46 FREE InDesign Templates

46 FREE InDesign Templates

Adobe InDesign templates are an easy way to give a head start to any project you are working on. A template is a type of document which has the ‘bones’ of a layout that you can build your project upon. If you have a layout that you often go back to, then you should look into the possibility of using a template.

If you don’t know where to look for good free InDesign templates, this post will come in handy for you. I have divided all InDesign templates by category to help you find exactly what you need.

Top 46 Free InDesign Templates

No matter what you are trying to find, whether it is a free InDesign template download, or you don’t mind purchasing premium ones, this post will give you only the first-rate templates.

1. Wedding Invitation InDesign Template

indesign templates free wedding
An ideal template for creating spring wedding invitations. This design is quite universal because you can use it for wedding invitations in a rustic style, boho style, or just a wedding in green colors. The free InDesign template is entirely customizable.

2. Business Card InDesign Template

indesign templates free watercolor
If you want to make your business card more appealing and eye-catching, here is a stunning template. The watercolor imitation adds more vibrancy to the colorful design.

3. Classical InDesign Template for Business

free indesign templates
A classy design features a traditional text layout and some décor created with the use of the software’s shape tool. The colors can be easily tweaked if you want free InDesign templates to correspond to your brand’s palette.

4. Eucalyptus Wedding InDesign Template

indesign free templates wedding
The most striking effect is achieved by coordinating patterns and colors. Make your invitations match the wedding’s floral décor and the modern typographic design will be a great finishing touch.

5. Free InDesign Template: Flyer

free indesign flyer templates fashion
Luxury brands and stores require clean and elegant designs to target their customers with more efficiency. These stylish flyers will put your offers in plain view and one glance will be enough to grasp the new offers or promotions. The template works in InDesign CS4 and above.

6. Flyer InDesign Template

free indesign flyer templates
It is hard to find high-quality free InDesign flyer templates for retail businesses but this design, filled with shapes and colors, will make passers-by want to stop and start scrutinizing the content. All details of this A4-sized template are customizable.

7. Outlook Magazine A4

free indesign magazine templates projects a4
This small and well-organized business magazine template can help in advertising the most relevant products. Editing the content of the news magazine is a very effortless task and the template itself provides eight alternatives of design and color arrangements.

8. Spring Invitation InDesign Template

free indesign templates invitation
Check out the wedding invitation template above, which is perfect if the motif for your wedding is green. What makes this invitation template even better is the use of a rustic theme, which simply makes it all more attractive.

9. Trifold InDesign Template

indesign brochure templates free tri-fold
Among the trifold templates free designs rarely achieve this level of chic charm. The layout is masterfully organized and any content you put will have enough room to be noticed and appreciated. Making alterations is an effortless process, any text or image can be quickly replaced with new content.

10. Flyer InDesign Template

free indesign flyer templates wedding
A successful wedding is one of the hardest things to organize so most couples prefer hiring a professional to guide them through all the steps. If you are the one, you know the struggle of promoting your business and can appreciate a good flyer design. Click download and start filling this masterful template with your best skills and offers for the bridal couple.

11. Free InDesign Template: Brochure

indesign brochure templates free download orange
This is one of the InDesign free templates that have a perfect minimal look with beautiful pastel colors to make a classic-looking brochure.

12. Brochure InDesign Template

indesign brochure templates free download planning
This sleek and modern-looking brochure template will be amazing for anyone who wants to share information about their products at networking events and fairs.

13. Multipurpose InDesign Brochure Template

indesign brochure templates free download multipurpose
One of the best business brochure InDesign templates free to download. It is bright and noticeable.

14. Trifold Brochure

indesign brochure templates free tri-fold orange
This design looks like it will be perfect for a modern textbook. It has lots of space for pictures, beautiful modern font, nice layout.

15. Free Adobe InDesign Template

indesign brochure templates free
Perfect for fashion designers, architects, photographers and other artists who work with visual arts of any kind. This elegant lookbook template is one of the best for me. It will help you show your works with great style due to the thoughtful use of fonts.

16. Indesign Brochure Layout

indesign brochure templates free download layout
Are you launching a new product? Use this template to make a great first impression. You will get a variety of pages to choose from and enough space for your photos.

17. Free InDesign Newsletter Template

free indesign templates newspaper
If you are creating a newspaper layout, how about trying this free InDesign templates download. It looks vintage and classic.

18. Old Style Newspaper Template

free indesign templates newsletter old style
Another elegant design with a beautiful and stylish color scheme. It offers plenty of layouts to choose from. They can be easily adapted to the content you are going to use it for.

19. Corporate Business Card InDesign Template

adobe indesign templates business card corporate
If your business has a visual aspect to it (perhaps, you are a photographer, a makeup artist or a beauty salon owner), you can get this business card template. Just use an image that will illustrate what you do.

20. Creative Business Card InDesign Template

adobe indesign templates business card creative
This InDesign template looks like it came straight from the 80s with its vivid and lively colors (which you can change to match your company’s colors, by the way). I get the positive creative vibes from this design. It will be perfect for creative businesses and brands.

21. Restaurant Business Card InDesign Template

adobe indesign templates business card restaurant
This colorful business card design will definitely stand out. It is very easy to customize not only with your own information (obviously) but also with your brand’s colors. To help you with that, all the colors were loaded into the color palette.

22. InDesign Business Card Template

adobe indesign templates card
If you are not shy and really want to show off your skills and personality, go for this template.

23. Easy to Read ePub

free indesign book templates epub
If you create e-books or ePubs, but don't want to use third-party book design software, this template is a perfect choice. The font is easy and pleasant to read, the white space is used cleverly.

24. Minimal Magazine Landscape

free indesign magazine templates landscape
Minimalism is very popular at the moment, and there is a reason for that. Getting rid of clutter and unnecessary elements makes you pay more attention to what is important. This modern minimalist template hits the mark.

