8 Best Home Management Apps in 2024

By Tani Adams 4 days ago, Apps and Software

If you are looking for the best home management app to plan your daily household chores, this article will come in handy. Such applications contain many useful functions for making and controlling lists, distributing household duties among family members, and more.

Thus, you can save time and even money. Moreover, you can always keep track of upcoming tasks and you don’t have to use paper calendars and planners anymore.

Top 8 Home Management Apps

  1. Tody - The best house cleaning app
  2. Porch - Manage your home information effortlessly
  3. Cozi Family Organizer - Calendar-based organizer
  4. Homezada - All-in-one home manager
  5. HomeRoutines - Perfect for keeping track of routines
  6. Sortly - Extremely helpful for moving
  7. Homey - Kid-friendly home management app
  8. OurHome - Advanced task system

In this review, I've collected the best home organization apps available to users this year. All seven options are extremely easy to use and contain tons of useful tools for organizing your home routine. Here you will find applications for both large families and small ones.

1. Tody - Our Choice

The best house cleaning app
  • Schedule control options
  • Family co-op features
  • Tracking the cleanliness
  • Very flexible
  • No notifications for family members

Verdict: This option is the best home management app for those, who want to keep house cleaning under control. It includes many useful features to help you manage your cleaning tasks as efficiently as possible. Thanks to this application, you will sweep, dust, and wash when you really need it.

The application provides before and after cleaning visual reports, so you can marvel at the work done. This home routine app is great for the whole family. It's easy to use and you can create your own schedule quickly. Invite other family members to join the app, so that they can receive bonuses for their actions. Tody is one of the best universal options. It is great for large families and single-use thanks to its amazing customization options.

tody interface home management app

2. Porch

Manage your home information effortlessly
  • Appliance tracking and management
  • Receive appliance recall alerts
  • Craft personalized to-do lists
  • Porch Home Concierge service
  • Poor support

Verdict: Picture an app that's not just an app, but a comprehensive home command center. The Porch App unites all your home-related information in a single, user-friendly interface, offering an unparalleled level of control. Imagine effortlessly managing your to-do list, ranging from inspection report tasks to booking handymen and finding reliable movers. The Porch App empowers you to tackle everything on your list with ease.

Beyond the basics, the app's Home Concierge brings a personal touch to your journey. A real person at your service, helping you set up appointments, research insurance rates, and navigate the intricacies of moving.

The Porch's array of features doesn't stop there. It seamlessly integrates with your inspection report, ensuring your home data is always at your fingertips. Plus, safeguard your family by storing appliance details and receiving vital recall notifications.

What truly sets the Porch App apart is its ability to connect you with top home insurance providers, allowing you to compare rates and choose the coverage that fits your needs.

home management app porch

3. Cozi Family Organizer

Calendar-based organizer
  • A shared family calendar
  • You can get notifications about your appointments
  • Includes color-coded calendar
  • Top-notch schedule capabilities
  • Poor support

Verdict: If you are looking for a powerful to-do list app for the whole family then this option is worth considering. It includes many tools for organizing your daily routine. You can track grocery lists, schedule various events and appointments, manage to-do lists, and control the schedule of all members on one page.

This home organizer app is easy to use and you can create lists for both adults and children. The number of your lists is unlimited. You can add a wide variety of categories, prioritize them, add headers, customize items, and more. This is one of the best home management tools for those, who are going to cook for some kind of celebration and are afraid to forget to buy the necessary ingredients. Cozi automatically transfers all products from the recipe to the shopping list, making your life easier.

cozi family organizer interface home management app

4. HomeZada

All-in-one home manager
  • Stunning financial control
  • Evaluates and keeps tabs on inventory
  • Home maintenance schedule
  • Great data technologies
  • The free version lacks some tools

Verdict: HomeZada is a universal application for tracking and controlling many areas of your life related to your home. It contains instruments for managing your insurance, mortgage, household expenses, maintenance, and other financial aspects. Thanks to this application, you can control your budget, keep track of all documents, receipts, warranties, etc.

You can easily monitor all the property and inventory of your home by visualizing information through documents, photographs, receipts, etc. Thanks to the home maintenance schedule option, you will always be notified when any checks or repairs are needed to keep your home safe and comfortable.

This is the best home management app for those, who want the highest level of security for their personal data. Developers are constantly improving their product by incorporating the latest technologies for greater productivity and reliability.

homezada interface home management app

5. HomeRoutines

Perfect for keeping track of routines
  • Rich customization
  • Integrated timer
  • You can indicate focus zones
  • Adjustable to-do lists
  • Compatible only with iOS devices

Verdict: HomeRoutines is a great application for organizing and delegating household responsibilities. This daily planner app contains tools for creating to-do lists for a particular day, week, and month.

It is great for a variety of household chores such as cleaning, chimney sweeping, and the like. You can keep track of what has already been done and what else you have to accomplish. This organization app can remind you to pay bills, check insurance, and more. It is a go-to option for a busy family well thanks to the ability to customize areas and times.

homeroutines interface home management app

6. Sortly

Extremely helpful for moving
  • Easy product categorization
  • Nice tagging system
  • Allows tracking user's activity
  • Built-in scanner
  • No instant notifications

Verdict: This home management app is great for keeping track of your inventory. You can organize information about your property by folders and categories for easier access. Grouping folders by item type or location is available too. What's more, you can add tags or notes for quick searches.

You can add a detailed description to each piece of property. Enter the purchase date, a serial number, warranty expiration date, etc. You can save your lists as a CSV file, or share them via other platforms. If you are planning to move to a new apartment or house, then Sortly is the best home management app for you. It contains a special function for creating a printable QR label. You can put these labels on boxes and learn about their contents by scanning codes.

sortly interface home management app

7. Homey

Kid-friendly home management app
  • You can share tasks with other family members
  • Suitable for children
  • Great for the whole family
  • Works well with long term goals
  • Too many bugs

Verdict: It is one of the most popular household apps today. You can make task lists based on rooms, pets, and vehicles. Flexible customization options allow you to create both daily tasks and those with a specific deadline.

The principle behind this getting things done app is similar to a to-do list on a piece of paper or home management notebook. It helps you create a clear list of duties and tasks for the day, so that all household needs are met. This app is a good option for family use. Each family member can take pictures of the results of the work done and share them with others.

homy interface home management app

8. OurHome

Advanced task system
  • You can sync it with multiple devices
  • Allows you to track personal progress and activities
  • Your grocery list can be shared with others
  • You can schedule tasks
  • Sometimes lags

Verdict: This is one of the best home organization apps for both small and large families. With OurHome, you can train children to fulfill their household chores, track their progress and reward them for well-done tasks. This family calendar app allows you to coordinate your tasks, organize efficient daily activities, create a shared shopping list, and more. It's completely free and has no ads.

The application allows you to assign a task (for example, washing dishes), track its progress, and reward for success. Also, this home routine app includes a reminder system, synchronization with other devices, and a progress tracking option. You can remove completed tasks from the list by tapping the bubble.

ourhome interface home management app