12 Best Texts on Pictures Apps in 2024

By Tani Adams 14 days ago, Software Reviews

Add creative and stylish captions to your images installing one of these texts on pictures apps. These applications contain hundreds of unique, designer and popular fonts that may be used to create memes, indicate the authorship of shots and create pictures with meaningful quotes. Just one phrase can help focus the audience’s attention and emphasize semantic accents.

Top 12 Texts on Pictures Apps

  1. FixThePhoto App - Manual text and picture editing by the experts
  2. Phonto - 400+ integrated fonts
  3. Over - Great selection of tools
  4. Font Candy - Stylish artistic fonts
  5. PicLab - All-in-one editing picture app
  6. DesignWizard - Customizable text features
  7. Typic - 500 artworks
  8. Word Swag - 1.3 million completely free backgrounds
  9. Textgram - Instant posting on Instagram
  10. Caption It - Pre-designed templates
  11. WordFoto - For copyright signatures
  12. Add Text To Photo - For quotes and thoughts

Add text to images in just a few clicks with the help of these text on pictures apps. All you have to do is pick one of 500+ fonts, adjust the size, color and even transparency.

1. FixThePhoto App

Manual text and picture editing by experts
  • Professional manual processing
  • Text formation tools
  • You can output edited photos directly to social networks
  • Background editing
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Verdict: The FixThePhoto app contains an impressive pack of editing tools and handy options for adding decorative elements and texts to images. The main difference from competitors is that picture processing is handled by a team of professional editors and retouchers. This means you can be 100% sure of a high-quality result. Test the features in the trial version by uploading your photo and indicating your requirements.

After adjusting all the necessary parameters in a photo, you can add a text caption, inspirational quote or description without using third-party graphic design software. You can also format texts in the app. It includes tools for adjusting fonts, effects, size and interval fixing.

fixthephoto texts on pictures app screen

2. Phonto

400+ integrated fonts
  • More than 400 fonts
  • Convenient change of the signature angle
  • Ability to create author’s labels
  • Hundreds of ready-made templates
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Verdict: Phonto is the best app to add text to photos compared to all analogs. It offers more than 400 integrated fonts that can compete with free Photoshop fonts. Among all fonts, Cloud Sans, Qanelas Soft and Bravo are the most widely used. It is possible to manipulate the text in any suitable way, adjust its position, modify the color and transparency, or align the text so that it fits the picture perfectly.

The app is also notable for the ability to add text in the form of bubbles, posters and some other fun shapes. Users are able to move elements, tilt and resize them with their fingers or arrow keys. Phonto lets users bend text or erase parts of it. In addition, once you are finished, you may immediately share the result on social networks.

phonto texts on pictures app interface

3. Over: Graphic Design Maker

Great selection of tools
  • Convenient navigation
  • Works with videos
  • Queued posts via the app
  • Intuitive creation of logos
  • Can independently modify the size of the photo

Verdict: Over is one of the most versatile mobile typographic applications. It is possible to add text to an illustration, select a template or start from scratch. Over works with both pictures and videos and lets users customize the color, opacity, size and alignment.

This app to add words to pictures boasts a huge selection of templates, graphics and fonts created by brilliant designers and branding experts. For instance, pay attention to Trocchi, Bebas Neue and Vast Shadow fonts.

Users may immediately share the pictures on social networks, but Over also offers the option of queued posting. The ability to schedule when the post will be published is incredibly useful for busy people.

over texts on pictures app interface

4. Font Candy

Stylish artistic fonts
  • Not difficult to navigate
  • Compatible with video
  • Ability to queue posts in the app
  • Creates logos conveniently
  • Occasional lags
font candy texts on pictures app logo
Font Candy

Verdict: This text on photo app iPhone is notable for a vast array of photo editing features although it focuses on typography. Font Candy offers more than 45 artistic fonts combined with robust text editing capabilities, including label bending, opacity controls and shadows. Among the fonts that are of particular interest are CandyTimebyLime, Schnickers and Candy Stripe.

The app pleases you with integrated graphics and quotes, as well as fun animations, just in case you wish to make a quick but striking edit. Font Candy lets users save drawings and create a watermark, which will simplify and speed up the picture editing process.

font candy texts on pictures app interface

5. PicLab

All-in-one editing photo-app
  • Over 20 photo filters
  • Ability to edit text layers
  • Convenient drawing from scratch
  • Works with collages
  • The app’s watermark in the free version
piclab texts on pictures app logo

Verdict: PicLab is an all-in-one picture editing app. It is suitable for applying text to pictures and provides users with dozens of fonts (for instance, Norwester, Poiret, Aileron) and tools for working with them.

Aside from typography, it is possible to add textures, borders, or one of twenty creative filters to the pictures like with photo editing apps. The app lets users resize, rotate, adjust the opacity of text and use multiple text layers.

PicLab enables users to create their own fonts and signatures from scratch, unlike many apps that let you write on pictures. However, the most noteworthy feature is the ability to create collages using a large selection of templates and add text on top of them.

piclab best texts on pictures app interface

6. DesignWizard

Customizable text features
  • Diverse font selection
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Image upload options
  • No need for photoshop
  • Limited advanced features
  • Dependence on Internet connection
designwizard logo

Verdict: DesignWizard stands out as an accessible and versatile tool for enhancing images with text effortlessly. The platform's diverse range of fonts, including the option to upload custom fonts, ensures flexibility in creating visually appealing text.

