12 Best Logo Maker Apps in 2023

By Tani Adams 13 days ago, Apps and Software

With a good logo maker app you can easily create a logo right on your phone or tablet. Such apps are like web logo makers but they don’t work on a desktop computer. These applications have many tools, perfectly fit a small screen and feature great designs.

Top 12 Logo Maker Apps

  1. Logo Maker Shop - 1000+ logo templates
  2. Makr - For retail business
  3. Logo Maker - Many filters for poster making
  4. LogoDesign - Intuitive drag and drop controls
  5. Watercolor Logo Maker - For creative business
  6. LogoGenie - Extremely fast logo creation
  7. Canva - Easy to use
  8. Icona - Many icons and great font options
  9. Sketch - Variety of digital tools
  10. Logo Maker Plus - Creating a 3D logo
  11. LogoScopic Studio - Advanced editing tools
  12. DesignMantic - Fast performance

A logo maker app can be very useful if you are an entrepreneur, especially if you’re just starting or if you are looking for a fast, one-off logo for some event. Also such apps are helpful if you have a modern consumer business.

1. Logo Maker Shop - Our Choice

1000+ logo templates
  • More than 5000 design resources
  • Supports iCloud
  • Simple to use
  • Auto-save function
  • None

Verdict: When you are starting to create a logo, Logo Maker Shop lets you select from multiple adjustable templates. Then, you get to the editing page where you can add symbols, background, and customize the text. Due to the vivid colors and sharp forms, this logo designer app is perfect for bold, modern brands.

Logo Maker Shop offers a lot of gorgeous logo designs, from simple to more complex ones. There are 13 categories in the logo collection, which makes it easier to find the right option.

logo maker shop logo maker app

2. Makr

For retail business
  • Extensive library of ready-made designs
  • The possibility to import images
  • Simple to use
  • Supports high-resolution files
  • You need to pay to print logos

Verdict: Makr has many adjustable features that let you design a logo according to your needs and wishes.

It provides many templates, which makes the process of logo designing simpler for not experienced users. With this logo maker app you can share your results on social networks.

To create a logo in this app, select a template or just use a blank canvas to upload your images and forms. After that, you can adjust the template and add your text, icons, style, colors, etc. Besides, you can upload your own art. When you finished your logo, you can download it as a PNG file.

makr logo maker app

3. Logo Maker

Many filters for poster making
  • More than 100 templates
  • Professional design elements
  • More than 100 fonts
  • Plenty overlays to logos
  • More than 100 backgrounds for posters and cards
  • The free version has limited features

Verdict: Logo Maker is very simple and allows you to create gorgeous logos, icons, symbols, posters in a matter of several clicks. You can use it on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

With Logo Maker, you can turn your creative ideas to life and create amazing logos for your brand without many skills in design. You can select a B&W logo template or many others but if you’re using a free version, their number will be limited.

logo maker logo maker app

4. LogoDesign

Intuitive drag-and-drop controls
  • Ideas for designing all possible kinds of logos
  • Straightforward logo design process
  • Allows tweaking different logo
  • Templates designed for specific industries
  • Free version is rather restricted in terms of functionality
logodesign logo maker app logo

Verdict: LogoDesign is an open-source logo creation application that allows both individuals and enterprises to design logos for any industry they're involved in. Thanks to the inclusion of a broad range of templates that were developed and adapted for specific industries, the logo creation process is incredibly simple and quick.

The only thing you have to do is type in the company name, pick the desired industry, and fill in all the relevant information about your brand. Afterward, you can customize your logo by adding branding elements (colors, sizing, slogans, etc.). The application even allows you to tweak the icon, gradient, and opacity of the created logo. Should you be dissatisfied with the logo you’ve designed, you can start over from scratch by picking a different design for your brand from the provided database.

logodesign logo maker app interface

5. Watercolor Logo Maker

For creative business
  • Simple to use
  • 3D Logo Eraser feature
  • A lot of bright templates
  • Creative watercolor designs
  • Poor customizability options
logo maker app watercolor logo maker logo
Watercolor Logo Maker

Verdict: This logo designer app provides watercolor style logos. Select the watercolor-style shape for the background of your future logo. After that, you will get to the editor and will be able to customize colors, add text and perform further adjustments.

You can change the shape and color of the watercolor background, add artwork or text. Besides, you can use the eraser tool to make complex changes and create unique and individual logos.

