10 Best Slow Motion Apps in 2024

By Tani Adams 16 days ago, Software reviews

The slo-mo effect decreases the frame rate making the video more interesting. The name of the effect is a little misleading, as the effect is reached through fast movement. Nowadays, almost any up-to-date phone has a slow-motion recording function.

Slo-mo is not only about interesting fresh solutions for video, it gives space for creativity and shows things from a completely different side. In this review, we've gathered top 10 slo-mo video maker apps that work on Android and iOS.

Top 10 Best Slow Motion Apps

  1. Slow Motion Video FX - Applies time and speed measurements
  2. Video Speed - High-speed processing
  3. VLC - Supports various formats
  4. Slow Motion Video Maker - Reverse video mode
  5. SloPro - Extensive sharing capabilities
  6. iMotion HD - Ultra-speed shooting up to 10fps
  7. SlowCam - Automatically saves videos to camera roll
  8. Videoshop - Record voiceovers
  9. Efectum - Add your best-loved tracks
  10. Coach's Eye - For coaches and sportsmen

It is well-known that many devices such as cheap mobile phones don’t have a function of recording slow-motion videos. However, that is not a problem because the market is full of a variety of tools that perform this function at a high level.

1. Slow Motion Video FX – Our Choice

Applies time and speed measurements
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free of charge
  • Produces outstanding videos
  • None

Verdict: Slow Motion Video FX is a good video editor for Android that helps the user not only to shoot videos in slow motion but remake your ready-made videos into those with slow-motion effects. An additional prop is an intuitive interface.

Based on your need, this slow motion video editor offers either to run the camera app for making a new slo-mo video or give access to your video gallery. Once the video is recorded or chosen, you can put a desired speed between 0 to 1. The bigger the number, the faster your clip is.

You will enjoy the quality of the created videos as they are natural enough as well as go without frame drops or stuttering. If you need an app to make slo-mo videos on your Android device, this slow mo app Android supported is the best choice. You can use it for free with ads, still, if you want to avoid annoying ads, you can buy the app in the store. You can go even futher, and use the free timelapse software to create attention-grabbing projects.

slow motion video fx app

2. Video Speed

High-speed processing
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Social media apps connection
  • Offers various media formats
  • Without video/audio retouching tools
  • Annoying advertising

Verdict: Video Speed is another slow motion app mainly due to its usability. You get an intuitive interface that allows you to shoot new videos with slo-mo effect, or transfer those from your library. All this you are getting by tapping the home screen with the single click.

This slow motion video player for Android lessens the video playing as low as 1/4x, as well as speeds up the video playing up to 4x. Still, the main advantage of the Video Speed app is integration with different social media apps.

You can produce the Slo-Mo clip and share it directly with your followers via TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. Besides, the slow motion video app for Android offers different formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WEBM, and others.

video speed slow motion app

3. VLC

Supports various formats
  • Various codecs support
  • Hardware decoding for non-native formats
  • Floating video player
  • Great controls
  • It takes longer to find videos
  • A bit confusing interface

Verdict: VLC for Android is a video player that allows you to play videos you store in the gallery. It’s the best slow motion app for Android as supports various file formats and performs as a high-end player.

VLC offers different options, still, slow motion recording is the greatest feature it ensures. You can turn on different media formats and make the video playing slower with the comfortable slider on the screen.

This slow motion video player ensures playing of up to 0.25x. Besides, you can play the video in a fast mode, the app has this feature and supports up to 4x speed. VLC player is free of charge and works as an open-source with no ads.

vlc slow motion app

4. Slow Motion Video Maker

Reverse video mode
  • Creates reversed videos
  • Has a video cutter
  • Works with different formats
  • Free
  • Not able to slow down a single frame
slow motion video maker app logo
Slow Motion Video Maker

Verdict: Slow Motion Video Maker provides slow-motion playback at 1/4x and 1/2x speed. You can shoot a video in slow motion straight from the app or convert the video you already have on your smartphone at the variable slow motion speed.

Also, this app has the Reverse video mode that allows creating exciting videos for TikTok and Instagram stories. Besides, it offers a mini video editor, using which you can delete audio from the background, crop, trim videos, etc.

Another advantage of this app is that it supports many video formats, such as FLV and AVI. If you want an app that has many features but is easy to use, then Slow Motion Video Maker will be perfect for you.

slow motion video maker app

5. SloPro

Extensive sharing capabilities
  • Simple video slowdown
  • Editing video is very easy
  • Allows editing videos while recording them
  • Simulation using optical flow
  • Limited features
  • Doesn’t have the Undo button
slopro slow motion app logo

Verdict: SloPro is the best slow motion app for iOS available on the market today. It was developed by Sand Mountain Studios LLC and featured by Gizmodo, Redmond Pie and MacWorld.

