14 Best App Development Companies to Choose in 2021

By Tani Adams 14 days ago, Apps and Software

Do you want to try to build a mobile application but do not know how? You can handle this task easily with the help of professional app development companies. They have all the necessary resources for creating mobile applications and work with experienced developers who only use reliable tools.

Top 14 App Development Companies

  1. Messapps - Develops apps for Android & iPhone
  2. ClearSummit - Great solution for businesses with any budget
  3. Magneto IT Solutions - Comprehensive solution for app development
  4. VironIT - Apps for various platforms
  5. OpenXcell - The best choice for large companies
  6. Calvin Seng - Front-end and back-end development
  7. CodeIT - Verified client reviews
  8. RiseupLabs - Excellent and precise development model
  9. AppKong - Full-cycle online presence packages
  10. Miquido - A great variety of services
  11. itCraft - Completed more than 250 projects
  12. Utility - Amazing speed
  13. Webstrot - Complex front and backend development
  14. Cubix - Creates games

I’ve conducted a thorough study, analyzing the market and the skills of developers who work in the companies. Besides, I have examined their customer bases and portfolios, client feedback, pricing, and the time spent on the completion of one project.

Before contacting a mobile application company, you should decide what type of app you want to have. The price of services will depend on the complexity of a task. You should also consider the level of professionalism of a company. Then, you need to contact the agency’s employees and ask them about the portfolio and reviews.

1. Messapps – Our Choice

Builds apps for Android & iPhone
  • Worked with big enterprises
  • One of the best USA developers
  • Specialize in app store optimization and marketing
  • Result-oriented
  • Not found

Verdict: Messapps is one of the best app development companies that offer a vast array of services. It specializes in app development and design. Besides, it consults small businesses and big enterprises. With the main office in New York, the agency has a professional team of experienced designers, developers, and project managers. They create applications for iOS and Android, specialize in UI/UX design and website development.

The team always keeps in touch with a customer. They analyze the industry, plan and develop a strategy. For better results, the agency uses UI design software. They have worked with various companies, like New York University, Microsoft, Eataly, La Colombe, Empire State Building, Ground Central, Sparkbook, and others.

Their project managers are very customer-focused. They are always ready to help with any issue and respond to client questions even on weekends. The team meets deadlines and regularly delivers reports on the progress.

messapps app development company work example

2. ClearSummit

Great solution for businesses of any budget
  • High-quality app development
  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • Specializes in UX design
  • Works primarily with small business

Verdict: ClearSummit is a mobile apps company with the main office in Los Angeles. It has an experienced team with deep knowledge in engineering. They develop front-end mobile apps and web platforms and can create a well-thought-out user interface. ClearSummit specializes in full-stack app development, fast turnarounds for prototypes, web servers, and more.

They establish long-lasting relationships with each customer. The team quickly implements ideas and ensures the best possible quality.

ClearSummit also supports its customers after the completion of a project. They analyze the app and solve all the issues. The company also creates a roadmap, develops a release strategy, and analyzes user feedback to make sure that the app functions properly.

clearsummit app development company work example

3. Magneto IT Solutions

Comprehensive solution for app development
  • Create all types of apps
  • Meet deadlines
  • Have reputable clients
  • Create app design from the ground up
  • Hidden pricing policy

Verdict: Magneto IT Solutions is a mobile application development company. Within ten years, they have expanded and built their offices in Las Vegas and Bahrain, as well as cooperated with such renowned companies as Rockwell Trading, Lynkd, Décor Aid, Traffic NYC, Elitescreens, Membrandt, and Featherdown.

With over 75+ professional developers, the company offers a wide range of services such as mobile app development, web app development, e-commerce, UI / UX design, and digital marketing. Magento has Native IOS and Android development experts who have successfully created over 100+ apps, including enterprise-grade apps and IoT solutions.

Thanks to their attentive approach to all clients and adherence to all requirements, they easily establish a long-term partnership. The team always meets deadlines and has experience in a variety of industries.

magneto it solution app development companies interface

4. VironIT

Apps for various platforms
  • Works with businesses of different sizes
  • A full set of software development solutions
  • Builds various apps
  • Creates Virtual and Artificial Reality apps
  • Some issues with management

Verdict: VironIT is one of the best app development companies that work with big organizations and individual entrepreneurs. VironIT creates mobile applications and digital products as well as develops effective business solutions.

The company has two collaboration models, “Time or Materials” (T&M) or “Dedicated Team.” VironIT is a client-oriented agency that takes into account the needs of each user to select the optimal solution and complete a project more quickly.

The company builds applications for companies that specialize in education, sports, and other fields.

vironit app development company work example

5. OpenXcell

The best choice for large companies
  • The team includes more than 350 employees
  • Extensive experience in creating mobile applications
  • Collaborates with international organizations
  • None
openxcell app development company logo

Verdict: OpenXcell has been developing mobile applications for more than ten years. It has built over 3,000 mobile applications that have more than 15 million active users worldwide. They have an excellent reputation in the technology field, always meet deadlines and deliver high-quality results.

The agency cooperates with 750+ businesses from all around the world. Its team consists of 350 specialists in the technical field. Besides, this top mobile app developer has a team of SCRUM developers & industry-specific SME (Subject Matter Experts) professionals.

