16 Wedding Party Picture Ideas to Laugh, Love & Remember

These wedding party picture ideas will help you turn ordinary staged portraits into impressive and original images to keep the sweetest and most pleasant memories.

All guests at your party are not random people: they are your nearest and dearest, siblings, and friends.

The opportunities to capture some special minutes with your friends and relatives during this day are quite limitless, and your task is not to lose them.

1. Classic Pictures

classic wedding party picture idea

One of the traditional but one of the most winning shots is when the couple stands in the middle and the guests are on either side. The VIPs can be serious or smile sincerely – the most important thing is to behave naturally.

symmetrical wedding party picture idea

Symmetrical wedding party photos look mesmerizing. This wedding photography idea focuses on the overall wedding scheme and the backdrop, combining these two elements into a striking composition.

alternating wedding party picture idea

Symmetry always looks visually pleasing, but sticking only to this compositional technique is not a good idea. Very often photographers mix things up positioning the bridesmaids and groomsmen in a random order to create an original combination of hues.

wedding party picture idea friendship

The variety of bridal party picture ideas is quite extensive, but one of the best shots out there is when multiple people pose like they normally would on an average day. In such a way a photographer will manage to capture a really sincere scene, as the guests get together and have fun, communicate, and laugh.

2. Wedding Ceremony

wedding party picture idea altar

If the bridal party is going to take place at the altar, a photographer should capture all the special moments with VIPs. A wedding party at the altar is an amazing scene for taking a beautifully symmetrical shot the couple will admire.

A wedding altar with an eye-catching background is an ideal location for taking original bridal party pics right after the ceremony. Besides, it makes for a perfect wedding photography backdrop for family shots.

wedding party picture idea grand exit

If you want to add some dynamics to your images, capturing the moment when the newlyweds are leaving the ceremony is a great option. Usually, the family members and the wedding party walk the couple to the door, creating a blissful scene for a photographer to capture.

wedding party picture

As celebration evolves, a photographer can ask the guests to stand on either side creating a path for a couple to walk or run through. Such a tunnel created by cheerful and happy guests will definitely enliven any wedding photo.

"Oh, creating the tunnel was probably the best photo idea at my wedding! It filled the photos with a sense of motion and cheer, making us feel like real stars. I strongly recommend to future newlyweds: embrace the fun and spontaneous moments – those fresh and bold ideas from your photographer can turn into timeless memories that will warm your hearts for generations to come." - Michelle, Maryland

3. Getting Ready

must have wedding party pictures

When the preparations for a wedding are in full swing, take some time to take several pre-wedding party shots. For a bridesmaids photo ideas, choose the same clothes or even pajamas for you and your friends to take some beautiful shots.

wedding party picture idea bride preparation

When realizing these wedding dress photo ideas, be sure to put on some jewelry and behave naturally laughing and fooling around. Jazz up your pics by including some props like balloons, flowers, or similar things to add a sense of festivity.

wedding party picture idea groom preparation

The groom and his groomsmen should also organize a stag party and shoot their pre-wedding traditions. Hosting such a get-together at the pool will let a photographer take some vibrant pics featuring splashes, original outfits, bright cocktails, etc.

4. First Look

wedding party picture idea first look

A first look wedding photo is a must-have image for every wedding album. This special moment captures candid emotions when the loved ones meet each other for the first time on the wedding day, which results in emotional and intimate pics. Freeze these sincere reactions in your memory through a set of unforgettable and lovely-looking images.

wedding party picture idea first look family

However, this idea is not only applicable to newlyweds, as shots featuring the first look of all important guests like parents, a bridal party, and even children. Snap these surprised and admiring glances to get memorable and untrivial pics.

5. Little Participants in the Ceremony

wedding party picture idea flower girl

Nowadays a flower girl appears at many parties. Usually, she is not a stranger but a close or distant relative to the bride and groom. So, taking a photo of how a flower girl walks through the aisle or embraces the bride is a must-have wedding portrait.

wedding party picture idea dog ring bearer

Involving your furry friend in a photoshoot is one of the funny wedding party picture ideas and a sure way to add some spice to your pics. For example, a well-trained dog can become a ring bearer and pose together with the couple like all other guests.

