establish Client Relationship
  • Sidelines & Story Telling Details
  • Have Variety With Light & Composition
  • Find Flattering Ambient Light
  • Purpose of the Creative Portrait
  • Experiment with Your Photography

Davina and Daniel have become famous because of their unique manner of capturing and representing each wedding story. They know what moments of the wedding have to be in the limelight and how to make each client happy. If you are looking for the wedding photography classes near me, mind this type of studying – video tutorials by professionals. Their formula has appeared to be very effective and they are ready to disclose the secret for you to become experienced wedding photographer.

What Will You Get to Know?

  • how to communicate with your potential clients at the pre-wedding stage;
  • to make together with a couple the “script” of the wedding shooting;
  • the methods of determining locations;
  • what to do if you have to work in poor lighting conditions;
  • to keep the natural atmosphere and save the mood of the event;
  • to create the non-standard group and individual portraits;
  • how to make an album and prepare a cool slide-show.
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Instructors: Davina and Daniel Kudish Website| Facebook| Instagram

wedding photography classes Davina and Daniel are two very talented photographers, who decided to organize wedding photography training for the interested people and founded The Image Salon in Montreal. They spend most of their time in Canada, living in a peaceful place near a beautiful lake, surrounded by the ancient woods. They know their craft well, as they have photographed lots of weddings in different parts of the world, won various international awards and continue taking an active part in mass media. Moreover, they organize wedding photography courses to share their ideas.

Student Works:

wedding photography classes online wedding photography college classes

2. The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience

Main Information:

  • Duration: 34 Video lessons
  • Cost: $249
  • Level: Any
  • Instructors: Jasmine Star

Among all wedding photography classes near me, video tutorials by Jasmine Star will teach you how to find the balance between the preparation for the wedding shooting, taking photos at the ceremony and do all wedding photo retouching work.


  • How to Photograph Ceremony Details
  • How to Photograph Reception Details
  • Bridal Prep
  • Post Wedding Workflow
  • How to Shoot in the Worst Light
  • How to Officially Start a Photography Business

The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience is a popular wedding photography training center that gives you the overall understanding of the essentials of the prosperous business.

At these wedding photography classes, you will understand how the most famous and successful photographers maintain their business, what strategies and methods they use to attract the clients. The theoretical courses will be accompanied by wedding seminars and workshops, during which you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge.

What Will You Get to Know?

  • how to make an effective business plan;
  • how to receive marketing services FOC;
  • how to draw new clients;
  • how to find new partners and build business relations;
  • how to establish and report the cost.
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Instructor: Jasmine Star Website| Facebook| Instagram

wedding photography classes Jasmine Star is a young beautiful photographer from California, who was nominated as one of the best wedding photographers of 2009 according to the well-known American Photo magazine, and is one of the best trainer of wedding photography classes online/offline. While preparing for her own wedding, she "rummaged" a bunch of wedding photographers until she came across David Jay. His energy and imagination inspired Jasmine so much that she decided to leave the Law school and to realize her dream of becoming a photographer. First, she worked as a second shooter at weddings but then decided to start her own business and organize wedding photography classes. Jasmine describes her style as "fresh, young and cheerful." Unlike other wedding photographers, she performs 25-30 wedding photo sessions annually.

Student Works:

wedding photographer training courses wedding photographer training courses wedding photography certificate program

3. Location, Posing, Execution

Main Information:

  • Duration: 31 Video lessons
  • Cost: $64
  • Level: Any
  • Instructors: Roberto Valenzuela

How to provide quality photos if the location you work at is rather “dull”? Get tired of standard poses, but feel afraid to try something new not to spoil the picture? Don’t worry – a world-known experienced wedding photographer Roberto Valenzuela is willing to guide you in the process of perfecting your skills at his portrait and wedding photography classes online in videos. He is also called the Canon Explorer of Light, who is engaged in performing Canon photography classes for amateurs.


  • Posing Anchor Points
  • Roberto's Wedding Evolution
  • Image Review
  • Posing Example Images
  • Individual Portraits
  • Kiss Anticipation

What Will You Get to Know?

