7 Best YouTube Loopers in 2024: Online & Extensions

The best YouTube looper should easily and conveniently support the repeating and looping of the user-defined parts of a YouTube clip. This could be applied in case you want to watch your favorite videos time and again, possibly when rehearsing the songs, when studying, and other cases when repetitive playback is needed.

Top 7 YouTube Loopers to Try

  1. LoopTube - (Free) - Pleasantly user-friendly and intuitive
  2. YouTube Loop - (Free) - For looping several clips
  3. Looper for YouTube - (Free) - Chrome extension
  4. TubeReplay - (Free) - Ability to share loops
  5. YouTube Repeat Button - (Free) - Single-click loop creation
  6. Repeattube - (Free) - Doesn’t have any interruptions or advertisements
  7. ListenOnRepeat - (Free) - Supplied with video controls

Some statistics: More than 550 hours of content is added to YouTube each minute, continuously expanding the already enormous video collection of this platform.

1. LoopTube

Pleasantly user-friendly and intuitive

looptube youtube looper interface

LoopTube is a free web-based solution that can easily loop any YouTube video you need. Simply copy the desired link into the search bar and establish the AB loop points wherever needed. Such functionality comes in handy if you’d like to master a certain skill (related to languages, sports, or music) by rewatching the same part over and over again.

Key Features:

  • Provides a customizable looping experience
  • Can replay entire videos or their sections in an infinite loop
  • Allows setting the playback speed
  • Cross-platform
  • Allows handling the video using keyboard shortcuts

2. YouTube Loop

For looping several clips

youtube loop youtube looper interface

Other than some irritating ads, I think YouTube Loop is a fantastic choice for all your video looping needs. Akin to YouTube playlist downloaders, it is supported by all HTML5 compatible browsers. This service offers convenient controls and a minimalist UI. It allows you to add entire playlists to a loop or just a tiny part of one video – whatever you need.

Key Features:

  • Replay videos in their entirety or specific parts
  • Offers video controls
  • Can loop several YouTube clips
  • Allows searching for the required YouTube content
  • Fast video upload speed

3. Looper for YouTube

Chrome extension

looper for youtube youtube looper interface

If you like enriching your browser with new, cool extensions, you’ll greatly appreciate this option. You can add Looper for YouTube to Chrome and start looping your favorite content in a matter of seconds without even having to click away from the YouTube webpage. After installing this extension, you’ll receive a convenient loop function right beneath YouTube’s dedicated player.

Key Features:

  • Lets the user stay on the YouTube site
  • Doesn’t consume as many resources
  • Keyboard shortcut for beginning the loop
  • Link editing to set the loop for as many times as needed
  • Lets you add a default auto-loop to all videos

4. TubeReplay

Ability to share loops

tubereplay youtube looper interface

TubeReplay is an intuitive free YouTube video editor and a convenient solution developed for streamlining your YouTube watching experience as well as offering personalized looping functionality.

Regardless of whether you like to continuously listen to the same songs, rewatch a language lesson, or have another purpose in mind, TubeReplay can satisfy that requirement. This tool is supported by all popular device types and platforms, ensuring you can easily loop YouTube videos on your phone, PC, laptop, or tablet.

Key Features:

  • Speed settings
  • Play and pause
  • Intuitive UI
  • Cross-device syncing
  • Simple playlist looping

5. YouTube Repeat Button

Single-click loop creation

youtube repeat button youtube looper interface

This extension is perfect if you’re looking for a basic solution to solve all your looping problems, just look at the screenshot above to see how simple it looks and easy to turn it on when you need it. It integrates a convenient repeat button right into YouTube's UI, making it extremely simple to watch the opened video on a loop without having to take any additional steps.

Key Features:

  • Quick installation
  • Adjustable loop parameters
  • Integrates a permanent repeat button right into the YouTube player
  • Intuitive and straightforward controls
  • Automated playlist looping

6. Repeattube

Doesn’t have any interruptions or advertisements

repeattube youtube looper interface

Repeattube is a free online YouTube looper that excels at performing its main and only duty: it can loop a single clip, add personalized playlists which will keep running through all the clips included till you stop the loop. When I tested, I started using Repeattube by entering the URL of the video and selecting the number of times it needs to be repeated or even setting it for an infinite loop.

Key Features:

  • Fast performance
  • Automatically sets videos on repeat
  • Convenient URL-adding process
  • Doesn’t include any annoying ads
  • No restrictions regarding maximum video length

7. ListenOnRepeat

Supplied with video controls

listenonrepeat youtube looper interface

ListenOnRepeat is a platform that lets you loop YouTube content for as many repeats as you want. It allows you to specify which sections of the clip you’d like to rewatch by employing a convenient slider.

This tool is perfectly suited for songs, podcasts, and various video series published on both YouTube itself and various YouTube alternatives. ListenOnRepeat has a dedicated website and is also available as a Chrome extension.

Key Features:

  • Convenient UI
  • Lets you set the start and end points of the loop
  • Easy playlist looping
  • Supports music podcasts and radio stations
  • Discord chat option available


  • • What’s the point of looping YouTube videos?

Once you add a loop to a YouTube video, it will be continuously played over and over again until the user closes the page or deletes the loop. This way, you no longer have to keep pressing the replay button. Such a tool is particularly useful for rewatching your favorite videos, practicing songs and musical instruments, learning languages or various real-life or digital skills, etc.

  • • Can you use a YouTube looping solution for free?

The majority of looping software is free. That said, some of the extra features may be locked behind paywalls. Remember to read the terms and conditions of every option before committing to one.

  • • Do these tools have to be installed?

Most YouTube looping tools along with YouTube downloaders are web-based and don’t need to be installed. You can use them via your browser regardless of what device you’re on.

  • • Are YouTube loopers compatible with smartphones?

Most looping solutions can be easily used on phones. Some options even offer dedicated applications, while the rest can be opened within your browser.

  • • Does looping a YouTube video boost its view count?

No, continuously rewatching the same video on your device won’t boost the view number, as YouTube dealt with this issue many years ago.

  • • Are there any restrictions imposed by YouTube loopers?

Certain services set an upper limit for the length of the video while others demand a fast internet connection or can lack support for some YouTube features like annotations.

  • • Is such software suitable for handling copyrighted videos?

Similar to YouTube recording software, loopers require you to adhere to copyright regulations. Such software has to be handled responsibly and only used for videos that you have permission to view and loop.

  • • How to pick the best YouTube looper for my specific requirements?

The most important aspects to account for include the UI, availability of extra features, and cross-platform support. You should also read some user reviews to ensure the option you’re planning to use will meet your expectations.