8 Best Photo Scanning Apps in 2022

By Tani Adams 13 days ago, Apps and Software

8 Best Photo Scanning Apps in 2022

Check out the list of the best photo scanning apps that will help you save your best memories at the highest quality and digitalize old pics. In such a way, you will preserve family photos or important documents and will not worry about them deteriorating or getting lost.

What is more, all the apps on this list will successfully work on your smartphone, so you will easily and quickly scan all the necessary images.

Top 8 Photo Scanning Apps

  1. Photomyne: iOS | Android - For simultaneous scanning of multiple photos
  2. PicScanner Gold: iOS - Contains free templates
  3. Google PhotoScan: iOS | Android - The most accurate scanning app
  4. Family Search Memories: iOS | Android - Great for family photos and genealogy
  5. Genius Scan: iOS | Android - With multipage PDF support
  6. Microsoft Office Lens: iOS | Android - Provides an ability to choose resolution
  7. Helmut Film Scanner: Android - For film scanning
  8. CamScanner: iOS | Android - Appropriate for document scanning

These applications will help you scan, edit, enhance and resize your photos. You can easily add captions, store and share scanned files.

When looking for the best app to scan photos, you will come across those compatible both with iOS and Android and those working only with one or another OS.

1. Photomyne - Our Choice

For simultaneous scanning of multiple photos
  • Simultaneous scanning of numerous photos
  • Sorts photos into albums
  • Allows creating collages
  • Offers filters
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Verdict: Photomyne allows you to scan multiple photos at the same time. You can either scan your pics arranged in traditional photo album software or put them on the desk and start scanning. It is convenient that this best photo scanning app automatically sorts images into different folders on your phone therefore saving much time.

What is more, this application offers numerous editing features. Apart from cropping and removing glares, you can colorize B&W photos and enhance them with filters.

Finally, Photomyne enables you to create collages and slideshows.

photomyne photo scanning app interface

2. PicScanner Gold

Contains free templates
  • Offers numerous features
  • Batch scanning
  • Unlimited amount of albums
  • Premium-quality scanning
  • Only some tools are free
  • Compatible only with iOS

Verdict: PicScanner Gold is a photo scanning service that works only on iPhones. It is one of the best photo scanning apps as it allows for the simultaneous scanning of multiple pics. In addition, scanned photos are stored in different folders, the number of which is not limited.

Using this application, you will also enjoy a great number of photo editing features, like rotating, cropping, enhancing colors and perspective correction. You can create several versions of the original photograph, for example, B&W, sepia, etc. It’s also possible to add captions to any photo you want.

This app provides tools to create postcards with photos, so you may not worry about what to gift your relatives on Christmas or New Year.

Thanks to the batch processing function, you will save much time and spend it on something more pleasant than scanning dozens of pics one by one.

picscanner gold app interface

3. Google PhotoScan

The most accurate scanning app
  • Fast and free
  • Scanned pics are stored in Google Photos
  • Automatic edge detection
  • Glare-free scanning
  • Edge detection is not the best one

Verdict: PhotoScan is a photo scanning software developed by Google. It will easily scan your images in a matter of seconds. The tool asks you to scan an image four times and then choose the best variant.

To start scanning, place the photo within the frame and press the shutter button. When the four white dots appear, move your smartphone so that the center aligns with each dot, one by one. The app takes snapshots, stitches them together, and you get a nice photo without any glares.

This photo scanner app offers automatic tools to detect edges, correct perspective and rotate images. You don’t need to adjust settings manually. The app provides you with a ready shot in a matter of seconds.

One more benefit that I can’t omit describing this app is that you can store scanned images on Google Photos for free.

google photoscan app interface

4. Family Search Memories

Great for family photos and genealogy
  • Detects relatives at photos
  • In-built microphone for interviews
  • Offline access
  • Auto synchronization with FamilySearch.org
  • Occasionally confuses family members

Verdict: If you are looking for the best photo scanning app to create a genealogy tree, Family Search Memories is an ideal option. This application was developed to collect family memories. Apart from photographs, you can easily scan documents.

This application enables you to add videos, audios, family stories, jokes and sayings. Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can add voice commentaries to content or have interviews with your relatives.

If you want to activate a recognition option, you need to create a family tree. When you add the photographs of your relatives and information about them to the tree, the app starts identifying them on other photographs.

Finally, Family Search Memories allows you to fix important dates, family events and automatically store them at FamilySearch.org or other popular cloud storages for photos.

family search memories photo scanning app interface

5. Genius Scan

With multipage PDF support
  • Bright colors
  • Intuitive UI
  • Multipage PDF support
  • Supports third-party apps
  • Re-sizing results in quality loss
  • Free version is limited

Verdict: Genius Scan is a popular mobile scanner app initially developed to scan documents. However, it has enough functionality to scan photographs.

It is a convenient tool to turn your old photos into JPEG and PDF files. It offers such options as automatic edge detection, correction of perspective and basic enhancement.

To get the best results, hold your phone directly over the photo so that the edges match with the frame and take a shot. You can use flash but it might cause glare in the photo.

This photo scanner app provides great search features. To quickly find the necessary shots, make sure to tag them or add titles.

Using this application, you can share your images on social networks and store them at Dropbox, GoogleDocs and Evernote.

genius scan app interface

6. Microsoft Office Lens

Allows choosing the resolution
  • Synchronization with Microsoft services
  • Standard editing tools
  • High resolution of scanned photos
  • Fast and user-friendly
  • Doesn’t offer advanced photo scanning tools

Verdict: Microsoft Office Lens is a photo scanner providing two separate modes for digitizing documents and photos.

A photo-scanning mode doesn’t allow enhancing saturation and contrast. It has manual basic editing features. You may choose the resolution of the scanned image.

It is the best photo scanning app to work with various docs including the handwritten ones. It offers the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature for recognizing various captions and digitizing them.

You may easily convert photos to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files and save them to OneNote or OneDrive.

microsoft office lens photo scanning app interface

7. Helmut Film Scanner

For film scanning
  • Color-corrects negatives
  • Processes positives
  • Customizable parameters
  • User-friendly
  • Android only

Verdict: Helmut Film Scanner is different from the other apps presented in this list. It allows you to scan films and automatically turns them into colorful or B&W images. This app processes color positives and can be considered as the best film scanner available today. You may manually adjust levels, saturation, gamma, brightness, contrast and sharpness of the photographs.

To begin scanning, place a film on a surface illuminated from below. Make sure you see the images on your negatives and then get started. Activate the app and take a shot.

When you are ready, you may share, print or publish your pics anywhere on the Internet.

helmut film scanner app interface

8. CamScanner

Appropriate for document scanning
  • Adjustable scan quality
  • Comes with an editor
  • Supports AirPrint feature
  • Ability to set passwords
  • Quite expensive in-app purchases

Verdict: You may use CamScanner to scan documents and photos. After taking a snapshot, you can edit it, crop and save as a PDF. It is one of the most popular formats for sharing.

You may also adjust the quality of the final image, rotate it, merge, remove unnecessary details and text if you work with docs.

This application sorts scanned images under tags that may be customized for your convenience. You may set a password to access your photos and nobody will see them without your knowledge.

This photo scanner app supports faxing and AirPrint. You may also share files in a JPEG or PDF format over email, on social networks or by sending a link.

camscanner photo scanning app interface