OpenXcell always keeps pace with innovative technologies and offers business and technology consultations. The company is client-oriented and does everything for earning customers’ trust. Besides, to ensure that every project remains confidential, the agency signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with every customer.

openxcell app development company work example

6. Calvin Seng

Front-end and back-end development
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick project completion
  • Creates a brand identity
  • Exact prices for services are not provided
calvin seng app development company logo
Calvin Seng

Verdict: Widely regarded as one of the best app development companies, Calvin Seng provides a great array of services. It builds websites and apps, generates content, and launches various campaigns for increasing website performance. This digital marketing agency specializes in front-end and back-end development.

A team of professional developers builds mobile applications. They create native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile apps. Before starting working on your project, the team conducts thorough research to develop an effective strategy.

The company helps clients create a brand’s identity from scratch. It uses various marketing techniques and designs business cards, brochures, T-shirts, etc. The agency can create the concept of a logo. You can also send them a photography logo design template, to show which logo you prefer.

calvin seng app development company work example

7. CodeIT

Verified client reviews
  • Unique services
  • Prioritizes customer satisfaction
  • International outreach
  • No price list on the website

Verdict: CodeIT is a well-established company that specializes in software development. They have been developing new technologies and creating innovative products for years. It’s one of the first companies that started to develop software products.

The team of CodeIT professionals provides software development services. It can build a high-quality product on time even if you set a tight deadline.

You can tell them about your business ideas, and they will implement them to create an IT product that will help you develop your company. You are guaranteed to be fully satisfied with the final product. These professionals constantly improve their skills to widen their level of expertise. They know how to allocate the available resources wisely to avoid unnecessary expenses.

codeit interface

9. AppKong

Full-cycle online presence packages
  • Offers development strategies for various platforms
  • More than 5 years of experience
  • 98% of satisfied clients
  • Makes clean-code
  • High prices

Verdict: AppKong can improve an existing app or create a new one from the ground up. The company offers cross-platform web development strategies. Thanks to clean-code solutions, clients can quickly understand a product.

The company helps speed up the existing solution: add, remove, merge and modify pages; automates client check-outs; delivers a constant stream of important data concerning your market, etc. The team works every aspect of an application through, from design and interface to functionality and payment methods. In addition, the agency develops websites and provides you with a team of professionals for every particular project.

appkong app development company interface

10. Miquido

Provides a great variety of services
  • High-quality results delivered on time
  • Long-term partnership
  • One of the best UK developers
  • High prices
miquido app development company logo

Verdict: Miquido is a professional web development agency that provides back-end services. The team works on digital products for various platforms. Miquido has more than ten years of professional experience and can implement even the most daring business ideas.

Widely regarded as one of the most popular phone app developers, Miquido has produced more than 100 products for different fields. They specialize in web and mobile development, UX/UI design, research & development, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

The company spends two days on an analysis, two days on a prototype, and three months on the MVP. The development team keeps you informed about the current status of your project. The agency will support a product even after its release.

miquido app development company work example

11. itCraft

More than 250 projects
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Apps for Android and iOS
  • Certified developer
  • Bad choice for small businesses
itcraft app development company logo

Verdict: itCraft is a mobile application company that was founded in 2010. It is based in Warsaw, Poland. The agency offers a great variety of services and creates apps for Android and iOS platforms. It develops custom software and specializes in UI/UX design. Their team consists of more than 40 professionals, who work to ensure that a customer will receive the best service on time.

The agency starts working on a project by analyzing the existing niche and technical solutions. They have many positive client reviews. The company always keeps in touch with customers.

Its portfolio includes apps for real-time voice communication, searching for a car repair service, tracking unauthorized ship traffic, etc. itCraft is an ISO9001 & ISO27001 certified developer. It has high security standards and creates top-quality products.

itcraft app development company interface

12. Utility

Amazing speed
  • Scalable solutions
  • Premium iOS, Android, and Web applications
  • Optimized workflow
  • Poor communication
utility app development company logo

Verdict: Utility is a professional agency that knows how to build high-quality mobile apps and has many skills in interacting with qualified partners. The company has worked with multiple businesses, including Airbnb, NBA, Samsung, Wiz Khalifa, and more. Many customers are highly satisfied with the Utility's services as the company always meets deadlines.

Utility builds scalable and secure applications for mobile platforms. The company also designs custom web platforms. They use only reliable and tested strategies to create high-quality custom product designs. The specialists also use the best web design software. Before starting working on a project, they conduct thorough research.

This top mobile app developer creates effective strategies, builds apps, and promotes products. The team is highly professional and quickly fixes any issues.

utility app development company work example

13. Cubix

Creates games
  • Creates 2D and 3D games
  • Released more than 500 games
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A high staff turnover
сubix app development company logo

Verdict: Cubix is one of the best app development companies that work with both individual entrepreneurs and big organizations. It specializes in effective web and mobile development and always considers client's needs. With more than ten years of experience, their professional team of developers can work on various projects in different fields.

Besides developing apps for iOS and Android, it also creates 2D and 3D games, builds mobile product strategies, etc. The agency always tests the products it has created.

сubix app development company work example

14. Webstrot

Complex front and backend development
  • Full front and backend development
  • Use new plug-ins
  • Useful widgets for optimization
  • Possibility to order UX UI design
  • Hidden price list
webstrot logo

Verdict: Webstrot provides high-quality services that include the development of optimized mobile applications for all areas, including e-commerce, blogs, games, and means of communication. The developers integrate new plug-ins, add all the needed widgets, and try to simplify the process of using the app for every client.

In addition to the front and backend mobile application development, you can order complete customization of UX and UI design, the development of a logo for your business and even brochures for further advertising.

webstrot app development company interface
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