Add text to photos online using this free editor. Add text to images online without software download and additional payment, just type your text, watermarks or captions quickly and easy. Edit text with the help of customizable free photography fonts and layers.

FAQ: Add Text to Photo Online

How to add text to photo online?
Once you add an image or an empty canvas, select the Type Tool via hotkey "T", pick the desired font, its size and color. Using layers, you can make deep color adjustments with shadows, reflections, 3D modeling, opacity, etc.
Can I adjust the text style?
By clicking on the Type Tool hotkey "T", the "Warp" button will appear on the upper tab, select it. Open the additional tab and choose the appropriate style. All styles are applied in real time, so you can always test them and return to any of the ones you like.
Can I upload third-party fonts?
Yes. This tool supports third-party fonts that you can find on the Internet.
How do I close the photo editor and resume work from the same place later?
Save the source file in the PSD format. This will allow you to continue working on the text as you need.

Add Text to Image Online – Video Tricks