Wedding Party Pictures

Wedding Party Pictures

wedding party pictures

Looking for classic and creative wedding party pictures for the next groomsmen and bridal party photoshoot? I’ve made a list of the most popular and non-standard ideas for wedding party photos that all your guests will remember forever!

35 Wedding Party Pictures to Try

Bridal Party Pictures

1. The Umbrella Effect

wedding party photo ideas

Want to add a romantic mood to the wedding party pictures? Opt for the umbrella effect that takes you back to the 50s. I believe this is a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere for further shooting.

2. The Queen of Party

bridal party pictures

Everyone knows that a wedding day is the most significant time in a woman’s life. Among all fun group photos, this is my favorite one. Capture the moment, while the girls are drinking champagne and toasting the bride.

3. Childish emotions

wedding party photo ideas

All of us is a child deep inside and this idea for wedding party pictures will definitely bring you back to childhood and will give a childish tone to the photo.

4. Mirror, mirror, tell me the truth

bridal party photos

Every single bride wants to see herself in the mirror and make sure that she is beautiful and her friends admire her. As for me, among fun group photos, this is one is the best!

5. Boots collection

wedding party photo ideas

Do you know a better way to highlight the bride’s fashion taste? I don’t. That’s why I picked such an interesting idea for wedding party pictures to share with you.

6. Wedding geometry

bridal party poses

Aesthetic, pleasant and guests perfectly lined up geometrically will subconsciously force people to stare at such wedding pictures for a long time. I especially recommend this style for people who strive for some elegance.

7. The beauty of simplicity

wedding party photo ideas

It takes more than just to build-up a line of people to take good wedding party pictures. In fact, you need to think how to arrange people for such a photo.

8. Staircase Photo

wedding party photo ideas

One of the unique wedding photography poses that represents the road of life and its significance for every woman. I would call this photo very tender and meaningful.

9. Fashion wedding shot

bridal party poses

Why not demonstrate the stylish footwear each woman dreams of? Choose the appropriate bridal party poses and take some lively shots.

10. Who wants to get a part?

wedding party photo ideas

Every girl wants to be a star of her own show and such wedding party pictures are a great way to realize such a desire! Examine the wedding location, as there are definitely some interesting spots to capture.

11. A circle of close people

bridal party poses

I would say that such wedding party pictures will provide a true memory of this day and a representation of love, compassion and dear peoples around you.

12. Have fun with friends

wedding party pictures ideas

Except all the happy tears at the wedding, such fun group pictures remind me that friends are the most important support on this day.

13. Keep It Classic

wedding party photo ideas

There are some classic wedding party poses which will help show the grace and elegance of the bride and her outfit. Ask her to look into the camera, while you take a full-length shot.

14. Jump-shot

wedding party poses

These are also wedding photos I would call a must-have for a fun wedding party. Let the bride with her maids of honor have fun, jumping on a bed.

15. Emotional shot

wedding pictures ideas

Whether you are a religious person or not, this is a very deep and meaningful idea for the family wedding photos.

Wedding Party Photos for Groomsmen

1. Find the Spot

wedding party photo ideas

What is the difference between bride and groom photos? In fact, boys also admire breath-taking views, so if there are any near the wedding venue, don’t miss a chance to take some photos there.

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2. Socks

wedding pictures ideas

Though most couples adhere to traditional wedding outfits, there is always the place for creativity. Why not wear bright socks and demonstrate them during the photo session. It’s really funny if the groom and his best men have identical socks.

3. Goofy Groom Pick Up

unique wedding photos

The people, who were chosen as the groomsmen probably, mean a lot to the groom. They are his support and his mates to have fun with. This is one of the fun group photos, which you may use to bring some joyful vibes to the shot.

4. Everybody hugs

unique wedding photos

As it was for brides, wedding party photos for grooms can be touching, too. I have to say that this is really a symbol of true men’s friendship.