"The decision to make our Golden Retriever, Max, play the role of ring bearer was really smart as he amused all our guests and made our ceremony extra special. In a photo, Max is wearing an elegant bowtie and proudly holding the rings with a little bowtie – cuteness overload. So, my message to all future couples, if you have a pet, do not be afraid of making them one of the participants of the ceremony – it's a memory you'll treasure, and the guests will love it!" - Jim, Ohio

6. The First Kiss

wedding party photos kissing

A wedding kiss may be warm and tender or hot and full of passion. It always takes a special place during every photoshoot at a wedding party. You may get the most interesting shots if the newlyweds try to hide their kiss behind a bridal bouquet or their hands.

There are several ways to make this bride and groom pose more amusing. Some of your guests can throw bouquets, light sparklers, or hold a “Married” sign.

7. Wedding Cheers

wedding party photos shared cheers

When the wedding reception is coming to an end and everyone feels relaxed and happy, a photographer can take great pics of the couple and the guests having a wonderful time.

Such wedding reception photo ideas allow a photographer to capture the atmosphere of the event. Besides, it will bring great memories back even after many years.

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8. Bouquet Toss

wedding party picture idea bouquet toss

From the most traditional to the most modern, the bouquet toss is one of the unmissable moments. Make certain that your wedding photographer is ready and won’t miss the right moment.

A bunch of beautiful flowers can also complement other wedding party images. A close-up portrait of the bride and bridesmaid is a great way to underline the intimate relationships between them. Another interesting option is to throw bouquets together in the air and capture it. Candid and dynamic photos are guaranteed.

wedding party picture idea bouquet

The bouquet will add some festivity to a photo making it more creative. For example, the groom can take the flowers and the bride can embrace him wishing for a kiss.

9. Album Cover and Editorial Shots

wedding party picture idea album cover

Asking the guests to pose as they would for an album cover is one of the cute wedding party picture ideas. All the participants are free to pose as they want, whereas the groom can carry the bride with arms-in-the-air stances to take joyful shots that evoke only pleasant memories.

"implementing the album cover pose was a real hit at my wedding party! the groom lifting the bride with arms-in-the-air stances added a special vibe to our pics. i also recommend making the photos personal like making bridesmaids and groomsmen take some original poses to build a striking backdrop. every minor detail can make this idea completely yours and make each shot unique." - Ralph, Georgia

wedding party picture idea editorial

The editorial arrangement looks like a photo from a magazine, with wedding ceremony guests sitting and standing in a more formal wedding photography pose. The newlyweds should stand in the middle for a well-balanced composition.

10. Wedding Party with Smoke Bombs

wedding party photos smoke bomb

One of the recent wedding fashion trends involves using smoke bombs of different colors. You can use blue, orange, pink, or green smoke bombs to take stunning wedding party pictures.

If you want to embellish your photo even further, you can use wedding photography props that match the color of smoke bombs. It could be a wreath, scarf, or shoes for a bride, and a shirt with a bow tie for a groom. When taking such photos, make sure not to get the wedding gowns dirty.

11. Staged Candids

wedding party picture idea staged candid

Choosing an appropriate pose is challenging for most people, so the task of a photographer is to create a relaxing atmosphere by staging ‘candid’ pictures.

12. Funny Group Shots

wedding party picture idea walk

Capturing the lovebirds during a pleasant stroll on a lawn became one of the most popular wedding party pictures ideas. As the couple will be in a move, the photos will be dynamic and feature sincere expressions.

wedding party picture idea city streets

If you are going to conduct a wedding photoshoot on the city streets, take a walk along the streets but choose the places with eye-catching urban landscapes. Are there street musicians on your way? Ask them to participate in a photo session to add a special vibe to a pic – they will definitely not refuse such a sincere request.

wedding party photos jump shot

Jumping will add even more motion to your funny wedding pictures. Take a leap with your loved one, friends, or even parents – it’ll be real magic!

wedding party photos real emotions

Generally, any activity will add some fun to a photo session letting you capture fantastic moments that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

13. Bride with Groomsmen

wedding party picture idea groomsmen with bride

Do not skip on some amusing groomsmen photo ideas with the bride and shoot a groom with bridesmaids.

