10 Best Weather Apps in 2022

By Tani Adams 22 days ago, Apps and Software

10 Best Weather Apps in 2022

With these weather apps, you will be always prepared for any weather changes. These Android and iOS apps will notify you whether there will be rain, strong winds, thunderstorms, fog, and snowfall today, tomorrow, or even in a few weeks.

Top 10 Weather Apps

  1. AccuWeather – Weather forecast for 3 million locations iOS | Android
  2. RadarScope – The most accurate forecast iOS | Android
  3. Dark Sky – Contains a map and precipitation schedule iOS
  4. Weather Underground – Accurate weather prediction for 3 days iOS | Android
  5. Weather Line – Provides minute-by-minute precipitation forecast iOS
  6. Emergency: Alerts – For emergencies iOS | Android
  7. Flowx – Convenient system of notifications Android
  8. 1Weather – Customizable widgets iOS | Android
  9. Carrot Weather – Delivers forecasts in a humorous manner iOS | Android
  10. Yahoo Weather – The most stylish visualization iOS | Android

Weather apps are extremely helpful assistants when you need to plan the vacation, your working schedule, or outdoor recreation in the nearest future. All of them provide accurate forecasts and allow you to view the current weather not only in your city, but also in other countries worldwide.

1. AccuWeather - Our Choice

Weather reports for 3 million locations
  • Stylish visualization
  • Notifications about weather changes
  • Forecasts for 3 million locations
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Verdict: AccuWeather is one of the most popular weather apps that deliver weather forecast for each hour, day, or even a 15-day period.

These forecasts can be synchronized with your calendar apps. The main advantage of AccuWeather is the MinuteCast option, with the help of which you can get hyperlocal minute-by-minute weathercasts for the next two hours.

AccuWeather has extensive coverage and delivers weather forecasts for more than 3 million localities worldwide. The app is also capable of warning you about upcoming severe weather conditions such as snow, thunderstorms, strong winds, or tornadoes.

accuweather weather app interface

2. RadarScope

The most accurate forecasts
  • In-depth info
  • Warnings about natural disasters
  • User-friendly interface
  • No free version
  • Contains ads

Verdict: RadarScope is considered by many users as the best weather app, as it offers extensive functionality for forecasting the weather based on weather radar indicators. Initially, the app was designed for professional meteorologists, but nowadays everyone who is interested in weather events and wants to get detailed information about the weather phenomena prefers this great application.

RadarScope also delivers Nexrad Level 3 data received from radar stations located in the United States, GUAM, and Puerto Rico. Thus, forecasts are very accurate and allow you to find out and get alerts about tornadoes, flash floods, and thunderstorms in time.

radarscope weather app interface

3. Dark Sky

Contains a map and precipitation schedule
  • Precipitation schedule and map
  • Stylish visualization
  • Notifications about upcoming precipitations
  • Can function only on iOS devices
  • No free version

Verdict: Dark Sky is one of the top weather apps that delivers accurate weather forecasts. Its main advantage is that Dark Sky offers users a detailed description of the weather conditions on an hourly basis. It also shows graphics, as well as a precipitation map. Thanks to its error-free weather forecasts, users can adapt their plans and add these alterations to daily planner apps.

Moreover, the app can send you a warning when it predicts harsh weather conditions. Its functionality also includes custom notifications and weather digests on the lock screen. The timeline also shows UV data and provides options for receiving more detailed information. Dark Sky is paid, and its current price is $3.99.

dark sky weather app interface

4. Weather Underground

Accurate weather prediction for 3 days
  • Information from 30,000+ weather stations
  • Creates weather reports
  • Quick notifications
  • Complicated interface
  • Forecast for 10+ days isn’t always accurate

Verdict: Weather Underground is a popular mobile weather app that gathers info about weather conditions from more than 30000 meteorological stations. Thanks to such extensive cooperation, the app can show the correct weathercasts even in small towns and localities.

