Сoda Digital Agency Review 2024: Services and Benefits

By Kate Gross 23 days ago, Apps and Software

Сoda Agency

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Verdict: While preparing this Coda digital agency review, I decided to test their services and place my order on their website. They provided me with a high-quality final result within the agreed time frame. They differ from competitors in their responsive approach. I also want to highlight the impressive level of the team's work ethic.

Their services are suitable for both beginners and experienced photographers who want to expand their audience and reach the next level. The company also cooperates with marketplaces, legal and medical companies, real estate agencies, and so on.

  • Over 10 year of experience
  • Created projects for more than 10 industries around the world
  • You can have a 30-minute tech session for free
  • Reliable support
  • Fast communication
  • Their design could be better
coda agency interface

Сoda digital agency is an experienced team of professionals who specialize in innovation and digital transformation. You can order a variety of services, such as web and mobile development, UX/UI design, deployment, testing, support, and others.

The company has clients all over the world. They have developed projects for various business areas in many languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, German, and others.

Most of their clients are mid-market representatives. They have partnered with many companies, such as Herald, Navneet Education Limited, Axe, TAM, Bimbo, Supervielle, Interview, Urufarma, Dinetab, Zwet, Misk, and others.

Сoda Digital Agency — Main Features

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Tech innovation and development are the main interests of the company. They believe that by creating the right digital tools for their clients, they can help their businesses achieve the top positions in the market. Professionalism, an individual approach to each order, impressive experience, affordable prices and fast work are the main advantages of the Coda digital agency.

Creation of Websites and Mobile Applications to Expand Your Audience

coda digital agency web development

I contacted the agency to ask it to create my new website. Their task was to improve functionality, improve design, and optimize development technology. They started by analyzing my requirements and then went on to discuss the main details.

Before creating the website, the team studied my business, competitors and the market in general. After that, the web development company built a website layout and discussed the design concept. When the design was ready, they sent it to me for approval. After the site was built, they finalized the functionality and launched it.

The Coda digital agency covered the entire website development process, including design, front-end, back-end, and integration with payment platforms. The order took a little over a month to complete. I liked that the deadline is approved at the start, before the specialists start working.

They also offer services for creating mobile applications with functionality tailored to the needs of your business. The app development company creates both iOS and Android products and cross-platform solutions. The team can develop the code from scratch.

It also provides further maintenance. The team offers code dependency management, ongoing error monitoring and bug-fixing, security analysis, performance optimization, and permanent feature development.

Dynamic Changes in Website Design

When I contacted the Agency Coda, I had ready-made design layouts, but I wanted to improve them, change the font, colors and add animation. The experts used Figma for UI/UX design. Thanks to this, all my requirements were fulfilled.

Some design points could be improved, but overall I liked the proposed solution.

Distinct Engagement Models for Each Customer

You can choose one of the options for cooperation: augmented team, managed solution or managed service. By choosing the first option, you will get a skilled specialist (or team). You will be able to manage their workflow to ensure that all your needs are met. You can be aware of all stages of your project development.

The managed solution involves designing and creating a product together with a client. All the stages of project development are controlled by them. You can manage the cycle from planning to implementation and maintenance.

The managed service is chosen by those who need help with one specific service, such as design, development, QA or DevOps. The Coda digital agency takes full coordination of the entire process until the final result is provided.

Over 30 Experienced Experts on the Team

The company employs more than 30 experts. This means that the Coda agency has enough resources for fast and high-quality development. Two developers, one designer, one QA professional, and one project manager worked on my project. An experienced development team has been providing clients with results that exceed their expectations for many years.

Technology Options for a Range of Projects

coda digital agency technologies

The agency's team works with a variety of technologies. They build mobile apps for iOS based on Swift and Objective-C technologies. They use Java and Kotlin for Android products, and Ionic, React Native, Flutter for cross-platform applications.

They work with React, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript, JavaScript for front-end development. PHP, Ruby on Rails, GO, Node.js are used for back-end projects. As for databases, the agency team resorts to MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL.

The web solutions created by the Coda digital agency are suitable for such platforms as iOS, Android, TV, IoT, Wearables.

Smooth Project Management System

The company applies its proprietary methodology as well as prime parts of Agile and Waterfall. Plus, they use the best project management software, such as ClickUP and Slack to achieve the desired results.

Communication with the agency team takes place through Slack and Google Meet. Thanks to continuous monitoring and consideration of all requirements, you get the product you need. The specialists easily cope with all the difficulties that could lead to a change in a delivery date.

Free 30-Minutes Tech Session for New Clients

You can discuss your project and get basic recommendations during a short online meeting with an agency representative. They will provide you with a direction for development and a tech strategy. This agency is a reliable partner who will offer you the most suitable technologies for your business.

Coda Digital Agency Prices

Managers calculate the cost of each order individually, taking into account the complexity and size of the project. In general, you can learn a preliminary price through the agency's previous projects.

60% of their solutions cost in the range of $35,000 to $75,000. About 15% of clients paid from $20,000 to $35,000. The most complex products cost from $75,000 to $250,000 dollars (this is about 25% of orders).