10 Best Stop Motion Apps in 2024

By Tani Adams 10 days ago, Apps and Software

10 Best Stop Motion Apps in 2024

Using the best stop motion app you can change the background of a video, apply visual effects, create soundtracks and time-lapse videos. You can manually adjust white balance and exposure directly on your videos, organize and animate pictures taken with your phone, export your work in 4K quality, etc.

Top 10 Stop Motion Apps

  1. Stop Motion Studio – Exports files in 4K iOS | Android
  2. Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker – Creation of mini video clips in 4K iOS | Android
  3. iStopMotion – Intelligent overlay functions iOS
  4. OSnap Pro – Use up to 200fps iOS
  5. PicPac – Supports Full HD animations Android
  6. Stop Motion Animation – Over 50 playback speeds Android
  7. GIFMob – Saving animation in GIF format iOS | Android
  8. iMotion – 4 capture modes iOS
  9. Stop Animator – Adjustable frame rate iOS
  10. Funmotion – Creation of a video in two clicks Android

The best stop motion apps allow you to add new frames to your videos, erase unnecessary objects from your existing frames, add small drawings or inscriptions, etc. Using paid and free stop motion software, you can make amazing animation or a short time-lapse video clip on your smartphone.

1. Stop Motion Studio - Our Choice

Exports work in 4K
  • It is possible to insert objects anywhere in the frame
  • Interactive timeline
  • Extensive library of video filters
  • Powerful built-in editor
  • None

Verdict: Stop Motion Studio is a multifunctional application for freezing frame motion and creating time-lapse videos. You can insert and delete objects anywhere in the frame, as well as make small drawings or inscriptions on top of the picture. You can apply fade effects and change foregrounds, backgrounds, aspect ratios the way you do it in free timelapse software.

An interactive timeline will help you understand and organize the frames of your video, even if there are 100+ of them. The built-in editor allows you to create text cards, for example, if you need to add subtitles.

Stop Motion Studio app also has an animation guide to make it easier for you to figure out how to place animated objects. You can also use the built-in music library to create different soundtracks.

stop motion studio app interface

2. Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker

Creation of mini video clips in 4K
  • Unlimited video projects
  • Allows saving works in GIF format
  • High-quality audio and video effects
  • Has a built-in photo and video editor
  • The free version does not have full functionality

Verdict: If you need apps to create stop motion animation and time-lapse videos, then this application can help you. It allows you to create mini video clips in 4K, adjust brightness, contrast and white balance without using photo editing apps.

The app enables you to save your finished animated images in GIF format. You can create an unlimited number of projects across the application, apply various effects and filters to them, such as boomerang, etc. It’s also possible to add and remove various objects from frames, as well as use audio tracks and effects from the built-in library.

life lapse stop motion maker app interface

3. iStopMotion

Intelligent overlay functions
  • Allows recording voiceovers for video
  • You can save works in PDF format
  • Instant video playback
  • Advanced image overlay features
  • You cannot change the position of the frames on the timeline
  • Requires using the Remote Camera app

Verdict: iStopMotion is a powerful software for freezing video frames and creating animated images. You can edit videos frame by frame and save them in a specific order on the timeline. It’s also possible to place frames in different folders. You can overlay an image from the camera in real-time, and it will be added to your clip immediately.

This stop motion maker also offers audio recording features that allow you to create voiceovers for your videos. You can import audio files that you want to include in your audio track. However, you cannot change the order of the frames added to the timeline. To remotely shoot, you need to purchase the Remote Camera app.

istopmotion app interface

4. OSnap! Pro

Use up to 200fps
  • Create a video with a frequency of 1-200 frames per second
  • Built-in presets
  • Allows recording voiceovers
  • Finished works are automatically archived
  • The audio recording function is paid
  • Problems may occur when importing files

Verdict: If you need the best free stop motion app with various features, then OSnap Pro will help you. You can create videos with a frame rate of up to 200 per second and edit them. Besides, you are free to apply built-in presets. You can also use the sound recording features to create unique voiceovers without installing the video editor for iPhone.

