Thrive Web Design Agency Review: Pros And Cons

By Kate Gross 5 days ago, Apps and Software


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  • Pricing: From $20,000

Verdict: When I decided to expand my photography business, I was looking for a trustworthy company that can quickly build a website with a visually-appealing design. I contacted the Thrive web design company after hearing that it specializes in custom solutions. As I knew for sure what website I needed, I didn’t hesitate before contacting this company.

It turned out to be a great solution for my business. I liked that my ideas were taken into account by the web designers. Besides, they offered me several options for ensuring that my website accurately represents my style and the area I specialize in.

I believe that this company is the best option for those who need to create a website, develop a brand image, get engaging content, and promote their businesses online using effective digital marketing techniques. In this Thrive web design company review, I will tell you about my experience of working with the team.

  • The websites are tailored to the client’s needs
  • Create custom solutions without using automated tools
  • Professional digital marketing campaigns
  • Keep in touch with clients
  • Pricey services
thrive web design company website

Thrive is a well-established web development company that provides a variety of services. Besides building websites, its team can create a brand image and write engaging articles. The company also provides website maintenance services and launches effective marketing campaigns.

Once you get your website, you will be able to edit text and images, as well as add or remove a range of elements. You don’t need to have any special skills as your site will be fully based on WordPress. Such platforms are easy to navigate, which makes them a perfect solution for those who need to manage their websites with little to no effort.

Thrive: Main Features

thrive web design company logo

Thrive uses a client-oriented approach and takes into account the wishes of its clients. The team doesn’t try to impose its ideas and strictly follows all the requirements. It spends a lot of time to clarify what result a client needs to get, which is why the consultations take a lot of time and require the presence of all the stakeholders if there are several of them.

The company is always ready to make the necessary edits to ensure that its clients will get websites they are fully satisfied with. It creates custom solutions tailored to the needs of its clients and doesn’t rely on automatic tools. The team builds websites from scratch to make them unique and meet the requirements.

If you want to get a new website, place an order on the platform. You will need to fill out an online form and describe your vision of the project. Make sure to provide the team with a detailed description. The web design company will contact you to confirm the date of the first consultation. Then, a manager will send you a price quote and the team will start building your platform.

Creative Website Development Based on the Modern Technologies

thrive web design company web development

Thrive creates custom solutions tailored to the needs of its clients. All their sites have a visually appealing design and high productivity. The web designers avoid using website builders and don’t rely on widely-used templates. You will get a site with a responsive design that will look great on a screen of any size. Besides, it will meet all the search engine optimization criteria.

When working on a website, the team follows an established workflow and evaluates the results after every stage. It makes the necessary changes if some ideas don’t seem to be working. This web development company develops effective strategies and determines what content will be useful for your target audience. It allows the team to find the best way to bring your message across.

After the pre-launch, you can check all the features of the site and tell the team whether you need it to improve anything. It takes from 8 to 12 weeks to develop and launch a regular website. During this time, the team also creates engaging content and makes the necessary changes. It could take the team 12-24 weeks to develop more complex sites, such as eCommerce platforms, as they have more features and huge product catalogs.

Detailed Branding Guides for Photographers to Represent their Brand Correctly

thrive web design company branding

Before starting to work on any project, Thrive tries to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your brand as well as find out more about your values, target audience, and the desired brand image. While you can quickly make a photography logo using a free software, it’s unlikely to help you much with your branding efforts, which is why Thrive provides a full range of services to its clients.

The team creates detailed brand guides with comprehensive information on how to use your brand elements in your marketing campaigns. You will learn what fonts and colors should be associated with your brand and how to develop a distinct visual identity.

Thanks to the mockups sent to you by the team, you will see what your branding elements will look like. In the brand guide, you will find plenty of ideas for promoting your brand online and learn how to use different styles to bring your message across.

High-Quality Website Content for Engaging a Target Audience

thrive web design company copywriting

Thrive has a team of experienced content writers who know how to write informative articles that will be relevant to your audience. Besides, these professionals will accompany all the texts with attention-grabbing images. You can order their professional content writing services to improve the online recognition of your brand and build a loyal following.

Before starting to work on texts, the team thoroughly analyzes a brand, its values, and goals to see what makes it stand out among the rest. Based on this data, content writers create content for different sections of a site. They can write posts for a blog, social media pages, or newsletters. The company also creates content for printed materials, including flyers and brochures.

On-Demand Website Maintenance to Keep your Resources Safe and Effective

thrive web design company website maintenance

To ensure that your platform functions without any delays, you can order the website maintenance services provided by Thrive. The team will make your site secure to use, improve its performance, and monitor it 24/7 to ensure that everything functions properly. It provides a range of other services as well. These professionals create regular backups to protect your data, provide maintenance, and fix various issues that might hinder the performance of the site. You can outsource the website maintenance services and spend more time developing your business.

The company allows you to get the most recent updates, which will come in handy for those who use WordPress plugins. In case your site gets attacked by hackers, your data will be securely protected. Besides, the team creates backups. You can ask the support team to send you detailed analytics that will help you improve the performance of your site. When placing your order, tell the team about the features that you want your website to have and they will add them to your platform.

Thrive Prices

The company has a transparent pricing policy. As the prices are fixed, you won’t have to pay any hidden fees. The total price of an order varies depending on the needs of a client and the complexity of a project.

To create a standard site, you will need to pay from $20,000 to $35,000. In case you are looking for a more complex solution, such as eCommerce platforms, membership sites, or educational services, you will have to pay from $40,000 to $90,000.

To optimize your platform and improve its search engine ranking, be ready to pay from $2,500 to $5,000 monthly. The final amount will depend on the number of services. As for branding services, the company charges from $10,000 to $30,000 for them. You can also order website maintenance services for a reasonable price of $127/month.