25. Instruction Book InDesign Template

free indesign book templates instruction
If you want to print your portfolio or create a minimalistic and clean album with your art, consider this template. It has enough space for all the images and just enough text to tell your story.

26. Magazine Cover InDesign Template

free indesign magazine templates cover
This free magazine template InDesign has the best layout for a beauty magazine you would often find in salons to keep you entertained while waiting. The pages have a perfect balance between the image and text spaces.

27. Minimal Magazine InDesign Template

free indesign magazine templates minimal
What does a minimal magazine need? Lots of photos that are large enough to help the readers to feel the atmosphere. This free InDesign template has them all in nice proportion.

28. Free Simple Resume InDesign Template

free indesign templates download resume
This is a very elegant and stylish template for a resume. It has more focus on experience and skills and will definitely be noticed among other resumes.

29. Business Proposal Presentation Template

free indesign catalog templates proposal
The clean and geometric design of this business presentation will suit someone from the field of architecture but will really work for anyone. The designer offers you enough space to include all your contact details. You can even insert your company’s logo on one of the sides.

30. Portfolio InDesign Template

free indesign portfolio templates
This is a great portfolio template for the creative minds that need to showcase their work with photos or other images. The amount and size of the text are perfect not to distract from the pictures on the page.

31. Invoice InDesign Template

indesign template invoice
This template looks simple but that is the beauty of it. Its monochrome design looks sleek and modern and will work great for creative professionals (fashion, food, art, architecture, etc.).

32. Sales Flyer InDesign Template

free indesign flyer templates sales
This is one of those free InDesign flyer templates you can use again and again because it is so universal. Even someone completely new to InDesign will be able to use it to create a beautiful company flyer.

33. Multipurpose Corporate Flyer

free indesign flyer templates multipurpose corporate
If your brand is still relatively new, you should think about creating a recognizable brand identity. Try this template for making a manual with your brand’s mission and story. There are quite a few layout options to choose from.

34. D-Ziner InDesign Template

free indesign flyer templates d-ziner
This template is for companies that develop websites and need to create proposals to show their clients. It looks very clean and minimal and features every element a website proposal should have, like CMS. No time will be wasted on proposal design if you get this template.

35. Business Summit Flyer InDesign Template

free indesign flyer templates business summit
This template features a very well-balanced design and layout of text, images, title and white space. If you need a fashion portfolio, this one will work perfectly, allowing you to show your works and tell your brand’s story.

36. Abstract InDesign Template

free indesign flyer templates abstract
Your flyer doesn’t have to be more than one page long. With this template, you will be able to fit in all the necessary information in a beautiful and stylish way.

37. Presentation Design Layout

free indesign flyer templates presentation
This 20-page photography portfolio template InDesign free offers a well-thought-out design with the original use of white space to create the effect of movement. A viewer won’t be able to take their eyes off the images because they naturally draw attention towards themselves.

38. Eight Page InDesign Portfolio Template

free indesign portfolio layout templates
If you have developed a product and need to attract investors, how about creating a brief that will show how your product works. This template looks professional and is a great way to impress the investors.

39. InDesign Portfolio Template

free indesign portfolio layout template mini
All the layouts in this template are meant to be used with black and white photographs. The lookbook you get in the end will have character.

40. Lookbook Template

indesign photobook templates free
With this free product catalog template, creating a catalog of clothes and accessories will be a breeze. All the layouts are minimalist and will give you a lot of inspiration on how to use your images.

41. Beach Party Flyer Template

indesign flyer templates free party
If you are looking for an effective way to show off your products or service, this template is definitely going to help you. There are a lot of different layouts to choose from.

42. Restaurant Flyer InDesign Template

musthavemenus indesign free templates pack
Elevate your restaurant's promotional efforts with this stunning restaurant flyer templates. With easy online customization, you can craft visually appealing advertisements that will impress your customers and boost your restaurant's visibility. Advertise like a pro and stand out in the competitive restaurant industry with this user-friendly template software.

43. Spring Festival Flyer Template

indesign flyer templates free spring festival
Do you want to break the rules? How about this business card template that, besides being absolutely gorgeous and stylish, features fresh corners. This design is fully customizable.

44. Luxury InDesign Template

indesign flyer templates free luxury
If you are looking for the InDesign template free, this option is definitely worth considering. The colors chosen by the designer and the layout of the pages have a modern and stylish appeal.

45. Floret Business Proposal Template

free product catalog template floret
This business card bundle includes 12 beautifully designed templates. Each of them is offered in two sizes (for the US and Europe). No need to learn InDesign yourself!

46. InDesign Templates: Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes

indesign free templates pack
If you are planning to do a lot of publishing (photography books, magazines, portfolios, etc.), this template will be a true workhorse with an impressive 40 pages to choose from.

How to Open InDesign Templates?

If it is your first time working with Adobe InDesign templates, this is, probably, your first question. I will answer it below and you will see that the process is not difficult at all.

There are only 2 steps involved, which means that you will learn it very quickly and will be able to work with any types of templates from now on.

Step 1. Locate the .ZIP file

how to use free indesign templates

Extract the contents of the .ZIP file you have downloaded. Pay special attention to the Font.txt file if there is one. If the designer used special fonts, this file will have links for you to download them. Go ahead and do that if you want to.

Step 2. Open InDesign Templates

how to open free indesign templates

The folder with the template may include Photoshop files or Microsoft Word files besides the files for Adobe InDesign. We only need to open the latter ones.

Sometimes designers include files for the older versions of InDesign (for example, .IDML files are for InDesign CS4 or later). If you are using InDesign CC, you need to open the .INDD file. That’s it! Now you can customize the template to meet your needs.

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