Besides, users can check the received weathercasts and publish their own reports warning about the expected worsening of the weather. The weather map is very detailed and has a feature of filtering the information displayed.

weather underground weather app interface

5. Weather Line

Provides minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts
  • Correct metcast
  • Quick alerts about weather changes
  • Stylish themes and icons
  • A full version costs much
  • Contains ads

Verdict: Weather Line is a great app that uses data from several weather forecast services, namely Dark Sky and AccuWeather. Although this tool is paid, you can use its trial version with basic functions. In general, Weather Line provides quite accurate long-term forecasts, so you can safely rely on them when making travel plans in your road trip planner apps.

A stylish visualization is one of the aspects that makes Weather Line the best weather app for many. It offers several dark modes, themes, and icons. Besides, the weather reports are highly accurate: users can even get a minute-by-minute forecast of precipitation.

weather line weather app interface

6. Emergency: Alerts

For emergencies
  • Alerts about threats
  • Shows the location of hurricane shelters
  • Intuitive UI
  • Limited functionality
  • Contains much unnecessary info

Verdict: Emergency: Alerts is a mobile weather app designed to alert its users about weather conditions in emergency situations. The functions allow tracking any weather phenomena: from hurricanes, floods to extreme heat and winter storms.

Emergency delivers weather reports of the regions where you live and of the localities where people, who are important to you, reside. The functionality of this app includes configurable notifications and a map of hurricane shelters in case of emergencies.

emergency alerts weather app interface

7. Flowx

Convenient system of notifications
  • Stylish visualization
  • Weather charts and maps
  • Detailed infographics
  • Many ads
  • Some weathercasts can be inaccurate

Verdict: Flowx is the best weather app for those, who like stylish visualization and in-depth analytics. The app offers a great set of graphs, weathercasts, and weather maps displayed on a scrollable animated forecast timeline.

Flowx can show various data, such as precipitation, clouds, and direction of wind, with statistics received from NWS/NOAA and Environment Canada. However, the app has some drawbacks including annoying ads that appear in a free version. You can get rid of them by purchasing a full version.

flowx weather app interface

8. 1Weather

Customizable widgets
  • Stylish visualization
  • Weather charts and maps
  • Detailed infographics
  • The weathercasts are not always accurate
  • Contains ads

Verdict: 1Weather is one of the best weather apps for delivering correct weather reports. It gives detailed information about weather conditions for various spans of time. The app quickly summarizes current weather conditions and forecasts, as well as shoes the weather reports on an hourly, 10-day, and 12-week basis.

Besides delivering weather outlooks, 1Weather also provides detailed radar maps with adjustable data layers, widgets, notifications, and warnings about harsh weather conditions. Although the app doesn’t show the most accurate forecasts, but it gives the info about the precipitation flawlessly.

1weather app interface

9. Carrot Weather

Delivers forecasts in a humorous manner
  • Stylish interface
  • Contains sarcastic jokes
  • Alerts about harsh weather conditions
  • A full version costs much
  • Limited functionality in a free version

Verdict: Carrot Weather is one of the most original weather apps that deliver accurate reports about weather conditions for the nearest future. The tool brings all information in a humorous, sarcastic way.

The basic version of this application is available for free, but users can purchase various subscriptions for activating new functions. For instance, the paid version of the app provides regular notifications about various weather phenomena like hurricanes, fogs, snowfall, and other major weather changes.

carrot weather app interface

10. Yahoo Weather

The most stylish visualization
  • Detailed infographics
  • Stylish visualization
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Weather reports aren’t very detailed
  • Weathercasts may be incorrect

Verdict: Yahoo Weather is a popular weather mobile app that can brag about informative and bright interface. The app shows your location with the actual time of day and weather conditions. Moreover, Yahoo Weather enables you to view the detailed five-day forecasts, as well as use the data provided by interactive radar, thermal, and satellite maps.

Although other similar apps offer more detailed information and richer functionality, but Yahoo Weather has its advantages like a clean and concise presentation, as well as convenience in everyday use.

yahoo weather app interface