5 Best 3D Cameras in 2023

By Tati Taylor 21 days ago, Cameras & Lenses

Is a 360 camera worth its money?

3d photography camera

Nowadays vloggers, real estate agents, museum workers and filmmakers can enjoy the most recent technology advances by using stereoscopic 3D cameras that are vital when it comes to VR content creation and live streams.

Such devices easily surpass standard dynamic range cameras and are perfect for casual use because even newbie filmmakers can impress their family and friends by creating amazing 3D videos.

5 Best 3D Cameras to Buy

  1. Fujifilm FinePix - Our сhoice
  2. Lenovo Mirage - Budget 3D camera
  3. Vuze XR - Easy and excellent for live streaming
  4. KanDao QooCam 4K - For social media content
  5. Weeview SID 3D - Simple 3D camera

To decide which 3D camera is better, I have tested about 15 devices to compare the image quality they deliver, as well as the number of supported apps and advantages of the design.

1. Fujifilm FinePix

Our сhoice
3d camera review

Type: 3D | Sensor: 1/2.3" CCD | Resolution: 10-10.2MP | Lens: 6.3-18.9mm | Maximum aperture: f/3.7 (W) to f/4.2 (T) | Screen type: 3.5" LCD | Continuous shooting: up to 2 fps for up to 40 frames

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⊕ A glasses-free 3D display
⊕ Amazing stereoscopic 3D separation
⊕ Compatible with 3D TVs
⊕ Can be used even by newbies
⊖ Expensive
⊖ Impossible to remove hot pixels

One of the main advantages of this 3D camera is that it can be used right out of the box. The auto-mode will be appreciated by those, who are just starting to use such cameras. It allows selecting the aperture, ISO, flash, and other parameters.

What’s more, when you set a focus, it chooses the best 3D parallax settings. Even if you don’t know yet the significance of certain settings, the camera can adjust them in the way that will allow you to record high-quality content.

2. Lenovo Mirage

Budget 3D camera
digital stereoscopic camera

Type: 3D | Sensor: IMU | Resolution: 13MP | Lens: 180° x 180° | Maximum aperture: f/2.1 | Frame rate: 4K/1440P/1080P @30 FPS

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⊕ Easy-to-use
⊕ Great for live streaming wide-angle videos
⊕ Fascinating viewing experience in VR
⊕ Point-and-Shoot for 180 VR
⊖ No HDR support
⊖ Live-stream option is available only in a mobile app

Whether you shoot videos or take photos, the Lenovo Mirage delivers great image quality. This 3D digital camera comes with a sharp lens and impressive chromatic aberration.

The only drawback is that the sharpness in slightly worse at the edges of the lens. If you take a look at 360-degree cameras, you will appreciate the decent dynamic range of the Lenovo Mirage. The camera also delivers close-to-life colors and great contrast.

Those who want to take beautiful 180-degree photos, but don’t want to purchase a 360-degree camera, can opt for the Lenovo Mirage. This best 3D camera allows one to learn the ropes in a quick and simple way.

3. Vuze XR

Easy and excellent for live streaming
3d digital camera

Type: 3D | Sensor: IMX-378 | Resolution: 12MP | Lens: 210⁰ fisheye | Maximum aperture: 2x F/2.4 | Frame rate: 4K/5.7K@30 fps, 4K@60fps

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⊕ The resolution of 5.7K
⊕ Easy-to-see icons
⊕ Fantastic 2D and 3D footage
⊖ Poor resolution in the app
⊖ The desktop software has some issues
⊖ Not waterproof

Before purchasing a 360-degree camera or opting for the Vuze XR instead, make sure to think what purpose you are going to use it for. Whether you need to produce great content for your vlog or record stationary videos, the Vuze XR will be a smart option to consider.

There is an important shortcoming that should be mentioned in this 3D cameras review. If you need to shoot action-packed footage, it might be wiser to find a camera with better stabilization tools and more advanced software.

Pay attention to the fact that some modern cameras use stabilization algorithms for better image quality, so you might significantly benefit from using them.

