5 Best Getting Things Done Apps in 2023

If you or your colleagues feel like you aren’t being as productive you could be, then you can benefit from getting the best Getting Things Done app available today. If you’re looking forward to learning what are the advantages of the Getting Things Done (GTD) approach and want to make it a part of your lifestyle, then this list of GTD applications will be a real eye-opener.

Top 5 Getting Things Done Apps

  1. HubSpot CRM - With live chat tool
  2. FacileThings - Attachments in emails function
  3. Todoist - Collaboration features
  4. nTask - Easy navigations
  5. OmniFocus - With great syncing feature

This post aims to make it easier for you to create a shortlist of suitable GTD apps, as it provides an in-depth look at multiple high-rated options. The list below goes over everything from digital notepads to project management utilities, ensuring everyone can find the best Getting Things Done app for their needs.

1. HubSpot CRM - Our Choice

With live chat tool
  • Connectivity
  • Tracks interactions automatically
  • Email scheduling for salespeople
  • No customization limits
  • Basic reporting

Verdict: HubSpot is a business application that integrates with the popular Twitter and Facebook applications to help companies manage their customer relations. The best part about the HubSpot is that it takes full advantage of both social networking and software development, with the two working hand-in-hand to help your company get more done.

With a central database for all of your customers, contacts, and activities, you will have the ability to quickly access information whenever you need it, so you will never be stuck behind-the-scenes with a computer. You can also use the software to plan and schedule events, track sales and productivity, and even keep track of all of your employees' activities. With personal document management software running on a hosted server, you will never worry about missing work or document.

hubspot crm interface

2. FacileThings

Attachments in emails function
  • Helps the weekly review process
  • Allows adding items via email
  • Interface is designed for 5 GTD
  • Rather slow

Verdict: The one of the best getting things done app from the iPhone developer community is FacileThings. It seems very intuitive - the app suggests destinations based on your current location and your schedule, and then it organizes everything for you from A to Z so you can take the most efficient routes possible.

I think it might be the best planning app for the iPhone because it integrates so well with other applications. You can actually print out your flight plans using FacileThings, print out a list of all the stops along the way, review the plan, make notes, etc. This is the great free photo organizing software.   

facilethings interface

3. Todoist

Collaboration features
  • Efficient interface
  • Works offline
  • Setting reminders
  • Great for taking and storing notes
  • Label managing is hard

Verdict: Todoist is a handy tool will help you get started right away on achieving your business goals and to keep yourself organized at the same time. You can make use of this app in planning your daily, weekly or monthly tasks.

It will also allow you to easily figure out what you need to do for the day or for the week, depending on the size of your project or tasks. Thus, you will be able to achieve success in planning your projects and in achieving your goals. Also, this app is great photo studio management software.

todoist getting things done apps interface

4. nTask

Easy navigations
  • Suitable for both SMEs and large companies
  • Top-notch security
  • Automates tasks when related to projects
  • Mobile app is poor

Verdict: nTask is a desktop application, which provides a user with an easy way of planning and organizing their work. nTask provides the user with three main features: the task calendar, the to-do list and the tasks tracking.

This application is highly customizable as the user can easily change the widgets and add their own information to these three key areas. The planning function allows you to add notes to your schedule, which enables you to plan the best times to accomplish your work. The detailed task tracking lets you monitor your project from week to week.

ntask getting things done apps interface

5. OmniFocus

With great syncing feature
  • Task management
  • Syncing to mobile
  • Integration with Siri
  • Attachment support is clunky

Verdict: OmniFocus is a revolutionary concept that will help you get things done in a faster and more effective manner. The key feature of this particular program is that it will help you organize your life so that you have the best possible control over your productivity. If you are a person that wants to be successful at work then you should definitely consider using this software.

OmniFocus takes time management to the next level by providing you with a system that will allow you to actually plan out your work schedule. This is not something that most management systems offer you and it is certainly a remarkable feature that you should take advantage of.

omnifocus getting things done apps interface