20 Crazy Wedding Photography Ideas for Extreme Wedding Photographers

Crazy Wedding Photography

crazy wedding photography

If you like these crazy wedding photographs taken under water, on the top of a mountain, in a cave or even over a canyon, you will find my 20 crazy wedding pictures worth a look! Everything from behind the scenes wedding photography, how to persuade a bride and a groom to take these extreme photos, and useful crazy photography ideas and tips are below.

The main disadvantage of wedding photography is that it’s usually a seasonal work, unlike the photoshoots organized in studios. That’s why wedding photographers are constantly competing with each other to become more successful and demanded in their area. Most of them don’t see any problems pulling off even crazy wedding photography ideas. They are ready to climb trees, take photos lying on the floor, asking their partners to keep the wedding veil, going scuba diving with their camera, and shooting at height, on waterfalls, volcanoes and even against a burning house. As a result, they receive unforgettable photos. So, what do you need to become one of these crazy photographers?

Tips for Extreme Wedding Photographers

1. Talk to the Newlyweds

crazy photographers

Before you decide to organize a crazy wedding photoshoot, discuss all the nuances with the newlyweds. It’s important to be on the same page with them and understand which photo will work best for them. Imagine you were the bride or groom and think what funny wedding picture ideas you would like to use. Are they really necessary? You can get inspired by their hobbies. Don’t be afraid to show your creativity and express any crazy ideas. I am sure that you can find your own unusual concepts for every couple. The main thing is to discuss everything in advance and prepare your clients.

2. Choose a Place for Crazy Wedding Pictures

funniest wedding photos ever

After you’ve discussed the ideas, you need to decide where to take them. It’s better to choose several different locations so the newlyweds will be able to make a choice according to their taste. Don’t forget about weather conditions, if your ideas need a special natural background. You should think about alternative options to avoid improvisation if the weather is bad. An unexpected rainstorm or unbearable heat may prevent you from making a masterpiece.

3. Prepare Creative Photography Props

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Of course, there is no need to take a bag of various various wedding photography props. But there is a prop that you definitely need for many naughty wedding pics. For example, a small staircase, or a step chair, if you want to get pictures from above. Remember that not every locality allows you to do this if you don’t climb trees and monuments. You can also ask the newlyweds to take some props. For instance, a stylish umbrella for photos in the rain. Don’t forget that a couple has enough pre-wedding fuss, so it's better to do the main preparations for the shoot yourself.

4. Take an Assistant

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To pull off many crazy wedding photography ideas, you need an assistant or even a group of them. If your clients want to save money, then try to explain the role of these people, or offer to take their friend as your partner. Try to make concessions and don’t insist stubbornly.

5. Take Spare Shoes

behind the scenes wedding photography

On this day, you will have to walk a lot and take pictures in various poses. Therefore, your shoes should be as comfortable and clean as possible so you will be able to stand in any area and position and take the picture at the right moment. This is a guarantee that you don’t miss any funny photographer poses. At the same time, you can take spare shoes with you.

6. Involve Guests to Your Funny Photographs

funny photographer poses

Don’t be afraid to involve guests in the shooting process. They can help to pull off crazy or funny wedding photo ideas. The main thing is to be able to control the situation and organize the process properly. It’s better to discuss this opportunity with the newlyweds in advance so they will talk with their guests. The visitors usually support creative ideas and do their best to help the photographer. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to give rise for guests to recommend to take professional wedding photos. That way, they may spoil your ideas. Control the process and be confident in your ideas and professionalism.

7. Take Two Cameras and Several Lenses

famous weird photographers

You can be absolutely sure of your favorite camera, but you never know when it may fail to work. It is better to prevent this moment and be ready for all difficulties. You can prepare everything for your crazy photography ideas, and your equipment may break at the most important moment. So, take a second camera and do not worry about the missed shots. Moreover, you will not have time to reconfigure the camera. Having two cameras, you can adjust them differently for various needs. Do not forget to charge them and check the memory.

8. Don’t be Afraid of Experiments

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If an excellent thought suddenly strikes your mind during the wedding photo shoot, do not be afraid to implement it. Even if you have not discussed this idea with the newlyweds beforehand, but you are sure that this funny marriage photo will make them happy – try it. Present this idea to a couple during the shooting and convince them that you will succeed. Make your crazy plan work. This risk can make you a famous wedding photographer.

