Altitude Digital Services Review: Reasons to Partner With

By Kate Gross 7 days ago, Apps and Software

Altitude Digital

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Verdict: Altitude Digital helped me redesign my website and developed a new logo for it. It delivers professional services. The company’s team of experts consists of skillful strategists, website designers, developers, Google Ads specialists, content creators, as well as social media managers who will do everything to reach the set goals.

I also like that the agency has a flexible pricing policy, which makes it suitable for companies with different budgets. Their website design solutions are effective for both small companies and medium enterprises.

  • Professional team of specialists
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Reports are delivered every 2 weeks and months
  • Provides website and marketing reviews for free
  • Dynamic pricing and budgets
  • Individual prices
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Altitude Digital provided an extensive range of reliable services, including optimization, Google Ads, website design, Social Media Marketing, live chat, etc. It helps businesses achieve the desired goals and boost their presence on the web. The proof of this is many positive reviews.

Altitude Digital — Main Features

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Altitude Digital is a full-featured digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine marketing and web design services. Both small businesses and medium enterprises in Sydney can turn to this company for assistance.

Design Feature-Rich and Responsive Websites

altitude digital web design services

The team of this web design company consists of professional website developers and designers. Using a 5-step approach to building web pages, the company’s experts create websites that communicate the message of every brand visually. Our cooperation started with a brief consultation, during which designers gathered all the necessary data about my goals, sales strategy, and target audience.

Based on this info, the design team developed design mockups for my site. Once my project was ready, I evaluated the result and provided my feedback. Another advantage is that the team develops individual solutions instead of using ready-made templates. Once I approved the design, their web developers started coding and modifying my website.

After approval and testing, the site was launched. The whole process took about a month. They managed to make my pages load faster. After all manipulations, the average load time of my site was reduced to 1.75 seconds, which is speedier than 80% of competitive services.

As the result, my website doesn’t have any poor-quality pictures, useless elements or features. I wanted to get a website with easy-to-understand content that can be viewed on various gadgets like smartphones or tablets. This goal was achieved.

Create the Right Impression with Thoughtful Branding

Altitude Digital also provides branding and logo design services. They can integrate brand elements into your webpage, redesign logos, and perform other manipulations to create the right impression and help businesses communicate their values.

I ordered a new logo from this agency. Inspired by photography logo design templates, I expected a similar result, but the design exceeded all my expectations. Not only did they take all my wishes and requirements into account, but they also retained similarities with the previous logo.

Building Communication with the Audience through SMM

altitude digital smm services

Altitude Digital services also helped me select the optimal platforms for promotion as well as create an effective strategy for increasing audience engagement and boosting sales. A personal consultation is a starting point for every project. It is necessary to understand a client’s goals, the essence of their business, their target audience, etc.

The next step is to examine a customer’s social media presence. By identifying potential clients, social media specialists discover more opportunities for your brand development.

These professionals can build an effective social media marketing strategy based on this data. Their campaigns will help you increase audience engagement and establish productive online communication with your clients.

They use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to implement your social media strategy. This social media marketing company will run contests, create eye-catching promos and perform an array of other actions to attract new customers and make them loyal to your brand.

Brand Promotion With Google Ads

Brand promotion with Google Ads is more effective than search engine optimization. The development of each project begins with a one-on-one consultation with the company’s employee to identify the most appropriate keywords used by your potential clients when they browse the web in search of the services or products in your industry. They serve as a basis for producing eye-grabbing ads for the target audience in a given area.

After the launch of your Google Ads campaign, the agency’s team will use real-time monitoring and reporting tools to produce comprehensive reports on its effectiveness. Besides, they’ll provide a detailed review of the way your potential clients are interacting with your company. Moreover, the specialists keep making changes to a campaign until it brings the desired outcome. More traffic and better conversion are the most common aims.

24/7 Managed Live Chat Service

In my Altitude Digital services review, I should also mention that the agency can integrate 24/7 managed live chat into your website. With this service, you can win your clients’ loyalty by answering all their inquiries promptly. Customer satisfaction and excellent assistance are two major components of success.

24/7 with managed live chat serves for engaging customers. The company’s employees will collect all the details and queries forwarding all these data to you so that you can follow up on these leads.

You can engage more visitors using live chat technology. It allows collecting more info about your clients. The emails summarizing your dialogues will also help you get new customers.

The cooperation of an account manager with your team ensures that you can get the best results using live chat. Moreover, they can send leads to more than 500 CRMs and marketing platforms.

Altitude Digital Services Prices

The cost of services provided by Altitude Digital depends on the scale of a future project, ongoing efforts, and selected strategy. Other price-forming factors are the industry and deadlines. The cost of a web design also depends on your preferences and the complexity of a campaign. Ask for a consultation so that the company’s specialists can understand your needs and objectives and provide you with an accurate price quote.