Adobe Express vs Lucidpress: Features & Advantages

If you compare Adobe Express vs Lucidpress, it’s important to consider what features you need, be it free, customizable templates, layer support, an extensive library of design elements, or an ability to work in a team.

Adobe Express offers a range of free and premium templates that you can customize to your liking. You can use them for creating business cards, previews, etc. This image editor has an intuitive interface. Professional designers like an opportunity to work with layers. Thanks to it, you can easily overlay icons, frames, and transparent PNG images. You can use an in-built library of design elements.

Lucidpress is a platform for creating designs and branding elements with the help of creative templates. It allows you to work together with a group of designers and edit your project in real time. Its drag-and-drop interface will come in handy for beginner designers. Using this software, you can quickly create brochures, leaflets, presentations, and business cards.

Which Is Better? Final Verdict:

While Lucidpress primarily focuses on paid content and is more suitable for those who need to work in a team, Adobe Express allows people to quickly create amazing web designs without any prior skills. It comes with customizable templates. Its in-built library gets updated daily. What makes it stand out among other similar options is that it supports the selection tools available in Photoshop, including brushes, the Magic Wand for selecting and cutting out objects, as well as pro-level typography tools.

Adobe Express is the winner >

Adobe Express Features:

  • Advanced customizable templates for web designs
  • Layers
  • The same selection tools as in Photoshop
  • 18000+ premium fonts
  • Intuitive interface and tools

What is Adobe Express?

adobe cc express design templates

Adobe Express is an updated, stripped-down, and upgraded version of Adobe Spark. It’s suitable for creating web designs with the help of ready-made, customizable templates and a set of handy tools. If you have never created Instagram stories, business cards, or invitations before, you can use the in-built video tutorials that will allow you to learn more about the available tools and create your first unique web design.

adobe cc express advanced option for editing

Unlike Adobe Spark alternatives, it includes 1000+ templates on various topics. You can customize them as you see fit even when using a free version. For instance, you may edit any element of a selected theme, choose any font you want to use, set its size, position, and transparency, adjust the color palette, edit the background, remove or add icons, signatures, or frames.

adobe cc express layers

In addition, you can adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, shadows, highlights, color temperature, and sharpness. Besides, you can use top-level tools and filters to adjust blur, colors and gradients. After comparing Adobe Express vs Lucidpress, you will see that the latter doesn’t support main blending modes and masking parameters.

If you have some experience, you can use layers when creating a single-page scrolling website. You can adjust their opacity and add watermarks to your works, which makes this program suitable for designers who create logos. You can send the preview of a logo with your watermark added to it to your clients. It will help you protect your work from being stolen.

adobe cc express extended design asset library

While Lucidpress doesn’t integrate with cloud storage, the premium version of Adobe Express lets you save your projects to the cloud and edit them later. You will have up to 100 GB of cloud storage, which allows you to store your animations.

What makes this web-based platform for creating designs so unique is that it has a library of icons, transparent PNG images, and GIF materials. It will help you create an ad for your product. Besides creating 2D designs, you can animate graphics files that were imported or added from the library.

What is Lucidpress?

lucidpress convenient drag and drop interface

Lucidpress has an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that enables you to move any element of your design to any part of the template or your canvas. Using it, you can optimize your workflow and perform a range of tasks with little to no effort.

lucidpress teamwork with synchronized edits and shared chat

When writing this comparison, I noticed that the latter allows you to add several users that will work on your project simultaneously, make edits in real time, as well as communicate in chat and leave comments. You will clearly see the difference between printed and digital formats, which will make it easier for you to create a design that suits your needs best.

lucidpress custom templates for design team

While it has a huge library of templates, both free and Pro versions don’t allow you to edit them. You can only add your logos and signatures. The developers believe that it makes it easier to create consistent brand designs.

You can edit templates after paying for the Team subscription. This decision of the developers may seem strange since it makes this software hardly suitable for beginners and those who want to create Instagram stories. This is why, if you decide to opt for Lucidpress, you may need to use third-party apps for Instagram stories.

lucidpress 1000 unique font styles

Just like Adobe Express, Lucidpress has a great library of digital assets, where you will find a lot of unique icons. It contains 1000+ unique font styles. You can customize their color, position, and opacity as well as add a hyperlink to any phrase, whether you need to create an online report or a web page.

This software has an extensive choice of export options. You can save your works in such formats as PDF, JPEG, Postscript, HTML, TIFF, and more.


adobe creative cloud express logo
Adobe Express
lucidpress logo
  • Many tutorials
  • Huge color palette for a quick search
  • Extensive library of design elements
  • For creating single-page websites
  • A free version has all the main tools
  • Customizable branding
  • 1000+ templates
  • Asset library
  • Allows working in a team with synchronized edits and group chat
  • Drag-and-drop interface


adobe creative cloud express vs lucidpress price

Adobe Express is available for beginner designers free of charge. You will have an unlimited choice of export options and tools. A Premium version allows you to use premium libraries, daily updated templates, 100+ unique fonts used by world-known magazines, 100 GB cloud storage, and branding tools. It will cost you $9.99/month.

You can use Lucidpress without paying a dime, however, this version allows you to create only 3 documents. Besides, you will need to create your designs manually, which makes it less suitable for beginners than Adobe Express.

If you want to remove restrictions and get access to stock photos, icons, and premium templates, you can pay for the Pro version. It costs $10/month. However, this version doesn’t let you edit templates.

In case you don’t know which option, Adobe Express or Lucidpress, is more suitable for teamwork, take a closer look at the latter. Its Team plan enables you to work with a team of designers that includes up to 3 people. It costs $12/month. You can synchronize your edits and customize your templates by adjusting colors, size, fonts, and other parameters.

The price for the Business plan depends on the number of team members that work on your projects. This plan allows you to use all the features of this software without any restrictions and automate your data.

FixThePhoto Choice:

Adobe Express is more suitable for beginners. Just like Photoshop, it allows you to work with layers. You can edit your templates in the free version. Besides, this editor has a scalable interface, which is why you can create top-level designs with better precision.

At the same time, Lucidpress will be a better choice for those who work with a team of designers and want to synchronize their edits.