  • how to differentiate the objects at the area of the shooting and determine, which ones may be useful to create unique photos, while others should be avoided;
  • to place the object and arrange the parts of the body until you get the perfect pose;
  • how to practice his methods and experiment with different techniques after Canon photography classes finish, until you find your own photo style.
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Instructors: Roberto Valenzuela Website| Facebook| Instagram

roberto_valenzuela This very talented wedding photographer, who has won lots of international photo contests, provides different landscape, portrait and wedding photography classes online lives in California. Though he has a degree in Economics and Marketing, he realized that photography world is more interesting for him. Being a classical guitarist, he observed people and their manner of posing and presenting themselves. This helped him greatly in his photo career. Roberto Valenzuela has also worked as a professional photography judge for different competitions and took part in Canon photography workshop 2016. He is known as a real crackjack, who wants to share his knowledge and inspire young photographers.

Student Works:

wedding photography classes online
wedding photography classes online

4. Incredible Engagement Photography

Main Information:

  • Duration: 51 Video lessons
  • Cost: $99
  • Level: Beginner
  • Instructors: Pye Jirsa

The first thing that proves the professionalism of a photographer is his/her portfolio and ability to provide professional wedding photography courses. Pye Jirsa’s Incredible Engagement Photography is aimed for those shooters, who wish to find the balance in their professional career. Such wedding photography classes will be of great importance if you feel confused by the different aspects of wedding photography business.


  • Foundational Posing
  • Posing Touch Points
  • Camera Settings Quick Overview
  • Seeing the Light
  • Shoot: Sparklers and Spray Bottle
  • Culling and Presets

During these video wedding photographer training courses Pye Jirsa will teach you a lot of useful things in order to make you and your clients feel relaxed during the photo session. Besides, you will broaden your knowledge about various lighting conditions (indoor/outdoor, natural/artificial) and learn how to show your best regardless of all the pitfalls.

The truth is that the engagement shooting requires you to demonstrate only your professional skills, but also conduct interpersonal communication and apply psychological techniques to make the couple feel at ease. All this and other useful expedients are discussed at his free digital photography classes online.

What Will You Get to Know?

  • how to adjust the lighting and use additional light sources;
  • how to interact with couples in the most effective way in order to create interesting poses;
  • how to organize photo editing and fasten the general workflow.
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Instructors: Pye Jirsa Website| Facebook| Instagram

wedding photography classes Pye Jirsa has been engaged in photography for many years but took it seriously only in the mid-2008. At that time, he started doing it professionally and now he is one of the co-founders of Lin and Jirsa Photography out of Orange County, California. He conducts wedding photography courses, as believes that this genre can help you to reveal your hidden potential. Pye Jirsa teaches students to experiment as much as they need till they feel that they have found something individually comfortable and special. He is also a founder of SLR Lounge, which has approximately one million readers every month.

Student Works:

wedding photography college classes professional wedding photography courses wedding photographer training courses

5. Wedding Photography Weekend

Main Information:

  • Duration: 49 Video lessons
  • Cost: $129
  • Level: Any
  • Instructors: Zach and Jody Gray

Zach and Jody Gray are convinced that each moment of the wedding is of tremendous significance and that a photographer has to be ready to capture each detail. Proper planning is the key to success. In their weekend wedding photography classes, they concentrate on shooting a bride and a groom together or separately. Besides, they try to dwell on business marketing, ideal light sources, finding perfect poses and choosing appropriate shots.


  • Preparation Shots
  • Portraits: Lenses & Light
  • Ceremony Gear
  • Sunset Shoot
  • Location Lighting Examples
  • Strobe Lighting Examples

The most common question they arise is what makes a good wedding photographer even greater? Nowadays, they have clients from all over the world and want to teach you how to achieve success having studied wedding photography and videography courses.

What Will You Get to Know?

