10 Best Crello Alternatives & Competitors

I started to look for Crello alternatives when I realized that this software did not satisfy my requirements anymore. It is a great option for amateur graphic designers, but after my expertise grew, I needed more professional functions, which Crello does not provide.

I like that Crello has a lot of different templates for advertising, social media, and other needs, and it also provides multiple customization options. In addition, Crello supports only popular image formats, but I often require more when cooperating with clients.

Top 10 Alternatives to Crello

  1. Adobe Express - Many templates
  2. Snappa - Supports collaborative editing
  3. Desygner - The cheapest
  4. Canva - Allows importing custom fonts
  5. Placeit - Comes with AI mockup generator
  6. Visme - Features for animating elements
  7. Venngage - For creating packages of design assets
  8. Design Wizard - Handy drag and drop
  9. Vectornator - Comes with vector editing
  10. Adobe Illustrator - For seasoned graphic designers

Using these Clip Studio Paint alternatives, you can work with multiple files at the same time, rotate and scale the canvas for drawing, and adjust the instruments according to your preferences. The ground-breaking functions of the best free vector graphics software allow you to achieve all your creative goals.

1. Adobe Express

Easy to adjust templates

adobe express crello alternative
  • Templates are regularly updated
  • Text effects
  • Branding option
  • You’ll need to purchase a subscription

Adobe Express boasts an extensive editing toolkit that allows customization of the designs with the help of filters, effects, overlays, and adjustments. Like Crello, the Adobe product offers multiple graphic design templates but its collections are updated with trendy designs regularly.

Adobe Express also appeals to users with a lower price. The cost of Adobe tool is $9.99/month, while Crello is available for $13/month.

creative cloud all apps logo As for me, a subscription to the Creative Cloud All Apps is the most advantageous option, as it contains several programs within one package. For a respectful graphic designer, tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign can simplify the workflow, and this suite offers all these programs and even more.

After trying the free version of Crello, I discovered all its limitations. In its turn, Adobe Express offers many more features, first of all, a larger amount of cloud storage.

2. Snappa

Supports collaborative editing

snappa crello alternative
  • Social media sizing tutorials
  • Brand Kit option
  • Enables collaboration
  • Complicated to learn
  • Limited exporting capabilities

Snappa is a graphic design software developed to customize graphics and elements like text, icons, shapes, and images allowing users to unleash their creative potential and add personal touch to every design. When it comes to flexibility, Crello gives up the competitor, as its range of fonts is restricted.

Handy collaborative features enable users to work in teams on designs in real time, communicating and managing the workflow without trouble. The lack of collaborative features in Crello made me abandon this tool and look for alternatives like Snappa.

3. Desygner

The cheapest Crello alternative

desygner crello alternative
  • Multiple templates for marketing purposes
  • AI text creator
  • Trouble-free sharing
  • Not many free options
  • A bit complicated

Desygner is the best Crello alternative for me as it is designed to satisfy specific business requirements. It offers multiple marketing-themed templates, whereas Crello focuses more on simple social media content. Besides, the assets offered by this app are more modern and stylish than those provided by Crello.

Another advantage of Desygner over Crello for anyone is the low price. Desygner is two times cheaper but offers more features, including artificial intelligence tools for text and image generation.

4. Canva

Allows importing custom fonts

canva crello alternative
  • Options for creating web pages
  • Size presets
  • Integrates with stock picture services
  • Watermarks on designs created in a free version
  • Lags disturb periodically

Canva is one of the most popular Crello alternatives with a web-based nature. It works with multiple formats, including the ones that Crello does not support.

The tool offers a flexible workflow allowing users to personalize their designs by changing fonts, colors, backgrounds, and elements in a pre-made template. So, you can easily change your creation to suit your brand and personal style.

The paid package enables editors to import custom fonts, which cannot be said about Crello. Besides, I like the ability to collaborate during the editing process in real time, which saves time and effort when interacting with both my colleagues and clients. When I worked in Crello, I needed to install third-party tools to perform this task.