4. KanDao QooCam 4K

For social media content
digital 3d camera

Type: 3D | Resolution: 9MP | Number of lenses: 3 | Shutter speed: 1/4000 - 32s | ISO: 100-3200 | Frame rate: 4K@30fps, 4K@60fps, 960P@120fps

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⊕ High-end design
⊕ Supports both 180 3D and 360-degree
⊕ Great stabilization
⊕ Real time preview
⊖ Card slot covers are difficult to open
⊖ Inconvenient software

If you want to purchase a VR camera with an intuitive user interface, take a look at the Kandao QooCam. This best 3D camera has a solid build and is perfect for creating stunning social media content for small-screen devices. Its main advantage is that it supports both 3D 180 and 2D 360 VR modes.

As for the overall image quality, it is perfectly suitable for social networks. With the help of this 3D photography camera, you can record fascinating footage to share it with your subscribers.

5. Weeview SID 3D

Simple 3D camera that’s a funny to use
digital stereoscopic camera

Type: 3D | Resolution: 32MP | Lens: FOV 160° | Maximum aperture: F2.4 | Stills resolution: 8K | Gimbal: 320° motion on 3 axes | Frame rate: 3K/30fps

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⊕ 3 buttons are easy to use
⊕ Mobile app allows editing videos
⊕ Remote control application for Android and iOS
⊕ Impressive battery life
⊖ The sound quality is quite poor
⊖ JPG files are too compressed

Those who travel a lot or enjoy shooting videos outside, will benefit from using digital 3D cameras that can be carried around easily. While it might not have the best image quality, it is perfectly suitable for shooting captivating content. After watching your footage on a device with 3D support, you will be more than satisfied with the result.

However, if you need the best 3D camera that delivers great video quality, you might need to save up a little. It’s also possible that in a couple of years technology will advance so much that high-end devices will get far more affordable.

The manufacturers of the Weeview SID 3D might surprise you with an improved version of the camera so make sure to wait for their updates.

Image Name Features  
3d photo camera
Fujifilm FinePix
Our Choice
  • Sensor: 1/2.3" CCD
  • Resolution: 10-10.2MP
  • Lens: 6.3-18.9mm
  • Maximum aperture: f/3.7 (W) to f/4.2 (T)
3d image camera
Lenovo Mirage
  • Sensor: IMU
  • Resolution: 13MP
  • Lens: 180° x 180°
  • Maximum aperture: f/2.1
3d camera
Vuze XR
For Streamers
  • Sensor: IMX-378
  • Resolution: 12MP
  • Lens: 210⁰ fisheye
  • Maximum aperture: 2x F/2.4

How to Choose a 3D Camera: Buyer's Guide

3d digital camera

Technical Parameters

When you are choosing a camera, it’s vital to take into account its main specs, namely, its size, working distance of a lens, precision, as well as the supported temperature range and humidity level. The specifications help you understand if a camera meets your purposes.

Software and Developer Kit

If a 3D photo camera doesn’t have any software, you won’t be able to use it properly. Both Software and SDK are important when it comes to taking footage and editing your videos. Usually, they come for free.


3d digital camera

If you are just learning to create video content, check if a camera has a convenient interface. For instance, an auto-mode allows shooting videos more quickly. If a camera is difficult to use, it might discourage you from creating any content whatsoever.

Product Support

Quality of technical support is essential when you face any issue with your camera. Before making a purchase, check if a camera comes with comprehensive tutorials and documentation.


  • • Which 360-degree camera to choose?

I recommend purchasing the Fujifilm FinePix.

  • • Is there the best 3D camera?

When it comes to 3D photos, the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 delivers the best quality and comes with great specs. This 3D digital camera also boasts advanced technology. Anaglyph images produce a stereoscopic 3D effect, which is why this method is handy when it comes to shooting 3D footage.

  • • Is a 3D camera expensive?

I have reviewed the cameras that come at the prices varying between $103 and $900.

  • • What is a 360-degree camera capable of?

3D cameras are called omnidirectional as they allow capturing a 360-degree field of view. For instance, they can be used for taking panoramic videos.