LiveWebMedia Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 14 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: LiveWebMedia is a trustworthy company that designs and develops functional websites for clients from different niches. The main key to its success is adherence to the latest technologies, trends, and methods when it comes to creating sites.

Though some other agencies providing similar services rely on pre-designed templates, LiveWebMedia doesn’t work this way. Experts believe that every client deserves to receive a unique and efficient website, so they always start from the ground up. Their approach can be called all-encompassing, as they look for popular keywords, perform technical search optimization, link building, content marketing, and social media optimization.

  • One-of-a-kind branding solutions
  • Results-oriented approach
  • Adjustable and responsive web design
  • Come up with great
  • Straightforward and quick communication
  • Blog is rarely updated
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When you address LiveWebMedia, you not only get a professional web designer but also learn lots of useful information about website optimization. These recommendations are particularly relevant for startups that jockey for finding their place in a highly competitive market. Another advantage of working with this team is that you always get responses to your queries in a jiffy and can learn about the progress of your projects in real-life.

LiveWebMedia: Main Benefits

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Of course, the market abounds with freelancers offering web design services and even special tools that you can use to cope with the task yourself. However, while freelancers may fail to satisfy your needs and the tools can take too much time to master, LiveWebMedia will skillfully embody your ideas with no effort on your part. In fact, by choosing this agency, you can order not only design but a whole range of branding and marketing services. The most popular options are the development of digital and brand strategy, brand collateral and identity, social media marketing, and product design.

Responsive and Unique Design Tailored to Your Needs

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You have only several seconds to convince users that your website is worth navigating further. A crucial thing, in this case, is how your site looks. Of course, you can try to learn the main aspects of web design yourself, but what’s the point in reading dozens of materials if experts from LiveWebMedia can do everything for you?

This web design company pays attention to 3 major elements when making websites – strategic planning, compelling visual design, and impeccable user experience. I like that they can create a bespoke website, including unique features and menus. Besides, they can embed functions that are relevant to your specific project.

Moreover, you can order tailor-made apps from them to extend your reach even further. Such applications have functions and instruments identical to what is available on your website. Besides, these guys can optimize any platform for mobile devices. They use the same images and designs but customize them for accurate display on phones, tablets, etc. Regardless of your specialization and business size, you can get in touch with LiveWebMedia and they will develop a website for efficient brand/product promotion.

Well-Crafted Branding Identity for Your Business

Hardly can any brand become noticed and recognized without a well-thought-out strategy. It covers every internal and external aspect of your brand starting with product development and corporate culture and ending with marketing communication and packaging. If you order the Identity service from LiveWebMedia, you will get your brand coherently and consistently represented at every touchpoint. Such a meticulous and knowledgeable approach makes it one of the top branding agencies.

Designers will make an eye-catching and differentiating logo/visual identity that combines such constituents as type, style, symbol, and color in one harmonious whole. The identity elements they create can be used across all digital and analog branding channels for a better reach. Besides, they share useful tips on how to use your logo in such a way that both external and internal audiences will see and remember it.

If you have a logo that is immediately associated with your brand, it makes sense to make just slight modifications. These guys can help you with that.

Effective PPC Campaigns and Search Ranking Optimization

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The team creates PPC campaigns aimed at attracting more leads, boosting brand awareness, and generating high-quality traffic. They always study the traits of the client’s audience to come up with efficient solutions. Experts can make customizations along the way so that your PPC campaign brings the best results.

Though no one can guarantee your site will occupy the top position in all search engine result pages, this company offers SEO services for photographers with a special focus on Google. Besides, Digital Marketing strategies, they take care of your website loading times. You can discern whether their work brings any good by analyzing website traffic and other metrics via Google Analytics. Thus, you will have a better idea of whether any improvements are required.

Skilled Copywriting and Powerful Social Media Marketing

They have a team of versed copywriters who can fill your website with content that will surely capture visitors’ attention and entice them to read further. They create stories that unfold on different pages in an interesting manner. Since copywriters perfectly understand what newcomers want to see, they can deliver the needed info and keep it well structured.

Thus, both humans and search engine bots will notice your platform. I like that this content marketing agency performs a comprehensive analysis of your competitors and prepares materials that can present your business in a favorable light.

Nowadays, you can share information with the audience across different channels and LiveWebMedia professionals help you figure out what structure, tone of voice, and approach to choose for efficient communication on all platforms. Thanks to such a channel-specific approach, they will skillfully ramp up content engagement, drive traffic to your website, and boost conversion rates. It is great to delegate such an arduous task to experts instead of grappling with all nuances on your own.

Professional Team of Experts and Impressive Portfolio

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The company consists of knowledgeable, hard-working, and helpful web designers, developers, copywriters, and other specialists. They keep tabs on the latest trends and media in order to provide clients with efficient and timely assistance. The team is well aware of the best strategies to make a brand and it works till you are absolutely satisfied. No matter how strenuous a task you want them to fulfill, these guys will amaze you with the result.

I also like that the company has a special section called “Portfolio” on the site. It contains lots of samples of different executed projects. They share very detailed case studies of former works, all of which are eye-pleasing and engaging. You can choose a service similar to yours and examine how these guys coped with the task. Thus, you will better understand whether you are on the same page concerning web design.

Helpful Blog with Currents Trends and Effective Tips

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The Blog section is replete with helpful information. There you can find in-depth recommendations on how to fix common design & development problems, as well as learn about the latest trends. All posts are free.

The articles are written in simple words and even the most confusing notions are easy to understand. Besides, they are underpinned by illustrations. I like that they specify how long it will take you to read an article.

LiveWebMedia: Prices

The company has a very transparent pricing policy. There are several payment plans and you can learn details about each of them on the main website.

Web Design Enterprise Level - $500 a month. It includes domain name registration, custom website design, logo design, 5 hours of support per month, brand development, and custom email solution.

Social Media - $1250 a month. In this case, you receive custom curated posts 4x a week to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, as well as ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

Marketing - $750/mo. Experts offer onsite audit, keywords plan as well as competitor keyword search, website guidance, and design, Google Maps, 10 keyword plan, and a 6-month free plan.

PPC/Management - $5000/mo. For this money, you get an onsite audit of your website, call tracking, customized targeted locations, setup and manage your PPC campaign. Besides, you can choose your Google budget.

Monthly Support Plan - $150/mo. The monthly premium plan, hosting services, and 3-hour of premium support.

One Time Support - $225. Support – AL-CART (1 hour).