Aragon AI Review 2024: Saves $100 on Photographer

Aragon AI Generator

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Verdict: This Aragon AI really exceeded all my expectations. I thought I would receive these ugly ai-generated photos with funny facial expressions and silly eyes but no – Aragon’s easy, the quality of pictures is great, I can choose the background and angle, and also, I like how fast it processes my photo. I only needed a computer, stable Internet, and a few selfies to upload onto it.

Thanks to this AI face generator from a photo, my headshots turned out sharp, clean, and absolutely professional. The lighting, clothes, and background were all spot-on.

  • Top-notch AI-generated headshots
  • Fast task completion
  • Supports PNG, JPG, and HEIC formats
  • Advanced AES256 encryption
  • No free plan
  • Limited redos
aragon ai interface

Aragon AI is an AI-driven tool for making professional headshots from ordinary selfies. With it, you don’t need to have technical expertise or costly gear. Employing sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, it meticulously examines and refines your self-portraits, correcting lighting, skin tone, and facial features.

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What distinguishes Aragon AI from similar tools is its dedication to realism, prompt delivery, and focus on user satisfaction.

Aragon AI Generator – Main Features

aragon ai features

Established in 2023 Aragon AI has garnered over 350,000 users and produces over a million headshots each month. The AI firm enjoys the trust of prominent professionals hailing from various organizations and brands such as Harvard University, Tesla, Goldman Sachs, and Google.

Aragon AI boasts robust security features, utilizing the widely adopted AES-256-bit encryption standard. Besides, any AI-generated headshots are automatically removed from the system within 30 days of their creation. Therefore, you should promptly download the images you like most of all.

Streamlined Interface and Effortless Process

The website has a sleek and intuitive design, so the onboarding process is absolutely intuitive. To begin, I opened the official website and clicked on the "Get Started" icon in the top right corner. Following standard procedure, I created an account using my email address.

aragon ai questions

This AI profile picture generator requested details about my age, gender, my profession etc. Aragon also requests some basic information, like ethnicity, hair color, and eye color, to generate photos that fully meet my needs.

Useful Tips to Get the Right Shots

aragon ai uploading photos

You need to upload at least six photos. I uploaded eight facial images via the web dashboard, then specified the main physical trait details, namely, the hair color. I received helpful advice on how to achieve optimal outcomes. To my mind, this is very helpful. Identifying which selfies yield the best results on your own can sometimes be tricky.

aragon ai photos example

Here are some guidelines on how to take profile picture: make sure your face is at an appropriate distance from the camera, aim for high-quality images with a resolution of at least 512 pixels, vary your facial expressions, keep your facial hair groomed consistently, and experiment with different backgrounds.

aragon ai tips

Aragon also suggested which selfies to refrain from uploading. So, it is better to avoid photos with many people, mirror selfies, if you have exposed skin, blurry or off-center photos where you're not looking at the camera, and shots with repetitive backgrounds.

Not Quick Turnaround Time but High Quality

My Aragon AI session took up to 60 minutes or so. Just after 30 minutes, I checked my profile and my headshots were in there. They were finished way slower than I would have guessed as usually free apps do it in 4 minutes. But here you see really good headshots that can be easily attached to a business profile on LinkedIn.

Detailed Facial Recognition

aragon ai accurate result

As I browsed through the delivered AI headshots, I was truly impressed. They were intricately detailed with backgrounds seamlessly cut out, and no noticeable artificial corrections. The resulting photos looked very professional. I received headshots with various clothing styles and backgrounds to choose from.

In addition to its technical prowess, this Artificial Intelligence software preserved my genuine personality. It saved my warm, inviting smiles and casual, playful expressions that truly reflected who I am, rather than presenting me as a stiff, corporate stock model.

Up to 100 Quality Headshots

Using the Aragon AI headshot generation tool, I can create as many as 100 high-quality, pro headshots in a single session. The best part is that I can complete the task regardless of my location.

Thanks to such a great variety, I can choose the most suitable images for different purposes and for future use. Now my choices aren’t limited to one or two shots, which is truly fantastic.

50 Outfits and Backgrounds

aragon ai outfits and backgrounds

With Aragon AI, I can create headshots with 50 different outfits and backgrounds without the need to change my clothes or locations. The tool can blend the generated portrait with a variety of virtual clothing and environmental backgrounds.

Outfit categories include business professional, business casual, creative professional, and additional options. The backgrounds span from office settings to outdoor landscapes.

Aragon AI Generator Prices

Users can choose from three pricing packages, each with unique benefits. All purchases are one-time, meaning you need to spend money again in the future only if you need additional headshots for yourself or your team members.

The Starter package is the most economical choice, priced at $31 per person. It includes 20 generated headshots, 5 outfit and background options, and a turnaround time of 60 minutes.

The Basic package costs $42 per person and includes 40 generated headshots, 25 outfit and background options, a turnaround time of 30 minutes, and one free revision.

The Premium option is available at $74 per person, providing 100 generated headshots, 50 outfit and background choices, a 30-minute turnaround, and one free alteration.

Aragon also provides discounted team packages tailored for businesses and corporations. However, the standard pricing begins at 25 users, with a cost of $750.


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