  • to build firm relations with every customer;
  • to find the best and the most essential equipment for successful photo sessions;
  • to identify and understand the differences of light sources;
  • to work in conditions when natural light is unavailable;
  • to choose proper lenses for different shooting;
  • to advertise your business and attract potential customers;
  • to review the pictures and find the best ones.
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Instructors: Zach and Jody Gray Website| Facebook| Instagram

wedding photography classes Zack and Jody Gray started their wedding photography business in 2007 and within a year receive recognition. The following year they were named one of the best Nashville wedding photographers. They personally instructed and trained more than 1 200 photographers at their IN-CAMERA wedding photography classes and private training, and today Zach & Jody business is fully dedicated to expanding the capabilities of other photographers who want to create their own successful brands. In 2016, they presented the ShootFlow software to serve the needs of beginner photographers. Zack and Jody were recognized throughout the country because of their ability to create unique images only using a camera with the minimal photo post processing.

Student Works:

wedding photography certificate program one day wedding photography courses photography and videography courses

6. Wedding Photography: Capturing the Story

Main Information:

  • Duration: 40 Video lessons
  • Cost: $99
  • Level: Any
  • Instructors: Rocco Ancora, Ryan Schembri

Join Rocco Ancora and Ryan Schembri, experienced wedding photographers do their best to teach students the art of wedding photography storytelling in their photography certification programs. They speak about perfect posing and direction, a natural manner of shooting, and the understanding of the mood of the event. Both amateur and pro photographers will broaden their professional outlook thanks to these wedding photography classes.


  • Shooting Philosophy
  • Capture Stories in Wedding Pictures
  • Get the Right Exposure
  • The Power of Short Lighting & Backlight
  • Continuous Light Sources for Indoor Photography
  • Use Available Light for Indoor Photography
  • Flash for Indoor Photography

What Will You Get to Know?

  • the basics of wedding photography;
  • how to work under unfavorable lighting conditions;
  • how to edit the pictures to impress the clients with the results and not overdo.
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Instructor: Rocco Ancora Website| Facebook| Instagram

online photography courses Rocco Ancora is an Australian wedding photographer. He was nominated as the best Victorian wedding photographer of the year and won some awards of the Australian Institute of Professional Wedding Photographers in 2010. In 2010 he became creative director of the British XSIGHT and now organizes wedding seminars and workshops. He says: “A good photo should be filled with emotions, mood, atmosphere. At weddings, I take pictures of my clients and do not think about winning a contest with another beautiful wedding shot. People are interesting to me and I sincerely strive to find out what motivates them. While shooting, I look for those moments when the bride and the groom feel relaxed and I try to save these memories.

Instructor: Ryan Schembri Website| Facebook| Instagram

For those who are interested in wedding photography, I recommend reviewing the works of the youngest Master of Photography according to AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) Ryan Schembri. He got this title when he was 23. The truth is, that he is the son of a famous photographer Martin Schembri, so he has a great example to follow. Ryan was also named one of the 13 Canon Masters at Canon photography workshop 2016.

Student Works:

online wedding photography classes

Canon Photography Classes

7. Canon Insider Guide: EOS Rebel SL2

Main Information:

  • Duration: Overal vidoe time - 51:58
  • Cost: $30
  • Level: Beginner
  • Instructors: Rudy Winston

Have some difficulties adjusting your new DSLR camera? Rudy Winston knows what to start with if you want to become a real pro!


  • Exploring the Top of the Camera
  • Navigating the Mode Dial
  • Exploring the Front of the Camera
  • Exploring the Back of the Camera
  • Discovering Your Preferences
  • Touchscreen vs. Dials & Buttons
  • Yellow Function Settings Menu
  • Blue Playback Menu
  • Red Shooting Menu

In this wedding photography training course, Rudy describes the basics of Rebel SL2 line with a detailed description of all the functions.

What Will You Get to Know?

  • your camera features;
  • how to regulate and adjust the camera;
  • how to connect the DSLR camera with other devices;
  • to use various light sources;
  • to apply different filters and modes to create unique shots.

Instructor: Rudy Winston linkedin

wedding photography classes Rudy Winston is a very skillful photographer with more than 20 years of experience with Canon USA's Pro Products team and a lot of different wedding photography tutorials and cameras’ reviews. At his Canon photography classes, he explains how to use such a powerful DSLR tool to realize your bravest ideas.

8. Understanding EOS Camera Operations

Main Information:

  • Duration: Overall video time - 32:50
  • Cost: $30
  • Level: Beginner
  • Instructors: Jon Lorentz

Jon Lorentz is your expert in the world of EOS DSLR cameras, who knows how to get the maximum of this professional “tool”.