5. Architecture admirers

wedding pictures ideas

Architecture can be a great way to accentuate the monumental moment in the life of your clients. Find an ancient or just a beautiful building and realize the wedding picture.

6. The “Godfather” style

wedding party photo ideas

Every man wants to look cool in his wedding party pictures even without wedding photo retouching for $25 per photo. That’s why I recommend using such props and choosing appropriate wedding party poses to show a definite style.

7. True friends

wedding pictures

People say that friends are the gift to every person. That’s why such wedding pictures are needed in every wedding photo album.

8. Elegance

wedding party photo ideas

Why not show how elegant men can be? Find a pretty landscape, choose suitable poses and start shooting.

9. Preparation

wedding picture list

The wedding isn’t only about the ceremony. There are a lot of things happening before and after it. You get a chance to capture sincere emotions and the feeling of the groom getting ready.

10. Show the accessories

wedding party photo ideas

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, as you may simply ask the groom and his best men to face the camera and show their watches. Being simple, such a photo will surely find its place in the wedding photo gallery.

Fun Group Photos

1. Double picture

must have wedding photos

These are must have wedding photos! Find somebody to hold a frame and take a shot. Choose different angles to achieve the most interesting result.

2. Not for kids!

unique wedding photos

Kids always make things prettier. Repeat these ideas of fun wedding pictures. I’m sure, everyone will like these pics.

3. This desired kiss

bride and groom photos

In my opinion, the most important thing of the day should definitely be captured in the wedding party photos.

4. Vantage Point

wedding party photo ideas

Don’t place the people in a straight line. Create a kind of hierarchy to get a more appealing shot.

5. Having Fun

unique wedding photos

Many couples want to have both classic shots and a collection of interesting and fun wedding pictures in their album. You can use photo manipulation services to offer clients the photo above.

6. A wedding plot point

wedding photos ideas

Don’t miss the first kiss! Your clients will definitely admire such a shot that evokes so many sweet memories.

7. Our little brothers

wedding party photo ideas

Don’t forget about the best friends! They will always add beauty and charm to your wedding pictures.

8. Fairy tale party

wedding photos ideas

The beautiful landscape may be the best background you can dream of! Make people somehow interact with the scenery and accomplish the composition with cool poses.

9. Memories from afar

wedding pictures ideas

Always remember your origin and, I think, wedding pictures will become a wonderful occasion to add a little bit of history.

10. Sport fans

wedding party photo ideas

Are your clients big football fans? Even if they aren’t, such an idea will bring some dynamics to the frame.

Wedding Party Photos Basics

Who Are the Models?

A standard bridal party shoot includes the couple, along with all the bridesmaids and best men. Meanwhile, specific photos feature the couple itself, the bride-to-be with the bridesmaids and her fiancé with his groomsmen. If time isn’t an issue, I also like to take a few pictures of the happy couple posing separately with each member of their wedding entourage. I like to finish this kind of photoshoot with a bunch of lifestyle wedding party pictures that embody the joyful atmosphere of this special day.

fun group photo ideas

How Long It Takes?

If the wedding party comprises four or six bridesmaids and best men, then you should dedicate about 1 h and 45 min for a relaxed wedding portraiture session. If the group consists of eight or more members, then 2 h is the minimum you should budget. Now, if there are more than 20 people, then I’d like you to find at least two and a half hours. That much time is needed to bring all the creative wedding party photography you might have to life.

wedding party pic


The place you choose for the wedding party photo session is very important. My clients frequently invite me to breathtaking cathedrals and venues, but not all of them are suitable for such a photo shoot.

The first thing you have to consider regarding your chosen venue is whether it offers enough free space to take creative wedding party pictures. Even though the location you’ve booked may be incredible, most of the best spots may be already taken by seating arrangements, ceremony decorations, staging or caterers. On the other hand, if you’ve planned some unique wedding photos and have chosen a location that isn’t far away, you should think about such factors as permits, traffic and availability in advance.

wedding party photo ideas

Sunset Photos

Some couples I work with dream of having their wedding party pictures taken at sunset. While I’m happy to fulfill their wishes, the sunset you want to see might never come. Usually, such a photo shoot needs some clouds to create the right atmosphere.

