Plerdy Conversion Rate Optimization Platform Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 19 days ago, Apps and Software


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  • Platforms: Online/Browser
  • Pricing: Free/Starting from $23/month

Verdict: In search of a fully functional and dependable solution for boosting the conversion rate of my site, I stumbled upon Plerdy and decided to test this service out. I was pleasantly surprised by the broad functionality, intuitive UI, and straightforward installation process offered by this service.

I also appreciate the ability to manage and use tools designed for different kinds of websites within a single platform. Being an owner of an official site that promotes my services as a photographer, along with an eCommerce website for my photography products, having access to tools that can help me evaluate and enhance their performance is a godsend.

  • Straightforward and fast installation
  • Lots of free features for beginner marketers
  • Selection of tools designed for improving one’s website
  • Can be integrated with various online platforms
  • Occasionally low loading speeds
plerdy website

Plerdy is a solution that provides various conversion rate optimization services for companies and individual entrepreneurs of all sizes. You can rely on the offered tools to monitor, evaluate, and convert your website visitors into active customers.

If your business is tied to the creative industry or you work as a marketing expert in a big company, you can benefit from such handy features as a heatmap, SEO Checker, event tracker, pop-up form creator, and many others.

Plerdy: Main Features

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The key feature that sets Plerdy apart from the competition is that it hosts all the main tools designed for boosting website conversion rates on a single platform. Since continuous performance improvements and new website content additions are particularly important for eCommerce platforms, their list of services also includes options that are suitable for online stores.

Overall, the company offers 11 solutions for tasks that you can only complete with Plerdy’s tools. Despite providing such an impressive feature set, this platform still manages to ensure the installation process is extremely fast and intuitive. Using all the offered tools shouldn’t pose any difficulties as well, even if you’ve never worked with similar software in the past.

Progressive Heatmap Features for Studying Visitor Behavior on Your Website

plerdy heatmap

If you want to know what your website visitors are doing, what pages they are looking at, and what they're pressing or hovering over, then you can’t get by without heatmap tools. Plerdy is supplied with a full set of website heatmap software tools that will allow you to conveniently monitor the users’ actions.

With the help of this solution, you’ll be able to locate design flaws that stop users from buying your product or service or make them leave your platform. Plerdy’s heatmap tool excels at finding such problems as the inability to open links, pressing unclickable elements, difficulty in using certain website features, etc.

Additionally, you can increase the quality of your content once you’ve launched the site scroll map, which is a part of Plerdy’s feature set. This feature analyzes the depth of long posts published on your website and the results of this analysis will let you know if visitors are engaged in your content. Similarly, you can evaluate the efficiency of your call-to-actions, as Plerdy’s heatmap tool will amass the clicks on the CTA buttons and determine how efficient they are.

Focused on Details Event Tracking for Detailed Analysis

plerdy event tracking

The Event and Goal Tracking feature set included in Plerdy was developed for monitoring user behavior on your site. You can set up events to track user interactions with forms, pictures, videos, buttons, scrollbars, and all kinds of other webpage elements.

I suggest employing Plerdy’s tools rather than resorting to alternative statistical analysis software since most of the competing tools only count page views and that’s not enough to properly research customer behavior.

The Event and Goal Tracking feature allows you to limit the analysis to specific destinations, which is very helpful for tracking all important user interactions on certain webpages. Additionally, you can always synch all tracked events with Google Analytics to perform in-depth analysis.

If you want to ensure you don't get lost in a sea of data, you can set specific goals. For instance, if you'd like to find out the number of viewers who checked out the presentation of your newest photography project, select only this element for analysis, while the tool grants you the precision that competing services fail to deliver.

Customizable Templates for Different Types of Pop-Up Forms Creation

plerdy pop up forms

With Plerdy, creating a pop-up form requires minimum effort since you don't even need to possess any coding or web design skills. Creating them is vital for boosting your conversion rate, lowering the bounce rate, gathering information about your site's visitors, offering discounts, promoting new store products, etc. The availability of pop-up messages can help retain website visitors and prompt them to order your service or buy your product.

You can set up pop-up windows (one or multiple on a single page) that will appear based on which page is being viewed by the user. For instance, if they’re reading a blog article about the best budget cameras, create a pop-up message that offers them to buy a camera from your store.

To simplify this process even further, the platform’s developers have created user-friendly templates for the most popular purposes. Thus, you take advantage of premade contact form examples for letting customers know about relevant marketing activities, collecting email and phone number information, making single-click orders, and so on. There’s also a separate form constructor that lets you create a fully customized pop-up message for your specific tasks.

Advanced Analytical Tool for Your Online Store Tracking

plerdy ecommerce sales performance

Plerdy is equipped with an integrated utility for tracking the performance of your eCommerce store. This solution will allow you to easily estimate the income of your store for any specific period you’re interested in. With the help of the provided sales reports, you’ll be able to determine what parts of your site have the biggest effect on your sales.

It also lets you check the number of successful transactions that were conducted during a user-defined period. Such functionality allows you to conveniently determine whether clients make single-time transactions or repeat purchases. The tool can also help you determine the average cost per order, which is another metric that can be used for gauging the real interest in your company and product.

The ability to compare your store’s overall revenue during different periods will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the resource and locate possible issues and shortcomings. Thanks to the fact that Plerdy is supplied with an integrated sales performance tool, you won’t need to use Google Analytics or alternative data visualization tools.

Automatic Website Content Evaluation to Ensure it Matches Digital Marketing Parameters

plerdy seo checker

If your goal is to significantly boost the conversion rate of your website, it’s vital to ensure its content matches all relevant search engine optimization criteria. Thanks to the provided cutting-edge SEO Checker feature, you’ll be able to quickly determine if your posts have all the necessary elements: headlines, meta descriptions, alt descriptions, etc. Additionally, you can use the functionality of this online SEO software to check if your site is suffering from mistakes that can lower its rating in search engine rankings.

If you have an active blog, then you can use Plerdy’s text checker, which will take less than a minute to analyze such metrics as the total word count, percentage of stop words, text uniqueness, average sentence length, wateriness, readability score (FRES), and multiple others. The bottom section provides an in-depth analysis of the best and worst keywords used in the analyzed text. This tool also locates English words that have Cyrillic letters and vice versa.

Plerdy Prices

Plerdy provides multiple flexible pricing plans for its clients, depending on their specific needs. You can either go with an all-in-one plan or only get specific tools like the ones designed for SEO, pop-up form creation, or eCommerce store analytics.

There’s also a separate plan for enterprises.

All plans are subscription-based and differ from each other based on the number of available features. There's also a completely free plan as well as a 14-day free trial offered for each paid package.

You can get the Start plan for just $23 a month and its functionality should be more than sufficient for most eCommerce store and website owners who are just starting. The platform's most popular offer is the Business plan for $47 a month, which is often picked by small and medium business owners as well as individual entrepreneurs. For more ambitious businesspeople and large corporations, there’s a Premium package that will send you back $79 a month. Go to Plerdy’s website to examine what each plan can offer you in more detail.