  • A Few Photo Fundamentals
  • Exploring the Menu
  • Camera Setup
  • All About Exposure
  • What is Image Control?
  • Adjusting Image Color
  • Working with Autofocus
  • Using Flash
  • Working with Live View

What Will You Get to Know?

  • how to use and set menus;
  • the benefits of autofocus use;
  • how to add videos in the shooting.
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Instructor: Jon Lorentz Website| Facebook| Instagram

wedding photography classes Jon is a very talented and experienced photographer, who has been engaged in projects of the world-known companies such as Disney, Apple, and some others. Besides, his works have been printed in The New York Times. Now, he organizes free digital photography classes online, as well as regular training programs to educate young specialists.

9. Canon® Lenses: The Complete Guide

Main Information:

  • Duration: 57 Video lessons
  • Cost: $99
  • Level: Beginner
  • Instructors: John Greengo

John Greengo presents the Complete Guide on Canon Lenses that will be useful for the photographers of all levels.


  • Aperture Basics
  • Aperture: Hyperfocal Distance
  • Canon® Lens Compatibility
  • Lens Autofocus
  • Image Quality
  • Prime Lens: Super Telephoto

John Greengo knows how to explain complicated notions in a simple way and concentrates on the usage of Canon® EOS DSLR lens in his wedding photography classes.

What Will You Get to Know?

  • Canon® zoom lenses
  • the characteristics of the camera;
  • useful additional accessories;
  • different types of lenses;
  • how to regulate the lens system.

Instructor: John Greengo Website| Facebook| Instagram

wedding photography certificate program John Greengo specializes in outdoor and travel photography genres. He has been working as a photographer for more than 30 years and developed his unique style. When he is not traveling, he takes part in various wedding photography classes and workshops.

Wedding Seminars and Workshops

Actually, more than 300 huge international wedding seminars and workshops take place in the USA annually. In fact, there are also lots of local conferences, seminars and other training for photographers, so it is impossible to count them. Why are they so popular among the photographers? The answer is simple: it is an excellent chance for any shooter to enhance his/her practical knowledge.

10. The Real Workshop

Main Information:

  • Location: Morrilton, Arkansas, United States
  • Dates: 7/16/2018, 7/20/2018
  • Price: $1200-$2000
  • Size of Event: Less than 50
  • Speaker Lineup: Lizz Hoard, Emily Hatch, Laura K. Allen, Erin Morrison, Korina Moore, Kate Anthony, Kaila & Jay3

In general, there exist plenty of different workshops with exciting sceneries, outstanding photographers, and attractive models. But the real workshop was created because of a great demand for wedding photography classes in order to show the real process of a wedding.

one day wedding photography courses

The real workshop focuses mainly on real situations that usually happen at weddings while shooting. Among them, there are cases with intractable or nervous customers, bad lighting conditions or photo session in some inconvenient locations. Besides, you will also learn how not to miss important details.

These wedding photography courses last for 4 days. You will find out about every single part of wedding photo and video shooting and have a chance to communicate with real masters of the genre. Professional wedding photographers will share their experience and teach how to build your own successful and reliable business. They will also teach how to behave with the customers and present yourself in a favorable manner in order to gain the respect and the trust.

photography and videography courses

What Will You Get to Know?

  • to make some adjustments to your branding and SEO performance.
  • to perfect your online portfolio.
  • to change your inquiries into orders.
  • to exceed your customers’ expectations.
  • to feel more confident regardless of the locations and kind of people you have to work with.
  • get along well with all the clients, even difficult ones, and get along well with suppliers, and guests.

11. The Photo Rehab

Main Information:

photo Rehab

  • Location: Estes Park, Colorado, United States
  • Dates: 9/30/2018 - 10/4/2018
  • Price: $1,500 (payment plans are included)
  • Size of Event: 50-100
  • Speaker Lineup: India Earl, Adonye Jaja, Mackenzie Nemeth-Suko, Ashley & Graham Scobey

Do not expect the Photo Rehab to be a common photography workshop. It is a kind of the wedding photography classes, where you don’t have to take notes. There is barely any electricity, so do not even hope to use the gadgets or review photo albums and watch slide-shows.

online photography courses

You will get a chance to attend wedding photography training organized for those people who want to obtain necessary knowledge without sitting at the lessons and taking notes. Everyone understands here that every student requires his/her personal approach, so the founders of the Photo Rehab try to ensure that this wedding photography school will become efficient and convenient for everybody.

