eStore Factory Review 2024: Can It Grow Your Business?

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Verdict: I had hired eStore Factory for the management of my Amazon store, which sells collections of printed photos for interiors. This service absolutely blows my mind, partnering with this Ecommerce development company is the consistency of the uptick with Amazon sales.

My sales on printed landscape and urban photos increased by 40% in just a few months, all these under the management of Kevin, who carries out very high customer service and the tasks he was doing with utmost professionalism and efficiency. Highly recommend.

  • Lots of services
  • Offers bespoke solutions
  • Swift results
  • Effective customer feedback
  • Clear pricing
  • May be expensive for small business
  • No info about discounts
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I reached out to eStore Factory with the request to improve my product listings, run PPC ads, and manage my Amazon accounts. They helped me increase my visibility online and engage with customers in a more productive manner.

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What I really appreciate is that eStore Factory not only created top-notch listings for my Amazon store, but also contributed to promoting my photography services brand.

eStore Factory – Main Features

estore factory features

eStore Factory has been operating for more than 7 years and has a team of over 60 experts working in-house. The team consists of Amazon seller advisors, graphic designers, content writers, and optimization specialists. They have sufficient expertise and resources to handle any task.

Before I ordered their services, I learned that they've collaborated with over 1,200 sellers, resulting in over $140 million in sales. Moreover, apart from Amazon, the company also provides services for an Ecommerce platform like Shopify and WooCommerce.

"The listing content was great in the title, bullet points and product description. Jimi was very responsive and polite." - Alisa, fashion boutique owner ★★★★★ (5/5)

Strong Initial Consultation and Strategy Development

At first, it was very difficult for me to sell my printed landscape artwork online. I couldn’t master to improve visibility online and ramp up sales at Amazon. That is how I got in touch with eStore Factory.

The first meeting with eStore Factory representatives was not some basic informative session; it was more into my photography and printing business. They actually invested time to get an understanding of my products, primarily the printed photos of different sizes, along with the overall business objective.

I needed to get 50% growth in printed artwork sales within six months to continue doing it nor in vain. I was much pleased that my manager, Kevin, had me in the loop throughout.

Product Listing Optimization that Increases Sales

The experts at eStore Factory reviewed my product listing's keywords, photos, and content to make sure they were set up well for Amazon's search system. They focused on finding the best keywords for my niche, such as landscape photography, landscape photos, and printed photos.

They added these keywords to my product title, bullet points, and description. Therefore, they made it easier for people to find my listings and my organic traffic increased by 30% within a few months.

Thanks to solid copywriting knowledge, this digital marketing agency created captivating descriptions. The descriptions not only highlight the distinct qualities of each printed landscape photo but also resonate with the feelings and goals of my target audience.

PPC Management that Brings Fast Results

estore factory ppc management

These guys fully understand how important reaching the right audience on Amazon for boosting traffic and sales is. So, they expertly managed my PPC campaigns, kept a close eye on my performance, fine-tuned bidding strategies, and made sure ads were placed effectively to get the highest ROI.

Their expert strategy has produced amazing results. I enjoyed a 40% rise in visibility, clicks, and conversions on Amazon within just a few months. Every campaign, whether it's sponsored product ads or headline search ads, for my landscaping products was carefully tailored to match my main aims.

I'm happy to say that I not only reached my goal but also saw a 50% increase in sales, even faster than I expected.

"I've been working with eStore Factory for a few months. Their account manager service provides personalized support and strategic guidance, helping me optimize my e-commerce operations. I've seen a noticeable improvement in sales." - Michael, E-commerce entrepreneur ★★★★★ (5/5)

Amazon Management to Put Account on Auto Pilot Mode

estore factory amazon management

It was hard for me to manage my Amazon seller account because I needed to broad my product list and make editing, so I decided to get help from this company. I read some very good reviews of their services that I’ve added above and really hoped that they would help me with inventory, order processing, customer support, and literally scanning the accounts for the threats.

While they were in charge of my account management, I could fully concentrate on taking pictures and doing post processing.

The process of brand registration was initiated and facilitated from filing an application up to the point of document submission. The benefits of having eStore Factory are that they are the main link between me and Amazon support team. I didn’t have to waste time or all this organizational stuff. Instantly, they solved the issue in about 2 hours when my account was once locked by Amazon because of some documents missed.

Besides, they responded to customer inquiries and dealt with the questions by customers.

Photography & Editing to Elevate Brand Presence

estore factory product editing

Designing visuals for Amazon listings can be costly and take up a lot of time. The team at eStore Factory specializes in Amazon product photography, taking top-notch images that showcase the distinct qualities and selling points of each product.

When I needed fast and professional photo editing, I turned to them. They handled everything from fixing colors and deleting backgrounds to retouching and optimizing photos. Every picture looked great and consistent. I’m grateful that they made sure all my images followed Amazon's rules for size, resolution, and file format. So, there were no problems getting listings approved by the platform.

Amazon Storefront Design that Highlights the Brand

estore factory storefront design

eStore Factory helped me build a modern online store with my printed landscape photos displayed in an interesting way. They also boosted traffic through sponsored brand ads and natural search results.

They took time to understand what makes my photography brand special and created a custom store design that effectively showed my unique style, vision, and beliefs. They paid close attention to details like colors, fonts, images, and layout to ensure my store would interest my target audience and stir up positive feelings.

They double-checked that the layout, images, and navigation on the website were optimized for mobile phones. Thus, we were able to interest shoppers who were on the move and made the most out of every chance to sell a product.

"Good communication and ongoing improvement to set KPI's. Clear reporting and always willing to answer queries." - Richard, small business owner ★★★★★ (5/5)

Creative A+ Content Design

estore factory a content design

Skilled graphic designers and content writers produced captivating and informative A+ content for me. They focused on the special features of my products and shared the story behind my brand.

They carefully worked on every detail of the A+ Content. Experts chose beautiful pictures, captivating videos, and interactive features to express the feelings, depth, and beauty of my landscape art. It was done to encourage visitors to delve deeper and connect with the stories behind each image.

Blog for Capturing Inspiration

estore factory blog

The eStore Factory Ecommerce blog is packed with interesting content covering various topics crucial for success in online selling. Whether you're seeking detailed guides on Amazon selling tactics or expert advice on product photography and branding, you can find lots of valuable information here.

eStore Factory Prices

I like that the cost of different services is clearly indicated on the website. For instance, their product listing optimization service costs $99 per product, which is a great deal. I ordered this service and experts enhanced my product listings, paying attention to detail, boosting search rankings, and ultimately, generating more sales.

I thought that eStore Factory's A+ content service, which costs $199 per product, is a really worthwhile investment. I chose it and these guys improved the way how my products are presented. Also, the Storefront design service they offer, priced at $799 per account, surpassed what I hoped for. Thanks to these services, more people bought my products. In other words, more visitors became buyers, and my brand got a stronger image among online shopping platforms.

They also have a useful account manager available for $3000 per month. In addition, the company provides WooCommerce store creation and design services for $1500 per domain. More pricing details are available on their official website.


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