7 Best Apps For Windows 10 in 2023

By Tani Adams 22 days ago, Apps and Software

What is the point of spending money on paid programs for your Windows computer, if you can easily download and install the best apps for Windows 10 that are available absolutely for free? There is a huge variety of programs that are completely gratis, but they are no inferior to paid counterparts and can easily satisfy your needs.

Top 7 Apps For Windows 10

  1. Dropbox - Integration-rich online file storage
  2. Duolingo - Personalized learning of languages
  3. Facebook Messenger - For quick texting
  4. Fresh Paint - Drawing app for for realistic paint
  5. Netflix - For watching original shows
  6. Polarr Pro - For Lightroom-style adjustments
  7. TeamViewer - Remote access app

When you need a particular program, you are likely to visit a specialized store. Unfortunately, Microsoft Store for Windows 10 isn’t as popular as Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store, but you can still find some decent options there. There are tools that can help you become more productive, schedule your tasks, develop your creative skills, and more. Though the variety is large, the search engine isn’t that helpful, so finding the needed program can take you lots of time.

If you want to get the best apps for Windows 10 without wasting hours searching for them, this overview may come in handy. We have listed 7 most popular programs, so look them through and choose what you like.

1. Dropbox - Our Choice

Integration-rich online file storage
  • Simple to use
  • Instant cloud backup
  • Supports collaboration
  • Digital signatures
  • Expensive paid accounts

Verdict: Dropbox have already received a great deal of attention on the internet as being one of the best file sharing services. Dropbox has announced a wide partnership with Microsoft, which has led to a third-party app specifically designed for PCs and tablets. Dropbox states that the new Windows 10 program allows documents to be quickly drag and dropped right into Dropbox application, speeding up the document saving process.

Users can also view all their files in one location, so they no longer need to go into each separate folder to find important information. Dropbox offers a number of useful features that will greatly improve the way you use your computer. Dropbox offers over 500 million files which can be stored on their servers across the world.

dropbox interface

2. Duolingo

Personalized learning of languages
  • Free
  • Rewards for motivation
  • Clear structure
  • Offers many languages
  • Duolingo

Verdict: With the help of Duolingo free app for learning languages, you will be able to play the language game from anywhere there is an available internet connection. The software you purchase comes with an opportunity to connect with a player at any time.

You also have the option to select to save your progress at any time, making it easy to go back and replay previous exercises if you want to.

duolingo interface

3. Facebook Messenger

For quick texting
  • Clear video calls
  • Similarity to texting
  • Clean, effective interface
  • Lacks third-party messaging apps

Verdict: Facebook Messenger enables you to use your Windows phone as a platform to chat with your friends on Facebook. With new Facebook Messenger for Windows 10, you get the best of both worlds - an enhanced messaging experience without having to upgrade to the latest version of Facebook. You can chat on the go, while you are working or playing on your phone.

inkscape svg converter interface

4. Fresh Paint

Drawing app for for realistic paint
  • Backfill data into new tools
  • Automatically instrument your site or app
  • Fun, graphical interface
  • Missing features like color fill

Verdict: Fresh Paint is a simple yet efficient free graphic design software that can be very helpful in managing your desktop and adding new colors to your background. This app offers a handful of useful features like easy navigation, customizable options, great drawing tools, and high quality images.

Fresh Paint is available in both free and paid versions but the paid version offers many more features than the free version.

fresh paint apps for windows 10 interface

5. Netflix

For watching original shows
  • High-quality original programming
  • Offline downloads on mobile
  • Binge watching
  • Selection depends on your location

Verdict: With Netflix application you can easily stream all of your favorite movies and shows. Whether you want to catch a movie or series on one screen or across multiple monitors, with this software you have the power.

netflix apps for windows 10 interface

6. Polarr Pro

For Lightroom-style adjustments
  • Big variety of tools
  • Raw camera import
  • Watermark support
  • Clear, touch-friendly interface
  • No bokeh or tilt-shift

Verdict: If you are interested in taking pictures with a digital camera then you will find that Polarr Pro can be very useful for you. Some of the features that are available with the software include being able to share your pictures through email, being able to edit the photos, being able to rotate and zoom in on the images and also being able to add text to the photos that you take.

polarr pro apps for windows 10 interface

7. TeamViewer

Remote access app
  • Comprehensive feature set
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Ease of file transfer
  • Some options are difficult to find

Verdict: With TeamViewer you can share your internet and data connections with other people in your area, connect to a remote office from any location with ease. You will be able to access files remotely from any location with the help of this software, and manage your schedules, as well as your web browsing activities with the best possible features and options available in this Windows app.

You can even create multiple groups and share the information of the members of the group with the rest of the users in the same network. Thus, the functionality of the app is very much flexible and can work as per individual requirements.

teamviewer apps for windows 10 interface