What Will You Get to Know?

  • how to notice the strengths of a person’s face and focus on them.
  • hot to set up the light and how to pose correctly.
  • how to adjust the light and chose poses to demonstrate the body and skin advisably.
  • how to retouch skin, teeth and some other body parts.

12. Let’s Go

Main Information:

photo Rehab
  • Location: Oregon, United States
  • Dates: 11/13/2018 - 11/16/2018
  • Price: $1,700
  • Size of Event: Less than 50
  • Speaker Lineup: Grace and Jaden, India Earl, Helena and Laurent, Jonathan Suckling

Let’s Go workshop is considered to be one of the most popular workshops in the USA. Its founders conduct about 3-4 similar events per year. It takes place in Oregon, mainly on the territory of the nature reserves. During these wedding photography classes, all the students have an opportunity to visit lectures and practical classes. In addition, all the practical training will take place outside, mainly in the area of a nearby beach.

What Will You Get to Know?

  • how to provide SEO and efficient marketing services in order to make your business more popular.
  • how to deal with social media.
  • how to organize branding, photo and video editing and the workflow in general.
  • to interact with all kinds of your customers and gain their trust.
  • to get into the destination wedding market.

Nick Kelsh Photography Courses

Nick Kelsh – Who is He? Website

wedding photography classes Nick Kelsh was born in Fargo, North Dakota, in the family of Caroll and Joyce Kelsh. Once his father brought a Leica camera home, and that was the moment when little Nick started learning everything about shutter speed and f-stops. Having got a degree in the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, he started his career of a journalist and worked in such newspapers as The Philadelphia Inquirer and some other local periodicals. In 1986 he became a co-founder of Kelsh Wilson Design, which was the forerunner of Nick Kelsh photography courses. This company specializes in the photography for university and corporate publications and provide family, children and wedding photographer training courses. Nick also acted as a delegate of some famous companies, such as Samsung, Kimberly-Clark, Microsoft and so on. Nick released a DVD version of the topic “How to Photograph Your Baby”, and his Facebook account under the same name became very popular, gaining more than 65K followers.

Nick Kelsh Photography Books

Nick Kelsh is famous as an experienced wedding photographer as well as an author of several books. Among his well-known books are such bestseller as Naked Babies and Siblings and three books-guides for amateurs (How to Photograph Your Life, How to Photograph Your Family and How to Photograph Your Baby). You can also meet Nick in such famous TV-shows as The Today Show and Oprah, and also read his publications in such magazines as Time, The New Yorker and Forbes. He was an illustrator of the classic The Sense of Wonder by Rachel Carson and a writer of a popular column Great Shots, which you can see on the pages of Lasting Moments magazine.

wedding photography college classes

13. Basic Photography

Main Information:

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Cost: $197
  • Level: Beginner

Basic Nick Kelsh photography courses are divided into 4 parts. They are taught for 4 weeks, or they can also be self-paced if a student has an individual training schedule. Each class consists of useful tutorials, interesting reading tasks, quizzes, discussion and a photo assignment.

You will move from theory to practice with the help of photo assignments. You can upload your own works to the online photo gallery if you want. You will have a chance to hear the opinions of your classmates and see your weak points. The full course will bring you a lot of benefits, as you’ll have an opportunity to get Nick’s personal review on all your photos, and that will help you to improve your skills with every next picture. So, these wedding photography classes are aimed at your step by step professional growth.

You can also watch online Q&A webinars, conducted by Nick, where he will explain difficult topics one more time. Such webinars will be held at different times to suit people from different time zones.

What Will You Obtain?