The application automatically saves and archives all your work, even if you accidentally exit it. You can also adjust the frame rate to create slow-motion or time-lapse scenes in your video. You can work with any image quality including 4K. It also enables you to save videos in any 4:3 format or in a square format for Instagram, etc.

osnap pro stop motion app interface

5. PicPac

Supports Full HD animations
  • Automatically breaks down gallery videos into photos
  • You can add audio tracks to clips
  • Enables you to change the order of frames
  • You can add your logos
  • Doesn’t support 4K resolution
  • The functionality of the free version is limited

Verdict: PicPac is an easy-to-use stop motion free of charge application that can handle animations in Full HD. You can use various audio tracks, as well as record your own for time-lapse video clips or soundtracks voiceovers. You can also change the order of frames and perform simple edits such as small objects removal.

You can add a logo at the end of the videos so that your works can be tracked. The app helps you bring your stop motion ideas to life by using a manual mode. It allows you to take photos after a loud noise or any spoken word. This is very convenient if you want to shoot at a distance. As for its disadvantages, it doesn’t support 4K format.

picpac stop motion app interface

6. Stop Motion Animation

Over 50 playback speeds
  • Add music, filters and effects
  • Extensive library of frames and stickers
  • Saving works in HD quality
  • Image editing
  • There is no way to work with Full HD and higher
  • Problems occur when saving works

Verdict: If you are looking for worthy apps for stop motion, then this option is for you. In Stop Motion Animation, you can adjust the playback speed of your videos by choosing from 50 available. Thus, you will create not only slow-motion scenes but also time-lapse clips. Your videos will be automatically saved in HD because it is the maximum quality available.

When working with separate frames, you can change their order and edit both frames and animation adjusting the white balance, contrast and exposure. You can also use various audio tracks from the built-in library or your smartphone. To create animations, use frames and stickers that will make your project more unique.

stop motion animation app interface

7. GIFMob

Saving animation in GIF format
  • Supports GIF and MP4 formats
  • Creates animation using the camera
  • Records videos with front and rear cameras
  • You can change the order of the frames
  • Supports few formats
  • Possible lags when working with a large number of frames

Verdict: GIFMob is one of the most useful stop motion video apps when it comes to creating animated images and time-lapse videos. You can create GIF animations with any number of frames. Also, the application can stop the video and select the frame you need to edit or move.

The app automatically saves video clips or soundtracks in MP4, which you can then convert using free video converters to any format you need. You can create animated images from the shots you took with a smartphone camera and the photos from your gallery.

gifmob stop motion app interface

8. iMotion

4 capture modes
  • High-speed shooting at up to 10 frames per second
  • Supports portrait and landscape orientation
  • Captures and imports files in 4K
  • Unlimited length of time-lapse clips
  • No trial version
  • Some features require additional purchase

Verdict: If you need the best stop motion app where you can create interesting videos, as well as animated images, then iMotion is for you. Using it, you get a high-speed shooting at up to 10 frames per second on both the front and rear cameras of your smartphone. You can also use landscape and portrait orientations to create animated images.

This application does not limit the length of your videos, so you can use as many frames as you need and set different times between them. All projects that you create with iMotion can be exported in 4K, 1080p or 720p, but you can only shoot in 4K on newer versions of the iPhone (from 6+) and iPad.

stop imotion app interface

9. Stop Animator

Adjustable frame rate
  • You can manually adjust the frame rate
  • Has a built-in slow-motion function
  • Autosave
  • Has a full-screen capture window
  • Some features are paid
  • Doesn’t work on older smartphones

Verdict: Stop Animator is one of the free stop motion apps that are capable of creating various videos with effects. You can adjust the frame rate manually and set the highest one at 10 frames per second while shooting with a smartphone camera. You can also use the slow-motion video feature to extend the length of the video while keeping the number of frames constant.

You can shoot videos with both front and rear cameras and use portrait and landscape orientations. It also has a full-screen capture window with HD export support. The application always performs autosave to avoid losing information.

stop animator motion app interface

10. Funmotion

Creation of a video in two clicks
  • Record videos with a tap
  • Manual frame rate adjustment
  • Full HD
  • Creates a time-lapse video
  • Limited functionality
  • You cannot process frames in the application

Verdict: If you need a one-tap time-lapse solution, take a look at this best stop motion app for Android. You only need to tap on the smartphone screen to stop a video or to create an animated image. With a touch, you can adjust the frame rate.

You can work with a Full HD image and create videos up to 3 minutes long. The functionality of the application is limited, and it will be difficult for you to edit frames or remove unnecessary objects. Use apps to remove unwanted objects from photo instead. Funmotion is more suitable for fun and occasional use.

funmotion stop motion app interface