10 Best Family Calendar Apps in 2023

By Tani Adams 24 days ago, Software Reviews

10 Best Family Calendar Apps in 2023

You can manage your time rationally and control all important events with the help of the best family calendar app. It comes in handy when you need to plan schedules for all family members. Such apps remind you of all the important dates and events.

Top 10 Family Calendar Apps

  1. Google Calendar - Complete analytics iOS | Android
  2. Cozi Family Organizer - Convenient color coding iOS | Android
  3. CloudCal – Highly automated Android
  4. Fantastical 2 – Exchange integration iOS
  5. Timepage – Split-screen function iOS
  6. DigiCal – Syncs with Google Android
  7. CalenGoo – Comes with a printed calendar Android
  8. TimeTree – Supports communication between users iOS | Android
  9. Informant – The best calendar styles Android
  10. Jorte – With convenient reminders iOS | Android

Family calendar apps help you schedule joint vacations, plan visits to your family doctor and monitor basic tasks at work or school. Due to regular and timely reminders, you will never forget about your family and friends’ birthdays, as well as important holidays or anniversaries.

1. Google Calendar - Our Choice

Complete analytics
  • Comfortable visualization
  • Synchronization with multiple devices
  • Integration with Gmail
  • Synchronization with the calendar on your device
  • None

Verdict: Google Calendar is a family calendar and organizer. Its main advantage is the availability of analytics that helps you analyze your schedule and build it with maximum efficiency. Being one of the best calendar apps, it offers a convenient reminder system that will send you notifications about upcoming important appointments or events.

Google Calendar allows you to work with one calendar on several devices at once. Due to this, a user can create a single schedule for the whole family and allow everyone to edit it.

google calendar family calendar app interface

2. Cozi Family Organizer

Convenient color coding
  • Synchronization with multiple devices
  • Allows sharing plans
  • Simultaneous editing
  • Slows down when multiple devices are connected

Verdict: Cozi Family Organizer is a great time-management app for the whole family. Its functions allow you to coordinate everyone’s schedule in one place and share it with a selected group of users. Besides, the application is cross-platform and runs on different devices, including a PC.

The program assigns a personalized color to each user. This prevents you from getting confused about the tasks and plans. Plus, you can share your menu plans and to-do lists, which you can coordinate and edit at the same time.

cozi family organizer family calendar app interface

3. CloudCal

Highly automated
  • Synchronization with other calendars
  • Allows creating catalogs
  • Multiple background designs
  • Slows down sometimes

Verdict: CloudCal is a popular family management app. Along with its key function, it has many other useful options such as speech recognition, which makes it easy to update and create a to-do list or event reminders. It easily syncs with Google Tasks, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

One of its main features is the analytics of your daily routine. The program enables you to build a color chart that shows which tasks you spend the most time on. This is especially handy for parents who want to better control their teens’ time.

cloudcal family calendar app interface

4. Fantastical 2

Exchange integration
  • Supports push updates from Google Apps
  • Extensions for WebDAV and CalDAV
  • Multiple background designs
  • For iOS only

Verdict: Fantastical 2 is a family sharing calendar app that lets you manage and plan all your activities. The processes are fully automated. The system can automatically accept or send invitations based on presets. Automatic notifications prevent all attendees from forgetting about important events.

Fantastical 2 supports WebDAV and CalDAV extensions for easy synchronization with your Google, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud accounts. Plus, several users can edit one calendar.

fantastical 2 family calendar app interface

5. Timepage

Split-screen function
  • PC version
  • Easy-to-sync
  • Instant notifications
  • Challenging navigation

Verdict: Timepage is a shared family calendar app where multiple users can easily organize and plan their week or month. This application integrates with other calendars, contacts and services, such as the popular project management software.

With the split-screen function, you can easily perform multiple tasks at once. It helps parents check two or more children’s daily routine. All your actions and tasks can be quickly synchronized to make it easier to complete common assignments.

timepage family calendar app interface

6. DigiCal

Syncs with Google
  • Synchronization with Outlook, Google and Exchange
  • Creates catalogs
  • Customizable widgets
  • Costly paid version

Verdict: DigiCal is the best calendar app to share with family. Several users can work with it simultaneously, which allows them to control common plans and schedules. Its main advantage is that it finds a user’s location and matches this data with images and traffic.

DigiCal comes in two packages: free and premium. The paid version has such cool features as a weather forecast. Notifications will come in advance, so you can easily reconfigure your plans in case of bad weather.

digical family calendar app interface

7. CalenGoo

Comes with a printed calendar
  • Convenient navigation
  • Reminders of unfinished events
  • Synchronization with Google
  • Few themes and designs

Verdict: CalenGoo is the best shared calendar app, where the whole family can establish both general and individual plans and daily routines.

A key feature of CalenGoo is that it’s convenient to use for all users, including children. Navigation is simple, everyone can mark all important dates with any color. Besides, the app allows you to create stylish printed photo calendars for those family members who don’t use electronic ones.

calengoo family calendar app interface

8. TimeTree

Supports communication between users
  • Lots of themes for the calendar
  • Convenient navigation
  • Communication tools
  • Slows down sometimes

Verdict: TimeTree is a popular family calendar app for different devices. It helps you plan a day, week and month for all family members at once. Besides, you can choose one of 10+ original and stylish themes to personalize it.

A key feature of the app is that it allows you to comment on events on the calendar. To do this, the developers have created special chat rooms that help you communicate with the participants of different events.

timetree family calendar app interface

9. Informant

The best calendar styles
  • Integration with Google Apps, Exchange and iCloud
  • Stylish widget
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Poor PC version

Verdict: Informant is a handy and stylish calendar family organizer app. It is fully systematized so that a user can perform all the tasks on the go. All themes and backgrounds are customizable, which lets users create a comfy visualization.

The app is compatible with top-notch calendars from the Trafft website, so all your data can be combined into multiple display views. It’s so easy to navigate that even a child can easily use it. Plus, the developers allow you to download the desktop version to work with the calendar on a PC.

informant family calendar app interface

10. Jorte

With convenient reminders
  • Event calendars
  • Cross-platform
  • Notes for reminders
  • Slows down

Verdict: Jorte is the best family calendar app with unlimited capabilities. It is cross-platform and can be used not only on mobile devices but also on computers. Therefore, all family members can work with it, regardless of the preferred device.

Jorte attracts users with its special events calendar. You can follow all the important news and receive notifications based on updates. This enables you to follow your favorite sports team or TV show. Besides, one calendar can be shared with the whole family to make it easier to plan events together.

jorte family calendar app interface