It can simulate 500ps and 1000fps using optical flow. With this app, you can edit your videos while shooting them, add various slow effects and share your final videos on such social networks as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The only disadvantage is that you can’t import videos from your Camera Roll. You can adjust the slow-motion effect by changing it from “Slow” to “Slower” and “Slowest.”

slopro slow motion app

6. iMotion HD

Ultra-speed shooting up to 10fps
  • Records and exports HD 720p videos
  • Provides 4 capture modes
  • Offers variable frame rate playback
  • Great capture tools
  • Lack of zoom function
imotion hd slow motion app logo
iMotion HD

Verdict: iMotion HD is a very simple to use slow motion video editor. It provides a top-quality slow-motion effect and is considered one of the best time lapse apps. When you begin shooting your video, you can use the iMotion Remote app for remote control, the automatic time-lapse camera with a mic or the manual capture option.

You can also add a title for your videos. While shooting a video, you can use the onion skin or add the grid to achieve a better effect. Based on your settings, you can click capture, or it can automatically take a picture during the period you selected.

When you have finished editing your video, you can share it. Besides, you can edit the speed to make your video faster or slower. By making an in-app purchase, you can export the video to your photo albums, iTunes, e-mail account, YouTube or the iMotion gallery. Also, you can use this app as the video editor for iPhone.

You can also get the PRO version for $2.99, which covers all in-app purchases.

imotion hd slow motion app

7. SlowCam

Automatically saves videos to camera roll
  • Performs rendering in the background mode
  • Supports 240fps
  • Has a zoom function
  • Simple to use
  • Not free
  • Needs enhancement feature
slowcam slow motion app logo

Verdict: SlowCam is a simple-to-use slow motion camera app that has few settings for slow-motion video shooting. Using it, you can shoot videos in slow motion on the go.

If you tap the Slow Motion button, you can record a high-frame-rate slow-motion video with a seamless transition from the normal sequence. You can easily adjust focus and exposure points and shoot the next video while the app is rendering the previous one.

Don’t forget that the frame rate depends on the iOS device you have. It’s 120fps for the iPhone 5s Plus, 60fps for the iPhone5/5c and iPad mini, and 30fps for other Apple devices.

slowcam slow motion app

8. Videoshop – Video Editor

Record voiceovers
  • Upload files from your library
  • Numerous sound effects
  • Typing in color and using various fonts
  • Free of charge
  • Confusing interface
videoshop video editor slow motion app logo
Videoshop – Video Editor

Verdict: Videoshop – Video Editor can be called the best free video editing app for Android and iOS users.

This tool allows you to personalize the video by trimming, adding sound effects, regulating color scheme, or making animated titles.  This slow motion video app for Android applies slow-motion effects to the whole video or to its part, which is one of the most appealing features of the application. It will not take you much time to apply a slow-motion effect to a video, so many consider that this is the best slow motion app for Android.

Moreover, the app is free to use, but if you want to get rid of annoying ads or acquire some extra features, you should buy a subscription.

videoshop video editor slow motion app

9. Efectum

Add your best-loved tracks
  • User-friendly interface
  • Frequent updates
  • Great variety of tools
  • Compatible with the majority of video formats
  • Shortage of advanced video editing functions
efectum slow motion app logo

Verdict: Effectum is a slow motion video player for Android that provides you with easy to use and effective features for styling your videos. The app is fitted with many helpful tools that allow you to add audio, to create fast and slow motion effects.

Such functions as video cropping, controlling the video frame rate, or modifying video quality, make this software a must-have for all video editing specialists.

A user-friendly interface makes Effectum the best slow motion app for novices, who will experience no problems while creating videos from scratch. The video editing tool works on all mobile devices and is compatible with the majority of video formats.

efectum video editor slow motion app

10. Coach's Eye

For coaches and sportsmen
  • Drawing on touchscreen
  • 2GB online storage that is free of charge
  • User-friendly
  • Upload your videos to Dropbox or Edmodo
  • Expensive in-app add-ons
coachs eye slow motion app logo
Coach's Eye

Verdict: Considered as the best slow motion video app by coaches and sportsmen, Coach's Eye is a great video platform used to review an athlete’s technique and game recordings. The tool can help a trainer analyze an athlete’s performance and provide feedback to team members.

The slow mo app is equipped with many hilarious functions like instant video analysis, adding audio comments, frame-by-frame scrubbing, and side-by-side video comparisons. All these features let a coach deliver a visual response to the sportsmen concerning their technique and physical form.

Coache’s Eye is for effective collaboration with your team members, sharing the videos via socials networks or emails. However, the tool only provides 2GB of free online storage, so you should pay for a subscription to upload longer video files.

coachcoachs eye video editor slow motion app