Sadly, clouds are a rarity in southern California and sunsets mostly represent a mere change of lighting to a nurturing golden hue as the sun disappears behind the horizon. While such lighting suits photography well, it may not end up looking like the fairy tale sunset scene you’ve imagined. Please keep that in mind when coming up with wedding party photos.

wedding party pics

Posing Guide for Wedding Pictures

Make your own wedding photography poses list for group photos to avoid wasting any time on that day.

Tip 1. Determine if You Want Chairs

If you have a look at the group pictures above, you’ll notice that the photographers always ensure that everyone’s face is perfectly visible. At the beginning of my career, I used to make the wedding party stand in a single long row and all the people in the picture ended up looking very tiny!

Nowadays, I avoid this problem using chairs. Alternatively, sometimes I make use of a large staircase, but they aren’t that common at wedding venues, so chairs are usually a more reliable and convenient option!

My unwritten rule is to bring chairs when a wedding party group consists of eight or more people. Remember: The primary objective of group wedding party pictures is to have everyone’s face visible.

wedding pictures ideas

Tip 2. If You Need Chairs, Borrow the Ceremony Ones

If your wedding party pictures are going to be taken at the ceremony venue, you can use the ceremony chairs. Just ask the groomsmen to carry them since they are probably the reason you need the chairs in the first place! As a photographer, I need to focus on my work to deliver you the best results, and that is possible only if I spend every second capturing pictures. Also, I usually photograph the bridesmaids first anyways, so it makes sense to ask the men, “Hey, when you come here in half an hour for your photos, can you bring several ceremony chairs for me? I’d greatly appreciate it!” Most guys will be glad to help a lady out!

Remember: Make sure you use the chairs from the back rows so that the wedding planner doesn’t lose his/her mind when he/she notices that the front chairs have disappeared a couple of hours before the wedding.

family wedding photos

Tip 3. Diversify the Color Composition

During the arrangement of large group portraits, I always strive to make sure that people wearing the same colors don’t stand next to each other to create a more aesthetically pleasing image. At the wedding photo shoots, this usually means I place the people in the following order: female-male-female-male-female since men usually wear black suits like in the example above. As for family portraits, this is a bit trickier, but I still keep color composition in mind while ensuring that close family “units” still stand together unless you have any original wedding pictures of your own.

wedding picture list

Tip 4. A Single Phrase & Two Gestures Are Enough to Move People Around

If you’ve been at a wedding before, you know how group shootings go: “Move a little to the right! Slightly further! No! Go back! Too far! No, not to the left, go right again! Almost there… great!” That is a frustrating experience that makes you want to take some wedding alcohol shots.

To avoid this problem, I (as the photographer who sees how everyone should stand) put the camera away and say: “People in the back. Please move by (hand gesture) that much in this direction (finger pointing the way)”? Okay? Thank you!” It works like a charm. Why? Because people know the exact measure they should move by instead of guessing how much “a little” or “slightly” is. The direction gesture also gets rid of the “Whose left? Mine or yours?” confusion. If you have a chance to get EVERYONE to both listen and look at you, it’s a lot simpler to give out instructions. This is especially useful if you’re trying to bring some unique wedding photos to life.

wedding party pic

Tip 5. An Even Number of People Isn’t Necessary

This final piece of advice had saved my life on many occasions when there was an uneven number of guys and girls at a wedding party. Here’s what I do: take two people of the gender you have more of and place them on both sides of the happy couple. Next, alternate male-female-male-female and the wedding pictures will have a nice symmetrical look.

wedding party photos

Wedding party pictures are equally as important as the official bride and groom photos since they help us remember how cheerful and full of love that special day was. In the comments below, share your favorite ideas for such images.

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