8 Best 360 Camera Apps in 2024

By Tani Adams 11 days ago, Software Reviews

8 Best 360 Camera Apps in 2024

Use a 360 camera app on iOS and Android not to miss anything around using all directions and sides. View ready-made works and travel the world in 360 mode or with VR glasses on.

Top 8 Best 360 Camera Apps

  1. Google Street View – Ready-made panoramas iOS | Android
  2. Panorama 360 Camera – Instant stitching iOS | Android
  3. Cardboard – Streaming records Android
  4. Roundme – Social network iOS | Android
  5. 360Cam – Remote control for the Giroptic 360 camera iOS | Android
  6. 360 Panorama – 5 GB of built-in storage iOS
  7. Photaf Panorama Pro – Precise angles Android
  8. Panorama – 20+ editing tools iOS

If you want to replace a photo stitching software that costs much, use one of these 360 camera apps. With its help, you can take hundreds of shots instantly, record panoramic videos with sound, choose a style for stitching, submit your work to the database or upload to the built-in social network.

1. Google Street View – Our Choice

Panoramic journey
  • Great database of ready-made panoramas
  • The ability to complement the existing database
  • Automatic GPS tags
  • None

Verdict: Google Street View is a well-known panorama 360 app for viewing. The application has the largest 360 database that covers more than 30% of the planet.

With the unique feature of this Google 360 camera app, you can manually record panoramas and complement an existing database. Thus, being nearby the glaciers of Iceland, you are free to photograph and share these beauties with other people.

By tapping on the built-in camera icon, the interface will guide you through a series of recommended pictures to create a panorama. Then, use the app’s integrated GPS to pinpoint the location.

google street view best 360 camera app interface

2. Panorama 360 Camera

Instant stitching
  • Instant stitching
  • You can shoot without access to the Internet
  • Great reproduction of colors
  • Does not allow to get a spherical photo

Verdict: Panorama 360 Camera app, also known as FOV, allows you to quickly snap panoramic pictures in all directions. The application boasts excellent color reproduction and a widescreen display.

A 360 degree video camera app stands out with an advanced algorithm applied to recent updates that affect photo stitching, making it faster. Due to various upgrades, the application becomes a worthy alternative to 360 video editing software. You can also shoot with no Internet connection and post your images on social networks when you are back in the WI-FI-enabled zone. To take pro-level panoramic photos with the help of this app, make sure to use the best digital 360 cameras that can pan both vertically and horizontally.

panorama 360 camera best 360 camera app interface

3. Cardboard

360 recording with sound
  • Streaming sound
  • Realistic distance
  • VR glasses available
  • The interface is not adapted for large screens

Verdict: Cardboard from Google 360 degree camera app creates more accurate distance and perspective of the subject in panoramic shots and videos while maintaining realism. Besides a personal library of ready-made works, you have access to other people's panoramas.

Along with taking photos and 360 videos, this application also includes support for streaming audio. Thus, you can view panoramas captured from a past vacation using headphones. Besides, you can take photos and videos for the VR headset. To experience the app’s VR output, place your phone into a Google Cardboard viewer.

cardboard best 360 camera app interface

4. Roundme

Social network and AI tools for panoramas
  • Built-in social network
  • TIFF and JPEG export
  • AI tools to enhance 360 panoramas
  • Limitations for free accounts

Verdict: Roundme is a 360 camera app in terms of a variety of functions. But more than half of the tools are locked for free access. It offers high-quality images of up to 65,000 pixels in TIFF and JPEG formats.

This 360 degree app offers built-in cloud storage for registered users, several AI tools for editing captured panoramas, as well as an analog of a social network. You can visit the popular photographers’ accounts, view their work, follow, comment and like their publications.

roundme best 360 camera app interface

5. 360Cam

Giroptic 360 plugin
  • Automatic EFIX data
  • Can be used as a remote control
  • Video streaming
  • Requires a camera
  • Issues with viewing the gallery

Verdict: 360 Cam is another leading 360 degree photo app that makes it easy to take high-quality pictures and videos. A separate gallery is available, with the ability to view finished works and crop them. Also, it automatically creates some EFIX data – date and geo.

The app offers real-time video streaming via WI-FI, but streaming is accessible only in 360p. You can use this application only as a remote control for the Giroptic 360 camera. However, it is very convenient for teamwork, or if the camera is on a tripod.

360Cam best 360 camera app interface

6. 360 Panorama

With cloud storage
  • Integrated cloud storage
  • Background replacement
  • Portrait mode shooting
  • Outdated interface

Verdict: 360 Panorama allows you to set live wallpapers, as well as take photos in high resolution and portrait mode. Also, this 360 picture app features small integrated cloud storage. You can upload ready-made panoramas to your account not to occupy the phone’s storage and download them when necessary.

For finished creations, there are several built-in tools. You can customize the display style, either expanded or stereographic. Besides, you can select and replace the background color with black or white. Each panorama has GPS tags with a compass heading.

360 panorama best 360 camera app interface

7. Photaf Panorama Pro

Determines the precise angle
  • Works with the orientation sensor
  • HD quality
  • Creates 3D images of apartments and houses
  • Outdated interface
  • Free account restrictions

Verdict: Although Photaf is a camera 360 app old version generation, it is often used by pros in real estate photography, as it creates 360 panoramas with the enabled camera orientation sensor to determine the accurate angle of each image.

This 360 camera app Android helps you create exciting virtual tours or 3D images of apartments and houses to excite customers in new ways. The Pro package is $4. It allows you to upload pictures to the company’s website to view them from your PC.

photaf panorama pro best 360 camera app interface

8. Panorama

Variety of editing tools
  • 2 panorama modes
  • 20+ editing tools
  • Auto geo
  • Does not support landscape mode
  • No screen rotation mode

Verdict: Panorama is a high-quality app to view 360 photos with the ability to automatically add geodata. Its distinctive feature is the choice of a horizontal or vertical panorama, which opens up various opportunities. You can also export separate original images from a panoramic view.

Unlike other applications, Panorama offers several image editing options: enhancement (Hi-Def, Illuminate, Color Fix), cropping, rotation, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, drawing, text, red light, whitening, spots.

panorama best 360 camera app interface