PWA Media Review 2024: Company Details & Reviews

By Kate Gross 17 days ago, Apps and Software

PWA Media

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Verdict: PWA Media made my travel website look amazing and intuitive. They also helped me get more visitors to my blog and improved my Google presence. They did even better than I expected. The team was always there to answer my questions and tell me how things were going.

This digital marketing agency has improved my travel website. Within three months, they got 30% more people to visit my site. Also, more people signed up for my newsletter and booked through my affiliate links with the help of their PPC campaigns, I guess.

  • Over 5 years of experience
  • Detailed reports
  • Establish a clear site structure
  • Customized strategies for any business
  • Clear communication throughout the process
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Prices are provided upon request
  • No info available about discounts
pwa media portfolio

I liked PWA Media's portfolio as they've worked on various projects in different industries, like website design, digital marketing, creating content, and managing social media.

They analyzed my data carefully and gave me good advice based on it. It helped me make better decisions and improve my strategies even more.

PWA Media – Main Features

pwa media features

PWA Media are good at creating strong brand identities, content marketing, running social media campaigns, and making creative websites. They've helped many businesses, big and small, get to the first page of Google.

"PWA Media's help with social media circle of apps has made my followers and engagement grow, and their creative content has kept my audience interested. Thanks to Parker's help, my Twitter account has grown a lot." - Holly, marketing manager ★★★★★ (5/5)

Conversion-Focused Web Design and Development

pwa media web development examples

I wanted to make a website where I could show my travel photos and give tips to my audience. I chose WordPress because it's easy to use and lets me manage my content easily.  

PWA Media listened to what I wanted for my blog to make it look great and work well. For example, this WordPress developer designed the homepage, so my latest travel photos are in a nice grid layout. 

They made customized templates and tools to help me upload and organize my content easily. They also made a gallery to show off my travel photos. On the homepage, they added a cool animated map. It shows all the places I've been with little pins dropping on them. 

As you move around the blog, the map moves as well. These animations look really good and also show the adventurous spirit of my journeys.

Mastering On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

pwa media optimization services

PWA Media made my website more visible on search engines by using keywords smartly in my content, headings, and image descriptions. They also improved the visibility of my blog posts in search results by using meta tags and headings.

This web development company also contacted other bloggers and websites. They helped me write guest posts for these sites, showing my knowledge and promoting my blog.

"PWA Media helped me with my online store, and I'm happy with the result. They made my website show up higher in search results in my main keywords so that more people visit my site." - Mike, social media influencer ★★★★★ (5/5)

PPC Management to Achieve Online Success

PWA Media is really good at pay-per-click advertising, and it made a big difference for my travel website. They observed how well the ads were doing, looking at how many people clicked on them, how many people actually did something once they got to my site, and how much it cost for each person who did something.

pwa media ppc services

They kept improving the ads by changing the targeting audience, how much they bid for them, and by trying out different versions of the ads to see which ones worked best. After they started these targeted ads, more people visited my site.

The number of people who clicked on the ads went up by 20%, and the cost for each click went down by 15%. This meant I was spending less money on ads but getting more people to visit my site, which was great for my business.

Customer-Oriented Social Media Marketing Strategy

PWA Media started by analyzing my Instagram account to see what could be better and how it could grow. This social media marketing company checked what kind of posts I had, who was following me, and how much people interacted with my posts.

Then, they collaborated with me to plan what I should post and when. They made sure there was a mix of cool pictures, interesting captions, and fun stories. They made my Instagram page tell a good story that my followers liked.

For instance, they teamed up with popular travel influencers for Instagram takeovers, worked with tourism boards and travel brands for sponsored posts, and asked my followers to share their own travel stories using special hashtags. In the first two months, my number of followers went up by 50%, the number of people who were liking and commenting on my posts increased by about 30%, and more people were seeing my posts (up by 40%).

"the google ads they made reached the goals we wanted. since collaborating with them, we had a lot more people visiting my site and getting involved." - Stephen, e-commerce entrepreneur ★★★★★ (5/5)

Diverse and Captivating Content Creation

The team made high-quality content that my target audience liked. They helped me with blog posts and videos that would bring more people to my site. For instance, this content marketing agency worked with me to write a bunch of blog posts about different travel spots. We did it together – so awesome. These posts gave readers lots of information, suggestions, and stories from my experiences.

Dynamic Platform for Learning & Inspiration

pwa media blog

The company's blog has a lot of helpful information for marketers and content creators too. They write about different things like email marketing, social media, and making good content. Each article was written to teach and help people.

For instance, I found some useful articles there, like a checklist for email marketing, tips for bloggers to make their content interesting, ways to write great ads, and how to use Pinterest for marketing. Their digital marketing blog is always up to date.

PWA Media Prices

PWA Media offers custom solutions for each client. They don't have fixed prices.

Instead, their price is based on what each client needs and can afford. When they made a price for me, they looked at what I wanted to achieve, how complex the project was, how long it would take, what services I needed, and any customized requests.


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