Also, in the updated 2.0 version, you will find new logo designs with different textures and bright colors. Among other updates, you will also enjoy new fonts, watercolor shapes and artwork, which is in full color with shading.

watercolor logo maker logo maker app

6. LogoGenie

Extremely fast logo creation
  • An impressive collection of logo templates
  • Simple and quick logo generation
  • Convenient user account
  • High-quality export without any hassle
  • Poor customization options for logos
logogenie logo maker app logo

Verdict: LogoGenie is a user-friendly logo generator for fast and easy logo construction. You just need to take three easy steps to get the desired design. First, enter your brand name, and then select the icon. Finally, you can make your logo more unique with some customization options and styling effects.

This program contains lots of fonts, icons, and colors to choose from. You can experiment and generate as many versions of your logo as you want. Besides, you can easily download high-definition images directly from your account. You can also use your account to track orders and manage your work. Another advantage of this logo maker is the responsive support team. You will quickly get help if you have any problems or questions.

logogenie logo maker app interface

7. Canva

Easy to use
  • The possibility to crop the image
  • Provides 8 000 templates
  • Free icons
  • A lot of stickers
  • A limited number of features

Verdict: Canva photo editor is a robust logo maker that is also one of the best free graphic design software. This is another free logo designing app that is very easy to use and provides many useful templates.

In addition, the application allows you to add text, photos, and also provides users with free photography logo templates, more 500 fonts, logos etc.

You can adjust the templates, documents and designs. Other users will be able to edit and make changes. In addition to that, users can comment on their works, which improves communication and cooperation.

canva logo maker app

8. Icona

Many icons and great font options
  • Simple to use
  • Minimalist design
  • More than 1 million adjustable designs
  • Solid and gradient colors
  • Can be laggy
logo maker app icona logo

Verdict: If you are looking for a robust app to create logos, make sure to check out Icona developed by RoadRocks. It boasts intuitive, organized, powerful tools and provides a smooth workflow. Using this app, you can visualize and convey the value and idea of your brand without the necessity to have any design experience.

Click “Create” to see Icona canvas with three variants in the footer: shapes, text and drawing. Select “Shapes” and type in a keyword to get different icon options to look through. You can adjust the color, stroke and opacity of the icon. Then, click “Text” to add the name of the company and customize the font, color and alignment.

icona logo maker app

9. Sketch

Variety of digital tools
  • Provides intuitive canvas and drawing tools
  • A lot of art tools
  • Free
  • A lot of ads
logo maker app sketch logo

Verdict: Sketch is the best free logo maker for iOS devices. Due to its plain interface and simple-to-use features, it will be suitable even for those who are making their first steps in design.

Sketch provides creative freedom and allows you to create an unusual logo that will perfectly match your brand. Using this free logo designing app, you can add elements and freehand parts of your logo to make it stand out.

sketch logo maker app

10. Logo Maker Plus

Creating a 3D logo
  • The possibility to add 3D texts
  • The possibility to import images from the gallery
  • 50 various photo filters
  • Image blending option
  • No pencil tool for drawing designs
  • A lot of ads
logo maker app logo maker plus logo
Logo Maker Plus

Verdict: Logo Maker Plus is the best logo maker app as it offers many icons, symbols and monograms on various categories. With it, you can create an interesting logo in minutes.

You can pick the color of the icons or use a texture image to color the logo and apply custom filters on them. A simple icon will look very different if you add the right texture to your design. Besides, with this app, you can create unique color gradients and use them for your logos too.

Using this app, you can design Facebook Covers, Twitter Posts, Twitter Header pictures, Pinterest graphics, Posters, Youtube Cover photos, thumbnails, icons, etc. Logo Maker Plus has thousands of free pre-made templates for Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails and other social media graphics.

logo maker plus logo maker app

11. LogoScopic Studio

Advanced editing tools
  • Smart layering feature
  • Many fonts
  • It’s easy to change the color and customize logos
  • Failures occur
  • The icons are mainly out-of-date
logo maker app logoscopic studio logo
LogoScopic Studio

Verdict: The app offers 850 adjustable and custom logo templates. You can easily perform advanced artwork and edit it using the tools that the app provides.

It has more than 100 hand-picked fonts with new typographic features. You can easily create logos with such shiny fonts and send the results to other users.

logoscopic studio logo maker app

12. DesignMantic

Fast performance
  • The speedy DIY design process
  • Plenty of design options
  • Regularly updated
  • Not unique designs
logo maker app designmantic logo

Verdict: DesignMantic provides plenty of creative and gorgeous designs to choose from. To create a particular logo, select your industry from the drop-down menu. When you find a suitable template, adjust the logo by choosing fonts, colors, etc.

This app offers thousands of icons so the industry categorization is definitely helpful. However, icons look cartoonish and old-fashioned. At the same time, DesignMantic offers more features than other similar logo apps for professional businesses with more serious branding.

You can download your logo in JPG, PNG and PDF formats.

designmantic logo maker app