Cambs Web Design Agency Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 3 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: Cambs is a trustworthy web design and web development company. Their team is real professionals in the industry of creating websites, developing their design, and other areas of digital technology. What I like most about their design methods was simplicity and flexibility. They use content management system preferred by today’s businessmen and marketing agencies around the world.

I was pleasantly surprised that in addition to the services described above, at Cambs web design agency you can also order search engine optimization services, develop your own mobile application, and more.

  • All-in-one design services
  • Google ads services
  • Social networks marketing
  • Offers telemarketing services as well
  • Fast work and superior results
  • Prices are shown only for design services
cambs web design agency interface

If you’ve decided it’s time to have your own website and want it to be perfectly optimized, then Cambs is what you’ve been looking for. Regardless of the purpose of your future site – a lead or a first-class e-commerce platform – this agency can do it all.

If you already have a website, however, you feel that it needs a professional upgrade to increase efficiency and sales, then you are in the right place – the agency team will take it to a whole new level.

Cambs Review: Main Features

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Cambs agency specializes in creating websites that will be able to increase the visibility of your company and generate leads. First, the team of this digital agency finds out what is unique and special about your business, and then they create a conditional image of your target audience to develop a web design that will best suit you. Many years of employees’ experience in website design makes them true professionals in their field, able to increase online conversion through your website, attract new customers.

Specialized Website Design for All Purposes

cambs web design agency sites

This web design company is a great assistant in creating a balance when building a website that will become a kind of hub for your presence on the Internet. This is especially valuable and applicable to photographers and photography agencies.

However, if you are in a medical, technology, financial, educational, travel, or other business, Cambs web design agency has something special for everyone. Their team includes many specialists in various industries, which means you can count on really high-quality services.

The agency team can create an attractive and full-featured customer-oriented e-commerce site, a business site for promoting B2B services, and more. They will develop the future site draft with visual layouts of individual pages so that you can study it and make your edits. They work with responsive design so that your resource looks seamless on both desktop and mobile devices.

Working together, the Cambs departments develop landing pages for your site that improve SERP ranks and drive natural organic traffic to it. Copy for landing pages is created and thoroughly studied by a team of expert writers to rank for targeted search inquiries.

Pro-grade designers create detailed landing page layouts so you can evaluate the final result and make changes, if necessary, even before it is published on the site. They pay attention to each graphic asset to best suit your style, complement your promotional efforts, and make your visitor’s experience even more enjoyable.

Digital Marketing Services to Expand Your Audience

cambs web design agency digital marketing

True professionals in the field of digital technologies work at Cambs web design agency, bringing the latest online marketing techniques to life. Capturing the target audience is a breeze for them. They achieve high results by creating unique content tailored to you and your needs, as a result of which you benefit from strong and trusting relationships with your satisfied customers. Thanks to an individual approach to each customer, they can guarantee a steady growth in all digital indicators.

To build a clear and effective strategy, at first, the team collects the necessary information and sets specific goals. You can study the reporting data on your marketing activities and track them in real-time, which allows you to make timely changes.

It is no secret that advertising in the modern world is one of the most powerful tools. Cambs helps you define a working digital ad strategy and specific campaigns to achieve your goals. This digital marketing agency creates amazing and compelling campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other top-selling platforms.

Email marketing is another great way to engage with your audience. The agency team transforms strategic objectives into the design of an advertising campaign and successfully implements them. This helps generate leads, encourage repeat purchases, and build loyalty.

Advanced Virtual Assistant and Business Support Services

Virtual Assistant can easily become your indispensable administrator. Its flexibility and high efficiency will satisfy the requirements of both small and large businesses, as well as sole entrepreneurs in performing tasks that do not require human intervention. Let Virtual Assistant become your nearby resource or a resource halfway across the world and you will forget about tedious routine tasks, shifting them to good hands.

Proactivity and self-sufficiency – this is what I can confidently say about the services provided by Cambs web design agency. The team is tech advanced – it is handy to communicate with them whether it be by mail, video calls, or in any other way convenient for you.

Search Ranking Service that Turns Traffic Increases

cambs web design agency search ranking

Cambs web design agency team is true professionals in rating control. These UK SEO experts specialize in increasing traffic to a website from organic search results. Thoroughly analyzing your site and prioritizing impact-based optimizations is the key to its success.

Their SEO services for photographers and other professions are built on an individual strategy, the latest innovations in the world, and their experience. The main goal – to increase your income – is achieved by all means and methods aimed at growing a business with a rating.

I like their individual approach to developing a strategy for each client. In their price list, you can see how different and in-depth services they can cover to give you exactly what you expect.

High-End Mobile App Development and Design Services

cambs web design agency app development

You can also refer to Cambs as an app development company. Their clients around the world highly appreciated the professionalism of the team, the services they provided, and the strict compliance with the customer’s wishes. They have a well-arranged workflow, know what to ask the customer to make the mobile product reflect the brand philosophy and be effective.

The agency offers turnkey services in app development, integration, and control. Whether you are interested in a consumer-facing application or a corporate-grade product, the team will provide all-inclusive services from the idea and design of the application to development, implementation, and ongoing support.

Cambs consulting team helps to finalize the concepts of the application, make it compatible with the necessary devices, schedule the next steps, and optimize expenses. Talented designers will surprise you with the app’s usability and easy-to-navigate interface that will drive conversions, user activity, and ease of adoption. You can be sure that you will get bug-free code and a super-efficient app.

Telemarketing to Increase the Reach of Your Products

The majority of telemarketing efforts are designed to raise awareness of a company, and its goods or services, generate leads, schedule meetings, and provide customer care. It can also be applicable in situations when a prospect has received a mailing with a proposal but has not yet reacted or made final reservations for an appointment, in addition to more conventional marketing methods.

Cambs web design agency boasts a wealth of experience in telemarketing, offering you a variety of campaign options to reach your wildest goals. You can choose one or more options to meet your expectations as much as possible.

The contact center staff uses the most cutting-edge and effective cold calling methods and technology to assist their clients in gaining new customers and increasing income. They can also assist customers by developing positive, long-lasting relationships with them through effective communication.

Cambs Prices

As you already know, the range of agency services is incredibly wide, but you can find a price list for web design services on their website only. It consists of 4 plans to choose from. For the first – Monthly plan – you will have to pay $59/mo and get hosting and maintenance in return. This plan is great for those who want to test their concept first.

The next one, the Silver plan, is suitable for those who want to get a site based on WordPress, Joomla, or another site engine. This also includes the development of contact forms, sliders, and videos if needed. All this will cost $480.

The Gold plan services are to develop a powerful and reliable responsive website based on CMS. It will be fast-responsive and look perfect on all devices and platforms. It will come with contact forms, feedback, and a portfolio. All this will cost you $840.

The cost of the Platinum plan is calculated individually when you contact the Cambs team. With it, you can order a tailored website of any size and based on any CMS. This includes developing any options available at the agency into your site – video backgrounds, shopping carts, sliders, timer calendars, etc. – in any quantity.