Accessibility Checker Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 23 days ago, Apps and Software

Accessibility Checker

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Verdict: Accessibility Checker is an intuitive service for auditing websites and checking whether they can be accessed by people with various impairments. Its main advantage is that you can use it without paying anything, which will help you save a lot of money in the long run. After scanning your website, it will provide you with information about possible accessibility issues.

I liked its detailed reports and suggestions that helped me see clearly what elements of my website could be improved. The key advantage of this service is that it is intuitive and easy to use. To get a detailed report, you just need to paste a link to your website and select your country. In addition, it allows you to download reports to your device.

  • Streamlined audit process
  • Easy-to-understand guides for novice users
  • Informative reports and suggested solutions
  • Allows searching for legislation by country
  • Blog gets rarely updated
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I believe that Accessibility Checker will be a perfect solution for all companies and institutions that need to audit their websites to check whether they meet accessibility standards in their country. This service will help them minimize the risk of getting sued and reach out to disabled users.

What I like the most about it is that it categorizes the results of the audit and offers you several ways of solving the problems. In this Accessibility Checker review, I will tell you what features of this service helped me improve my website the most.

Accessibility Checker: Main Benefits

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These days, making your website accessible allows you to expand your audience and avoid possible lawsuits. Accessibility is especially important for educational institutions. After auditing your website, you will know whether all the visitors can use it and access its content. By using this dedicated service, you will get important information that will help you solve accessibility issues quickly and efficiently.

Quick and Straightforward Web Audit Process

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You can use this service even without any prior experience thanks to its streamlined interface. The process consists of 3 stages. The audit lasts no longer than a few minutes. To start using the service, visit the official website, and paste the URL of the website that you want to check.

What I like about this service is that it enables users to select legislation depending on their location and target audience. The service functions similarly to website spidering software. You will get an in-depth report about the accessibility issues your website might have. Thanks to detailed descriptions of possible issues, you can quickly come up with a plan that will help you solve them and make the user experience more enjoyable.

The service provides you with a choice of possible solutions so that you could easily choose one that suits your needs best. You will learn whether your products and services are easy to access by disabled people. Make sure to pay for the service on the official website as it often offers generous discounts to loyal clients.

Easily Make Your Website Accessible to Disabled Users

If you work for an educational institution or a company that has never addressed the accessibility issue before, it might be a daunting task to figure out how to make your website accessible. With the help of Accessibility Checker, you can make your platform easier to use and ensure that it meets the requirements of users with special needs. The service checks whether a site fully meets the auditory, cognitive, physical, speech, and visual needs of people with disabilities, whether they are students, professors, or clients.

For educational platforms, it allows you to make the process of evaluation more transparent and monitor the available and newly added content to see whether it can be accessed by all students. Most students with visual impairment use screen readers to access the articles available online, however, it won’t help them understand what information images contain. Once you have made your site accessible, students will be able to read the alt attribute describing the images.

Detailed Wed Audit Report and Issue Classification

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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) might be difficult to understand. They often get updated so it might be difficult to remember them all. If you don’t know how to make your website compliant, you can use this auditing service to discover whether your site is accessible. It will perform the audit automatically. You will learn whether people with different disabilities might have any issues with your site. If there are any problems, you will learn how to solve them. Besides, you will be able to select the main areas for improvement. You will get detailed reports and classify the problems:

Сritical issues: This service selects the main issues that you need to solve more quickly.

Secondary issues: These problems also should be solved, however, not right away.

Passed elements: These elements fully meet WCAG requirements and don’t require improvement.

Successfully Avoid Web Accessibility Lawsuits

To meet legislation requirements, you need to ensure that this site can be accessed by disabled people. Thanks to it, it will be more secure to use and easier to browse. While there are more than 400 million sites, only 1% of them are easy to access. To stand out among the competitors, you need to follow accessibility guidelines. Keep in mind that the number of accessibility lawsuits has increased by 300%. was created for companies that are looking for trustworthy data to avoid possible lawsuits. It will help you improve user experience and make your site accessible to people with disabilities. Keep in mind that this service can’t make your website meet all the requirements, you can use it only for auditing.

Using this service, you will understand how to make your site compliant and how to solve all the issues with it. It will also help you see how to use different ways of improving it. This Accessibility Checker won’t help you win a lawsuit, however, it will make it easier to avoid it. You will get all the information you need to tell your employees what changes should be made. Besides this service, you can use SEO software to improve the performance of your site.

Comply with Worldwide and Local Legislations

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If you don’t want to face any legal issues, you need to ensure that your content is created in accordance with federal and state laws and can easily be accessed by people with disabilities. Unless you check your website thoroughly, you might get sued for discriminating against your potential readers.

Using Accessibility Checker, you can check whether your site is accessible and compiles with WCAG 2.1 level AA. Keep in mind that different countries have different laws. You should be aware of them to avoid financial losses. By following these laws, you can make your site fully compliant with a range of accessibility laws established in different countries.

Using this Accessibility Checker, you can check whether your content meets different standards and regulations. It will help you save money by avoiding lawsuits.

After auditing your site, this service will inform you about its score and let you know whether you risk being sued. Make sure to solve all the problems. If you have never used such services before, you can contact a web-development company or hire a professional web designer.

Helpful Beginner Guides for Web Accessibility and Blog

accessibility checker guides

You can read detailed guides for novice users that will help you master the basics of website accessibility and learn more about different legislations. To deepen your knowledge on these subjects, you can also read a blog. There, you will find a lot of information on how to make your website more accessible when adding new content.

In the news section, you will find information about the recent updates. All the articles are detailed and well-written. The professional content is written in accordance with AC official accessibility guidelines.

Accessibility Checker: Prices

You can use Accessibility Checker without paying a dime as it’s a completely free service. You can upload information about your website to receive a detailed PDF report about its accessibility and easiness of use. This service doesn’t disclose your personal data to third parties. It was developed with the sole purpose of performing thorough audits to help website owners improve the performance of their platforms.