9. Be Unique

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Crazy and naughty wedding photos are stunning when they are special, which results in more surprise, something new, something that no one has ever done. So, try not to repeat and come up with your approach to crazy wedding photography and show your own creative ideas. Do not be afraid to experiment, follow our 100 wedding photography tips, make your clients happy and create your perfect collection of exclusive wedding photos.

20 Crazy Wedding Photography Ideas

1. Photograph During a Heavy Snowstorm near Barnard Castle

crazy wedding photos

Looking at this photo, you’ll probably feel cold because of such snowy weather. Nevertheless, this fabulous view makes you believe in a miracle. An interesting fact is that it was raining in the morning so the newlyweds were very worried about their crazy photos. But the weather did not upset them that day. There were already eight inches of snow on the street when they left after the ceremony. The bottom of the bride's dress was covered with snow. The photographer had little time for this photo. There was already one inch of snow on the bride's umbrella after the first photo. Despite this snowy weather, the loving couple received a lot of magical photos. If your wedding photoshoot takes place in winter, suggest this kind of wedding photography ideas to your couple.

2. Photo Againsta Fire in Oregon

crazy wedding pictures

This hot wedding photo was taken in Oregon during a forest fire. What would you do if a fire started at the location of your ceremony? The crazy photographer immediately decided to take this opportunity to take the shocking photos. The fire brigade arrived to evacuate all guests in the middle of the ceremony when the fire reached a more critical level. But as it was six miles from the site of the wedding ceremony, they were allowed to continue the celebration but reduce the duration. The photographer was inspired by the courage of couple to take this photo. They didn’t want to cancel the photoshoot, despite the fire.

3. The Photograph of the Burning Wedding Dress

funny wedding photography

This trick was prepared in advance by two women who had experience with fire for more than eight years, like many of their guests. They wore fire-resistant leggings to avoid burns, and the tail of the dress was quickly separated at the waist level. The shoot took place on a mountain in Iowa. The couple wanted their ceremony to have a grand finale and the photographer helped them realize their crazy wedding photography idea by creating this masterpiece.

4. The Photograph on the Active Volcano Ijen

crazy wedding photo

The couple went to the volcanic complex in Indonesia to take these dangerous but hilarious wedding pictures. The location is famous for its outstanding blue electric fire. The newlyweds had a walk for three hours, carrying all the accessories and wedding attire. As the volcano is active, they felt unbearable heat during the photo shoot. Photos were taken in gas masks, as the air there could be dangerous. Despite all the obstacles, the couple got their unforgettable photo session and amazing photos.

5. The Photograph on the Mountain Skieggedal, Norway

crazy wedding photos

This crazy wedding photo is suitable for courageous newlyweds, who don’t know the fear of heights and aren’t afraid to conquer peaks. It is located on Trolltunga stone ledge, at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level. The couple spent more than eight hours getting there and back. They had to climb the cliff at night to see the morning view over the lake. But they didn’t regret it thanks to the beauty of this peak. Therefore, if you are not afraid to climb the mountains, and your clients love this breathtaking view, then Trolltunga is a great place to take crazy photos.

6.Crazy Wedding Photography in Antarctica

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Only a few couples will take this step. Initially, the bride just wanted to go to Antarctica, but her groom offered to organize a wedding in Antarctica and invited their friends. Everyone wanted to see this extraordinary wedding, so they went to the South Pole, traveling a rather large distance with their friends and relatives. The photographer did not have to spend much time finding a special angle, and the local penguins helped the couple to realize their crazy wedding photography plan.

7. Wedding Photoshoot in the Rock

naughty wedding pics

Having examined this photo, I can confidently assert that I would never have taken this brave step. Several bad movements and the couple has a huge risk of falling into the abyss 100 feet to the ground. These are the nuances of behind the scenes wedding photography. I wonder from what angle the photographer took these images and if they had climbers’ rope.

reason for odd wedding shoot

Despite the insanity of the idea, both photographers and newlyweds have professional climbing ropes. Usually, wedding shooters use the opposite rock for a more natural effect. If you are ready to entrust your life to the rope and aren’t afraid of heights, then go for a new experience and do a wedding photo shoot in the middle of the mountains. The main thing is to not forget to take a group of professional climbers with you.

8. Photoshoot on the Lighthouse at Sea

funny wedding picture ideas

There wasn’t any preliminary preparation for this photo. Right after the ceremony, the couple and the photographer went in a boat to take several images in the sea. Suddenly, they saw this little lighthouse where they took this wonderful picture. The couple did not think about risk when they climbed the lighthouse. They were full of emotions and thirsty for good photos. They got the stunning result, which proves that crazy photos can be accidental.