5. Placeit

Comes with AI mockup generator

placeit crello alternative
  • Mockup Creator
  • Logo generator
  • Straightforward UI
  • Restricted customization options
  • Heavily relies on templates

Pleceit is a highly functional Crello alternative that beats the competitor with its number and variety of functions. It is fitted with a feature-rich logo maker, with which you can create unique logos in no time.

I should highlight that Crello does not provide this option at all. Placeit mockup generator is another considerable benefit for pro-level graphic designers like me.

The designs created in a free version of Placeit feature watermarks, which disappoints me a bit. You can fix this by purchasing a Pro plan that is more affordable than the paid packages offered by Crello.

6. Visme

Features for animating elements

visme crello alternative
  • Visualizes data
  • Editors can collaborate in real-time
  • Privacy & protection
  • Premium packages are a bit pricey
  • Not many free assets

Visme offers an extensive collection of templates and design assets like presentations, infographics, reports, social media graphics, and more. With such a variety of options, the creation of various types of visual content is a no-brainer. A great range of animation options is what makes Visme a better option than Crello.

The tool has a straightforward interface, so I had no trouble customizing my designs changing colors, fonts, backgrounds, and layouts. The availability of built-in instruments for generating interactive charts, graphs, and data visualizations, allows editors to create informative and eye-grabbing reports and presentations. Whereas Crello does not offer the majority of functions contained in Visme’s toolkit.

7. Venngage

For creating packages of design assets

venngage crello alternative
  • Different export options
  • Handy organization of templates
  • Excellent customer assistance
  • Restricted set of animation features
  • Difficult to learn

Vengage has an amazing collection of templates, which is richer than the one offered by Crello. It will come in handy when fulfilling various tasks like creating posts for social media networks, creating roadmaps, user flows, etc. Crello is not so a universal platform in this sense.

I really like the templates and the combination of colors and typography provided with this presentation software. Venngage is a comprehensive solution for those who need to create several assets in a single style, as when you choose one template, you will automatically get similar ones with almost identical palettes and styles.

8. Design Wizard

Handy drag and drop features

design wizard crello alternative
  • Picture and video integration
  • Branding features
  • Low cost
  • Heavily depends on templates
  • Lack of integrated options for collaboration

Design Wizard is one of Crello alternatives that offers template-based workflow. With its robust branding toolkit, users can create consistent designs with excellent brand colors, logos, and fonts. Besides, Design Wizard’s interface is more appealing to me.

My workflow in Design Wizard was interrupted by several lags and bugs, and I was pleasantly surprised by how the support service works. When I used Crello, I was very disappointed that I couldn't get assistance when I had problems with the program.

9. Vectornator

Comes with vector editing functions

vectornator crello alternative
  • Integrates with Apple Ecosystem
  • Cutting-edge typography tools
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Restricted compatibility
  • Only supports Mac OS

Vectornator’s toolkit provides multiple vector editing tools that provide users with extreme precision and accuracy when creating sophisticated designs. It provides users with the freedom to perform any needed tasks like drawing shapes and paths or manipulating anchor points and bezier curves, which cannot be said about Crello, which is template-based.

This vector graphics software integrates with the Apple ecosystem, providing native support for iPad, iPhone, and Mac, which I require in my daily workflow. In such a way, I can use multiple devices when doing my job and access the designs from anywhere, enjoying extreme flexibility and convenience.

10. Adobe Illustrator

For seasoned graphic designers

adobe illustrator crello alternative
  • Uses layers when editing vectors
  • Timely updates
  • AI-fueled tools
  • Steep learning curve
  • Expensive

Adobe Illustrator is an industry-standard tool in graphic design and illustrations, which comes with a comprehensive toolkit, many times wider than Crello offers. This tool also allows for creating designs from scratch, but Illustrator offers very detailed customization that helps me achieve the exact result I want.

Besides, Illustrator perfectly integrates with other powerful design programs, while Crello has a more restricted functionality. Furthermore, Adobe Illustrator offers a more extensive range of filters, effects, AI tools, fonts, and other elements that are essential for creating pro-grade graphics for various purposes.