Adobe Acrobat DC vs OfficeSuite: Which Tool is Better

Both participants of the Adobe Acrobat DC vs OfficeSuite battle offer an impressive selection of features for viewing, managing, and editing documents. You can get both options on multiple platforms, as they are supported by Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The key distinction is that Adobe Acrobat DC is designed mainly for PDFs while OfficeSuite is suitable for a significantly broader range of file formats.

Adobe Acrobat DC is a multifunctional tool for working with PDFs and creating e-signatures. You can use this software to create, edit, convert, send, e-sign, and merge PDF files. It also offers a pleasantly convenient UI and extremely useful collaboration functionality that allows multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously from any device regardless of where they are.

OfficeSuite is a highly efficient solution for document editing that supports a broad range of formats including PDF. All imported files are synched across relevant platforms to ensure you’re constantly dealing with the newest version of the document. OfficeSuite also allows you to scan documents with the help of the camera that is built into your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

What is Adobe Acrobat DC?

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Adobe Acrobat DC is supplied with an array of handy features for managing PDF documents and manipulating them in any way you need. You’ll have access to basic editing tools, the ability to split and combine PDFs, change their style, add/delete text, etc. You’ll also be able to convert PDFs into other formats and vice versa, with possible options including Word and several image formats.

This PDF editor allows you to compress documents with zero data loss, however, the success rate of such a process is determined by multiple aspects specific to the file. If you were to pit Adobe Reader vs Adobe Acrobat, you’d notice that the latter is a more advanced and feature-rich solution since it not only lets you edit and create new PDFs like Adobe Reader but also view and share them over the web.

  • adobe acrobat dc interface
  • adobe acrobat dc interface

    Adobe Acrobat DC: Pros and Cons

    Convenient PDF creation/conversion. Acrobat DC allows you to easily create and convert PDF files. PDFs can be made of either single or several documents (Word, Excel, picture, TXT, and so on), scanned pages, webpages, or from nothing (you start with an empty page). The ability to convert files to and from PDF is one of the most impressive features included in this software. Possible options include such popular formats as Word, PPT, Excel, etc.

    PDF editing functionality. In a pursuit to grant you complete control over PDF files, this software offers all the relevant tools you can need. While OfficeSuite requires you to open a separate editor to handle such tasks, Acrobat lets you do everything without ever clicking away from its UI. The most popular editing features included in this Adobe product allow you to write/edit/erase text, fix typos, add/move around/erase pages, add/erase images, and so on.

    Allows compressing PDF documents. This solution can also be used for compressing documents without data loss but you have to remember that the chances of whether such an operation will be successful are determined by a long list of factors related to the specific PDF file.

    Adobe Document Cloud. Adobe Document Cloud is a web-based cloud platform that offers 2GB of free storage for saving your PDFs, which you can later access from any device you need. This platform can be integrated with a broad range of utilities that are used for e-signing forms, document scanning, and PDF conversions.

    This service ensures you no longer have to be near your PC to open a document since you can grab it from the cloud wherever you are as long as you have a working internet connection.

    Terrific client support. Adobe often receives praise for its customer support quality and you can also read up a ton of handy information about common issues and relevant topics in their readily-available knowledge base. If you require more advanced support or have encountered a rare problem, you can be sure you’ll receive a response from a customer support representative within a reasonable timeframe and your issue will be solved as soon as possible.

    You need a powerful PC to enjoy optimal performance.

    What is OfficeSuite?

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    OfficeSuite is a fantastic Microsoft Office alternative that is particularly well-suited for mobile users. It allows you to work with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files while also providing an array of handy PDF-related tools. Similar to Acrobat DC, this solution can be used for creating e-signatures to make the process of officially signing documents online a breeze.

    By getting OfficeSuite, you also receive a mobile scanner, as this software lets you scan documents by employing the camera of your smartphone or tablet. This suite supports several cloud services while also offering a Wi-Fi document transfer option, which can be very handy for large organizations and offices. All subscribers receive 50GB of cloud storage, which should be enough for all of your digital document needs.