9. Ski Wedding

crazy wedding photos

This couple was ready for such an action to get crazy wedding photos. What was photographer risking? After all, it is quite difficult to take such a photo because of the fast movement. You need to be careful, since the groom is unlikely to repeat it a second time. But despite the fact that the photographer had little time, he/she was able to photograph everything to the last detail, even the groom changing the position of the skis while jumping. A white wedding dress againt the background of a snow-capped mountain gives a particularly white shade.

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10. Photography on a Glacier in Iceland

crazy photography ideas

This fascinating photo was taken on the Jökulsárlón glacier in Iceland. The couple spent the whole day choosing the location. The photographer took the crazy photo of the newlyweds rightamong the glaciers and frozen dark waves. This couple had only 20 minutes left for a photo session, but even this time was enough for a photographer to make his masterpiece. Not every couple gets the guts to be photographed in a wedding outfit among the frozen glaciers.

11. Photograph of a Live Volcano in Hawaii

crazy photos

This couple wanted to take the risk and get their extraordinary photos on the Kilauea volcano. This idea was proposed by their photographer, who dreamed of taking photos of this volcano over the ocean. Confidence and professionalism are very important for this photoshoot because the burning 2,000 degree lava is very dangerous . If you want to do a photo session in this place, then don’t forget to check the seismic conditions of the lava. You should also to take drinking water to avoid overheating.

12. Underwater Wedding Photoshoot in Spain

funny marriage photo

This couple wanted to get their crazy wedding photos in the Sea Life Aquarium against the sea creatures in the background in Benalmadena, Spain. Not every photographer will go for such a photo session because you need a special suit and know how to take photos underwater. If your clients decide to take such photos, you can photograph sea creatures, which can be a good background for wedding photography.

13. Wedding Jump in the UK

hilarious wedding pictures

This couple wanted to receive crazy wedding pictures while jumping from Highland Fling Bungee platform. The view off this bridge over the Harry River is really spectacular. The photographer has only one chance to take such a photo before the couple falls 130 feet down. It is a very challenging shot. Though, it is very high quality.

14. Water Skiing in North Vancouver

funny wedding picture ideas

These newlyweds wanted to get their wedding photos withfunny photographer poses while water skiing in Bedwell Bay in North Vancouver, British Columbia. During their wedding photo shoot, the photographer was at the back of the boat. So, he/she was able to capture even the wedding kiss, which you can see in the photo. It is not so easy to do this, due to the high speed of the boat.

15. Photoshoot During a Rainstorm, Australia

naughty wedding photos

This loving couple was frustrated when they woke up on their wedding day and saw a huge downpour outside. The photo session was held in the southern highlands of New South Wales. The couple, as well as the photographer, wasn’t ready for such weather. But despite the incident, the photographer offered some poses to take pictures in the rain.

16. Wedding Picture in the Ice Cave, Alaska

crazy wedding

This couple climbed the mountainside to get fabulous shots in the Alaska ice cave. The photographer used the bright blue ice formations of the cave as a background because it was the most impressive location of their tour. They made quite a few efforts to be in this place, but managed to get these beautiful and crazy wedding photos.

17. Safari Wedding Photo

funny wedding photo ideas

The photo session took place in Safari Lodge Chengeta, Africa. This photo was taken against the background of African elephants in Zimbabwe. It is very dangerous and unusual. Not every photographer can catch the moment for such an impressive and funny marriage photo.

18. Crazy Wedding Photography on the Mountain in New Zealand.

wedding photography

The bride and groom in this fantastic photo look tiny, as the photographer wanted to fully show the beauty that surrounds the couple. He/she prepared a surprise for the newlyweds. It was a helicopter flight over the lake to land on the top of the mountain, where this impressive photo was taken.

19. Photograph with the Tribe in Kenya

funny marriage photo

These newlyweds decided to marry in Kenya surrounded by Masai warriors with whom they’d spent two years creating a book about the pride of lions. The photographer captured wildlife landscapes and the cultural traditions of the region.

20. Wedding Ceremoby in the Ice Chapel

crazy photography ideas

This photo was taken in the ice chapel island of Hotel De Glace in Canada. If you are planning wedding photography in North America, this is the best location. The photographs will look unique because the ice sculptures are changed each year. You can always find a new background for your crazy photos.

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