17 Must-Have Wedding Party Pictures Ideas to Try in 2023

If you want to create a beautiful album using wedding party pictures, make sure to select photos of people who are the closest to the couple. A photographer can capture their genuine emotions and show that they are truly happy for the newlyweds. To take attention-grabbing photos, it’s important to capture genuine reactions. It will allow you to get photos that will become a nice addition to the wedding album of any couple.

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1. Take Several Photos Before a Wedding Party

must have wedding party pictures

Such photos are easy to stage since you just need to capture the members of the wedding party getting ready for the event. The bridesmaids may wear matching outfits, such as robes or pajamas. Then, you can take photos of them wearing their bridesmaid dresses.

2. Form the Tunnel of Cheers

wedding party pictures tunnel of cheers

Credits to Erich McVey

This idea was originally used in dancing. Then, photographers borrowed it to give their photos a more unusual feel. The wedding party should form a tunnel, with the newlyweds staying in the middle. The couple may either run or jump. The main thing is to ensure that everyone is having fun. It will be easier to take such photos during the grand exit.

3. Take Care About Stylish Props

wedding party pictures with sparklers

Photographers often experiment with various wedding photo props. There are many ways to find something unique that will allow you to take interesting photos and will make you stand out among other photographers. For instance, you may use sparklers, a chalkboard, balloons, etc.

4. Take a Photo of People Hugging Together

wedding party pictures hugging together

To emphasize that the young couple is surrounded by loving friends and family, take photos of them hugging each other. You may either ask them to pose and give directions to ensure that everyone fits in the frame, or try taking candid wedding party pics. I like the latter option the most.

5. Capture the Splashes of Champagne

wedding party picture ideas splashes of champagne

One of the best wedding photography ideas is to capture joy, laughter, applause, and splashes of champagne. However, to get high-level photos, newlyweds, wedding guests, and a photographer should put in a lot of effort.

6. Take a Wedding Party Photo Under Starry Sky

wedding party picture ideas under starry sky

This is probably the most romantic and sensual wedding photo idea. You can easily implement it if a wedding is organized in a picturesque location. You can also use different light sources to create a magical atmosphere.

7. Take a Picture With Bridesmaids

wedding party picture ideas with bridesmaids

If a couple decided to organize a wedding in a specific style, you may capture many beautiful photos of bridesmaids. All of them will be wearing the same dresses, which will make it easier for you to experiment with composition. Put a bride in the center, with the bridesmaids standing on both sides, or ask the bride to stay in the foreground, with her friends standing slightly behind her. There is no need to take full-size photos. You can capture only shoes or hands with a thumb up.

8. Don’t Forget to Take a Photo With Groomsmen

wedding party picture ideas with groomsmen

Credits to Erich McVey

There is no need to assume standard poses or behave in an official way. The young couple may have fun, dance, or pretend to be upset that their free life is over. You may capture a groomsman trying to kidnap a groom during the wedding. Recently, photographers started taking images of wedding parties with groomsmen wearing fun clothes. Someone wears kilts while someone prefers colorful socks and sneakers.

9. Snap a Photo of the First Dance During a Wedding Party

wedding party picture ideas first dance

The first dance is a special moment. For taking beautiful shots, there is no need to pose. A professional wedding photographer knows how to select the best angle. The young couple should just enjoy the moment in full.

10. Capture the Process of Cutting the Wedding Cake

wedding party photos ideas cutting cake

If the wedding cake has a unique design, make sure to include it in the photoshoot. It will allow you to capture the spirit of the celebration perfectly. Such a photo will become a nice addition to any wedding album. Don’t forget to take a photo of the newlyweds cutting the cake.

11. Make Sure to Capture a Kiss of Newlyweds at the Wedding Party

wedding party photos kissing

A wedding kiss may be warm and tender or hot and full of passion. It always takes a special place during every photoshoot during a wedding party. You may get the most interesting shots if the newlyweds try to hide their kiss behind a bridal bouquet or their hands.

12. Capture Real Emotions of Guests During a Party

wedding party photos real emotions

A wedding is not a boring official reception during which newlyweds should smile nicely, assume banal poses, or be afraid to move. You can capture better photos if the couple and their wedding guests just have some fun. To bring to life this group photo idea, you may suggest they go to the children’s playground. They may slide down the slide, use roller skates or skateboards, etc.

13. Take a Top-View Photo

wedding party photos top view

Such interesting and innovative wedding party picture ideas involve the usage of new technologies. You can use a drone to take photos of guests from above. It will allow you to fit everyone in the frame. You can put various props on the ground. Besides, the guests may lie down on the ground in different poses. Such photos will have a unique feel.

14. Use Smoke Bomb for Wedding Party Picture

wedding party photos smoke bomb

One of the recent wedding fashion trends involves using smoke bombs of different colors. You can use blue, orange, pink, or green smoke bombs to take stunning wedding party pictures. If you want to embellish your photo even further, you can use props that match the color of smoke bombs. It could be a wreath, scarf, or shoes for a bride, and a shirt with a bow tie for a groom. When taking such photos, make sure not to get the wedding gowns dirty.

15. Include a Jump Shot in your Photosession

wedding party photos jump shot

People can celebrate the creation of a family in different ways - they can laugh, sing, dance, or even jump. You can capture a photo of the newlyweds and the wedding party when they are jumping. If the guests want to experience the rush of adrenaline, they can jump from the boat into the water. You can implement this idea after the wedding party since it will be difficult to fix the makeup, hair, and clothes afterward. Some photographers also use another popular groomsmen photo idea that involves groomsmen tossing the groom in the air to congratulate him on the wedding.

16. Take a Shot of All Couples During a Wedding Party

wedding party photos shot of all couples

Make sure also to include a photo of the newlyweds with the wedding party. Ask everyone to form couples and stand close to each other. They can assume any prom pose they like. It’s better to ask the newlyweds to stand in the middle. You can select any wedding photo pose that is suitable for the number of guests you have. To give your pictures a more attention-grabbing look, you can also experiment with different angles.

17. Take a Shot of Shared Cheers

wedding party photos shared cheers

When the wedding reception is coming to the end and everyone feels relaxed and happy, a photographer can snap great pics of the couple and the guests having a wonderful time.

Such wedding party photos ideas allow a photographer to capture the atmosphere of the event. Besides, it will bring great memories back even after many years.

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