9 Best Student Planner Apps in 2024

By Tani Adams 23 days ago, Apps and Software

9 Best Student Planner Apps in 2024

Using the best student planner app, you can allocate your time throughout the day very efficiently and you will not forget anything important. Such applications allow you to keep track of your various activities, including homework, attending clubs, preparing for competitions, going out with friends, family time, etc.

Top 9 Student Planner Apps

  1. Microsoft To Do – Easy to navigate iOS | Android
  2. Trello – Real-time actions and updates iOS | Android
  3. Egenda – Subject-wise sorting iOS
  4. Student Calendar – Scheduling of events Android
  5. iStudiez – Built-in planner iOS | Android
  6. My Study Life – Goal-centric circular tracker iOS | Android
  7. Power Planner – Grade and GPA calculation iOS | Android
  8. Todoist – Cross-platform to-do lists iOS | Android
  9. myHomework – Integration with Teachers.io iOS | Android

When selecting applications for planning studies and daily routine, I took into account the visually clean UI, customization capabilities, structure and the ability to integrate with other apps, for example, calendar apps. This list includes affordable options that have proven themselves to be a reliable assistant for organizing school and home life.

1. Microsoft To Do – Our Choice

Easy to navigate
  • All tasks can be categorized by the assigned user
  • Outlook tasks synchronization
  • You can share and manage your worklists across platforms
  • None

Verdict: This is a new development in the field of time management tools for students. The main feature of this application is saving unchecked actions from the previous day in the “Yesterday” section. Thanks to this option, you will clearly see which tasks you need to transfer to other days or in the “My Day” box.

This is the best planner app for college students due to its simplicity and the ability to sort assignments into lists. For example, you can create sections such as “Home”, “Lab”, “Work” and the like. You can divide each list into sub-tasks. So, when doing a biology project, you can include subtasks such as “Find sources,” “Upload pictures,” etc.

microsoft to do student planner app interface

2. Trello

Real-time actions and updates
  • Amazing notification system
  • Ability to work in a team
  • It is easy to manage your tasks
  • The full feature set is available only with a subscription

Verdict: Trello is a great college student planner app that runs on a board system. You can create separate cards for each task or project, move them between days or completely customize a new week.

Various colors will help you navigate your schedule better. Trello is also considered as an effective alternative to project management software.

Thanks to cloud sync, you can keep track of your daily routine from any device. Using this planner, you can organize all your tasks and projects into boards and monitor their status. This is the best planner app for students and adults who want constant access to their timetable. What’s more, you can share your boards with colleagues or friends for teamwork.

trello student planner app interface

3. Egenda

Subject-wise sorting
  • Notification system for the next day’s tasks
  • Great functionality and design
  • You can add notes to indicate project group members
  • Lack of timetable support

Verdict: Egenda is a handy note taking app to monitor your daily activities such as projects, homework, competitions, quizzes, etc. It helps you organize your schedule with easy-to-understand color coding and arranging your tasks.

All you need to do is create your own semester schedule and add assignments and deadlines to the subjects. This homework planner will send you notifications about upcoming deadlines and tasks.

egenda student planner app interface

4. Student Calendar

Scheduling of events
  • Easy-to-use and doesn’t take up much space
  • Tasks are categorized by day, week and month
  • Notification schedule for activities
  • The widget feature sometimes lags

Verdict: Student Calendar is a great tool for those who want to organize their studies better. This study planner app adds your tasks to Check List or To-Do List. Once you complete an event, you can mark it as done. The app will not highlight it after that. Moreover, all activities are combined as past or future. This way, you can keep track of which events are late.

You can keep your academic and personal events in one place. Create your schedule, add reminders, tasks and goals not to miss anything important. This school planner app is very convenient and easy to use. Start by adding your school subjects, assignments, study schedule and learning resources, timetable and new activities.

student calendar student planner app interface

5. iStudiez

Built-in planner
  • Integrated with Google calendar
  • Nice customer support
  • Includes GPA calculator and Grade tracker
  • Poor capabilities to customize the UI

Verdict: Nice interface, handy tools for tracking home assignments, grades and schedules are the strong points of this app. You can quickly check your daily goals and schedules with an easy-to-understand dashboard. Smart notifications help you stay on top of upcoming exams or deadlines. You can set up an alert system for all tasks and events.

You can set up a weekly schedule and check it in the “Week view” section. If you want to see your planned activities for the day, then go to the “Day view”. This school planner allows you to set tasks, deadlines and add specific information for each subject.

istudiez student planner app interface

6. My Study Life

Goal-centric circular tracker
  • Pleasant new interface
  • Secure timetable creation and sharing
  • Ability to sync your data between devices and to use the application offline
  • The setup process is pretty long

Verdict: This study planner contains weekly schedule templates where you can insert your tasks, exams, projects, etc. You can add not only classes but write down some extra details, including time, teacher’s name, room number, lesson topic, etc. Moreover, you can store information about class rotations and holidays in this application.

You can view upcoming classes, exams, projects, homework on the dashboard. This allows you to know about all future events and not to forget about them. My Study life app includes the Sync feature. Thanks to it, you can check your current daily routine from any device and even without an Internet connection.

my study life student planner app interface

7. Power Planner

Grade and GPA calculation
  • Cross-platform synchronization
  • Supports integration with other calendars
  • Contains specific school-scheduling features
  • There are no subtasks for items

Verdict: Power Planner is one of the popular time management apps for students. It consists of several functions such as viewing assignments, entering your class and exam schedule, tracking of your GPA. Developers are constantly improving this application by adding new features and fixing bugs.

It is the best planner app for students thanks to its advanced GPA calculator. It includes a “What if?” option that allows you to calculate the necessary points for tasks to get the desired grade. Besides, the application sends notifications about upcoming events. The paid version provides more options. For example, you can save more grades and track your GPA information from one semester to another.

power planner student planner app interface

8. Todoist

Cross-platform to-do lists
  • Efficient use due to minimalist interface
  • Several ways to schedule activities
  • Fantastic search and filtering features
  • Limited functionality in a free version

Verdict: Todoist is the best planner app for teamwork. Using it, you can work on projects with classmates, share tasks and statuses, invite other participants. Thanks to document management features, you can add and share files via Google Docs and Dropbox. The application has a notification system about upcoming due dates. It will notify you by email or phone.

There is a special option for marking tasks. You can rank events by priority, date, content, etc. This school homework app also allows you to set recurring events (weekly quizzes, attending extra classes, etc.) In case you are looking for an application with more advanced functionality, you can use the Appsgeyser app for students to build the best solution for your needs using customizable templates.

todoist student planner app interface

9. myHomework

Integration with Teachers.io
  • Stunning collection of helpful features and tools
  • Notifications for your assignments
  • Can be synchronized with other platforms
  • Some bugs occur

Verdict: myHomework student planner is a simple and intuitive application for organizing your school life. It includes templates for several types of schedules, such as time-based, period and block ones. The application contains tools for both entering the assignments and adding the micro-tasks needed to complete them.

The system of categories and priorities makes the work with the application more convenient. You can navigate tasks more easily and focus on the most important ones. This online planner app allows you to sync data and work from any device. Besides, you can sync data from myHomework with Trafft scheduling software to keep tabs on your activities both while using a mobile device and a computer. Moreover, you can enjoy the full range of functions even without a Wi-Fi connection.

myhomework student planner app interface