  • 4 modules divided into 4 weeks.
  • Written and video-format lessons.
  • Clear examples of “Before & after” works with techniques explained.
  • More than 40 video-tutorials.
  • Quizzes and video-explanation from Nick.
  • Photography assignments.
  • The access to students’ photo gallery.
  • Discussion forums.
  • Online Q&A webinars held by Nick.
  • Access to course site for 1 year
  • Money-Back Guarantee.

14. Portraits & Lighting

Main Information:

  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Cost: $398
  • Level: Advanced

Portraits & Lighting Photography is one of the best Nick Kelsh photography courses which is divided into 8 modules, which can be completed in 8 weeks if you choose full-participation.

You can watch the materials whenever you want in your free time and after that demonstrate your understanding of the material taking a quiz. In his turn, Nick will prepare video explanations about all the correct and wrong answers. His free digital photography classes online enjoy real popularity. You will have a chance to hear the opinions of other photographer-students and share your experience in discussion forums. Many students choose a full-course, as they will have a constant interaction with Nick. It is very useful to have such a professional near you.

What Will You Have?

  • 8 week-modules.
  • Various format lessons.
  • Comprehensible video tutorials.
  • Quizzes and video-explanation from Nick.
  • Photography assignments.
  • Forum for sharing ideas.
  • Online Q&A webinars held by Nick.
  • Nick’s worthy feedback.

15. Photo Editing in Lightroom

Main Information

  • Duration: Self Study
  • Cost: $158
  • Level: Advanced

Photo Editing in Lightroom it is an essential part of wedding photography training. Each lesson of these wedding photography classes will start with the explanation of why the photo needs to be improved. The course also comprises the set of educational videos.

Here you will be able to forget about boring wedding photography classes with compulsory weekly lessons at a fixed time. Instead of this, you will get an entire access to the whole set of video lessons, and you can watch them any time you are comfortable with. From time to time, the students will receive a notification by email as an invitation to visit Q&A webinars. They will be able to learn about the forthcoming event from the letter.

What Topics Will be Covered at These Wedding Photography Classes?

  • Photo assessment.
  • Image rotating and cropping.
  • White balance correction.
  • Setting up color and tones.
  • Sharpening and reduction of noise.
  • Applying filters and Lightroom presets
  • Removal of unnecessary details.

Wedding Photography Certificate Program

For the last several years it has been quite easy to proclaim yourself a professional photographer. Anyone can go to the store, select a standard Canon camera with a set of lenses, purchase a domain name, create and spread business cards, and start the business! And no one cares that this “pro” photographer keeps on shooting in “P” mode, utilizes free software and hopes that pop-up flash will enhance his/her photos.

Nowadays a photography certificate has become a real sign of your professionalism and clients want to see it before placing an order. You can join photography associations and be recognized. WPPI begins a photography certification programs, especially for portrait and wedding photographers.

wedding photographer training courses

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) collaborates with the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) in order to offer you an online photography certificate program.

These photography certification programs consist of several aspects: the first part will include fundamental issues and the basics of photography; the second part is focused on the communication with WPPI masters and their consulting and constructive feedback. They will cover such photographer certification requirements as composition, dealing with customers and so on. The program can be finished within 3 months, but there are no strict deadlines. At the end of the program, there will be a review of the portfolio as well as the final exam. After that, you will be officially certified.

You have to pay once $299 for registration. The annual membership costs $125.

Wedding Photography Classes’ Coupons

It will be better for you not to postpone your education. If you keep on studying and improving your skills by taking wedding photography classes, you will have a right to name yourself a professional photographer.

wedding photography classes online The Wedding Story: Capture Creative and Authentic Photos
  • Type: Video
  • Price: $99
  • Discount: $49
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wedding photographer training courses The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience
  • Price: $249
  • Discount: $124
Get a code
wedding photography classes online Location, Posing, Execution
  • Price: $129
  • Discount: $64
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professional wedding photography courses Incredible Engagement Photography
  • Price: $99
  • Discount: $49
Get a code
one day wedding photography courses Wedding Photography Weekend
  • Price: $129
  • Discount: $64
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professional wedding photography courses The Importance of Wedding Photography
  • Price: $99
  • Discount: $49
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photography and videography courses Canon® Lenses: The Complete Guide
  • Price: $99
  • Discount: $49
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