Desygner Graphic Design Platform Review 2023: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 14 days ago, Apps and Software


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  • Platforms: Online/Browser
  • Pricing: Free/Starting from $4.95/month

Verdict: When I launched Desygner for the first time, I was positively overwhelmed by the number of features it offers. As a non-professional in the graphic design industry, I like the fact that the platform offers ready-to-use templates for different design types, which makes the task of creating a logo or flyer for your marketing campaign a breeze. All included templates are easily customizable so you can personalize them in a way that ensures the final asset reflects the identity and values of your business.

  • Convenient, premade graphic design assets
  • Automatic editing features
  • Integrated with stock image websites
  • Allows contracting graphic designers
  • Free version’s functionality is rather restricted
desygner website

Desygner is a comprehensive solution that was developed for handling all kinds of graphic design projects. The platform offers an array of ready-to-use templates for various branding elements like logos, letterheads, flyers, banners, and business cards.

Additionally, this tool offers features designed for processing PDFs, animating, automatically deleting backgrounds, resizing images, and much more. It’s an all-in-one destination for any business that heavily relies on visual assets, especially if it’s involved in a creative industry.

Desygner: Main Features

desygner logo

The biggest advantage of this platform even when compared to the most advanced graphic design software is that Desygner allows you to create all branding elements in a single style. By using the same tools for developing your brand identity, you’ll never encounter the problem of having your assets being colored in different tones, using different fonts, etc.

You don’t have to install any software or study its functionality to start working on your next graphic design project. All Desygner tools are extremely intuitive and its editing features can be accessed online. This is arguably the biggest reason why this solution is the optimal choice for photographers, digital artists, videographers, bloggers, marketers, and other creatives who aren’t involved in graphic design professionally.

Easy Customized Templates for Different Types of Graphic Design Assets

desygner templates

Desygner offers completely customizable templates for different graphic elements, both printed and digital. Other than logos, posters, flyers, and advertisements, you can also use it to design social media content, covers, pricelists, resumes, and types of graphic design projects. Some of the featured templates can be used without payment while others are locked behind premium plans. However, I should note that you probably won’t have any problems finding a suitable option from the free collection.

Before you can begin working on a project, you first have to create an account. Once you do so, you'll be able to use the offered editing features and templates. On the left-side panel, you'll notice all the tools required for processing photos, writing and editing text, and video and animation tools. The platform also lets you resize any element, revert and redo actions, and much more.

Additionally, you can use this solution to create drawings, shapes, frames, and various text blocks. You can also add your own logo to the finished design to ensure your brand is properly represented. You can either upload your own visual assets or take advantage of the free stock library and create your brand’s identity from scratch.

120 Million + Royalty Free Images for Stunning Design

desygner stock images

Desygner is deeply integrated with Shutterstock, which is one of the largest stock photography platforms worldwide. You can take advantage of a nearly endless selection of royalty-free photos, vector illustrations, icons, and other assets that are suitable for graphic design projects and don't require the author's permission.

Employ Desygner's refined search system to find the desired images by typing in a relevant keyword or hashtag. Alternatively, you can import your own assets from your social media or cloud storage account, as this platform offers support for Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Dropbox, etc.

Additionally, you can produce unique visual assets for your business with the help of thousands of royalty-free vectorized illustrations, shapes, frames, infographics, and icons. You shouldn't have any problems finding the exact element you need and implementing all your graphic design ideas in no time.

Automatic Tools for Routine Graphic Design Tasks

desygner background remover

Desygner’s automated functionality allows you to handle routine graphic design tasks without any issues in just a few clicks. A prime example of such an approach is the resize tool that lets freely alter the size of an image within seconds. Upload the photo, pick the desired size or one of the hundreds of preset sizes for different social networks, ads, banners, etc.

One of Desygner’s most popular tools is the integrated background remover that automatically replaces the background with a transparent space while preserving the quality of the image. Once done, you can add a new backdrop or simply keep the image transparent depending on your needs.

Ability to Animate Your Graphic Design Projects

desygner animation

Professional graphic designers rely on top-grade software to produce motion graphics. However, if your skills aren’t on a professional level yet, working on such projects can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Desygner simplifies that task by offering its users tools that you can use to create some unique visuals for your site, social network feed, or blog.

With the help of their intuitive animation tools, you can add a bit of interactivity with simple GIFs or create full-fledged complex animated clips in different styles. In just a couple of clicks, you can add motion to an entire image, its specific part, or a text block.

Desygner's Instant Animation creator is an integrated photo animation software that lets you produce animations within seconds while allowing you to specify their duration, apply desired effects, and infuse your visual assets with motion. Afterward, you can download or share the file as a GIF or an MP4 video. Additionally, this tool lets you post your projects straight to your social media accounts.

Reliable PDF Editor for Collaborative Work on Visual Projects

desygner pdf editor

If you’re working in a team, then you’re definitely going to need a PDF editor that you can use for sharing graphic design assets, monitoring all relevant activities, commenting on different images, etc. Desygner’s one-of-a-kind file format ensures the formatting, element, and font data of your projects is preserved. It allows you to edit either the whole file or separate pages with zero quality loss.

Desygner's smart design features allow you to convert Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, Adobe Creative Cloud formats as well as AutoCAD and OpenOffice documents into easily editable PDFs. Thanks to the provided drag-and-drop functionality handling the conversion is extremely easy.

Desygner Prices

Desygner lets you pick from 3 plans. Payments can be made either monthly or yearly (which allows you to cut down the overall price by 50%).

The Free is available to individual users and grants access to the service’s template collection. You can pick from over 300 design format types – social network posts, banners, presentations, etc. You can also use free photos, icons, fonts, and other visual elements. The free plan is suitable for creating animations and lets you upload and edit 10 PDFs.

The Pro+ package will send you back a monthly fee of $4.95. You’ll receive everything that is already offered in the free plan but for 5 users. You’ll also gain access to premium templates and stock photos, which you can keep in the platform’s integrated storage space that doesn’t impose any restrictions. This plan also lifts all limitations regarding the number of designs, including animated ones. Moreover, it lets you upload as many PDFs as you want to ensure your files are completely editable.

The Business plan costs $9.95 a month per user while also including up to 100 guest accounts. In addition to all the aforementioned features, this package allows you to collaborate with teammates, which is essential for businesses and companies of all sizes. This plan also lets you create templates for your team, invite guest users, set up asset libraries, and manage them as you see fit.