14. Creative Flashmobs

wedding party picture idea flash mob

Nowadays couples often organize flashmobs for their guest showcasing a really creative performance. The groom can make a surprise for the bride or vice versa, and these energetic dances in some eye-grabbing costumes will create an easy-going atmosphere bringing a positive vibe to your pics. Of course, you should warn the photographer about the forthcoming event.

15. Pranking the Groom

wedding party picture idea pranking the groom

As I’ve already mentioned, the first look is a special and very important moment for all sweethearts. However, adding a touch of humor to this scene allows the implementation of fun wedding party picture ideas.

The groom's best friend can put on a wedding gown and disguise himself as a bride before the groom sees his true love. This mix of surprise and laughter will show a broad spectrum of emotions for a crazy wedding photography.

"When a photographer suggested me to realize this bold and funny idea, I was really thrilled. The sincere emotions of the groom and guests created memorable moments and the photos demonstrated a joyful atmosphere of the day. I recommend all future couples such unconventional ideas, as they often result in candid and really romantic shots!" - Ellie, Nebraska

16. Have Fun with Wedding Cake

wedding party photos ideas cutting cake

If the wedding cake has a unique design, make sure to include it in the photoshoot. It will allow you to capture the spirit of the celebration perfectly. Such a photo will become a nice addition to any wedding album. Don’t forget to take a photo of the newlyweds cutting the cake.

wedding party picture idea cake smash

But actually, the cake cutting can involve some fun. The classic variant is to feed each other, but you can venture to realize a daring idea and smash cake on each other’s faces to get amazing and memorable wedding cakes photography.

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Organizing Wedding Party Photoshoot Tips

Are you not sure whom to invite to take part in your wedding photoshoot or when to conduct it? Of course, close relatives should be in your photo album, but this is not necessary to include all other guests.

Check these wedding photography tips to better organize the photo session and keep a photographer informed about the details so that he won’t feel lost during the process.

VIPs should be in focus. Of course, your closest relatives are in the first line for a photographer. But your task is to determine people whom you want to see in your pics as well, as the time of a photo session is often limited. My recommendation is to focus on the VIPs. If a nanny or other special person for you is among the guests, ask a photographer to pay attention to them as well.

wedding party picture idea parents

Divorced or remarried parents. No matter how well your divorced parents get along with each other, you need to arrange the pics with their new families first. Both bride and groom should pose with each parent and their new sweethearts, as well as step-siblings if you are going to invite them as well.

However, if your relationships with your parent's new significant other or your step-siblings are tense and you’ve invited them to avoid family quarrels or misunderstandings, it is better not to pose with your new relatives to avoid any discomfort on your special day.

Send a list to your photographer. It is quite common practice for photographers nowadays to ask the clients to fill in a wedding photography questionnaire. There you should indicate the family members you want to include in a photo session to coordinate post-ceremony photos with better efficiency.

This is the most appropriate time for taking bulk photos. Probably, your relatives do not gather very often, so it is a great opportunity to shoot excellent family portraits. Take care to notify your VIPs that you need them to stick around after the ceremony for a couple of pics.

wedding party picture idea siblings

Your siblings' new significant other and distant family members. You should feel ok not inviting your brother's girlfriend of a month whom you’ve not seen yet to a photoshoot. The same concerns your distant cousin whom you visited years ago. If your relationship with extended family members is not intimate, it is completely acceptable to leave them out.

Photoshoot before the ceremony. Conducting a pre-ceremony photo session is a relatively new practice, which destroys the tradition that the couple can’t see each other before the wedding. This provides you with additional time for taking more photos without feeling under pressure after the ceremony.

However, this can also turn into stress or a headache, as you need to make certain that everyone will come on time so that not miss the wedding photography timeline.

wedding party picture idea best friend

Don't hesitate to ask for help. Do not be afraid of delegating the task of organizing photo sessions to a close friend or relative to avoid panic attacks before the celebration. They’ll manage the whole process helping a photographer do his job.

Bonus Tools

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