Additionally, the option to select from a vast collection of stock images or upload personal ones provides users with ample creative freedom. The ability to customize text color, add shapes, and adjust opacity levels adds an extra layer of style to the final design. One notable strength is the tool's applicability, catering to various needs such as social media campaigns, website images, event posters, invitations, and personal projects.

Whether creating memes, making a political statement, or simply adding a catchy quote to an image, Design Wizard's text editor proves versatile.

designwizard services image

7. Typic

500 artworks
  • Over 300 fonts
  • Numerous effects
  • Ability to add the user’s logo
  • Many ready-made templates
  • Complicated interface for novices
typic best texts on pictures app logo

Verdict: Typic offers more than 300 fonts (for instance, Klavika, Gentona, Rambla) along with filters, effects and frames. With this app, users can create a meme or greeting card, as well as breathtaking artistic photos.

One of the prominent features of Typic is the ability to add text signature or logo to a picture. It is possible to create 4 wedding captions for photos simultaneously, a watermark or a logo, which users can save in the app and apply to all the pictures. This cool feature is great for promoting businesses.

typic best texts on pictures app interface

8. Word Swag

1.3 million completely free backgrounds
  • Easy to add a logo
  • Ideal for bloggers
  • Ability to create high-resolution graphics
  • Almost all features are available in the paid version
word swag texts on pictures app logo
Word Swag

Verdict: This app boasts hundreds of signatures and 1.3 million completely free backgrounds from Pixabay, as well as some text effects, such as gold foil, print and watercolor. It presents a large collection of graphic fonts designed by world-class artists. Among the best are Fenix, Hipstelvetica and Moderan.

Word Swag is the best app for adding text to pictures in case you are a blogger of any level. It is possible to place logos on pictures, adjust fonts to your liking, or create high-resolution graphics for printing. However, these remarkable features are found only in the Pro version.

word swag best texts on pictures app interface

9. Textgram

Instant posting to Instagram
  • Quick adding of text
  • Ability to share pictures on Instagram
  • Plenty of stickers and filters
  • Not suitable for picture editing
textgram texts on pictures app logo

Verdict: Textgram is meant to add text to pictures quickly and easily. The app offers a large selection of backgrounds, stickers and filters. Moreover, users have an opportunity to pick the aspect ratio so that it perfectly matches the covers they have previously created in Facebook cover photo makers.

Textgram isn’t the best choice if you require advanced picture editing capabilities. It provides only basic tools for working with images but it is a decent app add text to photo. For instance, you will find such well-known fonts as Reckless, Maxwell and Futura.

textgram texts on pictures app interface

10. Caption It: Add Text to Photo

For quick work with text
  • Support for multi-line signature
  • Lots of fonts for headings
  • Many colors for background and text
  • A lot of advertising
  • Most features are paid
caption it texts on pictures app logo
Caption It

Verdict: This application is focused on quick adding of text to photos. The user can choose from hundreds of different designs and write on photo online. At the same time, color, text, photo filtering effects and more can be changed. Among the most interesting fonts are Fiber, Humblle Rought, Casual.

Most functions are available in the basic version of the program. But for some backgrounds, additional fonts and the rest, the user will have to pay extra. In general, the app’s functions are limited. It is impossible to create a complex layout with it, but it will be ideal for simple tasks.

caption it texts on pictures app interface

11. WordFoto

For copyright signatures
  • Ideal for printing houses
  • Ability to add your own presets
  • Convenient for watermarks and logos
  • A small set of fonts
  • Restricted functionality
wordfoto texts on pictures app logo

Verdict: WordFoto by bitCycle is an ideal app to write on photos. It offers numerous ready-made templates, but users can create their own presets by mixing text and background color, image, blur and shadow, as well as brightness and contrast.

WordFoto comes with basic words and phrases, but users may freely add their own word or set of words for deeper tagging and messaging. The app is convenient for creating author marks and watermarks and lets users quickly apply them as templates prepared in advance. WordFoto contains several dozen fonts that are rather standard, for instance, Arial, Helvetica and Garamond.

Once the text-based image is created, users can save it to their device's gallery or share it on social media platforms directly from the app.

wordfoto texts on pictures app interface

12. Add Text to Photo

For quotes and thoughts
  • Suitable for quotes
  • Ability to add your own fonts
  • Ideal for creating memes
  • Limit on the shape of pictures
  • Inconvenient management
add text to photo app logo
Add Text to Photo

Verdict: Add Text To Photo does not just allow you to add text to photos. It is also suitable for creating funny pictures and memes. The app comes with many sophisticated built-in bubble and cloud templates to host quotes.

When you add letters from a large number of fonts, you can arrange, rotate and shape the text the way you want. All fonts are stylish, designer-made (Coves, Fela, Sant’elia). The free version has limited functionality, so you will have to pay extra for using all the functions.

add text to photo app interface