    • officesuite interface
    • officesuite interface

      OfficeSuite: Pros and Cons

      Available on multiple platforms. Both software reviewed in this Adobe Acrobat vs OfficeSuite comparison are available on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows, allowing you to use any device you want for processing your documents. Such versatility is particularly appealing to people who are constantly on the go.

      Convenient text customization. This tool offers an array of text customization options that allow you to tweak the foreground and background color, indentation, alignment, and justification, as well as vertical and horizontal spacing. The style menu allows you to instantly swap between the header and regular text, however, OfficeSuite doesn’t let you change or create styles. That said, it does allow you to copy the format of one text section to another with the help of the Format Painter feature.

      Compatible with a broad range of formats. Another aspect that ensures using this software is as convenient as possible is the range of supported file formats that encompasses .doc, .ppt, and .xls. It’s also compatible with OpenDocument formats and allows you to work with CSV, RTF, and TXT documents without any issues.

      Handy conversion feature. OfficeSuite lets you expand the number of devices you can view your documents on even further by providing a conversion utility that lets you transform files into PDF, ePub, and other widely-used formats. This addition is often missing from other similar software.

      Multi-leveled security. OfficeSuite protects your files with a multilayered security system that is essential for serious organizations and businesses. Documents, particularly sensitive ones, will only be accessible to users with relevant authorization, as they will be locked behind e-signatures and passwords.

      Doesn’t provide real-time collaboration functionality.

      Free version is heavily ridden with ads.

      Adobe Acrobat DC vs OfficeSuite: Price

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        Adobe Acrobat DC offers multiple pricing plans as well as a free trial option. The trial starts the day you create an account and lasts for 7 days in a row.

        Acrobat Standard DC is available for $12.99 a month (export, convert, and edit PDFs, create, fill, sign, and share forms, in-depth mobile editing functionality, and so on).

        Acrobat Pro DC is available for $14.99 a month (all Acrobat Standard DC features as well as the ability to compare two versions of a document to review all changes, validate, and fix files for ISO, and so on).

        Acrobat DC for teams is available for $15.70 per license a month (conveniently increase the number of licenses as the team expands, take advantage of 24/7 customer support, Microsoft Information Protection for your files, etc).

        OfficeSuite can be used for free but then you’ll have to make peace with fairly restricted functionality. You can also go for the 30-day free trial version to see if this software suits your needs.

        OfficeSuite Personal Plan is offered at a reasonable price of $39.99 per year for a single-user license (all OfficeSuite apps, 50GB on MobiDrive, 1 Windows PC & 2 mobile devices per user). One-week free trial is available.

        OfficeSuite Family Plan costs $59.99 per year for a 6-user license (all OfficeSuite apps, 50GB in MobiDrive, 1 Windows PC & 2 mobile devices per user). One-week free trial is available.

        OfficeSuite Business Plan for $3.99 per month for a single user (all OfficeSuite apps, 50GB in MobiDrive for 1 user, licensed for commercial use, priority support). It allows you to connect 5 Windows PCs and up to 10 mobile devices.

        Adobe Acrobat DC vs OfficeSuite: Who Wins?

        Who is the winner in the Adobe Acrobat DC vs OfficeSuite battle? The answer depends on whether you’re more interested in an in-depth tool that gives you full control over PDF files or a more versatile solution that is suitable for a broader range of file formats.

        Adobe Acrobat DC offers all the features one might need for managing and editing PDFs while greeting all of its users with a convenient, simple-to-navigate UI. Meanwhile, OfficeSuite is a straightforward general-purpose solution that is offered at far more attractive prices. If you’re interested in receiving more control over your business' data or plan to build a fully functional office suite into your own proprietary system, you can't go wrong with OfficeSuite.

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